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Download: Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1 for the DROID RAZR M

The first Jelly Bean build for Motorola’s new lineup of RAZRs has leaked this weekend, and the DROD RAZR M is the beneficiary (Blur version 98.11.35). As you can probably guess, this is a first build and probably not the OTA update that this device will eventually see, so if you would like to flash it, just understand that there is a chance that you will be stuck on this build. At this time, there are not fastboot files available for the RAZR M, so again, if you jump to this, be prepared to be there for a while.

With that said, you do not need to be rooted to do this. You can flash this update right over top of your current 77.111.10 Android 4.0.4 build, hence the name of the file. 

Download:  Blur_Version.77.111.10.XT907.Verizon.en.US.zip


1.  Download the file from above and drop it on your SD card, not internal storage.
2.  Turn your phone off.
3.  Boot into recovery by pressing both Volume keys and the Power button.
4.  From the boot menu, use Volume Down to highlight “Recovery.”
5.  Press Volume Up to select it.
6.  When the Android screen shows up, press both Volume keys.
7.  Choose “apply update from external storage.”
8.  Then find the “Blur_Version.77.111.10.XT907.en.US.zip” file and select it.
9.  The update will now be applied.

*It’s going to take a while, so be patient.

Via:  @P3Droid

  • chuckg73

    Will this work on the droid razr maxx hd as well?

  • download link is down now

  • Wayne

    link is dead? it says the file is forbidden… anyone have the file in their dropbox or drive or anything that they can share with me?

  • File has been removed :/ Please update the link.

  • Kevin

    Anyone have the file its been deleted?

  • Jackson

    Looks like Motorola might be trying to change there ways its been out less than a month the RAZR was out like what 3 months or so before the first leak lol

  • I have a Galaxy S3, and it’s calling for that wallpaper. Can somebody Dropbox it or something lol

    EDIT: Never mind, already posted earlier.

  • just a heads up, a cache wipe may help before rebooting after install

  • Daniel Darmoros

    Anyone can tell if picasa sync in gallery app is fixed with this build? It’s broken in the factory installed build.

  • jordan

    Will this work on the RAZR/RAZR MAXX?

    • kixofmyg0t

      It has it’s own build. Stay tuned.

    • no this is device specific

  • Daniel Maginnis

    something about the file linked directly here is bad. i attempted the install and it has a bad signature. had to go directly to @p3droid twitter link. install going thru now.

  • Daniel Maginnis

    hmm… i tried twice and got this:

    –install /sdcard …
    finding update package …
    opening update package…
    verifying update package…
    E:signaure verification failed
    installation aborted.

    • maybe the download? i downloaded straight from p3s twitter yesterday

      • Daniel Maginnis

        k. i’m downloading form his bit.ly link now. i just used the one provided on this page.

      • Daniel Maginnis

        that worked. thanks. something about this file is bad. install is going thru now.

  • Knlegend1

    That white really makes that lip stand out…

  • Knlegend1

    Well there you go!

  • Apostrafee


  • just a heads up. it takes almost exactly 9 mins for this flash to finish

  • JamesJun

    Uses the standard AOSP soft keys, looks a lot cleaner. Kinda wished I had a RAZR M now, such a sick phone.

    • These soft keys look 100x better than the ones they use on their current ROM.

      That being said, I was in the Verizon store and this has to be the best looking and feeling android phone that Motorola has ever made. That edge to edge screen makes it look fantastic.

      • C-Law

        The screen really does make the phone look amazing.motos best

      • lostsync

        It really is a nice, nice phone. My mom upgraded to one and every time I pick it up I’m slightly envious. It’s the first phone since I got my gnex that makes me wish I had an upgrade on my account a little. The screen’s beautiful and the phone fits perfectly in my hands. I love my gnex but I wouldn’t complain at all if it could be made just slightly smaller.

  • idk its a stock razr m wallpaper

  • Thank you!

  • Where can I get that wallpaper?