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Motorola’s Punit Soni: Bionic Owners Have “Gotten a Raw Deal,” New Motorola Will Try to “Fix Things”

Punit Soni has only been the VP of Product at Motorola for a few weeks and already has taken to Google+ to interact personally with current customers to try to fix some of the company’s past mistakes. One of the topics he is actively involved in includes the DROID Bionic and the fact that it still has not received its Ice Cream Sandwich update. As you all know, Motorola previously promised to the world that the update would be here in “early Q3,” however, we are now days away from the end of Q3 and the update is no where in sight. 

Soni admits that Bionic owners have “gotten a raw deal” thus far and that a new plan is being formed, but also wants it to be clear that with the new Motorola team at the top, they are doing everything they can to eliminate situations like this from ever happening:

We have a plan for Bionic. I am currently solidifying things to ensure we can publish it, commit and follow up. I think you guys have gotten a raw deal and we could do way better. But you are one of the top few things I worry about when I look at Upgrades.

The Google+ thread of his that we have linked below continues on for quite some time and is filled with Soni’s responses to all sorts of customers. One comment of his that stood out was the thought that his team now knows to “take your complaints seriously” and that in the future, they will be transparent and stand next to upgrade timelines:

Again..I totally understand how you feel. And this should never happen. I am not going to throw out the argument “we just got here”. We are taking responsibility for this. And we will engage with you, listen carefully to your concerns and most importantly, try to FIX things.
So we are doing that. My team knows to take your complaints seriously, we are working hard to update the Upgrades timeline pages to reflect the right data, and then we WILL stand next to those timings and will meet them. As far as what is in our control, we will be transparent and we will commit to your happiness.

Keep the feedback coming.

I suggest you take up Soni on his offer to provide more feedback. With a new CEO and other execs at the top from Google, Motorola is wanting to change to be better after years of pain. It all starts with listening to passionate consumers like you.

Via:  Google+

Cheers Lambo!

  • Jim Edwards

    I will wait and see but I am not only disappointed with the Bionic but also Verizon. It has now been over two weeks since the appology and I search every day gor any information updates. I grew up with Motorola radios and phones and am socked that this phone has had so many problems. I am also shocked at the lack of communication and delays for upgrades. I first started with Droid OS becaise I was told upgrades would be easy. I guess I heard wrong.

  • droidndn

    Im just so tired of buying expensive phones only to have them amount to nothing in less than a a year or less. Motorola, im beginning to doubt your worthyness

  • Nothing against the Bionic owners, but one of the devices that Motorola cancelled the update for was released after the Bionic. Why was there no such sympathy for them? Is it because the Bionic is a Verizon device?

  • Its bull, they have done nothing to improve the situation, pretty much stand by to stand by.I can’t wait for my contract to be up so I can be done with this sorry company.

  • mgamerz

    Must be hard to meet deadlines when your engineers are really incompetent.

  • OldGuy

    Droid Bionic Owner

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Motorola typically
    makes high quality ‘physical’ devices. However, their firmware and software groups
    have major shortcomings. It isn’t that they don’t have enough competent
    workers, or can’t hire them, it’s a management problem, period. This is not a
    recent problem as it has been going on for many years. I used to deal with
    Motorola on IT equipment. They built a quality ‘physical’ product, but their
    firmware and software was always lacking. Changes and fixes were commonly
    delayed and often lacked all the changes advertised. If you were planning any
    significant changes in your IT department that involved Motorola you always had
    more than one backup plan, especially production dates. Unless Google makes major
    management changes in the Motorola development arena I expect a fairly large exodus
    of Motorola Smartphone customers. If I don’t see strong evidence of significant
    improvement I will not buy another Motorola Smartphone. By the way, I don’t hold
    Verizon harmless when it comes to OTA system upgrades. Verizon is well known as
    a ‘bloodsucker’ business and will continue to nickel and dime their customers
    at every turn. I live in an area where Verizon’s coverage is my only option
    right now. If I had options I’d switch in a heartbeat.

  • Very Unhappy

    Punit started talking about making things right for Bionic owners in August and now Sept is about to end. How much time is Motorola going to take? This is just another stall tactic! Make things right or just be honest and say We got a raw deal and leave it at that. What is telling us more lies going to profit you Punit?

