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Swype Beta Receives Update, Tell Me Again Why It Isn’t In Google Play Yet?

We’ve been following development of the third party keyboard, Swype for quite some time. In fact, it’s been years. While we still await publishing to Google Play, they continue to push updates to the keyboard and this newest version has a few features that we thought were share worthy.

Firstly, there is now the addition of “trending words.” For example, PSY’s Gangnam Style has become a cultural phenomenon, so the word “Gangnam” shall now be recognized and added for easy entry. Gee, awesome. Secondly, and more importantly, tablet users can now switch between a plain layout keyboard and a split keyboard for the wider displays. That way, swiping with your fingers over greater distance is now uber easy.

Grab the newest version here.

Via: The Verge

P.S. Come on, put it on Google Play already!

  • find a Flext9.apk and install it. its from the makers who now own skype. they stopped updating it a long time ago, and it is strangely leaps and bounds better than skype. Its discontinued so using it without paying isn’t exactly stealing anymore…

  • danofiveo

    The new beta didn’t show up on my Xoom until this morning. I installed it not to long ago and I like the fact that they finally added a spilt-keyboard layout. I think I’ll use this instead of Thumb Keyboard as my default.

    I must admit though, that handwriting mode is aweful. How to get it to recognize a “T” is beyond me.

    Anyway, I’m planning on using the split-keyboard mode most of the time.

  • D.C.

    Hoo-boy, what a frustrating process. I love using Swype but hate, hate, hate how dreadful the 27-step install/re-install/update process is.

    According to this http://bit.ly/rqPNFy it can take up to 72 hours before an update shows automatically. My phone would not update using the posted “refresh” method. It auto-updated on reboot. My tablet will not do either.

  • Justin Scarano

    there is the old Working application until they fix their current version of the application

  • I installed the new beta, but when i select it as an input it automatically switches back to using the stock keyboard. i like the look of the beta, but i can’t use it!
    anyone else have this problem?

    • some guy

      There’s a workaround right now: http://forum.swype.com/showthread.php?9982-Official-Galaxy-Nexus-Jelly-Bean-Swype-Issue-Thread&p=35750#post35750

      Disable any apps in Accessibility settings (such as Light Flow). Some have also had luck with disabling the default Android keyboard instead.

      • D.C.

        Well, the work-around works but it’s unacceptable to me to permanently disable LightFlow and other Accessibility-enabled apps. Guess it is time to switch to SwiftKey 3 🙁

        • Nasdel

          Just disable the stock android keyboard from settings, apps, all. Then do a restart and you should be good to go with Swype and lightflow

          • That doesn’t work. I just tried to disable the stop keyboard and it continues to revert from Swype.

  • John

    This just downloaded to my Galaxy Nexus and now it won’t let me use Swype, or select Swype as the default keyboard – either in the main settings or in the notification selection. I uninstalled and tried again, still nothing. Re-downloaed SlideIt to make sure it was not a phone issue, and I can select this fine. I’d be careful with this if you want it to still work.

    • yamomoney

      Same issue as the john and Howard. I’ve tried everything I can think of to fix…had to restore my TB backup to revert back. it appears to be a galaxy nexus problem mainly, hopefully they fix soon.

  • acras

    super , I’ve been using swype since I got my droid X , then joined the beta so I could get updates . The update in June (?)started getting laggy , and always started the next message with the last word of the previous message . Got the update today , and now I can’t choose Swype as the default input. I check the box , it shows the change under default for a second , then automatically changes back to the android keyboard .
    The other great news is that I can’t access my account with them , put in my email and password and their site doesn’t recognize it .
    Looking like I’m going to have to stop relying on them , and sideload the version I have on my DX to my nexus . Unfortunate that its getting so bad , I love using swype , best input method I’ve had.

  • Kurt

    I checked today and still nothing

  • Has anyone actually got this yet? Webpage says 10-18-12 is the release date of the new Beta, but there is nothing new listed there?

  • bit

    Swype is awesome. I can type entire emails with one thumb. Swype update process is tsuck.

