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Video: Hands-on With Photo Sphere and Camera App From Android 4.2

Today, we posted up the camera apk from Android 4.2. We have finally pulled ourselves away from the desk long enough to go outside and try out Photo Sphere which we’re very happy with so far. Down below, I go over the basic enchantments that Google has done with the app’s UI and then after that I take Photo Sphere on a test drive. Check it out. 

To get your hands on the new camera apk from 4.2, check here.


To see the 3D image I took, visit my Google+ post right here. 

  • Bigwavedave25

    Has anyone had the “Tiny Planet” icon pop up in gallery view??? I have it for one image (a JPG) and no others, regardless the image type.

    It’s a pretty cool feature. Fun to play with. I just can’t get it to pop up in a consistent way…

  • Bigwavedave25

    Love the new camera. However I think I may be one of the only people who uses the “silly faces” function in video recording. So far this feature is missing form the video settings!!!

    Anyone know if it will show up in the “final” build??? My kids love the feature and I really don’t want to have to keep flashing the “old” gallery and camera to have the silly faces

  • CJ38

    cool lock screen, what app is that?

  • LebonF

    Does anyone have force closes when clicking on edit or crop?

  • lilmoe2002

    quick question. what’s the size of each sub-picture in the sphere? like in MP…

  • ALC

    So if your editing from pressing the three circles and pull down or across or split the pic in a swipe motion it shows the original next to the edited… neat

  • Greg Roaf

    Am I supposed to be able to view these in 3d on my phone and if so, how?

  • drgalaxy

    do i need to be rooted?

  • 07aspenx

    This camera worked fine on Xenon HD with no FC’s and functioning camera. Problem I had was when I woke up the Android OS drained my battery. Went from a fully charged battery to 68% in overnight (approx 5hrs) and culprit was Android OS. Nice camera but not worth the battery drain. Restored my phone through a backup and all is okay.

  • Nacho

    I hope Google gets a patent on this before apple releases This on their next iPhone and calls it revolutionary…

    • ulnek

      THEN they’ll patent it and sue anyone who uses it because they “invented” it….

  • Steve Benson

    So I know very little about photography, but keep hearing people rave about how Android 4.2 will have HDR. Is HDR a hardware thing or software? Will it be available on my Gnex when I upgrade it to 4.2?

  • r0lct

    Tim what’s with the Apple hat on G+, are you undercover? 😛

  • r0lct

    Not to whine but here’s where updates matter. I showed this to co-workers with RAZR and GS3 devices and the first thing they ask is when they are going to get it. Absolute awesome feature to market but they can’t as it’ll just point out how none of the phones out actually have it. Hopefully there are Nexus phones coming to Verizon in the future or I can convince them to open up a ATT account.

  • it doesnt work with Droid Bionic yet = (

  • MikehMike01

    Now you too can make the same Sorry Excuse For 3D Technology used in Street View to make your own horribly disfigured images!

  • Jeff “Big Red”

    Ok so being awesome and having to much going on (yeah I messed up) I have a non working gallery on my gnex. how to fix? any idea’s….

    • ddevito

      did you back up or rename your original Gallery2.apk? Take a nandroid backup?

  • MKader17

    Obligatory, OMG wur can I gut dat background!!1!

  • When you are doing the photosphere, don’t move the camera.. keep it in place, and just rotate it. Waving your hand around ruins the photos.. Don’t know if I explained that correctly..

    • Larizard

      That’s what i thought. Apparently, it’s hooked to the gyroscope, so moving the camera itself will ruin the shot. just keep in steady, and just tilt it left, right, up, or down. But I bet Tim was having a hard time doing that with a second camera in his other hand.

      • ddevito

        doesn’t that make 360 degree photos impossible?

  • Daniel Tifft
  • majormudafuckinhun

    But my iPhone has Panorama! Haha! Another exciting Google innovation for sure!

    • Tom Z

      This is much more than Panorama, btw most phones have panorama.

      • majormudafuckinhun

        You actually took me serious??

        • prestone1

          maybe /s would make it more obvious? lol

    • Sadly, you’re right. iPhone and Microsoft have the option for the “PhotoSynth” application and I have been waiting for a long time on a Android replacement for it. I’m damn excited its here now though.

  • Michael Hutwagner

    doesn’t Microsoft own that software there’s a old app that they made for iOS

  • What’s that wallpaper?