  • unless this “new plan for bionic” impresses me this is the last motorola product i buy i will be going the GS3 and i will not look back not only did they drop the ball they kicked me in mine(or thats at least how i feel)

  • me

    i can personally guarantee you nothing will be done except MAYBE get the ics update

  • OneStrikeYerOut

    At this point, they should just skip ICS and go right to Jelly Bean.

  • The Bionic is a good phone, but I feel completely ripped off by Motorola. Weeks after the release of the Bionic, the Bionic Razr was introduced and the value of my phone dropped to zilch. I could have spent the same amount for an iPhone 4 (the current model at that time) and still have some resale value left in the thing. At least Apple waits a year before releasing a new model.

  • Promises but still no update. 4G in a nd out and loosing conection. Frustrating. G

  • Raven65

    At least Bionic buyers got a decent phone that worked as advertised right out of the box. Droid X2 buyers (like me) were screwed MUCH worse than them. Flakey/Unstable POS that’s apparently never going to get ICS officially (even though it clearly has the specs to handle it) or ANY further updates. It’s been totally abandoned – and yet I still have nearly six months left on my Verizon contract it was purchased under. They should at least unlock the boot loader on it so we can get a really decent 3rd party ICS ROM. Even the beta version of CyanogenMod 7 I’m running is WAY more stable than the horrible bloat/Blur-infested stock ROM. How ’bout a little love for US, Moto?

  • I swear I remember hearing the same thing a couple of months ago from Moto about the Bionic. Until I see an update on my phone, it’s just noise

  • WickedToby741

    It really could be a simple solution.

    1. Unlock the bootloader (screw Verizon).
    2. Support the Bionic through AOSP like the Xperia S.
    3. Give Bionic owners a $100 Google Play credit for the suffering they have had to put up with over the past year.

    No more excuses. No more bandaids (or rubber bumpers for that matter). Bionic owners deserve a lot more than what they’ve gotten over the past year. We shouldn’t have to install leaked builds in order to make our phones function properly. For the record I don’t think there’s anything Motorola can do short of giving me a new phone that will heal the wounds of owning the Bionic.

  • They should offer free upgrade, otherwise why trust Motorola the next time???

  • chimichangas_4_eskimos

    So glad I jumped all over the Droid Bionic and paid full price. Maybe it is time for an Apple device. At least I know it will be current for 3 days until the next one comes out so there are no surprises. I went on the Samsung site and used the quote feature to see how much they would give me towards a trade-in. $85 for my Motorola Droid Bionic and $15 for my wife’s Motorola Droid X.

  • Jeff “Big Red”

    I bought this phone a year ago because it was hyped…. Worst move I ever made in a phone purchase. This phone ruined my outlook of Motorola period! Although I didn’t mind selling it to my sister…lol

  • Dutch

    I have to say, Apple is looking better all the time. At least you know what you are getting.

  • I hated the Bionic so much. I was so pumped for it when the information was released. What was it? 6 or so months later we get this buggy as hell phone? C’mon. And, in true Moto fashion, goes ahead a release not 1, but 2 better models within a 3 or so month period. I’m happy with my G-Nex, but lord knows every once in awhile I look over at my Bionic and sigh on what could’ve been. Getting the Bionic locked me into a contract I would’ve other wise avoided.

  • Dan Medberry

    I think its time we all hire an attorney and get this settled. Buy us out or get the update rolled out. I don’t like paying for things that don’t work. Talked to a guy from Verizon and points the finger at Motorola, but still wants to help to see if my device is bad. It’s not a bad device, it just needs the UPDATE!!!

  • WickedToby741

    They could start by giving me a $100 Google Play gift card for purchasing the Bionic on release day for the full $300 and then seeing the Razr released shortly after and updates consistently delayed. One of the worst decisions in my tech purchasing history and one that has left me forever cautious of Motorola despite whatever new leadership they have in charge or what they say.

    • I agree 100%.

    • buzzd

      I couldn’t agree more. I’m another day one adopter. I’m actually fairly happy with the phone; not without its flaws for certain, but I still prefer it over my (company owned) iPhone 4s. The hype surrounding this device followed by its immediate abandonment by moto definitely left me feeling swindled, and the two year lock in adds insult to injury. Unlock or update the damn thing already!

