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Samsung Posts Verizon Galaxy Note 2 Gallery, Home Button Branding Definitely Included

Remember when we posted pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for Verizon and it had “Verizon” branded all over the home button? That wasn’t just a prototype. The actual device will have a Verizon logo on the home button, on both the white and gray versions. Not only that, but the back battery cover will have “Verizon” and “4G LTE” as well.

Now, this shouldn’t turn you away from it, as the Note 2 has been a pleasure to use over the last few days. But, I can’t help but shake my head a little. Look Verizon, we get that it’s on your network, however, we don’t need to be reminded of that every time we want to leave an app. Not only that, but I can’t imagine that home button logo placement is topping the charts for prime advertising space. Oh, we should also mention that no other carrier deemed branding the home button, necessary.

Pics below! 

White model paint sales just went through the roof for the first time in 50 years.

Via:  Samsung

Cheers Jay!

  • jerrymcafee

    My 2 1/2 year old Droid X has Verizon logos on front and back and it never bugged me. So why is it that THIS time it does? I guess it’s cause no other carrier is as insecure as Verizon is. Go figger!

  • Here’s hoping you can just take a penny and rub it off like you can logos on some other phones.

  • nightscout13

    This is an outrage! Everyone, grab your pitchforks and torches!

  • Dennis Cowsky

    As my dumb blond sister said, “Just white it out”.

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    Verizon wiped their ass-crack on another phone.

  • teejaycard

    they’re just happy ( and trying to make up for the fact ) that they’re getting it this time around ha.

  • chris125

    Well they did it because you can buy a replacement back and remove the verizon from that but you can’t replace the home button

    • Tim242

      I can have mine replaced in my Sprint store : ). Yes, I’m a Verizon customer that works for Sprint.

      • TylerChappell

        I wonder how much of an inconvenience that will be…

        • Tim242

          None at all for me. Our store is a full service store. The techs can do that in 2 minutes.

          • TylerChappell

            Well that IS rather convenient.

          • Tim242

            I just need Verizon to release their version. We had to do planogram (display) tonight. We spent over an hour playing with the Notes. My work productivity will go down, but me being on it so much will help me sell more : )

          • TylerChappell

            Yay, nothing I love more than a salesman that is actually informed. ;] I practically have to put all of the Verizon employees through training every time I walk into a damn store.

  • Just called verizon in york PA. preorders start tomorrow morning device arrives in 1 week!

  • I want one! – Verizon logo or not…

  • takeitez

    what a bunch of crying assclowns. rapist and muderers gotta have 4g too just dont buy it cocksuckers hold the rape

  • billy routh

    You guys cry and complain more than a women on the rag.

  • Jock

    If you buy the international version from Amazon, can you use it for any carrier? I’m not waiting for my 2 year contract and I don’t want all that on mine.

    • No, it will only work on GSM carriers. Sprint and Verizon are completely out. Also, the international version will lack LTE.

  • chris125

    Branding or not it’s still an awesome phone

  • nick

    No price or release date?

  • Trevor

    That is some ugly bad-word-for-poop Verizon. Uncool and tres douche-like.

  • k1ng617

    Quite honestly that just stopped me from buying it. Thanks for F’n it up Verizon! T-Mobile?

    • Tim242

      If a small logo stopped you from buying it, you didn’t want it.

      • k1ng617

        It’s called having the freedom to speak with my wallet a choice every consumer should have.

        • Tim242

          You can buy, or not buy whatever you want. But, your reasoning is still subject to judgement. The logo may be annoying, but it doesn’t change the function of the phone. There are ways of dealing with logos…you can’t make the screen of another phone bigger or add a wacom digitizer.

  • I wonder if I can buy a special developer version off-contract with a picture of a penis on the home button instead?

    • Trevor

      Rather have a penis than the VZW logo. At least you could tell people it was just a rocket ship.

  • onthecouchagain

    Oh gawd. Gross.

  • Disqui

    Lol the logo doesn’t even have a lot of room to breathe on that button.

  • What color are you guys thinking of? I heard some bad things about the grey like dust shows up on it or something

  • phil

    did you read the whole article??? towards the end it mentions, “at the point of sale, all Verizon Note 2’s will have the words “Verizon iz the best” written accross the screen in black sharpie by a store associate.” cocky assholes.

  • Jackson

    Anyone know where to find how to stream the live event?

  • Thomas Van Dan Elzen

    I have patiently waited for this since I got my rotten Thunderbolt almost two years ago and all you guys can say is that you don’t like the logo? Must be a great phone if that is its only fault.

