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Video: DROID RAZR MAXX HD vs. RAZR HD – Unboxing Too


One of the questions we have seen more times than we can count over the last couple of weeks has been, “What should I get, the RAZR HD or RAZR MAXX HD?” While I can’t necessarily answer that for you today, what I can do is do a quick comparison of the devices side-by-side.

Since the only differences between the two are battery size (2530mAh vs. 3300mAh) and internal storage amount (16GB vs. 32GB), we were wondering how much thickness would be added to the RAZR MAXX HD over the regular version. If you take a look at our video and photos in this post, you’ll notice that there isn’t much of a difference. In fact, its so minimal, that it’s tough to capture on film. In hand, it’s even more difficult to tell, other than a slightly thicker bottom portion that feels better in hand on the MAXX HD.

Off to battery testing we go! 

Unboxing and Comparison



[nggallery id=10]


[nggallery id=11]

(MAXX HD on left and top in photos)

  • mecevans

    So I went to Verizon yesterday and bought a RAZR HD and left with a Max HD. I must have accidentally swapped them when I asked to see both. The rep scans the box and not the phone.

    I got away woth a free MAXX
    You ca a Max

  • daryle barden jr

    I really want to buy this phone. As great as this device looks and feels Moto aways finds a way to screw it up. Ready to get rid of this Galaxy Nexus for sure. I want a phone that makes like a little easier. Not stress me out. Guess i’ll keep waiting…

  • Tim Swann

    I am a big fan of the form factor and trust Moto as a hardware maker. Yes, their track record for software updates has been crappy, but with big G calling the shots there now, expect that to change. IF big G announces a Nexus that is basically the MAXX HD without VZ branding, I would jump to that phone in a heartbeat!

  • Akashshr

    These phones are beautiful! Period! Waaay more superior than the SIII or pretty much anything now, 1GB RAM is just a placebo effect, This phone is smooth as butter as it uses near stock UI and there just seems to be no need to upgrade to 2GB, that will happen only when the market will force such competition out!

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      1 gig of ram ran pretty well early last year and it’s running pretty well in the latter stages of 2012. Unfortunately, people don’t want to have a phone that will limited what they can do further down the road. 1 gig of ram is plenty today. Will it be 2014?

  • “Razr Maxx HD. Here it is.” *Razr HD thuds loudly on desk* HAHAHAHAHA

  • EDS

    I have a non-HD Maxx now..and I was really looking forward to the release of this phone and was planning on paying full price until they released it.. Its a sexy phone..but, I don’t see the point of upgrading to the Maxx HD. Theoretically you have the same amount of screen size, the HD has a slightly better screen and processor ,but nothing crazy like a quad core or 2GB of RAM. The Camera isn’t a improvement either. Disappointed on this one. I love the build quality of Motorola..but, they seem to always be behind the game specs wise.

  • Joesred

    Went to Verizon store to put my hands on the maxx hd. Sales person wants my opinion on it…I look him squarely in the eyes and say, “This is a pretty nice phone…but not nice enough for me to give up my unlimited data plan…and I sure do not feel it is worth the full non- contract price….sorry.” Then he tries to explain…AS LONG AS YOU always use wireless connections…you will not use much of your data allowance……and wait…you can put limits on your usage…wait do not walk out the door…let me explain our Great Share Everything Plan…..

    • Same thing happened to me i said see ya. Thats verizon for you no loyalty to its customers!

    • KRP

      Don’t give up your unlimited data. Start another line or do the upgrade to another line and swap devices. Seems like you geniuses could figure this out.

  • Marc

    Galaxy nexus is a fun phone to play with, but its a terrible phone. I want a top of the line android phone that actually works as a phone, has excellent battery life and has a top notch camera. My nexus is garbage as soon as I leave the house

    • jmsbwmn

      Agreed, to a point. I’m not wiling to say my phone is garbage, but the battery certainly sucks. I am running a ROM called Codename Android, and I’d recommend it to anyone! It keeps the stock feel, but adds so much functionality it’s ridiculous. As you said, tweaker’s paradise.

    • snowblind64

      I use my GNex as a phone all the time both Google voice and standard calls. I have no problems with call clarity. I have heard there was a higher than usual rate of Gnex’s with defective radios though. My wife had to exchange hers a couple times, guess I got lucky with mine, it’s been working great since day 1.

  • jaybar

    Ha, using a GS3 to record the video

  • Knlegend1

    Motorola should be embarrassed. They also should have put more focus on the M with an HD screen and the camera with the works. These two phones are old and Verizon is going to market the hell out of them instead of getting better devices like the Optimus G.

  • Core

    god i love that notification light. have you been able to see if the blink rate is adjustable in light flow ?

  • possomcrast1

    Two things Moto needs to fix: their cameras, and the locked bootloaders. The cameras all produce blueish weird looking pictures. Their build quality is some of the best in the entire smartphone business. I have the Galaxy S 3 and this is looking pretty attractive. However I wouldn’t switch with 2gb vs 1gb of ram, a way better camera, and a bigger (better color producing) screen. The materials on the GS3 are bad but nice looking and durable enough.