  • Matt Peters

    That’s great and all, but for me, the damage is done. I will never buy another Motorola device again, after the horrific experience that was the Bionic. It made me hate Android and
    drove me toward iOS. I bought a lapdock, too. I truly invested in that phone, and it let me down, completely. When I finally found the resolve to give Android another shot, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I’ve been pleased with that device.

  • OldGuy

    Motorola can produce a quality device (construction, look and feel) but they often have a problem with firmware and software. It is always the quality of leadership and the ability of the people within the organization that gets things done. The politics within Motorola will be addressed and I expect signigicant change in the future. However, Verizon is a major part of the problem. They want absolute control of the units they sell. As with banks, Verizon wants to generate revenue at every turn, regardless of customers’ needs and wants. And, they will get away with this as long as they dominate coverage. As long as Verizon and other carriers can tinker with the core OS there will be problems and delays. Rooting of phones mainly exists becasue of the bloatware Verizon and other carriers stuff into their products. Lets see if the NEW Motorola delivers!

  • Makes you wonder if it had some kind of design flaw that was not bad enough to stop the production as it was but it just won’t let them upgrade and they never admitted it as a problem to the people that bought it. Myybe Mr. Soni will say it should never have been released to the public and replace it.

  • They lost the key and are unable to unlock it so they cant upload anything. Seriously
    I hope this gets resolved very soon in a way that everyone is satisfied.

  • Mindchatter


  • spunker88

    No I think Droid 3 users have gotten a worse deal, a phone that debuted in July 2011 isn’t even getting ICS. Good thing we have kexec and Hashcode’s CM9. At least the Bionic has an ICS leak and will probably get JB too.

  • Terence Whitfield

    I giveup. Iam heading over to another ph brand.

  • wareaglevi

    At least he acknowledges we got a raw deal with this thing. Now Moto needs to make it right by either releasing JB or replace the Bionics with better phones. I’ll take the latter. I’m done with this POS.

  • DanKemple

    anyone besides me wondering what us BIonic owners will be getting from Moto? My guess is a discounted upgrade maybe even more than the $100 to those who aren’t getting JB.

    • michael arazan

      You bionic owners deserve at least a $200 credit to a new Motorola Razr phone of your choice IMO. Just happy Moto is listening, thank Google for that

  • Too bad they’re deleting all the negative feedback on their Google+ page

  • ElysianF

    I had the Bionic for one week: my Droid 2 began behaving weirdly while on a trip, so I used my upgrade. I promptly returned the Bionic when I got home as this was not the phone I wanted to waste my upgrade on. Good: big screen, fast 4G speeds. Minus: screen defect (weird hazy gray circle in the middle of the screen), Pentile screen, battery life. I managed to resuscitate my Droid 2 until SG3.

  • imns

    The only ones that a worse deal than bionic owners are us lowly droid 3 owners….

    • wickets

      totally agree……lost and forgotten. I for one am glad because it forced me to rethink my physical keyboard obsession and once I unshackled those chains….WoooooHoooooo!!!

  • maddog83

    I received a refurbished Bionic last week because of GPS and Data problems. Problem still exists on new phone. Called today and I’m getting a Razr Maxx sent to me to replace my Bionic.

  • jimmyf101

    I like my Bionic besides the 4G drops but, If Moto can’t get my Bionic the 2nd best OS that they offer (ICS) within a year of ownership, I would like their best; Jelly Bean. And give it to me on the Maxx HD.
    And why did I sign up on Moto’s website that if they cannot get my Bionic to ICS, I get a $100 discount towards something new?! Keep it…I’ll get the G3.

  • Dom Alegria

    Oh more promises? cool. Motorola… don’t talk about it… be about it!

  • Joe

    This is why I paid full price for a S3 to be rid of my bionic.(It sits on my desk as a reminder not to trust MOTO anymore)

    • micheal blackson

      it wasn’t moto who screwed us it was VZW paying moto employees to delay updates so the 18 month time table window would pass and us customers would be forced to upgrade and pay VZW more.

      • Bionic


  • Long Live The Bionic ! ! ! Hopefully Motorola can unlock the bootloader, ICS, and throw in some extra goodies ! ! !