  • Dlongb13

    Yes! Another plastic phone for $650!!!

  • I’m With Verizon but I hate that they did that to the home button!

  • Creed74

    This is so minuscule yet pathetic that I can’t but comparing it to a guy walking down the street with his jeans fly open and no one bothering to say anything. Too small to be offensive yet to anyone that notices it, a wry chuckle has to be surpressed.

  • Spoken Word™
    • skubadoo

      THIS!!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^
      VOTE this comment UPWARDS!

    • four_zero40

      That’s for the Galaxy S3

    • Futbolrunner

      That $5 fix off the S3 should work!

  • CharlesJorgenson

    hey, its no big deal, get a little bit of vinyl sticker that is the same color as the phone, stick it on the button, BOOM no branding. problem solved

    • trixnkix637

      shouldn’t be necessary though, Would you buy a car if on every panel and window it was branded by the manufacturer? Could you picture looking in your rearview & seeing Honda in the corner of the mirror?

      • CharlesJorgenson

        i agree it shouldn’t be necessary, but here we are. so might as well deal with it and fix it

  • Gary

    It doesn’t look as bad as I feared — on the grey version it blends in to some extent. Probably will be switched to be a Big Red swoosh for maximum annoyance value before they go on sale. Still will be a minus for me when considering this.

  • hgomes30

    That’s disgusting!

  • cantwaitforthenote2

    i just left a Verizon store to inquire if they had any dates regarding pre-order or release and the gentleman said it was a LG Note 2 and it was a AT&T exclusive.Well needless to say i laffed and told him it was a Sumsung and it was to be released on all major carriers including the company he work for i told him that T-mobile was selling there version today and he should call them if he did not believe me. Verizon should keep its employee’s in the loop a little better than that. HOLY COW lol…

    • fanboy1974

      A lot of people are not phone geeks like us. I’ve learned never to ask a Verizon rep anything phone related before it’s release date. You know more than these people before phones get released.

    • note_lover


  • Boooooo!!!!

  • NorCalGuy

    If it had on screen buttons you wouldn’t have to worry about it…

  • Bromance Over

    Really looks like dogshi+.

  • And that, in a nutshell, is why I left Verizon..

  • CRH45

    DNW. Good thing i got 2 gnex’s because from the looks of it i’ll be using them for along time.

  • bJA

    This just in: All future Verizon phones to be shaped like the Verizon logo.

  • SomeDooD123

    This is BS. Ugly as fack

  • Doan

    Phone off; looking at front of device: Verizon logo right in your face
    Flip the phone over: Verizon logo right in your face
    Looking at front of phone; turn it on: Animated Verizon logo right in your face
    Lock screen: Verizon logo right in your face
    Swipe down notification menu: Verizon logo right in your face

    Did I miss anything?

  • fauxshizzl

    I suppose a bigger screen means more room for bloatware as well then?

  • DonDemon

    Someone with decal experience should start working on a cover for that ugly thing.
    I wouldn’t mind if it was off to the side like on my Bionic. But right there on the home key?

  • fixxmyhead

    its there so u verizon customers know ur owned
    now shut up and bend over

  • Lol that button branding looks so out of place…

  • rumthin

    That looks atrocious!

  • sBj

    I went into VZW yesterday to ask about this phone, but they said I’d have to have a logo seared into the forehead of my first born to even have a look…needless to say, my wife isn’t happy with me at the moment.

    • KT


  • fanboy1974

    I must be the only one that cares less about the branding. Let’s face it people. The only way to get no branding or unlocked bootloaders is to jump ship. Even my Verizon Nexus was not really a Nexus; I had to upgrade it myself.
    Verizon’s cellular service is the best but when it comes to the phones there’s always some issues. The worst issue I can remember was when Verizon decided to strip wifi from the VX6900. Or we got some crappy processor compared to the Sprint version back in the windows mobile days. So guys; a Verizon logo is the least of my worries.

  • og

    So I assume by the date on the screen it’ out ll come November 15th

  • Trueblue711

    …seriously? Could you imagine being the person at Verizon having to demand Samsung do this?

    Is there any evidence that branding on the phone actually draws customers? Or is it supposed to be a psychological thing that becomes ingrained in our brains subconsciously?

  • They do this and plus, they’ll lock the bootloader and not participate in the Dropbox 50gb promo. I only stick with VZW for their unlimited, unthrottled data. I almost want them to take it away so I can leave them forever!

  • og

    So I assume by the date on the screen it’ll come out November 15th.