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PlayStation Mobile App Goes Live for Android Devices

Sony’s cross platform marketplace for apps and games is available as of this morning. PlayStation Mobile, which is currently only supported by PlayStation certified devices, will allow devices to find games that utilize the device’s power and should keep you entertained for a decent while.

Devices that are currently supported are currently the Vita and Xperia Play, along with the with HTC One  series. Go grab it and let us know how you like it.

Get It Here

Via: Engadget

Cheers Nick!

  • I got the same error on a certified phone. Must be the root.

  • Mike Davenport

    Getting the same error on the EVO 4G LTE. Was hoping since it’s a close cousin to the One X that I may be okay. Boo. Though being rooted with S-Off might be a deal breaker for Sony anyway. Go Community!

  • Too bad it only
    supports a few devices.

  • Got it partially working on my Galaxy Nexus. Used the directions from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1310999 to push the “playstationcertified” files to my phone. The first time it failed. The 2nd time I pushed the files and did the chmod and chown commands while booted into recovery. I grabbed the .xml and .jar files from the RocketROM another comment mentioned so I don’t know if the download linked on xda is current/still works. Unfortunately, after signing in, the app crashed.

  • Asus Infinity with JB — “An error has occurred. (8008103E)”

    It seems a little strange that Asus is part of the “Playstation Mobile program”, but there are not yet any Asus devices on the officially supported list. http://us.playstation.com/playstationmobile/

    Oh well. I’m not much of a gamer anyway. I was just curious. 😀

  • Seanamous

    Let’s update the archive footage of the PS3, shall we? http://images.psxextreme.com/images/common/News/newps3slim_01.jpg

  • EvanTheGamer

    Damn…now only if this worked on the Nexus 7.

  • lsbe

    Working on my international note 🙂
    Rocket ROM v11 has the PlayStation cert installed

  • Same problem… error has occurred … damn! Running on BAMF Jelly Bean… i hope its not some stupid root restriction… you know how Sony hates hackers..

  • paul_cus

    I’ve had this on my Xperia ion for a couple months, though I haven’t bought any games yet. Hoping to see PaRappa the Rapper in the store soon.

  • Mason Lammers

    Alright community, get to work and make this happen! My SGIII needs some PS3 Love.

  • JSIN

    Galaxy Nexus AOKP JB-4 An error has occurred (8008103E)

    • Got the same error.

    • Josh Flowers

      “Devices that are currently supported are currently the Vita and Xperia Play, along with the with HTC One series”

      • Futbolrunner

        Enough said lol

      • JSIN

        Yes im aware it doesnt hurt to try and then post results so that the next guy with a gnex isnt like damn man am i the only one.

  • John Jenness

    With side-loading instructions…sweet! Not for your everyday user folks!

  • Travis Shepherd

    don’t worry, you don’t think someone won’t hack this to work on most phones?

  • How long until this works on all phones? Playstation is blowing it by only letting certain headsets have access.

    • Blowing it at least they did it. They don’t owe anyone anything.

      • Vire Amarath

        Actually, they owe their consumer base everything. A common misconception is that we as a consumer have no weight towards a business. If it weren’t for consumers making purchases of their products, then they would have no capital. No capital means no business. The folks who don’t owe us anything are indie developers, such as Cyanogenmod and AOKP. We don’t pay for their service on any level, hardware or otherwise. Sony makes money hand over fist from people purchasing their hardware, software subsidies, and licensing fees (for both consumers and developers) for their product.

        • Michael Thurig

          Incorrect, entitled opinion. Sony owes us nothing at all. Sometimes a wise, profitable decision would encourage them to provide the userbase with additional options and features and items, but it is not mandated. They OWE nothing.

          • Vire Amarath

            Incorrect, passive opinion. Although I have to admit, the level of your arrogance in your response is amusing. Allowing a company to push around its consumers leads to bad products and overall consumer distrust. We can see the effects of these deicions having a rippling effect from various software development companies as we speak. One of interest right now is Blizzard Entertainment and EA with their Diablo III fiasco. A lesson that can and should be remembered always is scorn your customer base, you will see a dip in profits.
            Unless of course, you’re of the mindset that corporate entities should have their way with us however they please. Then there isn’t much to be discussed here.

          • Michael Thurig

            I simply stated that they are under no obligation to OWE consumers anything. Your entitled response is the funny one. Don’t get me wrong,I would gladly support a company that is customer-centric and is great to it’s userbase over one that isn’t, but saying that they OWE is simply not true.

            It’s funny how touchy people are and how much they think they deserve the world because they bought something from someone. Ideally sure it’d be great if it worked like that, but it isn’t the case.

          • Vire Amarath

            Well then I suppose I’m glad I could entertain you, Mike.

          • LOL Diablo 3 is a product of the “entitled consumer”, consumers pressured and demanded that their new Diablo come out and come out now. So Blizzard finally caved and released an unfinished game just so their consumers would get what they wanted.

          • Seanamous

            which do you work at? verizon or old-motorola?

    • Michael Thurig

      Grizzly, it probably won’t happen. I <3 android but this is a very good situation where the fragmentation of phones and hardware causes an application to take longer to come out / not be supported by all devices.

      In my opinion, Playstation is at least being responsible in only releasing it for tested devices. It should add a modicum of quality control by limiting which devices are supported. Someone will probably release a port/modified apk that works on other devices shortly, but I think Playstation wont do this themselves because they can't control how well it runs on non supported devices.