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‘LG Optimus Nexus’ May Ship With No LTE, Coming to Google Play October 29 for $399? (Updated)

Update:  We have reason to believe that this is pure rumor and nothing more. Don’t put a lot of weight into this price as being official or final by any means. Again, ignore it.

The rumor mill is in overdrive with the LG Nexus the past few weeks. We almost know everything there is to know about the device, and if today’s latest is true, we now know the price as well. An unnamed source confirmed the 1.5GHz quad-core S4 processor, but said that the phone would only come with 8GB of memory inside and a sealed battery, presumably to keep costs down. Apparently that price point they are aiming for is $399 when the device hits Google Play.

That price seems a little high when you take into account the fact that this source says the phone will launch with no LTE, leaving it to only work on T-Mobile and AT&T’s GSM networks. People seemed very excited to see a Nexus finally come to Verizon and I know more than a few of you readers would be upset if these next Nexus devices avoided Big Red altogether.

Even with trying to keep the cost down, the screen is said to be on par with the HTC One X whose SLCD dominates the Android market right now. The source claims that the name “LG Optimus Nexus” is a possibility along with “Nexus 4,” but we’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think of these latest rumors? $399 a good price? Do you think it will come to Verizon?

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  • I only need a microsd slot and/or more storage (32 GB is my minimum); I don’t care about LTE… I’m always on wifi anyway (with way more than a 20 mbps pipe)

  • Haresh Gulvani

    LG is one of the bad companies to give timely software update on their devices. Rather than Announcing 4.1 update schedule they should provide the schedule of the devices who havent received ICS 4.0.
    They were going to update LG optimus black in 3rd quarter for ICS 4.0. and still they are not coming forward to announce the actual date and update schedule. they just wanted to increase sales by making this type of false statement.
    This type of companies should be banned or fined for making false statement to higher their sales and doesn’t stay on their words.
    I am really disappoint to hear that google will be making their next nexus flagship mobile with LG. if they dont care about their customers than we don’t need to purchase their devices.

  • Ron

    There better be a Verizon version!!!!!

  • edude03

    Regardless of what the rumour mill says I think making a Nexus without LTE makes a lot of sense.

    The problem with LTE is Europe and Asian are actually the biggest cell markets but yet neither has fully deployed LTE (if at all).

    Considering google seems to be trying to make one variant of the Nexus like apple did with the iPhone it wouldn’t make sense to put LTE in a phone when LTE won’t work anywhere but north america. Even in North America there is no LTE “standard” everyone is just using their own tech and calling it LTE.

    • Valayil Abraham

      Even if you bought a phone that worked on ATT LTE bands that will only work with ATT and Rogers in Canada, All other carriers in the US and abroad are using different bands.

  • dsass600

    I think that there are actually other nexi in production, but LG just sucks at keeping things under wraps.

  • 299.00 would be a better price, and I would buy it.

  • Cody Padgett

    Can you imagine reading these comments in 2005? 8 gigabytes of storage… on a $400 pocket computer… and that’s a deal breaker. insane (Note, not commenting on the adequacy of the phone in any way)

  • Ass2Mouth

    16GB is the minimum for me. Anything less i am not interested. This phone has many drawbacks but memory is the biggest one so far…

  • If it comes to Verizon it probably wont be a real nexus. It will get updates several months after Google releases it to GSM Nexus phones and Google Wallet will be blocked.
    -Burned VZ Gnex owner

    • Tyler Chappell

      You are exactly right. However I gotta say that I am slightly impressed that they failed so miserably and took 6 months to go from 4.0.2 to 4.0.4 and yet only took 2 months to go to Jelly Bean, at least kudos to them for that, hopefully they keep that trend because I think for most people 2 months is bearable, but certainly not 6.

  • JR69

    Everyone so wants LTE and I get that if you’re on Sprint, but the price structure on ATT and Verizon is just too expensive. Give me HSPA on Tmo at 42, fast enough.

    • Valayil Abraham

      That is if you have a decent signal. Recently tried switching and couldn’t even get one bar in my house.

  • craz

    No LTE = no buy. Regardless of the price.

