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Thursday Poll: Is the RAZR HD or RAZR MAXX HD Your Next Phone?


Since today has quickly turned into DROID RAZR HD day, we figured we may as well get this poll out of the way and find out how many of you are going to buy this phone. Both should manage to outlast any other phone on the market, thanks to their massive batteries. The build quality, in my short few days with them, has been impressive. The display is nice, but not the best on the market. The camera is definitely not going to win any awards. But, the speaker is awesome, though. Overall, these phones appear to be a solid package with a mix of positives and negatives.

My review will be up in the next couple of days, but for now, we’d love to see how many are already sold on Motorola’s newest RAZR family members.

Is the RAZR HD or RAZR MAXX HD Your Next Phone?

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  • EL

    I got this phone when it came out on Thursday, the 18th. So far I am pleased, but it does have a couple of issues/problems. First, those rumors going around about the antenna having issues may be true. Sometimes I will lose my wifi and/or my mobile data connection for absolutely no reason at all. Sometimes it comes back and sometimes I have to reboot the phone. I know it’s not me, my location, what I’m doing at the time, etc. Second, the SD card doesn’t seem to fit seamlessly within the SD card slot. You can feel a ridge where the cover is not flush with the phone. As a result, (I think) the less than perfect fit is causing the SD card to show up as unreadable. If I push that ridge in a little on the side of the phone (or even shake it a little) then the notification goes away. Whether this is impacting all phones or just mine alone, it is still pretty annoying.
    Like I said, I’m still getting used to the phone and I do like it very much, but it may be going back to the store if I can’t resolve these issues or if they don’t resolve themselves.
    Lastly, I don’t understand the complaints about the camera. It’s an 8MP camera that takes just as good photos and pics as any other phone out there. If there is anything to complain about (and I cannot complain at all) it is that the screen is not of the absolute highest quality. It’s great, but there is better.
    Did I mention that this phone is blazing fast on 4G LTE???

  • Shintodragoon

    Bought the white RAZR HD Thursday off contract. Good phone and build quality, jelly bean update will make it sweeter. Nothing all that revolutionary over the first Droid RAZR but the added battery life and widget/settings screen are nice touches.

  • My Bionic has been getting on my nerves; freezing, crashing, lagging, hanging… so I couldn’t stand it anymore! I was going to buy a GS3, but I live in a marginal service area, so being as we know Moto is unmatched in signal reception, I sprung for a Razr Maxx HD (retail, not letting go of my unlimited data plan!) This thing is built like a brick house! I mean, it’s a quality piece of equipment, and sexy good looking to boot. Although it’s not quite as fast as the GS3, it does feel much more solid and IS pretty darn zippy (and the alleged ‘no lag’ camera lags a tad). I’m running live wallpapers, Go Launcher, I keep fb running and Dolphin browser, and whatever else I’m running at a given moment… I have not experienced any system lag whatsoever. It’s unbelievably fast on LTE. With 15% battery left, the phone’s been up for 29 and a half hours. This is on it’s second full charge (so the battery life should should increase by another 5 to 7% after conditioning a couple of more cycles.) The screen is gorgeous and the on screen function keys are cool, (keep in mind I am coming from a Bionic which has a horrible pixely screen). Overall, I don’t think I could be much happier with the phone unless I had not paid retail for it! Plus with 32 gigs on board, it’s pretty packed with space… too bad about the single gig of RAM though, although it doesn’t seem to effect the performance. If you’re a Moto fan, this phone won’t disappoint, but if you like to stay current with the technology (as do I), plan on replacing it around this time next year when Moto’s next generation of devices are born.

  • still considering. depends on whats out when i come into some money

  • Joshua

    Been screwed over twice now by MOTO — you know what they say, fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you…won’t happen again MOTO….I’ll stick with Samsung thank you!

  • Jamie Courtemanche

    Upgraded from Droid X to Droid Razer MAXX HD and happy with the purchase so far. I purchased the phone in full in order to keep my unlimited data plan. Very happy and unlike most of the elitist here I don’t care for rooting and locked. I just want a phone that works and connectivity.