  • Jim McClain

    if this is running the s4 chip, battery will be unbelievable, wifes GS3 has a 2100 battery and its incredible

  • duke69111

    Besides the fact that the Maxx is a bit pricier, why would you even consider the regular version. With the Maxx having a bigger battery is there even any question as to which one to get.

    • KreeTerry

      Some people walk in the store and say “give me what you think is best.” and what ever the sales associate says buy thats what they get. i saw this today, an older gentleman came in the verizon store and wanted to upgrade from a dumbphone. the sales rep told him that the iphone 5 was his best choice but they were out of the 16 and 32 gb versions. so he paid $400 for an extra 48 gigs hell never use.

  • EC8CH

    If this phone didn’t represent every thing I think is wrong with carriers interfering with wireless devices…. I would be interested in it.

    Everything looks great but it reeks of VZW’s meddling.

    • Indeed it does. It’s a solid phone, but it also feels like its about 4 months late.

  • Jackson

    I can’t tell in the photos even with you telling which is which damn it they’re so good at making phones it makes me doubt wanting the note 2

  • There is literally zero reason to purchase the regular Razr HD… Why would they even release it.

    If the Maxx didn’t have the front branding or the hideous back and poor camera, I’d buy this thing and root it. The front looks great minus the branding and the battery is beyond sexy.

  • Jon Flikkema

    This is the most confusing shell game in the world

  • You should compare the Droid Razr HD to the original Droid Razr! I would like to know the benefits of upgrading!

  • YankInDaSouth

    Can’t wait for the full review! Hopefully they hold true to Moto form and call quality is top notch.

  • Michael Forte

    When Moto is fitting these huge batteries in a pretty slim form factor, it makes me wonder how other OEMs can’t do the same…I’d love a Nexus phone with a Maxx type battery. I guess what I’m really saying is I want a Motorola RAZR Nexus Maxx

    • duke69111

      That’s the number one question there. Why is Motorola the only one doing this. Do they have some kind of contract or something with the battery maker?

    • cleetose

      I’ve heard that making the battery non-removable allows them to fit bigger batteries.

      • Butters619

        That is true. But then that begs the questions, why does HTC continue to use tiny batteries?

    • Tim Hardeman

      It’s mostly due to how square the device is. Samsung and especially HTC tend to have more curvy devices, which while feeling better, leave smaller rectangular areas in which to put components (especially batteries).

  • donebrasko

    What about the screen quality? How does it compare to iPhone 5 or HTC one x screen? I can never find anyone to answer that?

    • DainLaguna

      very little compares to the one x screen. that and the iphone 5 are probably the best screens out there right now. its super amoled and pentile so prob similar to the gnex and s3

      • donebrasko

        ok….but I want to hear from someone that has dealt with both phones. That’s the only thing that I am waiting on. I live in a small town so I don’t have a real Verizon store. How big of a difference is the screen compared to the og Maxx?

        • DainLaguna

          the old maxx screen was qhd resolution…this is 720p with better ppi. its def a noticeable improvement, i think folks are just upset that moto put screen tech that has been out since the end of 2011 into their flagship holiday 2012 phone

          • donebrasko

            Please don’t tell me is like nexus and galaxy s3 screens.besides barter that’s why I didn’t keep either of those. I want a htc screenwith more common sense with the actual device. ause of batter y I’ll probably still go Maxx.I just sold my old Maxx for 325 and bought a 100 bionic to use until I decide. Battery and storage are my biggest thing. I would burnup the Maxx battery in less than 12hrs on most days

          • DainLaguna

            sorry bro, its very similar to the gs3 and nexus screens. my god you burn up the battery that fast? looks like youll have to suck it up because no other phone will do the job. granted, this screen is still a nice improvement over the original maxx and especially your bionic

          • donebrasko

            Yeah it looks like it. And I forgot how ugly the bionic screen was.what wetter they thinking? My nexus would be gone in 6 hours. I just have to pay retail for it or hit craigslist.

    • The iPhone 5 and HTC’s entire current line all use IPS LCD or Super LCD panels, by definition they are automativally going to be nicer than the Pentile Super AMOLED crap that Samsung and Motorola use, there is no way around that sadly

  • I picked my Maxx HD up tonight. What do you think of the volume level even at the lowest setting? I think it’s LOUD! That’s not necessarily a bad thing but I’d prefer to have a quieter volume setting at the low end.

    • duke69111

      Now don’t go complaining that it’s too loud now. 🙂 They will release an update the break its in a few weeks.

  • I just need to know call quality (i.e. radios), performance (i.e. any lag?), and camera (i.e. Razr M or GS3 quality?). Then I can decide if this is for me. My DX has just about had it.

    • Call quality is decent, but let me make a few more calls before I fully comment on that. Performance is solid. It’s no Optimus G, but it’s fast enough. The camera is garbage.

      • SammyGuy

        NIce, apprieciate the honest opinion you have on these things! What makes the camera suck so bad?

        • DainLaguna

          moto just uses terrible sensors. i loved my razr (minus some of the software bugs) but God that camera was a huge letdown. given what apple, nokia and htc and even sammy now are putting in midrange to low end devices, its unforgiveable at this point.

