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32GB Nexus 7 Goes on Display at Office Depot for $249, 16GB Drops to $199

Not that we weren’t fully expecting this to happen, but in case you needed one last ounce of proof that the 32GB Nexus 7 was arriving for $249 and the 16GB version was dropping to $199, we have it for you. Office Depot stores across the country are putting them on display today. Most of them also have limited stock, so if you feel like upgrading to 32GB of storage, call ahead and see how many they have left. A handful of DL readers all dropped a note in our inbox, claiming that they were able to purchase them in-store.

We are starting to wonder how long it’ll be before Google updates the Play store to reflect this change. With tomorrow’s Android event cancelled, they won’t have the chance to talk about its availability any time soon.  With distribution expected to hit major retailers in the coming days, it would be wise of them to announce the tablet and update the Play store.

Cheers Alec and Mike!

  • Business Research  

    He gets a pass this year. But I am worried about some things next year. Hopefully the FO won’t sit on their hands again.

  • Nancy

    Anybody know if the Nexus 7 plays Bejeweled Blitz faster than can be played on laptops w/mouse?

  • sam

    i went to gamestop today and their selling the nexus 7 16gb for $249 so i waz like what??? i said so do you have the 8gb they said no and its $199 on their website so i waz lik wtf

  • Kevin Olson

    Loving my 32gb Nexus 7. I wish it had a notification light though. ALL nexus devices should have a notification light….

  • hcolin

    Also in WalMart.

  • gnex7

    8gb & 16gb are the same price 🙂 http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/6007/nexus7200usd.png

    thru chat, we can order 32gb for $250 from staples http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/3927/nexus732gbstaples.png

  • PERFECT TIMING GOOGLE! Gotta hand it to Google, a $199 16GB Nexus 7 is a tough competitor to the iPad Mini. For me, it’s an obvious win for Google.

    • Kevin Olson

      Couldn’t agree more!

  • hfoster52

    Looks like walmart is showing the same thing as office depot.


  • Unique

    I got mine today (Monday) from Staples. they told me Friday tht they had 3 but could not sell till the 29th. I had to remind the peson what day it was and the even was canceled.

  • Kevin Olson

    Well it’s official. Just picked up my 32gb at Staples this morning. $249

    I think they redesigned the box just a tad so it is “easier” to open 😉

  • I have to get me 2 of these!!!

  • I am plenty happy with my 16 GB version

  • Kevin Olson

    Anyone notice that both the 8gb and 16gb Nexus 7’s are listed as coming soon on the play store?

  • Kevin Olson

    Headed to my local Staples in a few ( and also in the middle of Hurricane Sandy ) to get my 32gb N7. They confirmed they had 3 in stock on Friday and will sell them this morning.

  • WiR3D

    If this is true.. Why is the 8gig still 199 and the 16gig still 249 on the google play site? Hmm… maybe the price is just specific to staples?

    • WiR3D

      I mean Office Depot not staples…

  • Allen Byrd

    Must have this for Christmas.

  • michael arazan

    Sucks that it’s another botched Nexus Release, first Verizon and now a hurricane, maybe they should just do it live over G+ and start a Hangout for everyone to attend with their device.

    • ddevito


  • j__h

    I want a 16GB with 3G for $250

  • Jwhap

    I love to be an early adopter…..this is why my wife gets hand me downs!!!

  • Noiresque

    Already got mine. For $250(pre-tax and pre-stylus), it’s a ridiculously great deal. I saw ads about Win 8 tablet going for $599(with keyboard and cover case). People should know you could pick those up under $50(bluetooth keyboard, cover and a mouse throw in) but is that tablet or a pseudo laptop. LOL. Take your pick.

  • WonTann

    Wow thats pretty sweet, I like the looks of this tablet.


  • dicemoney

    32 gb for 250, great deal.
    I think you get twice the amount of space, than the IpadMini, for 80 dollar less. Wow

    • hfoster52

      Actually you are incorrect. 32GB Mini is $429. So its $180 less. Makes a huge difference.

      • dicemoney

        I said you get twice the amount of space, meaning storage, for 80 dollars less which is true.,

        Or you get the same amount of space for 180 dollars less.

