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First Look Video: Jelly Bean Running on the DROID RAZR M

With Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1) now out in the wild for the DROID RAZR M, we figured it wouldn’t be proper if we didn’t take it for a spin. So in the video below, we look at some of the major JB features to make sure they are all there. You know, like Google Now, new notifications, etc. Sure enough, they are. Take a look! 


  • LynnAnn Thomas

    hey..what happened to “sleep” option when I press and hold my power button…now only power off and airplane…I use sleep a lot!

  • John

    One of these days K, maybe you’ll just ONCE remember to disable/increase the screen off timeout when demoing this type of stuff 😉

  • Pisses me off..screw the M and get it out for the millions of Razr owners, how bout that…..

  • This phone is going to be a huge hit for Motorola. I wish it were available in more countries.

  • udispyn

    how do i get this for my maxx?

  • “Droid Life, Peace”…. ah man, i really liked “Anyways, Droid Life”..sounded so much more legit..


    I really like the look of the phone but can’t get over the Verizon and Motorola Logos on front.

  • Abgar Musayelyan

    i wish these manufacturers would offer their widgets and other addons on google play for a price. i would love to have the contact widget from moto, some live wallpapers that come with certain phones, etc..

    • lostsync

      You can generally get all of that stuff from XDA/etc.

      • Abgar Musayelyan

        Yeah but you also have to run their launcher. I want to put moto / HTC widgets on nova or stock. That’s what I meant by my statement.

  • rumthin

    I really like the form factor of this phone. It’s too bad all Android “flagship” phones are huge nowadays.

    • Depends on what you call “huge”. For me 4.3″ – 4.7″ is perfect for me but the Note 2 with its 5 inch+ display is just too much! But then again we could be in the iCamp trading in all of our phones for another half inch while hoping our girlfriends don’t do the same!

  • Camera??

  • Pokemon Trainer

    Where can i get that live wallpaper? :O

  • yay knowledge!

  • I love the look of Google Now. Does anyone know where I could find a high-quality image of a Google Now-esque background? I’m making a scientific poster kind of inspired by this layout and have been looking for an appropriate background image for a while…

  • FrankBoston

    How is the performance/snappiness with JellyBean? Notice any difference to ICS? Better?

  • Daniel Maginnis

    finally got it loaded. i like it. seems like the fonts and menus were resized a bit larger. the only thing i dont get is the volume control from the rocker. on the nexus 7, i can toggle volume and then there is a mini setting to adjust ringer, notification and media volume independently. that’s not in this build. the only reason i even want it at all is because there is no option to lock notification and ringer volume together. so when i adjust from the rocker, my notification volume never changes. annoying if going from a loud environment to a quiet environment, adjust your ringer only to hear a notification sound blast.

  • Steven Cornea

    I was playing with the OG razr maxx and why is that so much faster than my GN? even over clocked, its still no match for the razr maxi

    • The Razr lineup runs TI chipsets which provides a much better chip architecture and if I’m not mistaken the Droid Razr actually runs a slightly over-clocked version of the TI chip, its no no massive over clocking but its still a slight boost which is also one reason why the battery is less than decent.

      I personally love my Razr even though it has some quirks (battery life, screen resolution, camera, etc) but I’m looking forward to the JB update to breathe new life into this thing! Hopefully with the update I can hold off on updating until something really spectacular hits the market! I’m thinking 1080p, Quad Core processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB onboard with mSD slot, a battery that can last all day long…..Is that too much to ask for?

      • KleenDroid

        Lol… the RAZR runs the TI 4430 and the Nexus runs the TI 4460.

        • Oh sorry… guess I should have searched the model number before posting that but I’m just so used to when people compare the snapdragon S3 to the TI that I assumed the GNexus ran an S3 chipset.

    • Adam Newman

      Two words. Screen resolution. The RAZR needs to draw 960×540, meanwhile the GN is pushing 1280×720 pixels with pretty close to the same SOC as the RAZR.

