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PassWallet Released for Android, Lets You Manage Loyalty Cards and More Just Like Passbook

We have to admit, Apple’s Passbook is a cool idea. One app to manage all of your loyalty cards, airline passes, Subway cards, and everything else that would usually take up space in your wallet. Naturally, given the awesomeness that is the Android developer community, we have our very own version now called PassWallet

With PassWallet, you can import your Passbook information straight to your Android device via web, or manage new digital coupons and event tickets straight from the web. The service is even compatible with sites such as Fandango, Walgreens, and Ticketmaster. The app is in early stages so you can expect future updates to bring more features and performance enhancements.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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Cheers LionStone!

  • The problem is you need to have PassBook in the 1st place for this to work. A better Android app for loyalty card management is KeyChain.

  • There are about 2 millions keyring, reward card, loyalty and pass apps on the playstore.
    What’s all the fuss with this one. Is it because it’s from IOS? Pathetic…really…well that’s what most reviewers said…on the playstore.

    • I think the interest is down to the fact that companies will adopt Passbook, for numerous reasons (presuming they have optical scanners they don’t need to invest in NFC readers so easier to roll out across large chains, plus it’s Apple, and regardless of market share press/companies/general public do pay attention to what they do). This allows people to use those passes on other platforms.

  • Patrick Sullivan

    3…2…1… Lawsuit

  • Agent Droid

    Can’t wait to see this working with NFC

    • NemaCystX

      I think the whole purpose of this is to not use NFC. I like NFC and Google Wallet but sadly since the mass public and commercial business’ market follow trend set by the major companies, Apple might have killed NFC from being widely adopted as a standard by not including it on the iPhone 5 or on future devices.

      I’m an Android fan, not an iDevice iSheep so my opinion on the whole NFC isn’t bias but rather a truthful opinion, which sadly I’m not very proud of admitting considering I dislike Apple

  • LionStone

    Cheers Tim…
    Yea this just seemed like a win to me, it just gives more options for us, how can that hurt? Go Giants! 🙂

  • ckruppy

    Tried It, hate it. Just let me scan a loyalty card to add, don’t make me go through websites and create them. Maybe i misunderstood this, but way too much work to create anything! I will definitely still be using by delta app for boarding passes…

    • I think you’re missing the point.

      Those websites are just showing demo passes to highlight what they do. All of the ones I’m aware of are ultimately aiming at selling their pass creation services to businesses (e.g. your local coffee shop / theatre) who can email those passes direct to their customers.

      So you won’t need to create your own passes in future. If it takes off, you’ll start receiving them as an option when you book tickets. Virgin Australia were the first to do this. Hopefully more will follow.

      • ckruppy

        I see, makes sense, but how do i get past the screen that list these websites and add loyalty cards or the like?

        • Sorry, only just noticed your reply. PassWallet will handle any .pkpass file you encounter, so via links on websites/tweets or attachments in emails. So visiting one of those websites you can create a pass to open, or if you get emailed one, just click on it.

  • how is this different/better than keyring?


    Its good, but make it paid, use ICS design standards.. and incorporate NFC?.. one of the problems with passbook.. use google wallet, tie it in..

    • But will the companies using PassBook be able to scan NFC? Transmitting the pass data over NFC is fairly trivial, but I’m not convinced it will be of any use.

  • George264

    I hate it when people bash the iOS features, but when an Android app that comes out with similar features or complete ripoff, people are like, THIS IS GOOD, Yeah this is amazing, and so on. But of course: Passbook sucks. Passbook=Useless. Passbook, the next Ping.
    Honestly, stop being a hypocrite. You people know who you are.

    • PhillipCun

      People were bashing the absence of NFC and believes that Passbook is Apple’s answer to mobile credit card transactions like Google Wallet. If Apple’s Passbook is their alternative to NFC CC transactions then yes it’s kind of stupid when the rest of the world is going towards NFC.

      Passbook is a good idea, but I rather have NFC to do the exact same thing. At least with NFC they can program a tag to launch the right loyalty card or pass or whatever it is. This way you don’t have to look for the right card like in the Passbook.

      So yes I think Passbook as an NFC replacement to compete with Google Wallet is a stupid idea if everyone else is trying to adopt it. I never liked to see when ONE company tries to support a totally different tech while everyone else is onboard for the other.

