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Amazon Drops Price of DROID RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD to $129 and $179

Last night, Amazon dropped the price of the DROID RAZR HD (in both colors) and the RAZR MAXX HD to $129 and $179, respectively. These prices are for new customers only, but existing customers with upgrades can still nab each for $149 and $199, which is cheaper than most other retailers.

We had a chance to review both phones and came away very impressed. It may not be the top phone on the block, but it is certainly one of the best built, polished, and bug-free phones we have had a chance to review in a while.

Amazon Links:  DROID RAZR HD (black) | RAZR HD (white) | RAZR MAXX HD

  • Soofdawg

    I like how there’s only 1 customer review on the phone. I’m glad I picked up my sg3 instead of waiting for Motorola.

  • This deal is great. The only problem is that Amzon Customer Service says it won’t ship until early December.

  • ChrisI

    Locked bootloader? Non-removable battery? Stupid SD card slot design to always need a tool? I was really excited for this phone until I found all that out. Passing yet again on an awesome device with stupid design flaws. No thanks Moto.

  • brad

    Still not worth it. The camera is horrible and I use my camera on my phone a ton. HTC DNA…please come out on the 20th!!

    • LiterofCola

      Yeah…the DNA doesn’t look all that appetizing to me. Even the GS3 and the Note 2 look better thant that.

      • brad

        Quad Core S4 with 2GB of Ram…that phone will be the fastest on the market and it will be way more battery efficient with that processor.

        • LiterofCola

          True, but if the phone follows the traditional HTC build quality/looks, then it would be a large and clunky-looking brick. Then again, HTC may vastly improve the look of their devices.

        • ChrisI

          Does HTC still suffer horribly with battery life tho? I had the Sensation for about 2 months, and was appalled having to charge the battery more than once per day. And I’m not a power user at all, it usually just sits on my desk while at work. It’s prevented me from even considering anything HTC puts out now. Does ICS or JB improve upon that flaw?

  • ExSpectator

    I was in a Verizon store on Saturday and they were pushing these hard. The sales guy seemed disappointed when I chose a black galaxy s3 instead. But sorry Moto, have your cameras fixed two years from now when I am up for a new phone and maybe we can talk.

    • brad

      Agreed…the moto cameras are just HORRIBLE. My wife’s Rezound takes pictures 10000 times better.

      • ExSpectator

        The Rezound actually takes really nice pictures. My wife has one too and she has captured some really nice shots with it.

  • skinja

    But dont you pay about a 40$ activation fee with amazon?

  • Greg

    These will probably go on sale on black Friday for a penny again like last year.

  • Brian Walker

    The price is also really good if you’re upgrading. $199 for the Maxx HD when upgrading on my family plan. I might grab one for the wife.

  • chris125

    And in another week or so they will be down to about $100 bucks.

  • Rickerbilly

    New customers always get the deals. I have been with Verizon since they began by taking over all the little guys. What do I get? $1000 bill, 2GB of data, and $30 fee to upgrade. B.S. Ok thats it. 🙂

  • Bionic

    Awesome price for an awesome phone. If my upgrade was due I’d be tempted for sure.

  • LiterofCola

    Good deal. Wish they’d cut the retail price of the phone as well.

    • daryle barden jr


  • UncleFan

    They could make these phones FREE, and it still wouldn’t make up for the cost of Verizon’s plans versus the competition.

    • Bionic

      It just depends on what kind of customer you are. If you are someone who needs reliable coverage nationwide including out in the middle of no where, Verizon is for you. If you never leave your town which has good t movie coverage, then get the mobile.

      • Lbox88

        True, I travel for work from Delaware to California, guess who’s service reliably works across the US. Show me all the maps and data you want, I have sat next to coworkers with Trash-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Metro POS, Boost, etc. and been able to make my phone calls just fine when others can’t.

      • Diablo81588

        Oh no you didn’t. Yarrellray will be along shortly to explain how much better TMobile is than Verizon. Just wait.

        • LiterofCola

          I lol’d

      • Just cause its reliable doesn’t mean people should pay more for service. That should be a selling point to have more people on your network.

        I hate the american mind set of paying more for services because its believed to be better, I have dropped calls with my Verizon cell phone(work pays for it) and i have dropped calls on every other network just as much as i dropped calls on Verizon.

