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Google Search and Now Updated, Brings Cards for Hotel Check-ins and Even Package Delivery Information

There are a ton of new things to discuss today, but one of the really cool features that was introduced in Android 4.2 this morning is a new and improved Google Now. A ton of cards have been added to its repertoire, including package delivery information, day-of hotel check-ins, concerts, restaurant reservation information, and a whole lot more. All you Google Now fiends, this is your day. 

Once you download the newest version or you pick up a new Nexus device running Android 4.2, you’ll have instant access through Google Now to track concerts, flight information, your important packages, and stock tickers. What make some cards more interesting than others, is that Google pulls your tracking information and even flight confirmation numbers from your Gmail account, and then automatically displays the information in Google Now. It’s seamless integration and doesn’t take any user input.

If you have a Jelly Bean device, pick it up right now on Google Play.

Skip to the 3:13 mark for the Google Now goodies:


Via: Google Now Landing

  • duke69111

    I wonder if you have to use the gmail app to receive the confirmation email for flights and hotels for them to show up in google now.

  • pookietookie

    Hahaha check out 13:19. He’s looking at “Penis Worm” on the 10″ Nexus. What a dick!

  • anezarati

    i’ve got a tracking number in my inbox already, but havent seen anything in google now. does it have to be a new confirmation email?

    • Justin Swanson

      It probably hasn’t been updated yet… patience…

    • Rovindra Singh

      I have the same problem, I received multiple e-mails about my online purchases from ebay, amazon etc. yet no card shows up – wondering what’s going on here. One package is scheduled to arrive tomorrow from USPS and still nada. Tried clearing data and restarting Google Now, unchecked the “Show cards based on Gmail” box and checked it again yet no card shows up! Very frustrating!!

      • anezarati

        do you have gmail sync on?

        • Rovindra Singh

          Yes Gmail sync is on. Don’t know if this will be relevant or not, but I noticed an article concerning the Google Chrome Extension for Adblock Plus which when enable blocks the track package feature on Gmail when using Chrome on a PC. Don’t know if this has any effect on Gmail on my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Jellybean 4.1.2). I also noticed that this track package link doesn’t show up with packages coming from USPS so maybe that’s why I didn’t get a card in Google Now as per my previous comment. I’ll have to check with a package coming from UPS or FedEx to know more.

  • Gus

    Matias is looking pretty fly. Verge did an awesome job on that video.

  • Moving these 1st party Google apps to the play store was a great idea on Google’s part.

  • Brian Sargent

    I know this is Siri-esque but I really want gps based notifications to be baked into Google Now. It would really help me with work if I could tell my phone to remind me of something when I am at a particular location.

    • agreed….waiting for this as well. seems to be something fairly easy so maybe it is a “patent” issue or something.

    • renGek

      There are apps that does this. Tasker in particular can do it well. But as tasker will warn you, having a feature like this is a battery killer.

  • Booyah

    Change log also states you can launch apps with voice commands. I’ll be testing that out.

    • just tried it with facebook and it worked

      • MikeSaver

        What did you say to get it to do it? Nothings worked for me yet

        • Larizard

          swiped up from the nav bar and went inside Google Now. I said “Google” to activate the voice search function. I then said “Open Calendar”. The phone replied “Opening App” with the Calendar icon app on screen and the usual progress bar at the bottom.

    • Kevin Olson

      Works great on my nexus 7

    • Taylor_TX

      works great so far with everything ive tried.

    • What happens when you try to launch Google Now? Does all hell break loose?

    • Larizard

      So far, it works for the following commands/apps:
      “open Calendar”
      “open Camera”
      “open Gallery”
      “open Gmail”
      “open Google Maps” (saying “Open Maps” only doesn’t work)
      “open Earth”
      “open Instagram”
      “open Messaging”

      • michael arazan

        I still have 4.1 JB, but the new Google search updated in the play store and allows all the same functions you don’t have to be on 4.2 for the search functions. It says after request, “opening app”

  • Michael_NM

    I have a Jelly Bean device, but an ICS carrier.

  • I still want to be able to say “Navigate to Jimmy’s house” and have it do so…seriously, how hard could that be?

    • lostsync

      Can’t you do that? I use Now+Navigation all the time for businesses (“Navigate to Little Caesar’s” and so on), but I guess I haven’t really tried it with my contacts since most of them don’t have their addresses.

    • renGek

      I already do that. If you say navigate to “address” it will navigate or if you just want to see it on maps say map of “address”. You were able to do that in ICS and probably before that in some degree as well.

    • Beepers

      Me too, I don’t understand why this wasn’t included to begin with.

  • John

    Dang. I was hoping we’d get hardware function based cmds (Turn wifi on/off, etc).

  • Jonathan Bunch

    This is what I call innovation. apple take notes…