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Shadowgun: DeadZone Public Beta Hits Google Play, Tegra 3 Devices Only For Now

Madfinger Games has pushed the public beta of Shadowgun:DeadZone into Google Play today, looking for users to help them make the game better. For now, only Tegra 3 devices will be able to take part in the beta, but who knows how long that will last.

As the developers look to improve network and server connections, you can experience some lag in between games, but nothing that should be out of the ordinary for a beta. Anyone looking for some actin-packed multiplayer action should go download this immediately and try and find me in a lobby. Good luck trying to win though.

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  • OreoMan

    This scares me….it’s cheaper to throw your XBox360 controller across the room versus your tablet when you get mad!

  • haha tim.. you just owned in that last one

    • Hah! I saw you in there and Taylor too I think and was hoping someone would notice that good game I had. Controls will take some getting used to, but so far it’s great!

      Good luck! 🙂

      • Yea two AAM peeps. Yea you must be using a controller 😉

        later man

        • Might have to pick up a dualshock just for this lol

          • Taylor wasn’t using a controller. I killed him a few times rather quickly (jk jk) I have a logitech somewhere I’ll be getting out just for this. I’m down for a tourney

        • will bartlett

          do corded xbox controllers work via usb?

      • Why did you run away? I wanted to frag you some more.

        • Hah! Got work to do, man! Don’t you worry, we’ll have to set up some sort of tournament between us all. Plus, I know you’re using a controller and that’s just unfair 😉