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Team Win Recovery Project Version 2.3.1 Released, Based on Jelly Bean Source Code

Back in July, we introduced to our readers for the first time the Team Win Recovery Project. It’s an alternative to ClockworkMod Recovery and has become quite popular among the rooted and modded community by giving them a much more comprehensive way of creating backups and even editing them through the recovery stage. 

It’s received a beefy update to version and it has some features that should get some flashers happy. Included in the update is a complete rebase to the AOSP code for Jelly Bean and a completely re-written backup restore, etc. in C++ for better maintenance down the road. In layman’s terms, it does what it did before, but a whole lot better.

To check out TWRP for a huge list of supported devices, check the via links down below.

Via: Team Win | XDA

Cheers Adam!

  • Alain Lafond

    True, TWRP is the best…

  • Abgar Musayelyan

    This is full of all kinds of WIN!
    I dont know if Koush will ever catch up to these guys.

  • Kane

    Looks like I need to finally make the jump from CW

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      do it! you’ll never look back.

      • maybe I am not getting it, but I HATED TWRP, I felt like CWM just worked better, I had nothing but problems with TWRP, I don’t like that my old backups are not compatible and the back up I did make apparently did not copy everything over like I thought it would. I don’t need a theme on my recovery, I just need it to work.

        • Colin,

          I had the same experience the first time I used TWRP. For some reason I ended up trying it again about 3 months later and I LOVE IT.

          The only complaint I have is like you said, CWR backups do not transfer over. It seems to be faster for backing up/restoring than CWR and I absolutely love that I can install multiple zips at the same time.

          I came from the touch CWR as well so it’s not just that…

  • s2k_848

    Majority of people are giving good review to TWRP, but when I tried it on my Gnex over the weekend it didn’t go very well. It failed on a bunch of ROMs that I tried to flash, ranging from Bugless Beast, AOKP, 4.1.2 stock rooted, Jelly Belly, etc. I was only able to flash Cyanogenmod10 and Jellybro. No matter what I tried, they ROMs would not complete the flash. I went back to CWM and all the ROMs flashed fine for me. So is anyone else having issues like I did??? The TRWP I was using was 2.3.0 via GooManager.

    • Buy This

      I heard (at least for eclipse) that it was failing and that the update today addressed those issues. This latest one should work. I just switched from CWM for the first time

    • duke69111

      Its freezing up on my kindle fire too.

    • John

      Try They fixed those few issues when flashing ROMs

    • ya, I had all kinds of issues, spent most of a day turning the clock back on my phone just to get it to where I was before I tried TWRP, had to go back to CWM. I was using BB, but now I am on CM and I think I like it better. most stable if you can believe it.

  • Version 2.3.1 comes out, make news posting with screenshots of 2.2.0. Seems legit.

  • KreeTerry

    anyone know how to flash this without a comp? my laptop died and i dont have my charger lol

  • Detonation

    Love the easy install for this. Just open the Goo.im app, go to menu > Install OpenRecoveryScriipt and that’s it. It downloads, installs, and you don’t even need to reboot.

    • cheezer88

      Is this the best way to go from cwm to twrp. And are the cwm back ups compatible?

      • Steve Benson


      • Detonation

        The “best” way is debatable but this is probably the easiest. And no, the back ups are not compatible.

        • cheezer88

          thanks. i’ll give this a shot.

  • Pedro

    I just love to throw me some money at awesome devs.

    Second or third time for TWRP. Guess I need to run down runandhide05 to see if he’s updated for the XOOM.

  • Steven McTowelie

    why use screenshots for a post about lol

  • KleenDroid

    I actually just installed this earlier today for the first time. I did all the wipes and installed a ROM to test it out. I liked how it works and really liked how easy it was to cue 3 zips to install all at once.

    I like it so far and will give it a go for a while. I have no problem with the grampa of recoveries but this seems to be getting more attention from its creators.

    • Yup, it makes it nice when I install ROMs for my dad and wife. You can queue up superwipe, new bootloader, new kernel, new radios, and then the ROM.

  • Chris Malkiewicz

    Anyone still using Clockwork? I just can’t pull myself away from it… Even tho it’s so…Dated

    • will bartlett

      the newest version of cwm is nice. i like the 20mb backup size 😀

      • Chris Malkiewicz

        When you say “newest” are you talking about the touch recovery? I’ve been waiting for a UI overhaul. but gotta say it has never given me problems!

        • will bartlett

          its 6.x.x.x something or other

      • KleenDroid

        Do you really think your backup is only 20mb?

        • will bartlett

          find me the rest of the backup then. the cwm backup folder has 20mb folders and thats it.

          • nyr2k2

            The folder titled “blobs” holds the bulk of the information. Your backups are the same size, they just changed the process and file structure.

    • tu3218

      I’m still using it…I just hate that I can’t delete backups from my external sd card on my sgs3. Its annoying. I could use my computer to do it but they use “blobs” and so who knows what blobs is associated with each backup.

      • JMonkeYJ

        with blobs, you’re supposed to just delete the directory that corresponds to the backup you want to delete. then at some point (i think next time you make another backup, altho possibly it’s the next time you enter recovery), CWR will do garbage collection and delete any blobs that correspond to the deleted backup folder.

        • tu3218

          So just go into a file explorer, go to backups under CWM, and delete the selected backup. Then next time I make a backup or w/e, it’s suppose to delete the blob files associated with the backup I deleted? I think I’ve done that but haven’t noticed a difference in storage. Idk.

          • JMonkeYJ

            yeah, that’s how it’s supposed to work. blobs are great for saving space if you make frequent backups. if you rarely back up, they are probably not a huge win.

    • tomn1ce

      When I rooted my G-Nexus a few weeks ago cwm didn’t work on my phone and I use twrp to complete the process…twrp is easy to use…..

  • Dan


    • John

      Agreed. For those that don’t know yet, you can theme this recovery, too.
      I’m using a very nicely done one by someone over at teambamf forums. Of course, you don’t need their rom for this thing. Work on newest twrp.

      Via: http://www.teambamf.net/topic/4290-twrp-theme-bamfd-twrp/
      DL here:

      Drop ui.zip in /sdcard/twrp/theme/
      Works for any 1280×720 device (Galaxy nexus being the one I use it on)

      • Brian

        Is the theme not compatible with 2.3.1? I put ui.zip in /sdcard/twrp/theme/ but when I reboot I get the stock theme

        • John

          Should be man. I’m using it as we speak on latest twrp

        • Brian

          Nevermind. I’m an idiot. Works as it should

      • The Race To Die

        doesnt work. i mean it works but you lose all of the new buttons theyve added so you dont get all of the new functions so youre basically still running

        • John

          Still works for me. The new buttons they introduced aren’t themed though.

          • The Race To Die

            weird ive tried multiple times with multiple reboots and it still just reverts to the 2.2 ui with none of the new buttons. not even non themed buttons, they just arent there. for example under advanced there is no reboot theme or adb sideload button.

  • Captain_Doug

    I’ve been using 4ext which works great however I am super interested in trying this… Tried it, I love how it’s set up. Responsive. Themes up next? Biggest complaint, I like haptic feedback. Maybe there’s a setting I missed. Good be more polished.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      I used 4Ext on my Inspire 4g, but it doesn’t have a very large supported device list, which is TWRP’s greatest strength. TWRP also supports Aroma scripted installs, which is really nice (4Ext might at this point as well, it’s been a while since I used it).

  • Mario Mendez