  • Droid Burgundy

    This feature really took my breathe away like no other feat of technology has in recent memory. Cool features like this make me proud to be an android fanboi!! How could anyone not think this is amazing?? I would LOVE to learn how this whole process works, the algorithms in place etc, that allowed google to make this a reality!

  • Tim, did you just say “Arre yaar” frustrated by having to tilt your camera too much up to demo Photosphere? I clutched my stomach laughing. Fun to hear Hindi words in a otherwise English video. 😀

  • Just noticed, but if you go into the gallery from the Camera part of the app, where it’s like a film reel, you can swipe the picture up to delete it. 😀

    • Dave

      You can swipe up or down to delete it. This actually came Jelly bean 4.1 I believe.

  • ddevito

    The .zip DL posted earlier causes editing and photosphere crashes. Anyone have newer .zips?

  • Very cool, can’t wait to play around with this.

  • Booyah
  • Flyinion

    Anyone have a clue what’s wrong here? this is the kind of junk I’m getting when I try it https://plus.google.com/111592093681947862193/posts/7iiuTyGGJrB

    • the first two I took did that as well. i tried some more stuff that was farther away and it seemed to help

    • Google

      As Arnold says in twins… you moved too soon!

  • thesaber2000

    “There’s a science behind it, but……. I don’t know it” hahaha best quote Ever lol!

    • Droid Burgundy

      I lold so hard @ that one

  • Apple’s panorama mode just looks lame compared to this. 😛

    • tried it out on the front of my house. amazing!

  • jesterz

    Can this work on 4.0.4? Do you have to have root?

    • Josh Flowers

      yes, root is required for this.

  • Conty

    Is it me or has Macro mode been taken away? Can anyone find it?

  • JDub

    Is your love priority in that order too. Dog then girlfriend. Heh.

  • Flyinion

    Seems to not be working for me. I take the picture, it says it’s rendering, then when it gets to Google+ mobile uploads folder I click to view it and it’s just a really bad jumbled panorama.

    • I get the same thing, tried uploading to G+ and still nothing

  • Silver Veloz

    AWESOME!!!!! Thanks Tim.

  • David Gonzales

    Anyone having issues cropping or editing photos? The gallery force closes on me when I try. I’m thinking about re-flashing.

    • ddevito

      libraries need updating. I’m reading in AC forum threads that new .zips with updated libs are being posted and fixing one issue, but still crashing in other areas. It’s too raw and early.

      And GNex stitching is still broken. You have to take photos far away and you have to be very steady and S L O W. Still cool though

  • scotcho85

    With regards to images of the world around us, we are now using a Pokeball to catch ’em all

  • David Cohen

    How do you view the image? it just showed up as a panorama shot and not the sphere.

    • Make sure to click on the image and it will open up in full screen mode on a desktop, not mobile.

      • baldypal

        Getting a force close viewing in camera stream. You?

    • Droidzilla

      Click on it.

    • Easiest way is to upload it to G+. You can view it in more of a 3D environment there for now.

  • EvanTheGamer

    This feature is SO damn cool! Great new addition.

  • gbenj
    • That’s a good one! +1

      • gbenj

        I was gonna try again but the sun set…will have to wait till tomorrow.

        More info: Thats the upper west side of NYC this afternoon post-sandy…as you can see things look fine for the most part. Other parts of NY weren’t as lucky.

        • michael arazan

          wow, and it still looks like summer where you live, amazing
          This looks like the start to star trek’s holo rooms

          • gbenj

            Its NYC, so definitely not summer, in the 40s/50s for the most part.

      • baldypal

        Anyone else getting a force close trying to view via camera app after clicking the 3d button on bottom left corner. Camera stream.

        • zulu208

          yup, i get FC’ed all the time.

  • Anybody figure out a way for one-hand zooming? The slider bar on the old camera was pretty convenient…

    • jbeise

      pinch to zoom its pretty cool actually

      • i have been banging my head off the desk looking for the non-existent zoom bar – thanks for cluing me in!

      • jonathonflores

        am i the only one that wants a one handed/one finger way to zoom? pinch to zoom isnt convenient when im driving, writing, cooking, cleaning…showering, wiping my butt..you get it.

    • LionStone

      I like that HTC uses the volume controls for zooming…I can’t remember if the Incredible did that, but the TB does it and the Inc4 too…very handy.

  • moew

    Very cool! I love the circle options for things like flash settings, revolutionary stuff!

    • King of the Web

      I agree!

    • JDub

      It’s just like the quick controls for the stock browser. Love the fact they are applying it to other apps.

    • themiddleman

      actually Vignette has had those controls for over a year