        Either way is freaking impressive.

        Also what a rip off, Ipad taxes 100 dollars more for that extra space.

        Google charges 50 dollars for extra 16gb, Apple charges 100 dollars for that extra 16 gb, all across the board, this seems like a super steal, when compared to IpadMini.

  • Rob

    its really annoying i just bought my 16 gig not even 2 weeks ago… We should get refunds for the difference

    • Bionic

      Did you not just argue against that? Idiot

      • Verizon

        No he did not. Idiot.

    • cdub

      Major retailers all appear to accept returns for up to 14 and sometimes even 30 days on items including … tablets. Maybe I’m wrong here, but I definitely take advantage of this and more or less take my electronics for “test drives” over this period. Return that sucker for the 32GB mo, pay the difference!

  • Bionic

    16GB users should get a $50 credit. Pure bullshitt that people get twice the storage I got for same price.

    • Whiners

      Do you also feel entitled for reimbursement when the product you just bought is on sale the next day? No? Then STFU.

    • hfoster52

      Where did you buy it? Some retailers will honor the price change. Not sure if the google store will…..

    • Chris

      You also did get $25 Google Play credit which these new buyers won’t get.

  • Yitz

    love the DL logo on the shelf 🙂

  • jeff

    They have pics on the play store home page

    • jeff

      Of nexus 4 and 10

    • The Nexus 10 looks different in that shot than what we have seen thus far. Maybe that was some sort of dummy case in the leaked shots.

      I’m hoping that’s the case, but seeing as though the quick start guide shows the same leak images I am not confident. I was excited, but Samsung tablets have never impressed me. Kind of flimsy, and if this makes any sense, they feel almost too light with the plastic chassis.

      I don’t know. My wife’s Nexus 7 just seems so well built, and I expect more out of Nexus devices. Somebody spoke of “unofficial” Nexus devices like the OG Droid and the Xoom. Those devices had tremendous quality, and were updated pretty quickly. I miss those days.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Damnit. Looks like my attempt to sell my N7 16GB on Craigslist for $150 is a no go. Looks like I’m keeping it!

    I’ll buy the N7 64GB when that one is available!

  • Smoop

    Naturally, the hurricane screws us all. Maybe we’ll get the 32gb some time before Xmas.

    • ddevito


  • Gary McCray

    Yesterday for a brief time if you did a search for the word “Nexus” at the office Depot web site it would bring up all 3 Nexus 7 tablets at their new prices.

    $180.00 for the 8 gb, $200.00 for the 16 gb and 250.00 for the 32 gb but when you clicked on any of them it simply gave you a message that they weren’t available at this time.

    When I checked again later, all Nexus 7 devices were removed from mention at all.

    I hope they release the Nexus 7’s tomorrow, hurricane or not, the retailers have them now and are not selling Nexus 7’s till Google decides to release them.

    • $179 would be a great price for the 8GB at least to sell off the rest of the merchandise and is a great entry price point. I doubt they’ll keep manufacturing 8s though unless they can get costs down low enough to sell at 150.

  • Destroythanet

    Awesome deal! I wish Verizon would offer one with LTE. I’m used to having my tablets have their own internet and would be on that in a second.

  • scott

    Makes me wonder if they knew about the 32gb model so goes the reason for the $25 Play credit. When I think about having an N7-16 for $225 since July I am satisfied.

    • They probably had the 32 in the pipeline but needed to gauge demand first. I just wrote this in another post but the strong demand for the N7 likely allowed them to reduce costs enough to get away with the memory shift.

  • ddevito

    I still don’t understand why anyone would want a 10″ version of this. The N7 is more portable, powerful enough, and cheaper. Plus there still aren’t many great large screen Android tablet apps. If they don’t aggressively price this thing below the iPad no one will buy it.

  • Called it. LOL

    I still think they will drop the 8gb to 150.

    • I think they’d lose way too much money on that. The extra memory doesn’t really cost that much money (a few dollars) and likely was offset by cost reductions in the manufacturing and purchasing divisions but dropping the 8 to 150 would almost certainly mean a significant loss on each tablet.