  • JulianZHuang

    that app in beta for the last 3 yrs…. swiftkey much more better.

    • Sloan Marion

      As we can all see from your well worded comment.

  • brkshr

    Swype tweet says it will be available tomorrow

  • cyruss69

    Hey Just so everyone knows you if you go to http://www.swype.com/ the front page says the update wil be out tomorrow 10.18.2012 should solve all your questions lol

  • Stephen

    Used to love Swype but got tired of the cumbersome process of waking up to it not working etc, Installed Swiftkey and never looked back, I like it more than Swype.

    • wh1te_mag1c

      You’re in the minority if Swype isn’t working. It always works for me very well. I also purchased SwiftKey, but nothing can compare to Swype in terms of speed, because you can’t really beat a swiping motion when it comes to longer words.

      On the other hand, I found that SwiftKey (3) absolutely leaves Swype in the dust when it comes to foreign languages. This is probably due to its impressive AI algorithm.

      • Sorry to prove you wrong (no I’m not), but Swiftkey (by far) holds the record for fast typing. Something to do with not needing to even enter most of the characters.

        Swype is a gimmick. Some people still love it, but some people also love Justin Bieber. There’s no accounting for taste anymore.

        • wh1te_mag1c

          Swype is a gimmick? Is that why it’s bundled with millions of phones, because it’s so horrible?

          How about this: with Swype I can swipe around the virtual keyboard with ONE FINGER. In fact, maybe that’s where the speed difference comes in. I suppose if you use both hands/both thumbs, then SK3 might be a lot faster, but I’m a lazy man and one hand is all I use to operate my phone. Therefore, to me and to millions of other people, Swype is faster and more practical.

          I can see that you like SK3, but there’s no need to become a blind fanboy. Don’t be like the iSheep; understand that different people have different priorities and needs. Swype meets mine nearly perfectly; unless I need to type up an SMS in a different language. Then, that 5% of the time, I will will quickly switch to SK3.

        • arthur dent

          With Swype I can trace out the whole message without paying attention to what’s on the screen. Then I can read through it and quickly double tap any words it got wrong and correct them.

          With word prediction, I type a bit, then I have to check if it’s suggesting the correct word. If not, type a bit more, see if it’s there, and repeat this cycle for every. single. word.

          • wh1te_mag1c

            Exactly this. With Swype, we ‘magically get our word to appear’ (just make quick swipe!) and then correct it if we need to. With keyboards like SK3, you need to be guiding it all along. I would say Swype achieves the perfect balance between predicting what you’re typing and letting you feel like you’re typing it. With the other keyboards, I actually feel distracted and annoyed that several words are popping up as choices while I’m trying to finish up the current word. It really does add additional brain processing for the user. Why should I be seeing all these other words if I don’t need to? I should only see them if I need to correct something after I typed/swiped it.

  • Swype, quit playing with my emotions B!

  • Is there still no option to use the built in voice typing or do you still have to use the one for swype?

  • Found this which is a great reason why it isn’t in Google Play and unlikely to ever be so: http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/11ne63/tesio_gives_great_explanation_as_to_why_swype_is/

  • brkshr

    I think they beta test on us (edit: a limited group that has to put effort into getting it installed), then sell it to manufacturers. If they release in the play store, then there is no need to sell to manufacturers.

  • they are just shooting themselves in the foot not publishing. The lay-person android user isnt searching for betas to use as keyboards..

  • TimXer

    were they trying to push the (absolutely worthless) default SGSIII wanabe swype keyboard?
    I need swype back in my life bad

  • Swype is marketing to the manufacturers, not the end users. If the app were in the market, there would be no reason to collect $texas from Motorola to bundle the Swype keyboard in with a phone. The beta program is just a nice way of letting us all continue to use the keyboard even though our manufacturers didn’t foot the bill for us. I call it a win-win, but it is a really annoying installation/update process.