      • George264

        I don’t really think Passbook is a Google Wallet competitor. And Apple is almost certain to include NFC in the next 2 years. They are forced to by competition just like the bigger screen. Passbook is more of a sports and movie tickets, and coupons thing. Google Wallet is a credit card in your phone payment thing. In my mind they seem different, that is until Passbook includes credit cards or Google Wallet includes movie tickets.

        • But NFC is the big thing NOW, in 2 years it will be a feature every Android phone from high end to free on contract making passbook useless because it can’t be used to beam files / card numbers / etc from device to terminal or even device to device.

          • LionStone

            That’s true, NFC is the future, but it’s not fully implemented everywhere, so I’m thinking the PassWallet and others like it, will be good to bridge the gap and have the option as an alternative until NFC is adopted and utilized more. I’ve been using NFC between my N7 and INc4 and it is pretty sweet.

          • Personally I don’t have an NFC capable device (currently have the Razr but looking to ditch it after Christmas when the new devices are released). However I have been seeing more and more of the Google Wallet symbols on the doors of local businesses and shops! Its being adopted faster than you think and before long it will be everywhere, from posters advertising products to the products themselves saying “touch here for more info.” And if Apple doesn’t jump on the bandwagon soon, they will once again lose customers (just like last year over the small screen and no 4G LTE).

    • jonny6pak

      I think it somewhat stems from a misunderstanding of what Passbook does. So many people, it seems to me, think it just stores club cards, like what one might use at the grocery store. Personally, I think Passbook is cool, but it’s not often anymore that iPhone has some new great feature everyone desperately wants to port over to Android. We had a segment of people clamoring for a Siri cone, but that didn’t last forever and I don’t think anyone is looking at Siri as some killer app for the iPhone. Thus far, the Passbook platform is young and not really an enviable item, but I hope it takes off and that everyone can take advantage of the concept.

    • HTC1

      Where in the HELL are all these I-donkey’s coming from?????? it’s getting rediculous!!! Please, stay on your “can’t think for ourselves” websites and leave this one to us!!!!! please!!!!! you need a brain to be here. You also need to know how to do more than turn your I-phone on to come here. This isn’t the place for you simple minded.

      • George264

        Who told you I was a iOS fan? Stop jumping to conclusions. I’m honestly thinking that there needs to be a Disqus signature to state what side you’re on, or something. I USE MORE ANDROID THAN IOS. Stop raging on people, and iOS users can think for themselves. They know what they are getting into. Just because someone uses another platform than you does not mean they are idiots.

        Again. I am not a fanboy of anything. I use whatever that works. So stop whining, and enjoy your mom’s basement. AND SPELL RIDICULOUS RIGHT.

        • You’re sticking up for the people who thought Apple was the first to have the notification bar and the same people that think Android is only for geeks!

          P.S. If you want to praise and talk about iOS then goto an Apple forum! Not one with DROID in its title!
          K Thanks!

        • KiloTango123

          Actually, here is the ironic thing. When Google came to my campus to talk about working at Google. Most of them (5 software dev and 1 recruiter) were using iPhones + Macbook Pro except of 1 who was gamely using an Android phone.

    • New_Guy

      I actually haven’t read that from most blogs. Usually people are saying that Passbook is one of the few addition that is actually worth noting in iOS 6. I haven’t read that on this site, anyhow (or android police, or engadget). Passbook is honestly a pretty nice app. The probelm is that it’s about the only good thing in iOS 6. So yes, people are basjing iOS. Yes, they are saying that it’s a poor excuse for an upgrade. But not that Passbook sucks….

      • George264

        I’m not talking about the blogs. I’m talking about the comments. Those single-minded, dumbasses who can’t seem to think anything about Apple is good. I’m talking about those people who say Apple designs suck, apple materials suck, apple software sucks, and Apple engineers are idiots, etc. What’s so hard about telling the truth? Android is way more advanced than iOS and more customizable, but also fragmented in software, apps, and very few optimizations to a device. Apple hardware is nothing less than spectacular. They are problems, but that’s Apple’s biggest problem. iOS is simple, and intuitive, and easy to use, with the best quality apps. Done. That’s the truth, but so little people actually accept it.

