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Samsung’s Full HD 1080p Display Equipped Smartphones Scheduled for Early 2013

According to sources, Samsung’s match to HTC’s 1080p device should be ready for release as early as 2013, possibly in time for MWC. The only piece of information that is known beyond a possible date is that the screen will pack a pixel density of over 400ppi. 

The HTC J Butterfly, which specs are known and official, boasts a 440ppi display and a new Snapdragon S4 Pro chip with 2GB of RAM. If Samsung hopes to contend with that, then they best bring the thunder. We have a ways to go before MWC, so we’ll have to rest our hypebeast at least for a couple of months or until some more rumors surface.

Are you all ready for 1080p displays or is this a bit much?

Via: SammyHub

  • rcpa

    I can’t wait. Add Ubuntu for Android and HDMI out and I’ll have a new PC as well as a phone. All my monitors are 1080p, Also, didn’t NVidia anounce a wireless video solution for their Tegra graphics chips? Perfect… Give me a wireless charging dock, wireless video to my 1080p monitor, a bluetooth keyboard/mouse, and Ubuntu for Android. I’ll have my entire computing environment in my pocket.

  • stubbX

    I just hope they fix the color and saturation issues, every AMOLED device i’ve owned had had greenish or bluish whites and oversaturated reds and blues. It’s a shame though because I love the black levels and vibrancy.

  • Manthas

    I plan on sticking with my GNex until next year when my contract renews anyway, but I fully anticipate my next phone is going to be a 1080p (or better) device. I just love seeing progress – it makes me happy.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    YOU CAN’T SEE ANYTHING BEYOND 720P!!!!! You’re eyes simply can’t process it. So what’s the point?!

    • Justin Swanson

      Where is your facts to back up this statement? Do you mean on a 4-6″ device or do you mean on a TV? explain please. I would be very curious how true/false this is.

  • If you care so much about battery life then why don’t you just get an extended battery or an extra battery?

  • joejoe5709

    Very cool stuff to advance the market and of course for bragging rights. But if this affects battery life even a little, 720p is perfectly fine with me. At a certain point, you really don’t notice the difference. I hardly notice a difference between a 32″ 720p TV and a 32″ 1080p TV let alone a 5-6″ smartphone.

    • Ibrick

      Go take a look at that 720p tv from 8-10in away and tell me if you would ever be happy having a screen look like that?
      There’s a lot of factors that play into it, and I was going to write this as a response for another post, but might as well throw it out there. A 720p screen no doubt looks good, but when looking at text or certain colors I can most definitely see a little ‘choppiness’.

  • Jimmyrustler

    A bit too much when you consider that they will use small batteries to keep the phone small.
    It’s a shame because we were beginning to get good battery life on our phones and this will probably set us back for a while( outside of moto, I’m not expecting anyone putting in decent batteries).
    ps: Sammy needs to go back to IPS+ panels for their devices.

  • Knlegend1

    Blah has innovation stopped!?

    • what would be innovative in your opinion?

      • Knlegend1

        The iphone 5 of course lol. No anything that pushes forward and or ground breaking. By that statement this is innovation, but I would like to speak to my phone and it use my voice to navigate it without first pressing a button. These screens to me are fine where they are now I really don’t think people will even notice the difference honestly. Saying your phone is 1080p is just bragging rights that means nothing.

        • well, you should take a look at these new displays. everyone who saw them was impressed alot. its not about seing a pixel, its about the overall look of them. and we got just introduced quadcores and stuff. and i dont think its too near we will see smartphones acting like iRobot dudes.

          • Knlegend1

            really iRobots?

          • i mean like in the movie, irobot (wasnt that its name?). not like apple stuff, dont worry 😀

  • Ibrick

    Kinda hard to comment on 1080p screens until we actually see them in flesh so speculating there’s no difference is just that, speculating.
    The screen on my GNex is nice, but I can honestly say there’s still room for improvement. As far as battery life, again, until we get something in hand to judge, assuming it’s going to get crap battery life is a little pre-mature. Especially since battery tech will continue to evolve, and A15 CPU’s are on the horizon.
    I say bring on the 1080 screens, if you don’t feel you need it, I’m sure there will be other options available.

  • NicholasMicallef

    Since I don’t see Samsung competing with an IPS display, I wonder how they managed to pack more pixels without making the blue pixels last more than the time it takes you to get out of the shop, hopefully not pentile (not that it matters much at this ppi).

  • RoadsterHD1

    Any news of Motorola making a beast like this?

