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LG Spectrum 2 Lands on Best Buy Website Ahead of Announcement From Verizon

Oh, Best Buy. This afternoon, an unlikely source outed some official info on the LG Spectrum 2. Usually, a carrier such as Verizon or a manufacturer, in this case LG, would announce specs, pricing, and availability for a device. In a fortunate mix-up, Best Buy has done the unveiling. Before today, we had a pretty good idea, well we pretty much knew, that it was coming to Verizon with some specs that didn’t quite compare to the Optimus G’s, but more like the Optimus LTE2. Now, we know everything one may need to know before making a final decision on whether it’s buy worthy or not.

According to Best Buy’s listing, the device features a 4.7″ 720p display, a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip (not the quad-core Pro variant), an 8MP camera, 1.3MP front facing shooter, Ice Cream Sandwich, and of course, 4G LTE connectivity. These specs are nothing to scoff at, but we won’t be seeing the quad-core and 2GB of RAM that the Optimus G packs on both AT&T and Sprint.

So, what do you think? Once this device goes back on sale (it’s been pulled from BB’s online inventory), think you’ll jump on it?

Via: Best Buy

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  • Seanamous

    If Verizon is going to continue insisting that their logo is always front and center on devices, and they definitely are, then they need a new logo. One that preferably doesn’t look like the quality assurance stamps under the battery. Luckily the Bionic’s came of with my fingernail 🙂

  • Seanamous

    That thing is uggles. it looks like a 2004 feature phone.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Hmmm… Looks pretty dang nice to me. But it’s going up against the RAZR Maxx HD and the SGSIII. Sorry LG. Verizon keeps doin’ you wrong. Should’ve gotten the Optimus G instead. =(

  • middlehead

    I’ll consider it when my next upgrade comes up, depending on what the storage is. I think the original Spectrum only had 4GB, that was ridiculous.
    I don’t see any storage reference on BB’s page except the “up to 32GB MicroSD card”

  • fauxshizzl

    The branding on all VZ phones should read “Neutered by Verizon.”

  • DiamondDave

    Sorry for sounding well, stupid I guess, but why do people not like the capacitive buttons on the bottom? Serious question.

  • azndan4

    I love how Verizon gets this turd while att and sprint get the optimus g. Lol.

  • c4v3man

    One sentence for you.
    Original JUST got ICS this week…

    So if a 10 month update delay sounds good, then have at it.

  • Knlegend1


  • Unless Verizon gets a Nexus, I’ll be getting one of the new Razrs. I just wish they could match the screen and camera on the Optimus G…

  • Ross Newhouse

    whew… good thing it has square corners.

  • fanboy1974

    I would rather have this than the Razr HD. But I’m holding out for Note 2 (1st choice) or HTC DLX (2nd choice).

    • I saw a guy at a restaurant tonight with a Galaxy Note. His phone rang, and he had to stand up to get the phone out of his pocket. When he put it up to his head to answer, he could no longer see the person next to him who was trying to tell him something about the call, and he had to keep moving the phone away from his face to see her. It was almost comical.

      There’s a point when a phone gets too big 😀

      • Eh…bluetooth or a wired headset solves that problem. I was considering getting this device, as making phone calls really has become secondary for me…but if you use your phone as a phone first, then you should avoid this…

  • ih8vzw

    1 word… ‘verizon.’

  • Aaron

    ugh, they put four capacitive buttons on it.

    • GotSka81

      I have to wonder why they would bother? It appears the buttons are modeled after the ones used in ICS…why not just let android handle it for you and not have buttons? It seems like that would be one less thing to worry about.

      • I for one can’t stand the disappearing buttons. Google seems too interested in reinventing the iphone

        • GotSka81

          Not sure if referring to capacitive buttons that go dark or on-screen buttons that are removed when not needed…

  • Maxx

    Exact or very close specs to the Razr HD line? I will take a Maxx HD. Got one yesterday and love it so far!

    • So if a 10 month update delay sounds good, then have at it...Tiny.cc/yxhnmw

  • yarrellray

    Another Verizon ..FLOP…bogged down with crappy bloatware all that Verizon is famous for. Ice sream sawhich device again….WHAT A WASTE….

    • “bogged down with crappy bloatware”. LG already took care of that for us before Verizon even added their crap. 😛

  • Ibrick

    Because it would take sales away from the Razr HD.
    Gotta push those ‘Droids’

  • Frankie189

    What a shame…a phone that i was seriously considering…once again DUMBED down for Verizon and/or american markets *sigh* Guess i will have to wait for the dlx or note II =/

    • Zach

      Mark my words. If the DLX goes through on Verizon, it will be “dumbed down.”

      • Frankie189

        I sure hope not…that is one serious piece of hardware, with a quality build from HTC i’m sure. That phone, if it comes out like it did in japan, will probably be my first choice. (if we don’t get a decent Nexus)

      • Josh Nichols

        In what way?

    • Josh Nichols

      How is this dumbed down? It’s a completely different phone.

      • Frankie189

        meant it as this is what we get from lg and sprint, att, and “global” get a much better phone.

        • orte

          but the phone you are thinking of is a completely different phone. this phone is the us version of the optimus lte2, which is quite similar, not the optimus g you are thinking of. two completely different phones.

  • Why would they not release it with the same specs as the G?

    • Why remove what makes the G stand out?