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Video: ASUS CEO Shows Off the New Padfone 2

The folks over at Bloomberg have posted a video of ASUS’ new Padfone 2, being handled by none other than the company’s CEO, Mr. Jerry Chen. In the design department, ASUS should be awarded medals. Instead of being attached inside of a compartment like previously, it looks like the phone simply sits on the back side (with a slide-in motion) in the direct center of the tablet dock for use of the phone’s camera. It looks very slick.

As for specs, the phone’s display is set at 4.7″ with a resolution of 720p. Chen also mentions a quad-core chip with LTE, which leads us to think that it is powered by the Snapdragon S4 Pro. Much like the previous Padfone, fans here in the U.S. can expect to hardly see the Padfone 2, but that won’t stop some folks from importing the device.

Thoughts on the new look?


Via: Notebook Italia

  • Marlon Persaud

    why is it on private

  • jonny6pak

    I would love to own this thing if Verizon would carry it. That’s never gonna happen. But if I could have the pad phone with a keyboard dock ala the transformer, I would be in heaven.

  • Aaron

    I want this phone. Asus should buy Moto from Google. With Asus innovation and Moto’s market presence, they could give Samsung a real challenge.

    Nexus Padfone. Somebody please make this.

  • Hmm.. maybe I’ll be importing a phone since lg is making the crappiest nexus to date. Only thing I’m worried about is developer support.. seriously doubt that many devs will be playing with this one.

    • Jwhap

      Ummmm……seeing as you have not even held this device……your argument is invalid!

      • You don’t know if I’ve held it!
        I just mean based off of previous devices that they’ve released, it is likely to be very poopy.

  • brandnew234

    If this came with an SD card slot I will buy it at full price (if it’s compatible with Verizon).

  • I think I need that. I think I might even go to Sprint to get one.

  • theentropic

    I know it will never happen, but PLEASE VERIZON… do something good for your customers for once.

  • BakerDude

    Why, like the first padphone, will this not be sold in the US? I could care less about the tablet, I just like the phone. Odds are, it will be better than the LG Nexus anyway. Does it infringe on Apple patents or something? Why keep it from us 🙁

    • Asmodai

      I believe the first padfone was not sold in the U.S. because it lacked LTE support when all the superphones were just starting to launch with it. Also carriers aren’t a big fan of this because it means they can’t charge you for multiple devices.

  • I wish they would do this as a universal style dock where any android powered phone could be used in it.

  • Finire

    I like the new laptop they’re coming out with dual screens, so you don’t have that turn point. But oh my gods… they really need to put on some anti-fingerprint coating or something… Because holy crap… all that screen, all those prints.

    The Padfone 2 looks nice, but can they make it compatible with the transformer line and make it so you can dock to a keyboard? That’s the real reason I like my TF700.

  • Dane Carpenter

    Everybody take note. This makes sense. Having to maintain one device would be great. Now if only they could make it so the dock will remain the same for many years so all you have to do is upgrade the phone part of it.

  • Of all the phones out there, time to make one like the Samsung Note 2 but with a flip open Keyboard! Like the LG Envy Touch, or the First name was LG Voyager!!! That would be a killer awesome phone!

    • It would also be enormous and extremely hard to hold

      • Dave

        That’s what she said

  • cjohnson481

    Build quality looks good and not plasticy. Other OEMs, take note!

  • So if we do import it … what carriers will it work for?

    • Any GSM carrier I suppose. Its got a pentaband chip.

      • Bob G

        Most likely just AT&T since they have the LTE bands TMo does not.

        • capecodcarl

          As long as I can get something that is about 1 Mbps that is more than enough for my needs. I’d trade the speed for increased battery life any day. The only thing LTE buys you is getting to your data cap faster. 🙂

          • Some of us don’t have a data cap 🙂

          • Counsel Dew

            Just wait… 😉

          • Sobr0801

            December its all ending, unlimited data will be over on Verizon.

          • At that point I will no longer be with Verizon then :), since that’s the only thing keeping there now. I used to worry about coverage, but my company phone will take care of that.

  • Ibrick

    I wonder if the trade-off of living in a country where this will be released is worth it..
    South Korea can’t be all bad.. they have LTE after all.

    • Who said South Korea is bad anyway?

    • Finire

      My brother actually lives in South Korea, and I’ve visited him. Seoul, the capital, is actually a really amazing city to be in. It felt almost just like home, NYC, except… everyone was a lot nicer, and things were a lot cheaper.

      • a.youth.in.Asia

        Gangnam Style!

    • Bob G

      the EU with EE’s new LTE is another good option.

  • Great idea but poor implementation!

    Get it in the USA with a quad core chip and LTE by the holiday season and you would have a top selling device!

    • Poor implementation? What would your genius implementation be?

      • I think he is saying they should sell it in the U.S market.

      • Like I said above, quad core chipset with LTE, a minimum of a 720p (it seems this year will begin the new trend of 1080p devices) a massive battery as well as what I said above about getting it on US store shelves before the holiday season.

        • It has all of that. I’m not sure what the battery capacity is though, I’d be surprised to see anything less than 2100 MAh. Getting it to US shelves mostly depends on the draconian US carriers. They would want to tinker, change the design, add crap and altogether not want the tablet part as it will cost them data for two devices on one plan. Asus isn’t that huge of a company so it can get it on US shelves by itself knowing that most US buyers go to the carriers for “subsidised” devices. That’s the reason the first PadFone never got there.

    • chris125

      Did you not read where it says it will be quad core?

  • shdowman

    TAKE MY MONEY!!!!! /throws $$ at screen

  • Morlok8k

    Looks slick… I’m assuming that it will have a keyboard attachment like the original padfone. This is how moto lapdocks should have been.


  • Stevedub40

    Sounds like he is saying “Bat Phone” lol

  • Alchemy08

    Let me say it…..Should have been the new Nexus phone.

    • T4rd

      Hell yes. I’m sure it will have more storage than 8/16 GBs too! =p I really hope we see more Nexus phones from other OEMs this go around. The LG one just seems to be holding back a bit from what has been leaked. I hope the leaks are wrong, but there’s so many corroborating leaks, it’s almost confirmed now =(.

      • michael arazan

        I’d Love a Moto or Samsung Tablet I could put my new Nexus inside and use.

  • Edmund75

    I want!

  • Captain_Doug

    That guy sounds exatly like Raj.