  • jedialan

    Already have the Razr Maxx. Compared it to the new Maxx HD at the Verizon store yesterday and there was very little difference. Yeah, the screen is longer but the home buttons just take up that little bit of extra room. Didn’t really see any true definition in the screen resolution either.

    • jedialan

      I meant to say and real difference in the screen resolution.

  • Real Nexus or I’m out.

  • Matthew Hojnacki

    I will buy a Razr HD Maxx but only if they do something for our Bionics. I dont care if i get ICS its about a Year too late. We need credit already because we know we are not getting Jelly Bean. All i can say is us Bionic owners can not let them get away with selling us Joke Phones. We need to stick together and make them Pay for the Aggravation and the Countless times we had to call tech support about this Phone. I love mine because I rooted and rommed but i should not have had to. I have Jelly Bean ported by Regular People. Why does it take Verizon and Moto so Long?

  • HD_Rocks

    Already got mine WOW!

  • mxracer9111

    I bought the Max HD yesterday and coming from my DROID x I feel that this phone is better than when I first held my DROID x in my hand. This is a well built device that will last me longer than any other phone Including my droid x which was a beast and still wokrs after 2 years of crazy abuse. worked a

  • Daniel

    When they release a Droid 5 with removable battery and sell it directly as a developer device with unlocked bootloader, I’ll be there on day 1 throwing money at Motorola

  • neilj

    I would have, if it would have come out before verizon ended the ability to upgrade and keep unlimited data.

  • Jayrod718

    No more MOTO after the BIONIC!

  • Jagjeep

    I would buy a Nexus Motorola if doing so did not tie me to Verizon. Verizon’s empty promises and failure to update the Thunderbolt to ICS finally convinced me to change carriers and to buy my own unsubsidized phone.

  • Mordecaidrake

    I just picked up the Razr Maxx HD, and it’s been working great.

  • BaltiCzar

    May have to jump on the MAXX HD. Absolutely loving the features on my S3 but this radio is not what I need it to be. I can’t get signal with the S3 in some areas where I used to when I had my Razr Maxx. I rely heavily on my phone for work and family contact. Guess I’ll have to give up screen res and other bells and whistles.
    Moto……….I am coming back……….somewhat reluctantly.

  • Nathaniel Newman

    I already bought the RAZR Maxx HD. I also bought and tried the GS3. Am, unsure if I will keep the Maxx HD or go back to the GS3. The camera was awesome on the GS3, Worse than any other phone Ive had. Time will tell if Motorola will correct this.

  • Steel

    I bought the Razr M. All the specs, none of the garish size.

  • I was actually trying to wait till these phones came out by Verizon forced me to purchase early to keep unlimited so I have at least a few few more years before I purchase a new phone.

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  • MisterKnowItAll

    Reviews are in. They’re just a couple of average Moto phones with crappy cameras. Feel what you may about the importance of the camera in a phone, but do realize that if all the others have better cameras, it would be stupid to buy one of these.

  • Lucas Gorski

    I picked up the Razr HD Maxx. I wasn’t happy with the quality of the samsung GN. This razr hd phone is built like a tank and feels super nice in the hand.

  • i was seriously dissapointed when i found out the maxx hd was only being released in america. i was so blown away by it that i forgot all about motorola and their usual two different versions of the droids.

    if all that is coming to europe is the razr hd then i think i might just get a maxx hd shipped over even if i have to put up with an ugly carrier logo and high shipping costs.
    i have my mind set on having a phone with 3300 and its hard to go back to all the other toy phones and all the charging twice a day bs… sigh

  • Waiting to see if they make the Razr Maxx HD a Nexus. {{-_-}}

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    neither…gonna “upgrade” from my galaxy s3 to the galaxy note 2 😛

  • Waiting on that HTC J Butterfly 😉

  • NexusMan

    I don’t buy phones with Ice Cream Sandwich…or bad cameras.