  • Alexander Garcia

    Soni! Our savior! Make it all happen! =)

  • Bionic

    So who wants to start guessing on what motorola/google is going to give us Bionic owners to “make things right” A bigger discount (more than $100) on a new motorola phone? Will they update Bionic right to jelly bean? Will they buy us all hookers?

    Im thinking the easiest thing to do is give us a big discount on a new motorola phone.

    • I think it will be a big discount (maybe free??) on a Moto phone.

  • lkgamble

    I will be going on my4th Bionic 🙁 mine just started not charging all the way and started shutting down by itself. I really wish that moto would do something really soon because it is really frustrating. Maybe one day it will see ICS before my contract is up next May

  • Bionic

    Wow, Motorola is threatening to pull the Razr M/I from verizon and sell it to AT&T. You better give in to demands verizon or you’re screwed!!!

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    He’s my favorite CEO right now…..
    I hope other companies are watching on what good customer service looks like.

  • Anon

    Actions speak louder than words.

    “We are listening” and “We’ll do better is only helpful if it means “I’ll fix the phone you have now” not “When you buy your next Motorola phone, things like this won’t happen”.

    If Motorola wants me to buy their next cool stuff, they can skip ICS and give me Jelly Bean for the Bionic. It might stave off an upgrade on my part for a little longer –but that’s better than me deciding I don’t need another Motorola phone. I want to love you guys for the accessories and build quality, but I can’t love you for the support.

  • Bionic

    I just got educated. I can’t believe this website isn’t covering the negotiations and drama between verizon and Google / Motorola. It has a lot to do with Bionic.

    • ryan f


      • Bionic

        look at sargentmajord’s post and keep reading from there.

        • sargentmajord

          I specifically asked for this to not be posted an links not provided please take this down

          • Bionic


          • Lambo_21

            not done, still there…

          • Bionic

            I pushed delete. But all it did was hide it. Does not matter. That thread is all over other websites and it wasn’t my doing.

          • sargentmajord

            Thank u very much as soon as things have been finalized this can go public

          • Lambo_21

            Kellex or Tim: We need that link taken down… the source needs it off NOW

  • ryan f

    as a razr owner I wonder why it is that the bionic got shafted. I know it was released way off of schedule, but the specs are there in my opinion for timely upgrades. I wonder if it’s because the droid 4 and maxx we’re released in the same time frame as the razr and old moto would rather suck it to one group of owners instead of possibly creating the same experience to more while solving the bionics problems. Best of luck Bionic owners.

  • Liderc

    Why are they even looking at the Bionic? Look at building quality phones and supporting them in the future. Looking in the past is just going to slow down improvement. No offense Bionic owners.

    • There are quite a few Bionic owners and it’s a solid phone. Plus it falls into the category of what Google laid down in their smart phone alliance thing. If applicable, phones would get updates for a minimum of 18 months of release. The specs on the Bionic are still comparable to phones coming out today.

  • joejoe5709

    Ouch. I feel so bad. I’m not being mean. I truly feel bad for those who got the Bionic. It’s a great phone that Moto just can’t seem to help out its customers.

  • Doesn’t Q3 actually end in.. 6-7 hours?

    • Lambo_21

      no. 9 days

  • ranlil

    I’ve been on the .232 since June and I’m not sure now if there’s anything I would want without risking loosing unlimited. Plus I got mine from Costco and it included Mobile and Desktop Docks. Sure I would like to have an unlocked boot loader, a little larger screen, and JB. I still like my removable batteries as well.

  • Sean_Maloney

    Is it too much to ask for hardware manufacturers to provide public downloads for all drivers, utilities, plug-ins, etc. so we can create our own build of any version of Android?

    This is how it has been in the PC world for a very long time. Why must phones be different? And before you blame it all on Verizon, remember these would be downloads available on manufacturer’s websites, not pushed to your phone.

  • Bionic

    Just send out an update that turns it into a Bionic Nexus with jelly bean. That would make us even. That or a free/majorly discounted razr maxx HD

  • Bionic

    I paid $300 for this phone……….. Plus the docks………

    • Tyler Chappell

      lol, that sucks, my brother got his at Radioshack for $150 within a couple weeks of it having come out

      • Bionic


  • droidarmy

    Motorola ftw

  • Futbolrunner

    The countless release delays for this phone was the reason why I never bought this phone. It doesn’t surprise me there is still no official ICS update.