  • Tyler

    For me, it is pointless as I have no desire to carry around a 5″ screen phone. And unless you are sticking your nose to the phone, there is virtually on difference between 720p and 1080p below 5″ screen size. Furthermore, doubling the pixel count on current GPU hardware is not going to be a great experience IMO. Finally, the new Razr HD/HD Maxx are about the only phones I consider to have acceptable battery life at this point. Doubling the pixel count is not going to help the battery life situation.

  • Chris

    Wow…can’t believe so many people would complain about having to good of a screen. I know that I can tell the difference in clarity of screens, so why can’t anyone else. All I know is that when I buy a phone I want the best specs up to date including the screen which is one of the most important parts of the phone. When showing off your phone to all the i*hone owners I try to turn them into android fans. The screen is a big selling point.

    • chris125

      people will complain about anything. Sad but true

    • Guest

      Making a phone gives you a certain amount of resources measured in man-hours. To many people they would prefer those man-hours allocated to something they perceive more beneficial than a screen improvement from 720 to 1080.

  • Bring it on can’t wait

  • speraider430

    3000 mAh and you’ve got me. What good is the screen without a powerhouse battery.

  • Tim242

    1080p on a smartphone or tablet is pointless. Think about it. HD TV’s have to be over 50″ to even notice the smallest difference between 720 and 1080.

    • Diablo81588

      That’s at a 10 foot viewing distance. I agree that 1080p is overkill, but its all relative to how far you are away from the screen.

  • TheWenger

    I just watched the Ironman 3 trailer on my Nexus at 720p. No complaints here.

  • doogie

    Bring It!!!! how can it possibly be too much? Is 2GB of ram too much??? I’ve heard that anything over 720p doesn’t make a difference on small screens but, I’d be happy to make the comparison. I have a sgs3 and love the screen on it. I most certainly wouldn’t complain if I got something better.

  • steve30x

    So it was massive screens and better batteries this year and next year the hype is 1080p screens and who knows what else.. im ready 🙂

  • Sqube

    Are they planning on making the phones out of the same materials that they’ve been using?

  • EvanTheGamer

    Are you all ready for 1080p displays or is this a bit much?

    READY! – My early upgrade is due sometime next year, so I’ll definitely be upgrading to something more powerful and awesome than what I currently have now(even though my G-Nex has been DAMN awesome!). Can’t wait.

  • StoneColdCarl

    At least they won’t fit the devices with a 2050 mA battery. Or was that just a typo for the J Butterfly?

    • Bewara2009

      It’s 2500 not 2050..

    • chris125

      japanese version has 2020 mah battery verizon version supposedly has 2500mah battery

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Not overkill. But amazing.

  • Detonation

    That high of a resolution is somewhat pointless on such a small screen. As the resolution goes up, it will just drive the DPI up as well, otherwise text and everything else will be too small to see. Sure it makes things a bit crisper, but I can’t imagine it being that noticeable of a difference over 720p.

    • Trueblue711

      Android was built to scale according to the screen’s DPI. Its not like Windows where text size becomes problematic. (Although Win 8 is supposed to fix this)

      • Detonation

        What I mean is that you’re getting a higher resolution but not anymore screen real estate. My Droid X had a 240dpi and my Nexus has a 320dpi – set the Nexus at 240dpi and it’s too small to be usable for most.

        • Trueblue711

          That’s the trade-off for having “life-like” images on the screen. I’m still amazed at the iPhone 4/S screen when I use my friends’ phones.

  • Destroythanet

    I wonder how this screen will affect battery life. But, really, I’d rather keep the 720p screen and just have superior battery life on a phone with a sub 5″ screen.

    • Guest

      I agree. Optimal viewing distance for a 1080p display on a 5″ screen is ~.65′ =~ 8″. I’ll take a 720p screen with better battery over a device with potentially worse battery time, and questionable advantages not observed beyond holding the thing directly in front of my face.

    • Some of the early reports from 1080p screen makers (LG specifically) stated that their full HD screen actually used less power. It still may cause more CPU usage for the extra pixels, but there was no indication of the overall impact on energy use. I have been using a 720p screen for about a year, and I want more data on my screen. Too much scrolling with 720p. 1080p is a match for my desk screens, which I see as a huge benefit. The screen impact on battery life is relatively small with 720p, about 6% on my phone, if you trust the OS.

    • yarrellray

      I loved my Galaxy S3 battery life on that device was very good no question. But I’m sure my NEXT purchase of the Galaxy Note 2 coming November 1st will have superior battery life over the Galaxy S3. As for the upcoming Galaxy S4 May/June 2013 I will pass specs will be great no question 1.8/2.0 Ghz 5250 Eynos quadcore processor, 3gb of ram, 5inch 1080p screen. The ONLY DEVICE in 2013 that will top the Galaxy S4 will be the GALAXY NOTE 3 which should arrive in Sept.Oct 2013 I will wait for that instead. By that time battery life will be exceptional coming from Samsung and it’s Exynos 5250 processor. Nobody will be beating anything Samsung puts out NO TIME soon…..