      • Maybe they will give a $25 gift card for Play along with the 8 GB…? I don’t know. I still think they will make the 8 GB to fight with the Kindle and the Nook.

  • mini-me

    I’m debating if I should go to work tomorrow. The bitch Sandy is making its way thru New York and I wanna go get my Nexus 32GB @ staples. I’m a Dell employee. Dell will survive without me a for a day. I might get get fired for not buying a company Tablet.. Oh well…If I get blown away by Sandy tomorrow, I’ll be holding my Nexus 7 in hand.

    • Adam Miller

      What’s Dell’s tablet?

      • mini-me

        Exactly. Believe it or not at the meetings the big wigs are passing around Dell streaks 7 around the table like it was hot potato. Encouraging us to get one. lol
        The I7 netbook was much better. But a Dell streak..LOL

        • ddevito

          ha ha I have a Dell Streak 7 for (if you can believe it) app development (for work). It really sucks. But they way we look at it is – hey, if it works well on THIS thing it will run well on ANYTHING! lol

        • I would get a N7 and pull it out in the meeting and show off what a REAL tablet should be like!

        • zeth006

          Yeah, I could never understand that crap. I heard Bill Gates’ wife wanted an iPhone back in the days when Gates was still working for MSFT. Nopes, only Zunes or non-Apple. As if a Zune is a phone, FFS!

          • jediass

            Dude, Bill Gates gave up his position in MS in 2006. A clear 1 year before the iPhone even popped up.

      • Allen Byrd

        The Windows 8 tablets are really good (most of them) but I’d rather have the Asus Vivo Tab. That thing is a beast running Win8 Pro, with the keyboard dock and Wacom stylus.

        • Yeah who wouldn’t want a heavy tablet with a fan running a mix of bloated tablet and bloated desktop software that works poorly with touch. Sounds like heaven….

          • Allen Byrd

            This is a very stupid comment.

  • Is there an exchange policy to upgrade?

    • iScream4

      14 day return/exchange policy.

  • NicholasMicallef

    This makes the iPad mini that much worse of a choice, now the mini is one and a half times the price of the N7 for the same amount of memory. I bought my 16GB for the initial price and still I think it was worth every cent!

    • Vulvastix

      The nexus table that is using a phone interface, apps will look much better on the ipad mini.

      • Android apps scale themselves to the screen. This isnt an apple product.

        • What a joke. Are you really that ignorant? Even Google has given up trying to tell people that nonsense.
          The Nexus 7 is cheap be use Google is selling it at cost. Which is pathetic.
          The screen is washed out with poor quality text.
          Android makes little use of quad core.
          The build is poor and they use cheap plastic.
          Much less usable screen space than the iPad mini.

      • Mack

        Google makes a table?

        • Allen Byrd

          Shut up and take my money!

      • I don’t know why everybody rated you down so much. While the Apps do scale, there are still many apps that look MUCH better on the iPad than on the Nexus 7 (I have both). Try Rdio, Twitter, Pandora, etc.

        You don’t have to rate something down just because he pointed out a flaw in the OS that needs to be fixed (it will only get fixed if people complain). Not every comment has to be “Android Rulez and the iPad suckz.” Nothing is perfect.

        • People on this site can be annoying with the down vote button! It is clearly a flaw with Android and even Google knows it! Thats why they just posted a new tablet app guide for developers! Every OS has some issues and this is one but at least Google has acknowledged it and they’re doing everything in their power to fix it. Thats more than what Apple would do, they would just claim you are holding it wrong! lol

          • Didn’t Tim Cook come out and say that they are actively working to fix the problems with Maps as quickly as possible?

            Multitouch was terrible on my Galaxy Nexus for MONTHS (look up the issue) before Google decided to deal with it.

          • Apple Maps is an entirely different story! Thats something that could caused serious issues and EVERYONE who has iOS 6 is complaining about it! Look up iPhone 4 Antennagate and read what Apple said, “you’re holding the phone wrong” or look up iPhone 5 Purple Lens Flare and read Apple’s statement regarding the camera, “every camera does that, you shouldn’t try to take pictures with a strong light source on the edge of the frame” (I do this on my Razr and have NO issues whatsoever so I don’t know how Apple can say it happens on EVERY camera). Both of these issues have YET to have a solution and Apple holds by their statements of blaming the customer.