    • Tim242

      But…you bought the nexus…hahaha

  • Ritchie

    Ok purchased the RAZR Maxx HD today and I am wondering if anyone has the following issue?? Under the PEOPLE/CONTACTS if you select the mode to pick a personalized ringer will it work??? Having issues with this? Thank you

  • leoingle

    Nope. wont be buying neither. I just have never liked any Motorola phones…. NOt to mention MotoBlur…

  • Stevo

    Would love to be dying for this, but weaksauce camera is really holding me back. I love the idea of the battery life and i think the UI is pretty good, but currently owning a galaxy nexus, I am SO TIRED of crappy cameras in android devices. Why is it that the only ones with halfway decent cameras have horrendous skins mucking everything up? To be totally honest, if the iphone 5 had a native google maps app, I’d be all over it, smaller screen and all.

  • Since both are coming with encrypted bootloaders, I am skipping them both.. NO.. I hate the dev edition phones…

    Motorola, even if you come with world’s best build quality and 1000000000mAh battery in a ENCRYPTED and CAN NEVER BE UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER, you will never get my money…

  • Pass……Buying the Galaxy Note 2 and my wife will inherit my S3 which I have had zero problems with.

  • Tom

    With this Thunderbolt I’m using now, anything would be a great upgrade.
    It would be nice to have a phone last all day on the battery, have the 4G LTE signal stay and not get dropped for no reason, etc. Bye Bye HTC, “Hello Moto”

    I may get this phone based on my original Droid. The droid still works today.

  • JJ Naisbitt

    Just bought a RAZR HD!!!! Absolutely love this phone. It is perfect.

    • Tim242

      I tried the iPhone 5 for 2 days. Once you get it and see that Android 1.5 Donut has more features, you will be back. iPhone is a slightly glorified feature phone

  • Joe

    With motos upgrade actions, the droid 3 I have will be my last ever. Going to iOS.

    • Bionic


    • Tim242

      I tried the iPhone 5 for 2 days. Once you figure out that Android 1.5 Cupcake has more features and functionality, you will be back. iPhone is a slightly glorified feature phone.

  • brad

    I got my hands on both today at the Verizon store. Long story short…The screen images were excellent, pretty quick and smooth overall. The build was very nice, not really digging the rim around the front part of the screen. The camera…well is sucks….in other worlds not really an upgrade over my Droid X! If I had to be pick between the HD/Maxx and the S3 today, I’d still take an S3 with a spare battery in my pocket. If the HD/Maxx had 2gb of ram, and a kick ass camera/software to support the camera…the HD/Maxx would be the best phone on the market hands down. I think Motorola was trying…they just swung and missed the green in regulation….where the S3 is sitting 10 feet from the pin.

  • jmanin

    Just bought the razr hd today after breaking my razr maxx. Love the display but am sure I am going to miss the battery life the maxx had given me.

  • droidrazrlovr

    The RAZR MAXX HD would be my next phone if a few conditions were met:
    if it was a Nexus (stock Android, unlocked bootloader)
    Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core CPU
    2GB RAM would be nice, but not required

    Motorola, if you’re reading, MAKE THIS PHONE!

    • By the time that phone was developed, people would complain that its “last year’s tech” like the new Razr HD. Motorola needs to leap-frog the S4 Pro, and develop a device around the chip coming AFTER that one. That’s the only way they can possibly get ahead of the curve. Then they will set the bar, rather than joining the current crop of phones “late” (even though they are right on schedule with their update to the Razr, which contains the same specs as the phones that replaced last year’s flagship models for each company, and have in fact kept to their promise of releasing fewer phones so that they can better focus their efforts).

  • fanboy1974

    The specs are dated now. Should have been released a few months ago.

  • Jason Peters

    Got a Galaxy S3 when they were on sale for $100 at Best Buy this past Sunday. Half the price, better camera.

    • Tyler Chappell

      And twice the RAM