    • fixxmyhead

      oh man u verizon customers live and die by LTE lol its so sad

  • JoeInMO

    The LTE mention is misleading. The phone is GSM but not CDMA. No CDMA version is going to be built… and from what I’m told this is the future of all Nexus phones.

    • Larizard

      That is sad. I don’t see Google just turning their back away from CDMA, especially when Verizon recently announced they are keeping it until 2023…

  • 8gig unsubb’d for $250 from google supporting verizon… now…

  • This seems like a step back in terms of where I felt like Google was going with the Galaxy Nexus. I mean, we’re losing LTE, we’re going with LG, which is a bit of an unknown in actually making a solid device (I’m willing to give them a chance). I was just expecting to be completely impressed with the next Nexus and so far I’m not. I see no reason not to keep my current Nexus for 2 more years right now, truthfully.

  • dave

    Ill stick to my old G-nex, which seems to be newer then this phone….

  • radiohead14

    here’s to hoping VZW and Moto have something up their sleeves… Nexus Maxx please!

  • Charles Moore

    If Verizon becomes a carrier I hope they don’t place name on the back of the phone like they did with the Galaxy Nexus… Sprint too

  • Heartless12

    No lte? LOL WHAT A FAIL

  • TheCheapGamer

    I’m probably one to the few people that don’t care about the lack of LTE.
    Verizon won’t have their LTE service around here for another few years. And TMo doesn’t have one at all.

    • Tyler Chappell

      Few years? Verizon is supposed to have every 3G area covered completely with LTE by the end of 2013 and so far they are slightly ahead of schedule. Theres actually few places I find myself in in Indiana now where I don’t already get LTE. Indiana for crying out loud! lol

  • Andrew Remmers

    400 off contract ok maybe. With 8 GB no LTE and no SD 400 on contract is a little crazy to ask for. Its just a little crazy to ask at all for a device with so little storage. Lets hope this isn’t true

    • Tyler Chappell

      My guess is that they will bump it to 16GB by the time it gets released. Hopefully.

  • No LTE = Not buying. I’ve grown very fond of LTE and there is no way I’ll go back to 3G speeds.

  • hokieputter

    it’s a shame i’m tied to VZW due to work. i’d buy a Xiaomi Mi2 in a heartbeat. anyone going to get one of those?? IMO that phone is just about perfect. i would prefer stock jelly bean over MIUI out of the box. but..

    wish some OEM would make that exact phone for VZW. i’d buy it instantly. don’t want a screen larger than 4.3″.. would be nice if we could get Nexus device along those lines. wishful thinking i know. but it just sucks because it’s clearly possible. just no one is doing it (except Xiaomi).

  • Droidz

    This is going to fail harder than the nexus one did. At least that was top end technology for the time. This is just a huge step backward.

    $400 for a mid range device? Rather the price would have been an extra 100-200 and actually been bleeding edge technology to be proud of.

  • Michael Quinlan

    No Verizon-tainted device should bear the Nexus name.

    • kervation

      I totally agree with that statement, but I’m rooted so the carrier association was a non-factor in my decision. I just wanted the LTE and the 32 gb storage.

  • kervation

    To be fair, prepaid service probably isn’t the right choice for everyone. You can’t currently get prepaid service with LTE-based data, for instance, and that may be a turnoff for some folks. People, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you want a carrier unlocked device updated directly from Google, Then prepaid is the only way.

    If you want LTE data and a carrier plan….well you just had that with Verizon and you see how that went. And this is coming from a Verizon GNex owner. Although I am rooted and running the latest version of Jelly Bean, the average user will have to deal with Verizon’s slow updates and restrictive practices.

    So, be happy that Google is trying to listen to the hard core Nexus fanatics that want a high end, top spec device for a reasonable price or complain about what it doesn’t offer. Your choice.

  • Not really interested to be honest.

  • Stephen

    getting the nexus line on VZW is the only way it will take off. This is not going to sell…

  • This better not be true

  • turb0wned

    So 8GB and no LTE is cool now? I love Google and I love android but no thank Google. Your first mistake was choosing LG. I’ll keep my GNex and pick up a 64GB One X+.