        • New_Guy

          I fail to see how that would be any different than an individual trolling around an Adnroid blog to bash those who might be Android extremists. Might I suggest a more neutral blog like Engadget or the TheVerge?

          • George264

            Engadget isn’t neutral. The Verge is. And there are those kind of people on The Verge.

          • New_Guy

            Haha. Well, I didn’t say it was 100% neutral, but probably more than one with the word ‘Droid’ in the name. And, you can’t control what people say in blogs so why try? You’re going to have an anurism being upset with the extreme. I’d much rather just sit back and enjoy Android and be happy 🙂

          • George264

            I should. These constant email notifications keep bringing me back here :3

        • Stevedub40

          You’re at the wrong forum, I think you need to go here http://bgr.com

    • Stevedub40

      The same can be said in reverse, which is pretty much any Android feature. What the f*ck do you expect on an Android site?

  • Slappy Sam

    Anyone else catch the “Oceanic Airlines” flight from Sydney to Los Angeles?

    • Slappy Sam

      in the screen shots.

    • JG

      Am i missing a joke here?

      • fixxmyhead

        yes and i also dont know what the hell he’s talking about

        • HTC1

          he’s talking about the show “LOST”
          the plane that crashed was an Oceanic flight. thats all

          • fixxmyhead

            oh ok. read my above post then u will understand why i didnt know

          • Slappy Sam

            The show went off the air a few years ago. You can relax. He can’t hurt you anymore.

          • fixxmyhead

            lol yea i know. im glad it did. it was a terrible show.

        • JTPatton

          Really!?! Its a LOST reference. I guess the irony continues.

          • fixxmyhead

            that would explain it. i FREAKING HATE THAT STUPID ASS SHOW with a passion!!!!

            sorry but i really do

      • He’s referring to the tv show Lost. That’s the airline and flight they took on the show.

    • Rob

      I always love a good LOST reference.

    • CHRIS42060

      Oceanic Airlines was originally used in the movie Executive Decision too. If there is one airline that might be worse to fly on than United I am thinking it might just be Oceanic Airlines.

    • ArrowCool

      Good catch. You must be a man of science.

  • has anyone found a good place to download store loyalty cards?

    • Key Ring does a good job of managing them.

  • HTC1

    is this like “key ring”?

    • Kevin Dahlstrom

      I would like to know the same thing. I love Key Ring. If this is better though…

      • Johnny R

        I think I’ll stick with Key Ring for now and see what comes of this.

      • BGRUGGER

        does key ring actually work for you guys? i have tried it in the past, but nothing is able to scan my phone…tips? does it work??

        • key ring has always worked for me. might want to try again to see if any updates have helped your situation

        • HTC1

          Yes but not on bed scanners. Only the ones they can hold and point at you. Also, make sure you turn the brightness up on each card. It hasn’t NOT worked for me yet (Except when the cashiers are idiots or on a flat bed scanner)

          • jbegs23

            I had KeyRing on my Droid X and after a while my phone seemed to be really slow and unresponsive. If I would try to use the phone to make a call it would take 5 minutes+ to dial the number. I would get double calls this way. Photos had trouble loading. I don’t know if this was a Motorola issue or not. I was in a store and they informed me that they couldn’t scan phones anymore because it could affect the phone. Anyone else see this? I don’t have it loaded on my GS3 for this reason.

          • panicswhenubered

            Also, if you have anti-glare screen protector on your phone, it will not work. I found this out the hard way at the gate for an American Airlines flight…

    • jonny6pak

      It’s like Key Ring +. Key ring gives you access to all your bar-coded shopping cards. As far as I know, it doesn’t also hold a Starbucks $25 gift card, specific movie tickets, boarding passes for airline travel, tickets to a football game, etc… I’m sticking with Key Ring for now since there’s no direct support PassWallet yet, but I’m keeping PassWallet installed since I know they are working on it–I want to keep a close eye on this one.

    • boogie_monster

      can you add your Boarding passes to key ring? I’ve never used it before.

  • First!

    • Booyah

      I still fail to understand what makes people do this.

      • HTC1

        Me to. But i LOVE it when it turns out they made a Jackass of themself. I’ve never seen one of these idiots actually be first…….haha

        • theentropic

          That’s because you’re ordering it by the highest rated comments first. Either way, it’s the dumbest thing on the face of the planet to do.