      • evltwn

        Is it worse than what is on the RAZR and RAZR MAXX?

        • DainLaguna

          id wager its the exact same one

      • lolol. “The camera is garbage.” Why can’t companies get that a camera is highly important now on a phone.

        • Justin W

          I think Samsung and HTC do, but Moto… Not quite. I think they have been using the same camera for several years.

      • Steve Douglas

        Damn the camera is going to kill this for me. I was hoping to give moto a chance too. Patiently waiting for the HTC beast or a Note 2….

      • That’s all good. When I actually need to take quality photos I have my Nikon D40 around. When I’m taking pictures with my phone they’re usually pictures of traffic so I can bitch on Twitter or something at the store so I can get my wife’s opinion before I buy something. For what I use it for the camera in any phone I’ve had has been WAY MORE than adequate.

      • Thanks for the reply K. I was afraid of this. I don’t need professional shots, but the DX camera still makes me want to cry after over two years. So painfully bad. :’-( I’ve promised myself I won’t make the same mistake twice.

  • Dan

    I’m starting to think that the maxx is better than a nexus, root it ROM it and it basically becomes a nexus WITH crazy battery

    • mustbepbs

      I don’t think you understand why people don’t like non-Nexus phones.

    • Captain_Doug

      … if you could root it and throw in stock JB.

      • Abgar Musayelyan

        I don’t think you understand why people don’t like non-Nexus phones.

        • Captain_Doug

          I don’t. Rooting is just so easy. I’d much rather pick a phone based on hardware as long as it had good dev support. Software can be changed.

          • Abgar Musayelyan

            You can’t really have good dev support without an unlocked bootloader. Devs just don’t want to deal with the restrictions.
            If you enjoy the stock experience, nexus is the best way to go.

          • Captain_Doug

            True but Nexus phones aren’t the only phones with an unlockable bootloaders. In this case, Motorola is a terrible example but there are many other phones with more than enough dev support for some very well built phones. Nexus phones have their shortcomings too. I don’t have anything against Nexus phones, I just haven’t liked the hardware so far.

          • Abgar Musayelyan

            while i dont disagree with what you’re saying. its usually true that nexus phones have the biggest developer backing.
            plus with the nexus program you have the biggest dev on your side, google.

          • Captain_Doug


  • Joe

    why did they even make a non-MAXX version?!

    • ceejw

      So that Verizon could sell the phone at two price points.

      • kixofmyg0t


    • mustbepbs

      I suppose it’s because they couldn’t get the MAXX in the $199 price point.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    $100 more for 800mAh and 16gb of storage is not worth it. They both have SD cards right? Just get the RAZR HD if you are dead set on a Motorola phone.

    • We’ll see if our battery tests suggest it being worth it. Not sure though.

      • Alex L. Osorio

        Kellex, its that a fuel band you wearing. and if it is did you hack it to display your txt, calls etc.

    • nwd1911

      For those of us buying off contract to keep our unlimited data plans, it is only $50 more.

    • Detonation

      $100 in the scope of two years 2 years (assuming you plan on using it until your next upgrade) for 30% more battery sounds worth it for me.

      • duke69111

        It does to me too.

      • 01001010000

        Finally a reasonable response 🙂

    • j__h

      it seems from amazon that the price can be had for 150 or 200

  • zmberven

    Wait…which one is which? Srsly….

    • balthuszar

      that’s the point

  • mustbepbs

    Those are some handsome phones. If I didn’t have a GS3 and I didn’t mind a locked bootloader, I’d definitely get one.

    • EC8CH

      Yep, the RAZR finally looks complete.

      I still won’t get one because I know that’s what VZW wants me to do.

      • michael arazan

        Do we really need the Verizon logo on front and back? The front would look a lot better w/o the dam verizon logo.

  • htowngtr

    It sucks that moto won’t release a MAXX Dev edition.

    • Agreed. People are probably going to buy the MAXX over the regular version given the choice.

      • jonny6pak

        Maybe a third party will make conversion kits that upgrade the RAZR HD to the RAZR MAXX HD.

      • jmsbwmn

        I disagree. I’d already have the non-MAXX version if not for the Google event next week. I definitely see the usefulness of a larger battery, but the Razr HD should be just fine for most people’s needs. Also, with it having a micro SD slot, it almost negates the 16 GB vs 32 GB for most people.

    • G8orDroid

      Give them a call, you might be surprised.

      • htowngtr

        How? They had a tweet saying no dev for maxx.

        • G8orDroid

          I haven’t done it myself, nor do I have proof, but I did tweet with someone who said they ordered an HD Maxx Dev Edition over the phone for $699. We’ll see in a week or so if it pans out. I have no reason to think the guy lied or was otherwise trolling me.

          • Im thinking about paying full price too im keeping my unlimited data plan verizon. They are just trying to make more money whats going to happen is their going to lose customers

          • G8orDroid

            UPDATE: The guy I mentioned got an update from Moto. They screwed up, only the regular HD is available in Dev Edition. I figured as much, but was hoping he was right.

    • Whats a Dev edition