  • Bewara2009

    I heard that the new HTC phone that’s coming to Verizon is water proof too.. I honestly think that HTC has the best quality build and best camera.. they are also improving their battery life too…..

    • Vulvastix

      Its IPX5 wich is water resistant, IPX7 rating is waterproof
      IPX5 is the grade at which a phone continues to function when directly subjected to 12.5 L of water per minute from all directions using a 6.3 mm inside diameter nozzle at a distance of approximately 3m for at least 3 minutes.

    • Diablo81588

      Name a HTC phone with good battery life without an extended battery.

      • fixxmyhead

        too funny

    • yarrellray

      Htc has a LONG WAY TO GO in this arena created by Samsung. I applaud HTC for entering this niche area but they are far from competing with Samsung maybe another year..

  • zen

    Big question is: pentile or proper display?
    So far it seems that all 720p displays are pentile. Hope it will change with next gen

    • bigillz

      They aren’t all pentile. The Rezound isn’t, the One X isn’t – there are probably others.

      • chris125

        those also arent amoled screens….. lcd is not pentile only amoled is…..

        • bigillz

          That’s incorrect. Droid 2, Droid 3, possibly even the Droid 4 are pentile LCD. Motorola uses them all the time and I don’t think they’re the only one.

          • chris125

            Yes moto uses pentile lcd but htc doesn’t. They don’t use amoled( except for the original inc)

    • The note II isn’t pentile, the first non-pentile amoled.

      • bigillz

        Incorrect. Samsung’s Galaxy SII and Droid Charge both use Super AMOLED Plus displays which are standard RGB, not pentile. The Galaxy SIII uses HD Super AMOLED (not plus) which is pentile 720p, as does the Galaxy Note. The Galaxy Note II is the first to use their HD Super AMOLED in RGB stripe, not pentile.

    • Tim242

      The Note 2 is 720p and non-pentile : )

    • Diablo81588

      If this is AMOLED, it will be pentile at that insane pixel density.

  • Bewara2009

    Hey kellex are you testing the galaxy S4?

  • chris125

    Maybe in the s4??

  • HTC-FanBoy

    I went to a VZW store to check out the Razr Hd and compared it to my TB, I was SHOCKED at how much better the camera is on my TB than the Razr HD. The screen was more vibrant than my TB but still didn’t seem quite right for some unknown reason.

    I’m holding out for the VZW HTC phone. I’d love to have the radios from Googorola but when the phone just looks and performs so well, Moto is staying on the shelf.

    • Zach

      Take this comment to an HTC Fanboy Forum. Not here in a Samsung story.

      • Christopher Hutton

        It is true though, Motorola’s camera are usually crap (or slightly better crap) and HTC’s strength is definitely in the camera department, second only to apple.

    • chris125

      well motorola is notoriously bad in the camera department so don’t see why it is a surprise. They have been using the same camera since the droid x…..

  • Jeremiah Collins


    • Greyhame


    • Ecnion

      Totally agreed.

    • Trueblue711

      If that was the tech industry’s attitude, we would still be on 3.5″ iPhone sized displays.

    • bigillz

      Couldn’t disagree more. The same has been said at nearly every step of tech improvement, and then in two years you can’t imagine living without. Every display, TVs – monitors – laptops – phones – even watches, should eventually be so dense you can’t see a distinct pixel on any of them at any distance without a microscope. Why not? You can’t see pixels in reality; the end goal of displays is to mimic life. There is no overkill.

      • blp72

        Very well stated…when reality is the benchmark there is no overkill!

    • EvanTheGamer

      Overkill FTW!

    • skinja99

      It is so odd to me when people complain about getting too much. I don’t care if I can only marginally tell the difference between 4K and 8K. I still want 8K to be an option.

      People used to say 1080p was overkill and 720p was fine.

  • KB26

    Don’t forget Samsung’s new super pentile technology. Due to the high amount of pixels, the subpixel arrangement will now be GGR GGB GGG GGR GGB GGG

  • Hopefully they do something about the over-saturation.

    • Greyhame

      Not sure if Moto got their AMOLED screens from Sammy, but WOW are they oversaturated. The white gmail icon looks green! It’s definitely gotten to be too much.

      • kixofmyg0t

        Are you sure something isn’t wrong with your screen? Mine looks white to me….. and everyone I have shown it to just to make sure it wasn’t just my eyes being used to it .

        If your Gmail icon is green I would take it back to Verizon. It’s not supposed to look like that.