  • Shaun McCarthy

    Until I get a full refund for the phone (as advertised) I never got, I will never consider buying another Motorola phone. And I’ll continue advising everyone I know to do the same. This is way past an acceptable point.

  • Bionic

    A free maxx hd will make me happy. But seriously this is bad. What about this phone is making it so hard to upgrade to ICS?

    • Justin W

      The only thing Dev’s had a problem with (from what I saw) was HWA, but I think they even got that fixed before Moto missed the “early Q3” release date.

    • Lambo_21

      there is much more to the story… a lot that cannot be said in posts…

      • Bionic

        Like what? There is nothing so secret about this phone that it can’t be said in posts. It’s not like the phone has a secret photon torpedo tube!

        • Guest

          if i can figure out how to pm i will point you in the right direction if you wont spread it via other sites

          • Bionic

            I’d love to hear what you have.

          • Guest

            around page 125 of droidforums newest leak thread

          • Tyler Chappell

            So in other words:
            “Hey guys i have a new update apparently moto found there ba//s (mainly google stepped in) an is threatening to pull there contract with VZW an move to another major carrier if VZW doesnt comply with the statutes in the contract apparently VZW has been violating them for a couple of years now (making extra money at motos expense) some of the violations have been exceeding the time limit for approving updates which is suppose to not exceed 60 days for any major update (ie. OS updates not minor patches) unjustly locking bootloaders to manage what services an software can or cant be on the device (ie. Mobile hotspot, google wallet ect) an many other statues i can not tell u do to confidentiality issues that could cost my friend his job sorry”
            Update Google as of 9:52 est has accused VZW of violating the conflict of interest contract by paying moto employees to delay updates to allow VZW to add personal apps (bloatware) that wasnt in the original planning an to delay updates so the device becomes obsolete an voids the the update process due to passing the 18 month support timeline

          • Guest

            please take this down as Lambo_21 said above it cannot be said elsewhere.

          • Lambo_21

            i agree with the Guest. take this down if people want it they can go find it themselves. Guest made it pretty easy and this cannot be here for the last sentence of the first quote you have. obviously you didnt think about that part did you?

          • Because hiding information is the thing to do.

          • Bionic


          • Bionic

            oh please, you act like its a damn CIA operation. When I get educated as to things that effect my phone, i like to educate others. Its not like you revealed a secret motorola phone or something, relax

          • Lambo_21

            its at the request of the OP.

          • Bionic

            Well what i said goes for him as well. Educated us can only help motorola and google to put pressure on verizon and allow 2-3 major OS updates per phone. Verizon cant get away with this “we’re gonna force people to buy a phone every 18 months”

          • Lambo_21

            granted i agree they cant. but people know who was in what meetings and what not, and the OP didnt want it spread like this. which Guest so kindly did on his/ her own anyways

          • Bionic

            again, relax. They would have to force not only this website to give up ip addresses, which it wouldnt do, but also droid forums. Verizon isnt going to go after the little man, it would be bad PR.

            Besides, if he didnt want it spread out at his/her risk and/or his sources risk, he shouldnt be on a public forum talking about it. He decided to educate people as to what he knows, now its spreading, just like any other news.

          • mgamerz

            Deal with it.

          • Bionic

            So its a vzw vs. Googerola thing. Wow……..

        • geekabilly

          Like VZW

        • MicroNix

          I’m really sick of Verizon’s bloatware. I mean really, just how many people out there actually PAY Verizon to use that crap? We need to start educating everyone we see not to use it and turn them onto the free, better alternatives out there so we make it so not worth Verizon’s effort to dump that sh*t on every phone they sell. The GS3 had a lot less Verizon bloat on it than my D3 and I’m thinking it is because they have a little more clout now with how many phones they sell. Hopefully with Google behind Motorola, they can tell Verizon either get on board with the program or take it in the shorts and sell more of those Apple devices that they take it in the shorts for.

          • corymcnutt

            And this has what to do about the Bionic and ICS???

