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Contest: Six Galaxy S3 Cases From Seidio Up for Grabs! [RAW] (Updated: Winners Picked)

Ready for a handful of rapid fire contests? With only a day and half left in Reader Appreciation Week, we realized that we still have a ton of prizes to give away and need to kick it up a notch. So for this quick contest, let’s hand out some Galaxy S3 cases! Seidio sent over six different GS3 options, including a Surface, an Active with a kickstand, and some holsters. Ready? 


Update:  Winners have been picked and contacted!

Prizes:  We have six different Galaxy S3 cases from Seidio.

  • 3 (three) Active belt holsters
  • 1 (one) red Active case with kickstand
  • 1 (one) black Active case (no kickstand)
  • 1 (one) black Surface

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, tell us which case you would like.


At 2:00PM PT today, we will choose 6 winners from the comments.

  • Red active case with kickstand, or the black surface baby!

  • The Active Belt holster

  • rodney11ride

    Black surface

  • Eric Soriano

    Kickstand would [email protected]!

  • D C

    I’d like the red active with the kickstand

  • sakebomber77

    Please can I have the red one w/kickstand. but any one would be awesome!!!..Mahalo

  • Douglas Hershberger

    Belt Holster would be nice.

  • I’d like the red active with the kickstand!

  • Black Surface

  • Roswell Cummings

    Red Active with kickstand and a belt holster please

  • Active Case, no kickstand please

  • Active belt holster!

  • imdarchitect

    The Active belt holster would be great for my daily business routine.

  • Steven Sorrells

    The red one with kickstand would be cool!

  • Allan

    Active belt holster. Geek city. Love it.

  • Adam Metzner

    I would love that red Active case with kickstand. I have always been secretly envious of the Thunderbolt users…

  • Red with kickstand, please!

  • BillJude56

    Black Active case please.

  • Red Kick stand!

  • Bryant Alexander

    Red Active case with kickstand, please and thank you!

  • I would prefer the RED one, but hey, I’ll take ANY of them!!!

  • liverespectchillin

    Black Surface please!

  • Red active case with kickstand

  • Spliff

    Black active case

  • Black surface

  • red active kickstand

  • ohokgreg

    Any of them…a free case is always a good case!

  • Jed Hwang

    I would like the 1 (one) red Active case with kickstand so I can watch movies on my s3 during lunch.

  • Chris Nelson

    Active no kickstand

  • Keyan X

    the black active case, w/o kickstand

  • Justin

    I would love the red active case with the kickstand!

  • Red Case!

  • Homer Rich

    Black active would be sweeet!

  • I want them all! Kickstand one would be best though

  • Heather Villines

    Red active case with kickstand..

  • BradKnepper

    Black case with an active holster would be cool. Not even for me my buddy at work just bought a S3 so I would give it to him. I’m still good with my Nexus

  • Eric

    I’d like the1 (one) red Active case with kickstand if possible. Thanks for all the great articles!

  • Donnie M.

    The red Active case please

  • lidabit

    red w kickstand!

  • Gilbert

    The red active case 🙂

  • ckruppy

    One of the active belt holsters please!

  • 1 (one) red Active case with kickstand please and thank you!

  • Thomas Demke

    Black active case

  • Would love the red kickstand case please 🙂

  • me likey the Black suface

  • I’d like the black Active case (no kickstand)! Please and thank you! =)

  • The red case with kickstand 🙂

  • Saxmusiq

    The red active with kickstand would be awesome!!

  • 3 (three) Active belt holsters!!! Would ROCK!

  • PC_Tool

    Red active with kickstand. Phone would look amazing in that.