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Jelly Bean Notifications for Non Jelly Bean Devices – In the Words of Sauce Boss, “Smart”

When Jelly Bean hit the streets, one of the features that had Android fans chirping was expandable notifications and other interactive things you could do from the bar.  Of course, it is an exclusive Jelly Bean feature so anyone running anything less than 4.1 can’t enjoy the goodies. Not anymore. With Jelly Bean Notifications+, anyone running 2.2+ can experience the wonders of interactive notifications. 

As a bonus, it isn’t just stock notifications. There have been other improvements such as the ability to reply to SMS messages straight from the notifications and you can also add in Twitter feeds, Facebook timeline news, and even RSS feeds. Wowzers.

The application comes with a 10 day trial and if you still like it, the price is $2.50. Not a bad price to pay if you know your device won’t be seeing JB anytime soon.

Play Link

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  • It’s not in the play store and I can’t find an apk anywhere!! Help!

  • Steven Iams

    “We’re sorry the requested URL was not found on this server” – Play Store…help please? i really want this ha

  • Steven Iams

    I can’t get it off of the play store wtf…

  • Ian Ward

    Good thing I got the Bionic so this will be a waste of money any day now…

  • Oh thanks. My Droid 4 finally got a functional JB build today, this was the main thing I wanted. Fantastic timing.

  • froze my phone! Deleted!!

  • Rob


  • Android community at work again! I love it how the developer is in the comments and answering questions / taking feedback! I was just wondering if anyone knew of a way to get an HTC Sense like notification bar on my Razr? I’ve always had HTC Sense devices and just got my Razr a few weeks ago as a CLN and I really miss how clean and organized the notification bar looked like in Sense.

  • Its ok just used for D. Bionic but I can wait if I ever get an update from Motorola

  • Next time we eat iOS6.

  • Ryan

    Hahahaha, Epicmealtime FTW.

    • NorCalGuy

      Lol yup they also have a quick camio in ken blocks 4 gymhana video pretty epic

      • Ryan

        Those videos are unbelievable.. The part where he was on the dock manuevering in those tight spaces… Jeez.

  • Stewie

    Not a bad option for those who would like it on non JB devices. Dev appears to be working hard to resolve issues reported and interactive here on the thread, kudos. My caveat to those expecting it to run like JB, on a non JB device – shame — you won’t have GPU accelleration and you should know better, so don’t trash the app when someone is trying to give you something that you may not see from VZ due to device limitations. Just .02 there …

  • arielshiloh

    Does not work with BAMF ROM – maybe the built in pull down disrupts?

    • srelyt

      Apps or custom roms modifying the status bar or notification panel could indeed disrupt it. An option might come in the future to provide an area elsewhere on the screen as an option to circumvent the problem in such cases.
      If you want to give more details about BAMF ROM pull down, be sure to mail me, my adress appears a few comment below !

  • e_droid

    Anyone else having a problem downloading this? When I follow the link on my laptop it takes me to the app, log in, and when I download it, it does nothing. I can’t search for it on my phone within the store either.

    • srelyt

      First time this kind of problem is reported, do you see it in the installed apps if you go to settings ? You should try to uninstall then reinstall. If you still have problems please contact me via my mail tylers.fr(at)gmail(com) so we can try to solve it.

      • e_droid

        For some reason my phone was listed twice within the Play Store so I selected the second one and it went through. Thanks for reaching out anyways!

  • leftovermagic84

    I’d love to try this, but apparently it’s incompatible with my Galaxy SII i9100

    • srelyt

      Hello, is the Play Store saying this? Are you running with the stock rom ? I could provide you the .apk for the trial anyway, it should work. Write me a mail at tylers.fr(at)gmail(dot)com

      • leftovermagic84

        Wow, thanks for the quick reply. I’m running CM9 Stable. I’ll shoot you an email. Thanks again!

  • Sliding down is to slow, but I like it and will use it

  • kixofmyg0t

    Tried it on one of my ICS phones, this app is not even close to how smooth JB is.

    Nice try but this app sucks.

    • srelyt

      JB and its notification shade benefit from graphic acceleration and tweaks which are not accessible to my ‘Android 2.2+ compatible’ app.

      The app is aimed to bring some of the JB design and functionnality to phones with lower Android versions and also provide some “exclusive” interaction with social networks like Facebook and Twitter, RSS feeds and more to come. But smoothness is also a priority and you can be sure I’m working on improving my app on this aspect too and maybe have better acceleration for 4.0+ phones 🙂

      • kixofmyg0t

        Hello to you!

        When I swipe down it just lags and comes down at what looks like 4 fps. It’s dogslow. It just feels like it’s something tacked onto the regular notification bar. It doesn’t feel like it’s supposed to be there.

        • srelyt

          The slidedown is kind of a headache. Currently it’s an animation starting when you release your finger( it has a fixed time so depending on where you release it it will slide faster or slower to make the distance in 1sec, I will partially change this in one of the next updates) so it should be relatively smooth but it of course depends on the phone and other parameters.
          f you want to give me more details you can use tylers.fr(at)gmail(dot)com.
          For suggestion about the placement and design, I’m open to suggestions and you can use the same mail for it or post at : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1883085 .

          • florious80

            I just wanted to say that it’s rare that developers would be so engaged with the user base, especially on a public forum. Kudos to you and I hope more people would provide insights that would make your application great.

          • srelyt

            @florious80: Thanks 😀

  • Homer Rich

    Looking forward to strip fondu tonight…what!? Haha

  • Alix8821

    Like the idea… But toggles aren’t accessible. Won’t show me twitter. Because app is set to update every 3min. This only updates every 5… Oh well. Great idea. Love Android!

    • srelyt

      Hello, I’m the app developer.
      First I wanted to thank DroidLife for this article!
      As for your problem, I’ll do my best to solve it if you can give me all the details.
      For toggles if we speak of the same things, it should still be accessible in your normal notification panel also optional toggles may come in a future update.
      For the refresh rate, I’m not sure I understood, do you want a refresh rate lower than 5 minutes ?

      • Alix8821

        WOW. Great Service bro!…

        Ye i use TweetCaster (waiting on Carbon). I have it updating every 3 min. So in the notification area, I’ll see the icon, BUT until yur app loads it, when I pull down, there’s nothing there…

        Again, love the idea. And thank you for the response. Hope I can help. Deff keeping eye on this. Got VZW GSIII. So JB ROMs aren’t exactly “there” yet. And shockingly love TW… Thanks!

  • All I want is that freaking “Mark all as read” button… AOKP should implement that for build 4….

    • i would like the option to delete more then mark as read!… see an email come in, oh its spam, its this, its that, i dont care… delete right from the notification panel!! would be awesome!!

  • dam the android community ROCKS

  • Mrpicolas

    ahh darn refresh button

  • Mrpicolas

    in with the first

  • KleenDroid