    • Everytime I load up a pre-loaded version of Swype though, it’s garbage. 🙂

      • michael arazan

        I have had swype beta installed for a while, but haven’t used it since summer, something happened after i received. Jellybean. The app is still in downloaded, but its not in my app drawer, nor is it an option under which keyboard to select when typing. I guess like many apps, it’s current update before wasn’t JellyBean compatible

    • brkshr

      This is what I believe as well, but I think they really only leave the beta out there for us, so they can troubleshoot for the final product that they sell.

    • Nice SNL/CJ reference there 🙂

  • SpikedRed

    Seriously, this “Beta” B.S. is terrible. The process is cumbersome at best to acquire the latest and greatest revision, and I’d be more than happy to pay for this if it were in the Market.
    @Tim-o-tato, I seriously couldn’t agree more!

    • jj

      You’re assuming it would be in their best interest to be in the market.
      It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they did the math and realized they
      could make more selling batch licenses to device manufacturers rather
      than selling directly to end users, and that they could negotiate a better deal with the manufacturers if they were offering semi-exclusive licenses.

      That is to say, in the long run, every buck they made in the market might
      cost them two.

      • Michael Quinlan

        But anyone who would choose a device in part because of an included Swype keyboard would almost certainly be aware of the Swype beta program, thereby negating any influence that an included Swype keyboard would have on their device choice. As a manufacturer, why would I pay Nuance to allow me to pre-install Swype on my device, when the only people who would be attracted by it are also aware they can get it on any device for free? It’s like going to the expense of including a prize in a cereal box as a marketing gimmick, while knowing that every kid (attracted by the prize) knows where they can get the same toy (or even better, a newer version of the toy) right outside the store for free.

        My Bionic included Swype. When considering switching to a GSM Nexus, the loss of Swype would have been a major consideration had it not been for the Swype beta program, which made the whole thing a non-factor.

    • brkshr

      Swype tweeted that it would be out tomorrow

  • They were caught stealing contacts. Maybe they’re not uploading on Google Play for that.

    • Greyhame

      I was just about to come and ask it they’re not on the play store for this kind of reason. Do you have a source? Or just a tinfoil hat 😉

  • I’ve never used a device with Swype. Help me out DL community. Is it good enough to dislodge me from SwiftKey?

    • Jay W.

      I think SwiftKey is a better app… and even though I have both, I use Swype. It is really a personal preference type thing.

    • Greyhame

      If you’re proficient at typing, swype will probably work better for you. I love it because I can type everything with one finger, and train it things like email addresses, emoticons (the few I use;), etc., so I can type entire email addresses without lifting a finger. Also, once you get used to swiping for punctuation, it’s EXTREMELY difficult to go back to long pressing.

    • brkshr

      I’ve tried Swiftkey several times, but I always end up back on Swype. With Swype, you tap your finger down once & release your finger once for a word. Swiftkey, you can tap multiple times for a word &/or you have to check the suggestion box, to see if it guessed your word yet. Swype all the way IMO

      • 3 responses, 3 thumbs up for Swype. Looks like my decisions made thanks guys! Now when are they releasing it??? lol

  • honestly.. how long can they continue to call this a beta?

    • Roberto Elena Ormad

      Well, there is a stable version, which comes preinstalled with some phones (including symbian and Windows 7), so they can have a more advanced beta version FOREVER.

  • Jay W.

    What is the version number for the update?

    • Jay

      I just rooted and reinstalled it a few hours ago, did not get the update.

  • T4rd

    I hope this fixes the very annoying issue where it doesn’t space or punctuate automatically a lot of fields (like anywhere in the stock browser, Chrome works though).

  • brando56894

    I was going to say “Hasn’t this been in beta for at least a year or two?”

  • schmaltzy

    Just checked mine for an update on my S3….nothing….???

    • Same here. Downloaded the installer again and it says that there are no updates for my device. Running vs

      • Ed Chan

        Same here, no new update for mine.

    • Nothing on my Gs3 either for updates. Maybe a delayed update going out in batches

    • Casey

      No updates for the gnex either.

    • cheezer88

      Right on the site it shows 10/18 for the new update

  • KleenDroid

    Swype is Amazing