        Verizon isn’t worth the $100 phone bill for their “reliable service” T-Mobile works just fine and for the $30 price tag on their Walmart plan, is much more appealing than any Verizon plan

        • Bionic

          Like I said, depends on what kind of customer you are. Do you know that AT&T isnt priced any better? Why dont people bitch about AT&T very much on here? Yanno why? Cuz in comparison, their coverage sucks. Their “product” is inferior to Verizon’s and yet its the same price. Dont believe me? Look at any article which examines the ratings of cell phone companies. Verizon is almost always number 1 in every category.

          They are not the number one cell company BY FAR in the country for no reason.

          I am not defending them, but you get what you pay for. I agree that I wish my bill wasnt so high, but im willing to pay it becuase as I stated earlier I need the best nationwide coverage availalbe, thats Verizon.

          • Well att is following the same marketing strategy as Verizon is, same with sprint. Charge more cause people are willing to pay for it, its customers like you who ruin our market because you believe you have to pay more for something that appears to be better when in all reality it isn’t.

            With Verizon, I don’t get coverage at all when out in the country side same with every other carrier but at least with T-Mobile(assuming I had it) I can still make free calls off my own WiFi network and still receive texts on WiFi.

            Idk about you but I’d rather pay $30/month and buy my phones out right than buy on contract and pay shit tons more for the same shit.(right now I have a free phone so why not use that)

            Assuming you got a brand new phone for free(which you don’t) at $100/month for 2 years, you would have written off that phone 4 times before being able to get another free one(again assuming you can get the latest and greatest for free) and on top of all that, you’re obgliated to pay that bill cause if not than your credit is ruined unlike someone paying $30/month for T-Mobile prepaid, if you lost your job and can’t afford a phone anymore, youwill have to pay am ETF to no longer be obgliated to pay unlike the tT-Mobile guy who can just not pay his bill until he is ready for a cell phone again.

          • And in the example you provided(att vs Verizon) I would choose Verizon cause it costs the same as the competition but has better coverage but when presented with a much cheaper alternative, I would much rather pay for the cheaper service and keep my saved money.

            No one needs lte, no one needs expensive phone bills, its all a distortion field marketing companies put around guliable consumers(iSheeps are a good example of that)

          • Bionic

            Who are you to tell me I dont need LTE? Yes i do. I am constantly downloading and uploading very large files for work, sometimes while in a taxi cab. Ever tried to download or upload a large file with 3G? The phone gets very hot and it takes forever while killing the battery.

            Dont tell me what i dont need/want.

            Again, you get what you pay for. I’ve been with Verizon over 12 years now, no one will convince me they are not the best network etc….i know better.

          • And those speeds are realistically always at 9mbps down and 7mbps up, T-Mobile you get the same data speeds but it costs less and your phone doesn’t get hot and it doesn’t overly drain the battery.

            The only time I have experienced heat issues with phones is when my employer offered me a company phone with Verizon. But before than, my T-Mobile phones weren’t hot and I didn’t have a problem pulling 16 hours off my phone.

            You are just another Verizon sheep like everyone else in america. Not only do they restrict your usage, but they restrict your devices as well for the sake of their choice(not yours)

            I am done here, you continue to spend money on expensive phone bills while I keep the money I save and spend it in nicer things like hhhmmm Idk my Nissan GTR R35, and my twin turbo Nismo 370z, for a guy making 70k/year, I sure have a lot of nice things that most people can’t afford.

          • Bionic

            HAHAHHA. I will spend my money how i please, asswipe. And hey, how’s that Nissan piece of shitt treating you? Cuz I guarantee my 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 will best it. Dont come on here bragging about making 70/k a year with your crappy wanna be sports car. My American Muscle will kick the shitt out of it, get off my lawn, troll

            I will continue to use Verizon and I dont give a fuckk what you or anyone else things. Go drive your crappy wind up car and stop talking to me every time i make a post.

          • Hahahahahhaa my 370z alone will smoke your stang, that has 550 at the wheels and my gtr is my track car, that is an alpha 12 model it has 1500bhp, runs a 1/4 mile in 8.9secs. See any stangs run that? I think not. Now take that stang and gtfo. Or in terms you can understand, take ur stang and get da fuk outta here.

          • Bionic

            I wasnt talking about your GTR, thats a different class of car. Im talking about your 370z. My car has 650 hp and 600 ftlbs of tourque. That is better than your 370z.