  • wagner

    They will probably come out with a larger memory option and screw us like the Nexus 7 32gb.

  • This is going to be a joke of a nexus. Granted it will have 4.2 and always have the most up to date version of Android, but no LTE, 8GB of memory (which will come out to about 6GB formatted), no removable battery? If you ask me this device should come in around $199 at the Google play store. Yes the S4, 2GB of RAM, and awesome screen will be nice, but I’ll stick to my G-Nex if this is what Google has in mind for us.

  • Rocketjrb

    Developer phone.

  • vitriolix

    Personally I couldn’t care less about LTE. Give me HSPDA+ and longer battery life and I’m good

  • Bob G

    Nexus will never come to Verizon again and we only have Verizon to blame for that.

  • I’m now thinking that the Nexus name needs to be yanked off of this thing. Unless all these rumors are wrong and it ends up being something better than at least the gNex. Sounds like a sinking flagship device to me.

  • jhjr24

    Didn’t Google learn from the Nexus 7, users want at least 16gb of memory. And as for the LTE, I can’t give that up.


    And you say Apple makes minimal improvements…

    • SeanBello

      dual core 1.2 to 1.5 quad core, double memory, and much better screen is far from minimal, but the rest of the phone is garbage

      • ERIC REED

        8gb of storage, another crappy camera…why would I buy this over the Galaxy Nexus? Seems like it would be a downgrade to me!!

        • SeanBello

          wow lol. Anyway, it’s a downgrade in that one spec, albeit a very important one (so far). The camera is no less than equal, but has more megapixels. In every other spec it destroys the gnex, unfortunately it’s made by LG

          • ERIC REED

            Camera and storage are two things that matter to the average user. If the camera is on par with the old model, less storage, and slower data speeds then I would consider this a downgrade. I mean no LTE is a joke in 2012!!

          • SeanBello

            a) I’m not sure if someone looking forward to a Nexus device would constitute an “average user”.

            b) I agree about LTE, but I think there’s still a good chance it’ll end up having GSM LTE radios. If not, I don’t think this phone would be acceptable for use, even by developers. who would develop on a phone that’s not compatible with current technologies?

          • ERIC REED

            Not sure why I care anyways, I’m on Verizon. And thanks to their lack of wanting to give timely updates I will probably never get to own another Nexus device unless I switch carriers. So I guess that I’m just trolling anyways..lol!!

  • Bionic

    $399 is way too much for a non LTE phone. FAIL.

  • nvitone23
  • santy

    I think LG does not want LG nexus to impact sales of their Optimus G versions on AT&T and Sprint. So we have the basic version wtih 8GB and no LTE at 399 and the carrier version with 16GB and LTE and Microsd card at 649 on ATT and Sprint. maybe 32 gb at 749 . May be we would see a 16 gb and no LTE at 499 on play store.

  • jonny

    We will be the ones lol’ing back at the googlers if 8gb is the only option

  • bananatroll

    to verizon customers:

    these are not the droids you’re looking for

    Verizon will not get the LG nexus. There is no evidence of any sort of handset to pass through the FCC with big red’s CDMA radios on board by LG. Don’t be surprised when they announce launch on ATT/TMO come the end of the month, and say nothing at all with regards to CDMA carriers.

    Last year Samsung had the exclusive with the Galaxy Nexus. If anything expect a seperate announcement for GNEX 2 on verizon.

    Verizon: GNEX part duex
    ATT/TMO: LG Nexus
    Rest of World: LG Nexus?

    There are different plans for a Nexus device on verizon, and LG is not part of them!

    Thank you all!

    • Bob G

      There is no Gnex2, unfortunately. That model number turned out to just be the S3 Premier.

    • JoshGroff

      I doubt Verizon’s G-Nex 2 will be an exclusive if they end up getting it, and I hope they do, hopefully we’ll see more support from them like the relatively timely (for them) JB update.

      • SeanBello

        are you willing to risk that? I’m not anymore.

        • JoshGroff

          Nah, I’m hopping off this bandwagon and grabbing some unlimited fauxG from T-Mobile. I’m just waiting for the right device, meanwhile my ETF can drop a bit. Since I’m on shared data anyway, why not make the transition?