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Lookout Updates Security App, Looks to Squash Fears of Android Dialer Attacks

News broke this week that had many Samsung and Android device owners worried over the safety of their data. Apparently, if an at-risk device visited a website containing a line of code, the device’s contents could be wiped and erased completely without the user being able to stop it. Lookout is taking this vulnerability quite seriously and has released an update to their application to protect against these forms of attack. 

With the update, the application can scan incoming dialer links from browsers and look for malicious code by using a “dialer” that has been made by Lookout. If nothing is found during said scan, the call goes through as normal. So far, according to Lookout, no attack of this nature has taken place, but as the saying goes, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry. You can pick up the new update in Google Play starting today.

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  • havrin

    I’ve seen a couple posts on here about Lookout draining your battery. I’ve been using it for about a year now (started with the free version and now have the paid version). I don’t have any problems with it at all eating my battery time (i’m on AOKP JB build 1 on a Galaxy Nexus). I guess YMMV, but I just wanted to throw that out there.

  • I have to test if their update works or not as my phone is “vulnerable”.

    • UPDATE – Tested it using the link on AndroidCentral.com as well and ‘Lookout’ is the BEST!!

  • This app eats battery like crazy.

  • Spider210

    wait…. people run anti virus on their phones?

  • PhoneGod

    what’s the best anti virus for android?

    • Ken

      I’m really liking Avast. It has an amazing security suite with all the features you need in app protection. It also has a very nice rootable/stealth anti-theft element.

    • Most recent independent test I’ve seen says Avast is the best.

  • Tom

    I still use Avast, is there any real reason I should switch to lookout? This seems like something that can be prevented with common sense…

  • Jim McClain

    come on folks help me out here

  • fallsgable

    question….on the OFF chance that I happen to be one of the unlucky minority that happen to fall prey to this….
    If I am rooted, and HAVE backups made, and saved on my desktop….and as long as my contacts and E-mails are backed up (like they are at Google)….
    What’s the real risk here??? Yeah, granted it’d be a pain in the ass….but couldn’t I simply re-root the phone (assuming I had to), and just restore my backup, and everything falls back into place???

  • Jim McClain

    need a little help here, just updated my paradigm rom and it wiped my play link out,cant get back to it to reload apps and cant sync gmail, CRAP

  • Max_Hardcore

    Lookout is awesome. I use the free version but it is def an app I would be more than willing to pay for and I might just do that.

  • Michael_NM

    I use the squishy stuff between my ears for security…

    • fallsgable

      Huh?!? Oh, wait….between your EARS……nevermind….

  • Updated, tested and confirmed it blocks these attacks.

    • Bobby Phoenix

      Same here. I tested the site on androidcental where they gave a link to test the dialer. I failed the first time as it went right through, and if it was real would have reset my phone. Lookout now scanned it, said it was a bad link, and suggested I cancel it. Thank you Lookout for the quick action!

      • michael arazan

        Does lookout still destroy battery life and cause lag? Those two reasons is why I got rid of it on my previous phone.