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RadioShack Commercial From 1989 for the “Most Powerful, Transportable, Cellular Phone System” is Awesome

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“Go where you wanna go, call when you wanna call!” Sing it with me!

Cheers Josh!

  • JazzoRenee

    I come here mainly for the comments hahahhaa

  • Marshall Griffiss

    I remember that time Very Well. My first phone was mounted in my blazer. It was a Nokia. Best phone EVER. I could make a call from any place.

  • smisa27

    I think Apple had a patent on that. Isn’t that what the new patent war is about?

  • VZWIndirect

    Does it have an unlocked Bootloader?

  • RoninX

    Imagine if cars were like cell phones…

    You would be able to buy a car with the performance of a Porsche 911 and the fuel economy of a Prius, and it would only cost $10,000.


    That would be the subsidized price for buying a car on-contract from an oil company. You would also have to sign a five-year contract for $1000/month that covered up to 50 gallons/month. Additional gallons over this limit would be $100/each.

    Also, you would only be able to fill up from stations owned by your car’s oil company. So if you have an Exxon car, but are surrounded by Shell stations, you’re out of luck.

    Furthermore, your car’s hood would be emblazoned with the logo of your oil company. This hood would be locked and only your dealer would have the key. Unlocking your hood would automatically void your warranty.

    Alternately, you could buy an unlocked version of your car for $70,000. You would then be free to service or modify your car, but you would still need to buy a $1000/month contract if you wanted to put gas in your car.