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Google+ App for Android Updated, Page Owners Can Finally Take Control

Google+ users will be impressed with a new update to the application that is rolling out today. The update doesn’t have a long list of changes, but the ones that it brings were requested by lots of users.

What’s in this version:

  • Google+ page owners can view, post and comment from mobile.
  • Discover people and topics more easily using ‘Find people’.
  • New Home screen Widget re-design.

Power users of G+ will be excited about the page owners update. Google is also looking to make finding and connecting with other people easier with the ‘Find people’ section. I can’t remember the last time the Facebook or Twitter applications were updated, but Google seems happy to keep pumping out upgrades like this within every other month it seems.

Excited with these new features?

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  • TheFoodFather

    ok switching from my personal google+ to my business page sucks! Also is there a way I can review business and check as my business?

  • This is fantastic news for the twenty people who care about Google+. . .

  • kunqing


  • How do you access your google plus page in the app? I’m not seeing it after the update

    • The only way i have found is that you have to wipe the data for the app, then go through the setup process again and pick the page account, then the only way to get back to personal view is to wipe the data and go through the setup again. Stupid :/

  • DBR

    What I’d like to see is the option to actually SAVE a graphic to your device.

  • ceejw

    Why does Google+ messenger still not have expanded notifications for jelly bean?

    • Droidzilla

      Why wouldn’t you just use GTalk?

      • ceejw

        Because GTalk doesn’t support group messaging and there is no iOS client for it.

        • Droidzilla

          I chat people using iOS all the time; maybe they have a third party app? You can also do group chat on the Android app, at least (go to your menu when in a chat and select “add to chat,” I think; it’ll ask you who you want to add).

          • ceejw

            Thanks for the tip on the “add to chat” I didn’t know you could do that. There is a bunch of third party Gchat apps for iOS but none of them are very good. You also can’t post pictures in Gtalk as far as I can tell, I like being able to do that in G+ Messenger.

  • cgmartin33

    F’ing non scrollable widget just ruined a good thing… now it looks like the outdated FB widget. I think I’m done with G+ again since that was the only thing that got me to log back on…

  • Aaron Burroughs

    I love google+… i just dont understand why noone uses it.

  • Roberto Taylor

    Now, if only they could enable auto-correct in landscape mode I would be happy. I can’t believe this is still a problem on Android phones…

  • Jedi54

    Unfortunately I’m not a fan of the new widget, I thought the greatest feature beforehand was the ability to scroll through posts within the widget.
    Now you have to click a button to see the next post and the load times aren’t very quick.

    • MattSweeden

      Yeah noticed the same thing. Rolled back using TB luckly.

    • JMonkeYJ

      i totally agree. i don’t understand why they would copy Facebook’s IMO highly mediocre widget when they had the great scrolling one. i’m not just being indignant when i say i think this will reduce my usage of G+, because i mostly used it on mobile in a large part because the widget made it so effortless to peruse updates.

  • dave

    Still dont see anything worthwhile in G+

    • G+ is great for connecting with new people. If you don’t actively circle and interact with people, then G+ will seem like a ghost town.

    • Roberto Taylor

      That’s because you’re probably doing it wrong.

  • What pisses me off is that iOS users get animated GIF support in the app, while us Android users don’t.

    Why, Google, why?

    • Silver Veloz

      What? “i”people are using Google+ ???