          • 650hp at the crank equates to about 500whp

            My Z makes 50 more who than your car does.
            In case you didn’t know, my Z has 722 flywheel but because I don’t have a lightweight flywheel, I lose a hit more HP there than if I would have had a light weight flywheel.

            Your car is slow. Nuff said.

          • LiterofCola

            You give us 370 owners a bad name.

          • Have fun driving your 400hp car. I moved on from that class along time ago, and up here, only tuners rule, muscle cars are always weak and unless your car can smoke twin turbo lambos, you will never stand a chance. Imports>Domestic now go be a good cab driver and pay attention to the road so you can nearly afford to pay for your phone bills and car payments.

          • LiterofCola

            You’re an idiot.

          • ted

            so materialistic!!

          • LiterofCola


          • michael arazan

            it would be nice to actually get the lte speeds i pay for though, and vzw need more lte towers, not the bare minimum so they can say there is lte. I pay for lte and I get 12mb down 5 up, my home wifi is 10 down 2 up. I have never had anything for over a minute above 15 down.
            In St.Louis they have 7 lte towers for 2 million people and covers over 800 square miles. Lte only works great if you are with in 4 miles of an lte tower, then gets worse after 4 miles. It would be nice to get what I actually pay for. I get grey area slow speeds, but pay for the top speeds.

          • Good notes, but you left out the part where at&t has absolutely the worst customer service on the planet and with tmobile nipping their heals for that title. Verizon not only has one of the best operational networks but you would be hard pressed to find another carrier that treats you like you matter and sounds like they care

        • Diablo81588

          You hit the nail on the head, TMobile is a Walmart cell phone provider. Do you really think reliability comes free? Verizon has the most subscribers out of any US provider, yet is still by far the most reliable. Your argument makes no sense. Stick to your bargain bin network and quit complaining about Verizon’s prices. They’re no more expensive than ATTs.

          • How come in Idk the rest of the world, networks like T-Mobile orange and o2 their plans are cheap yet offering reliable coverage with no overages(pretty much unlimited everything)

            Only in americaland will someone pay more for reliability, plus when have you ever needed that reliability, if you are on an important business call and you drop a call(like I have on Verizon) its not like you’re gonna lose your job, you just call back and tell them you dropped a call and life moves forward.

            If you can tell me one situation in which that $100 phone bill is justified than I will forever love Verizon but until than, Verizon is just another crook…(check share everything plans)

          • Diablo81588

            I don’t know what phone you have, but I’ve had a Droid X and now a Bionic since July of 2010, over two years ago, and have NEVER had a dropped call. I can’t even tell you what the lost call notification looks like. Sounds to me like either you have a junk phone, or you live in the back woods where no network has good coverage.

            I’m not saying that Verizon is perfect, because they’re not. Trying to force people off of unlimited by making them pay full retail for phones is ridiculous. That being said, I have Verizon because of their proven reliability. I might have to pay more, but I’ll have peace of mind that if I get stranded, have to call 911, or any other emergency situation, I won’t be let down by dropped calls and unreliable service. I went through that with AT&T, and my girlfriend with Tmobile, several years ago, and it will never happen again. I’ve learned my lesson.

        • chris125

          so what you are saying is that if it came down to it you don’t care how reliable the service is? Sorry but I travel a lot and when I am in a pinch I don’t want to be wishing I had coverage, I know I will with verizon. Has nothing to do with “american mindset” it is simply you get what you pay for.

        • I feel because it’s more reliable, I should be paying more. (since this became a car thread) It’s like buying a used rusty old car vs. a brand new car, you pay more for reliability, unless it’s an Alfa…then the reliability is about the same >.>, I used to have ATT back before they bought Cingular and after they bought our local “Honolulu Wireless”, pretty disappointed in the cell coverage back then, switched to VZW when the LG VX5000 came out, stuck with reliable coverage ever since. I pay about $180 for 3 phones, 2 with 4G data and 1400 Minutes. I need my phone for work, so coverage is the most important factor for me, second would be Data Speeds. I get an average 10 mbps on the island, pretty speedy for what I need.

        • Neutral-but-informed

          Yes it does: Better service = More towers; More towers = More money spent by Verizon; More money spent by Verizon = Higher plan costs.. That is simple algebra-> They do a better job which costs them more, so they rightfully charge more!

          Sorry if that math is too complicated, apparently the concept of capitalism and how it is responsible for everything you take for granted is lost to people like you.