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Infographic: Who is More Social – Android or iOS Users?

Who doesn’t love a good infographic? In only a couple of minutes  you’re going to walk away with more knowledge than you came here with. Awesome, right? This newest graph is from the folks at NowSourcing, who have researched which users are more social media friendly – Android or iOS? 

Taking into account which social apps are ranked highest, the monthly average users, amount of downloads, and many other aspects, it’s a pretty unique graph. Give it a glance over and see what you think.

Via: Start App

  • jlschulz098

    I think you people need to get a dictionary and look up the meaning of social. It means getting out and doing things and meeting people in person. Not typing on your cell phone while you jaywalk and get hit by cars

  • Kane

    If iOS wants the crown for any of them they can have it.

  • Mariano Corzo

    Even though iOS comes with Facebook and Twitter integration, Android’s sharing system is far superior. iOS may allow you to share using TW or FB, but Android lets you share your content using any compatible app, so you are not limited to 2 social networks. That’s really social.

  • mikeym0p

    I love how the number 1 app on iPhone is Youtube. They shouldn’t have been so hostile to Google, the user-base recognizes is as a system feature, everyone I know that updated to 6.0 was angry it was missing.

  • Sven Enterlein

    Another “Who the f*** cares” infographic.

  • JoshHenry

    ok Droid life, Im usually on your side, but this is not one of your best posts..

  • I’m sick of this tupac and biggie stuff with android and ios hell they both die in the end anyway and i only pray that “lil strange” ahem i mean Windows phone os isn’t the one left to take over the game

  • JulianZHuang

    not true at all. people downloaded those apps doesnt mean they actually talk with others. that infographic is totally opposite for me.

  • Jon Garrett

    What’s the point of this? WARNING to DroidLife, dont become like the apple fan sites.

  • Llyod

    I don’t believe this either, it’s has to be fake. The girl in the pic is using two hands on an iPhone. You only need one hand.


      The beauty of the iPhone…

  • Oh. I see. This is just an ad for StartApp.com.

    Gosh, Droid-Life, thanks. We need more ads and paid product endorsements on this site.

  • Infographics are for print. They have digital analogues called WEBSITES

  • Each Smartphone have unique user.. that’s FACT

  • Mostly pointless, and, please do not promote this spyware platform. One thing I noticed is how Pinterest is #2 on iOS. Reinforces the fact that the iPhone is for girls. :p

  • cgmartin33

    The answer is Android…there are more of us. The heard is thinning more now than ever thanks to Samsung’s brilliant marketing.

  • Syrio35

    That’s a nonsensical correlation to try to make. How the hell would phone preferences possibly reflect on sociability? Or for that matter app choices?

  • onixblack

    The stat of how long it took to reach 5 million downloads is not accounting for one huge thing: gaining popularity. It took instagram, pintrest, and other social apps a while to gain popularity on iOS because it was new. By the time that these applications came to Android they were already known and the Android community was waiting for those applications to come to the platform.

  • James

    Apple sucks.

  • SeanBello

    to me, this shows that the 2 communities use their devices for different things. 3 of the top 5 android apps are used for productivity and one social. for iOS, there’s 2 games, a crappy photo editing app, and a crappy platform messaging app. it kinda tells me that their users don’t really know how to use or what their device is capable of.

    • WAldenIV

      Android devices are smartphones. iOS devices are status symbols.

      • Justin W

        This. I’ve never actually thought about it this way – I always pegged iPhones for the older Smartphone market (my father is obsessed with them – he’s not very technologically advanced, and he’s over 50), but this is an excellent and accurate statement.

      • Abgar Musayelyan

        that part in the GS3 commercial where that guy is saving a space in line for his parents. Mom: “so this is the line for the apps right?”

    • michael arazan

      Not to mention the dumb slutty girls like to take naked pictures more with an iphone too : P

      • SeanBello

        I can’t complain about that lol

  • Manny

    This is and a droid site. What are the odds on anything favoring Ios on this site??
    Very slim

    • nightscout13

      You are correct about that. But the guys @DL try to be honest, and unbiased.

      • ERIC REED

        These idiots on here will down vote anything. The DL staff always gives good honest opinions and reviews. How is that a bad thing?

  • lame

    who’s more social? who cares? thanks for the useless post tim-o-tato

    • JoshGroff


  • Stinker

    “Who doesn’t love a good infographic?”

    Infographics are almost always garbage but this one is particularly awful. Most of the stats mean absolutely nothing.

    • Like how instagram was out on the iPhone WAY before Android. The iPhone gave the app a ton of popularity. Then it came to Android once more people knew about it.
      This infographic seems like a way to trick people.
      And it should be noted that they have a motive to make Apple lose. Their crappy ad software which puts icons on you homescreen among other things won’t work on iOS because iOS apps don’t have that sort of power (blessing and a curse).

      • This. That stat is a blatant technicality. Of course it went to 5 million in a week. Many former instagram / new instagram users were dying to get it.

    • eL777

      Go Hawks!

      • Go Hawkeyes

        You rang? lol

        I agree. Go Hawks!

    • Go Hawkeyes

      Liked for being an Iowa fan.

  • I kind of hate infographics because most of the “info” is misleading. Infographics tend to be more about telling a story (marketing) than providing you data. For instance, this infographic does a comparison of time to 1 million downloads for Instagram. Instagram didn’t launch on Android until well after it had become popular and well after there was large pent up demand.

    • WAldenIV

      And they use iOS icons for the Android apps. WTF?

      • Just noticed that. It’s funny because they use the Android icons in the first part.

  • Well clearly it’s Android.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    The one I dont agree with is instagram. It became so popular on IOS that Android users were ready and waiting. But it debuted on IOS. Debut’s take a while to catch on. Just a thought

  • Worried Droid User

    You realize the guys that are behind this infographic (StartApp) make an ad platform that is basically spyware? They change your browser home page, put icons on the home screen and edit your bookmarks.

    Don’t promote these guys.

  • DiamondDave

    Android FTW!!!

  • I wouldn’t disagree with most of this however I don’t like the thing about the App markets because Android’s built in scaling abilities make it almost useless to have a tablet specific app and this scaling feature makes it a lot easier when plugging into an external display.

    • That would be true if people implemented fragments correctly or even at all. Yes, you can run any app on a tablet just fine but most of the apps are ridiculous when they’re just blown up phone apps.

      • 99% of the Apps on my Droid Razr look just fine when blown up to fit in the WebDock mode on my 1080p 60″ plasma…..

        • There’s a difference between looking fine and being useful or well designed. Can you honestly say that Twitter or Facebook which just get stretched look good or gain utility being larger?

          There’s a reason Google just released design guidelines which basically tell developers to code to offer more functionality with increased space rather than just blowing everything up.

  • duke69111

    So who’s more social? The graphic leads you to believe Android, but does not really say at the end. Based on this though, I hope Facebook pulls their head out of the ass and finally brings us a quality app.

    • They’re working on it, so they say.

    • Lando Rex M’Masi

      Native Android client is in final stage testing. Will be released this quarter, if not next month.

    • With the latest update I have on my Razr it works flawlessly and on LTE its blazing fast!

      • Abgar Musayelyan

        thats wonderful news!