  • I’m just not digging the Moto style. I know the Razr was a big hit, but the look of the phone is just odd to me. Hopefully we’ll see some new designs in the future. JB looks great on it though, can’t complain with how they’ve improved upon previous versions of Blur.

    • Blur is now almost unnoticeable on my Droid Razr (non Maxx and non HD). Of course I don’t use the default music app and a few side apps but the default homescreen now looks a lot better!

      The Razr for me was originally a bit weird for me to hold in my hand but after a little while with it I love it! The hump on the back is perfect for holding the phone because it helps keep it from slipping out of your hand and when in landscape mode the hump feels like a handle to hold onto the device with! However it is so thin that its almost scary! Yesterday I gave it to my friend to hold while I was doing something and she sat down with the phone in her back pocket and when I saw it I was shocked because the entire device was flexing into a curve (it looked like the GNexus)! Of course it flexed right back flat but still the look of $600 worth of glass and metal curving is scary!

      • Pfigurella

        My wife just keeps the thing in her back pocket when it’s not in her purse. I literally can’t count how many times I have seen her sitting on that phone in her back jean pocket. That thing is awesome, but it is always sucking air on the battery. I always have to plug it in for her. My MAXX, however runs strong like ox all day long.

        • Yea the Razr is bad on battery. Today is the first day that I have actually gotten a full day out of it and the only reason for that is because I was volunteering today and didn’t use my phone for nothing but a few texts and a call or two. Its at 11hrs 31m 39s on battery with only 1hr 42m 37s of screen on time. Looking back I wish I would of pushed the VZW rep for the Maxx version when I got the Razr as a CLN for my Rezound. Before my old Rezound decided to hate me it would last a full day with data, texting, calling, etc no problem!

          • Travis H

            my razr m just last roughly 9 hours of streaming pandora at high quality over 4g plus a half hour lunch with playing games and im sitting at 60% life left…

          • I’m officially jealous! 🙂 when I wrote my comment above I was sitting at 3% battery life and literally got up as soon as I hit send to run to the charger!

            I guess the better battery life of the Razr M is due to the better Qualcomm S4 processor and I’ve got a feeling Motorola picked up on the fact that everyone was pissed at them about the battery life of the Razr!

            After this nightmare of always wondering if I’m going to have a charge for when I want to go out somewhere I’m making it a requirement of my next device to last a full day on a charge! Hopefully the next nexus is released with an S4 pro Quad core (supposed to be the most efficient mobile processor right now) with a big battery (something along the lines of the Maxx)! That would be the device to have!

  • I remember on the ICS build of the Razr M using google music and taking a screenshot (or anything involving the camera) would cause the music to blast over the speaker for a second. Has that issue been resolved out of curiosity?

  • Alex Schechter

    Maybe this means the other razr phones will get it soon!

    • Danny TwoTones

      Don’t be silly :-p

  • Kyle Cole

    What about camera functions?

    • all of the camera functions look the same but there is a new option under modes called HDR and my phone is telling em that it takes better pictures in that mode, and it does seem to be better

      • WAldenIV

        That already exists with the ICS build.

        • my bad i didn’t realize it before. fixed post

      • Kyle Cole

        I mean stuff like lagginess, filmstrip camera/gallery feature.

  • its soo good!

    • It is pretty damn good so far. Not really noticing any bugs. If I do, I’ll try to update these couple of posts.

      • Knlegend1

        This mean the HD/Maxx should ship with JB right lol

        • lol if only it was that simple

        • kixofmyg0t

          It won’t. But it will get it soon.

          I’m 100% sure that the RAZR HD has working JB builds floating around somewhere.

          • chris125

            It had jb on the devices when it was showed off originally so right there shows the maxx and hd have jb builds

  • Capt. Crunch

    Impressive, can’t wait for the first RAZR leak.

    • Knlegend1

      Unfortunately for us it probably won’t be this simple to load up.