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Google Play Carrier Billing for Verizon Goes Live

If you are a Verizon customer and own an Android phone, you can start charging Google Play store purchases directly to your Verizon account. It’s called carrier billing, something we first reported a few weeks back which was then confirmed to be on the way by Google Play.

This new service doesn’t require that you do anything on your end, other than making sure you switch the payment method upon checkout to “Bill my Verizon Wireless account” should you want to rid your life of credit cards. From what we understand, there is a $25 limit on purchases during a billing cycle. So there are some boundaries, but overall, this is a new option for those without credit cards.

If you would like to disable it, you may be able to through this page at Verizon’s site. From there, go under Service Blocks, then “Add” and then check the box for “Block Web Purchases.”

Cheers Steven!

  • MentatYP

    Enhance. Enhance. Enhance.

  • DunFooo

    Dude is that like the coolest thing ever or what? Wow.


  • Colton

    Not seeing this on my Razr. Is there a setting you have to enable?

  • yarrellray

    This is pretty pitiful to say the least. I have been charging apps first to my Sprint acct when I had my Evo 4g back in 2010 and my Evo 3d in 2011. Now I am charging apps to my Tmobile acct with my Galaxy S3. Verizon is useless very much so…

  • shehippie

    I blocked it on three of my lines a few days ago!

  • WillG29

    i’ve had this on my Galaxy Nexus for about a week and a half.. maybe it rolled out in waves?

  • Biff

    Been billing my Play Store purchases to VZW for over a week now…didn’t realize this was news.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Wow….Three credit cards on a Google Play account….

  • Wes

    I got an error:

    • Guest

      My tablet gets the same error

    • Wes

      Now, another error:

      • usmitcboy

        It goes away after a restart

        • Yeah, it goes completely away… I no longer have the option on my Rezound and continuously get an error on my XOOM

  • razr user

    Cool. Let the spending begin.

  • Greg

    How do I bock this from Verizon’s end? I have 5 lines and don’t want anyone to be able to charge to the bill I pay.

    • steveliv

      i posted instructions below.

      • Greg

        Thanks, I found that right after I posted my question. blocked this and all Verizon app purchases.

  • steveliv

    Mw wife’s Bionic was stolen over the weekend, and the thief was able to charge apps to our Verizon account. If you go to https://wbillpay.verizonwireless.com/vzw/nos/safeguards/safeguardLandingPage.action

    and add service blocks, you can activate “Block Web Purchases” to disable Google Play Carrier Billing.

    Personally i believe this should have been an opt-in feature.

    • jmasterj

      I’m blocking it right now. Thanks for the instructions!

    • markgbe

      what kind of thief steals a phone and buy a few apps before discarding the evidence? lol

      If you’re not aware, you can add a pin in the play store app for app purchases. Also, this is good reason to lock the phone itself with a pin.

      • steveliv

        hind sight is 20-20 🙂 i will ensure her phone is locked, and can be tracked.

    • Kimberly Burgess

      Thank you, just updated my account to block almost every service they added to my phone as crapware.