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Samsung Galaxy S3 is Officially T-Mobile’s Best Selling Device of All Time

This afternoon, T-Mobile announced through their Twitter feed that Samsung’ Galaxy S3 device is their best-selling device of all time. There isn’t a link to the numbers to see just how many have been sold, but with a badge like that, it must be pretty impressive. T-Mobile has had some good devices in the past such as the Galaxy S2, the G2, the G1 (of course), and who could forget the OG Sidekick?

Be thankful, Samsung that they still don’t have the iPhone 5 in their lineup.

Via: Twitter

  • Ray

    Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best smartphone of the year. iCrap on iPhone.

  • Hunter

    This seems like a record that could be broken with each refresh of phone lines or about every 2 years when contracts come due.

  • flosserelli

    Yo HTC, LG, Nokia, RIM. I’m happy for you, I’mma let you finish…but Samsung has one of the best phones of all time…. One of the best phones of all time!

  • EvanTheGamer

    This is awesome. My dad recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 and he wholeheartedly loves the hell outta it. I’m a bit jealous.

    -A Galaxy Nexus Owner

  • Manny

    So ATT, Verizon and Sprint all say their number one phone is the iphone, how is android the number one?

    • randy

      its not. Android is only number one in unofficial surveys. All sales figures point to ios/iphone being the number 1 smartphone.

  • shecalledmejay

    I didn’t think anything was going to outsell the original side kick, I mean everybody had one back in the day lol

  • Devilsephiroth

    Says a lot about Samsung . Really doesn’t say much about t mo… except for the fact that all their other phones are just boo boo

    • Jackson

      Well remember they did get the Galaxy Note for like 8 minutes

  • real

    I bet the other carriers don’t have the same results. And we all know why *cough iphone

  • Kerry Davies

    Man I miss my sidekick3 that thing was sick, only thing missing was the ability to group chat with nearby sidekicks

    • will bartlett

      i had the 3 and then the slide. the slide was probably one of my favorite phones. a motorola sidekick? yes please

      • Kerry Davies

        I never had that one, people always hated on it, so i just assumed it was lame. the SK2 had the best keyboard.

  • BrianLipp

    They forgot the end of their tweet: “Because there are no other devices worth buying from us!”

    • fixxmyhead

      haha yea cuz the rest suck. HTC down this quarter again no surprise there. third time in a row also with there exclusivity, moto pffftt pure garbage also terrilbe software, sony basically non existing in the states, LG yea right,. sure they may not have the best devices but they make room for the best at least