            Scaled apps **are fine ** for normal use but they don’t look visually appealing and Apple was clearly trying to down put Android for this so Google updated their developers site to add more resources for developers making tablet specific apps to make them look more visually appealing and useful.

          • Jon

            Well Google can only polish a turd so much. The Galaxy Nexus on Verizon was just not great hardware, on multiple levels. But that’s OK because there are tons of other choices. Like the GSIII.

            When Apple has a turd, it sucks cause there’s no other choices if you choose to stick with the walled garden.

          • Mojostyle

            Google is not responsible for updating the Verizon phones if you know anything about software updates

          • michael arazan

            It took cook many weeks to even say there was a problem with it. He let the customers down by saying at first, there was no problem with maps, and the wifi eating carrier data simultaneously. Apple ignores the problem first, and ignores the customers, because there is no way Apple is flawed. EFF Apple.

          • NicholasMicallef

            That’s one of the biggest reasons why nexus tablets are being made. Still I prefer the Nexus 7 as a device. Also they don’t look too bad on a 7″ device (though they could look better) but I bet it would suck on a 10″ tablet (doesn’t help android tablets to succeed in the high end tablet market as they did with phones). That is why I hope the N10 is a big success like the N7 so app developers get more motivation to improve the way apps look on tablets.

          • Jon

            Um no. It’s not a flaw in the OS. It’s a flaw in those app developers that choose not to properly design their apps. Think about it…Is it a flaw in iOS that developers have to create two seperate apps? One for phone, and one for iPad? Cause Google’s method is way better. They have a way that you can make an app have several panes, that way it works great on either a phone or tablet, and yet it’s still just one app. That is innovation and unique to Google. But just like in the iOS world, where developers actually have to take action for apps to look great on iPads, they have to do the same on Android. But the huge difference is, that on Android, even phone apps work quite well on tablet even if it’s not making the best use of the screen. Where as on iPad, developers had to create new tablet apps out of necessity because the experience was so god awful if they didn’t.

            But anyone can take a look at Gmail, Google +, Maps, PlayStore, YouTube app, to see how a single properly designed app can work beautifully on an Android phone or tablet.

          • I actually never thought of that. Now looking at it, it seems that iOS is actually the one that should be modeling itself off of Android but yet Apple wants customers to think the opposite!

          • Allen Byrd

            This is a great comment.

        • Its not a flaw in the OS, its a flaw in the people making the app, if it was flaw in the OS then every app out their would have that problem

      • master94

        So you can actually see a difference between the ipad ui and the iphone one, because honestly the ipad looks like a bigger iphone to me.

    • I kinda wish it was the same size as the Mini though. :/ still not enough to get me to buy this or the mini. I want an Android tablet bad but the iPad 2 will have to do for now.

      • michael arazan

        Don’t forget, Samsung ‘s 10 inch Nexus tablet, with an incredible screen, is releasing this week too. That’s what I’m waiting for.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Worth every cent, indeed!

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    A 32GB quad-core tablet for $250 is a great deal.

    • anywherehome

      no, great deal is that we buy everything in HW costs and pay just for services (apps, eBooks, …) we really want = Google knows that…the only realistic future

  • I still want external sd.

  • Got one delivered last Friday.

    • William_Morris

      :: in a Napoleon Dynamite voice :: Lucky!

      • The funny thing is that I still have not been charged for it yet. Probably charge me today because they are “officially” being released today.

  • yamomoney

    Just called three local staples and they all said they had them but couldn’t sell them until tomorrow. looks like ill have a tablet to keep me busy through sandy

  • I learned my lesson about being an early adopter. I just really wanted to have the newest OS on release for a change, instead of waiting and praying that I maybe might get an update.

  • jaybar

    so much for being an early adopter of the 8GB

    • paul_cus

      Yep, looks like it’s going to be a collector’s item, haha. I’m alright with the storage space on it, though.

    • You got a free $25 gift card (assuming you were that early of an adopter).

      • And if you were a “late early adopter” I believe you may be able to return and exchange for the 16.

  • KleenDroid