        • chimichangas_4_eskimos

          Mine has one, did you not get that update?

  • Shuzzaka

    A little late to be apologizing…

  • wh1te_mag1c

    Eh.. this feels quite late. The Bionic came out about a year ago. Most will be eligible for an upgrade before very long from now. And they will be left with a sour taste from the experience in any case.
    I was one of the people who really wanted the Bionic, ever since it was announced in early 2011. But I started to get the point, with time and I dodged a bullet by not going with it.
    I suppose the only thing that might make me consider going with Motorola in the future is not any promise they give, but the fact that they have been acquired by Google.

  • sung

    easy fix would be to not give timelines.. which would also suck

  • hkklife

    What a refreshing change of tone from Moto *BUT* the first lesson anyone learns in the smartphone world is that talk is cheap and promises are easily broken and seldom kept. And the sad thing is that the Bionic is STILL a competitive little phone, especially with ICS and the majority of users who installed the leaks getting a nice CPU boost to 1.2Ghz.
    I can just imagine how awesome the overclocked Bionic would be wth JellyBean. Not many phones have the rare combination of a 4.3 qHD screen, microHDMI, expandable storage, removable battery, LTE and ICS/JB. Add to that the finally-decent (but tragically euthanized) Webtop 3.0 mode and the positive showing of all the recent Bionic leaks and you have the makings of a solid little phone IF it ever gets updated again.
    But I think at this point they are just trying to put everything released prior to the Droid RAZR out to pasture ASAP.
    I think Moto will just keep bluffing and stalling and “leaking” unofficial ICS builds for another few months and they will end up offering $150 or so to Bionic users (many of whom are not eligible for early renewal and will have to pay full retail).

    I’d much rather see Moto grow some big balls and do a full-blown promo with VZW where you bring your Bionic into a VZW corporate store and you simply walk out with a RAZR HD in exchange for a reasonable amount of $. That would be the ultimate in customer care~

  • mgamerz

    What about the other Q3 phones? I understand it really sucks for bionic users, but my atrix could use some Q3 love that I know they’re going to miss.

  • Mario Mendez

    The new VP of Product at Motorola is already 10 times better than the old one.

  • DonDemon

    I’ll belive it when I see ICS on my Bionic. So many broken promises. Feels like we were just thrown to the side and left to die.
    I dont see the fairness in releasing ICS to the Razor before the Bionic. Thats just B.S.!
    Motorola, if you really want to make up for the neglect, unlock the bootloader,and give us poor Bionic owners Jelly Bean.
    Also, maybe an update for the lapdock.Something needs to be done to run at a decent speed. Currently its slower than a snail. Makes it useless. Glad I only paid $50 .

    • tomn1ce

      It would be nice they go straight to JB…..

    • DL and install one of the ICS leaks. I’m running the 2nd one that was leaked and have no issues with it. I hear the 4th leak is stellar and it’s confirmed that you can FXZ back to the original upgrade path. When you get ICS, you will actually WANT to use your lapdock. They do away with the crappy interface they originally made and just invoke the tablet interface.

      For instructions on any of this, hit up droidmodderx on youtube. He’s got some great tutorials on all things Bionic.

  • Lambo_21

    heres another update by Punit himself: (yes a screengrab from my G+(

  • azndan4

    Just die Motorola. I am tired of your lies and broken promises.

    • LiterofCola

      Cry more

  • Jonathan Hunt

    Did I not get a “raw deal” from signing a 2-year contract with a Droid 3 that was replaced in less than six months with the Droid 4?

    • IM sorry man but thats your fault it was plainly obvious the droid 3 and droid x2 were filler phones. Anyway I got a bionic at launch when there were only slight rumors about the razr so i guess there really is no way to win

      • Jonathan Hunt

        How is that my fault? It was released as THE update to the Droid 1/2 line with a larger screen, larger keyboard and more features.

        I really think it’s time that the manufacturers begin to have serious discussions with the carriers about length of contract. The length of two years is absolutely ridiculous to be held to a single phone and a single carrier.

      • Lambo_21

        that and the Bionic was the flagship phone before the razr

    • Jaroid

      C’mon seriously? You didn’t see any red flags when Droid3 specs were announced?

      I was all set to buy a Droid3 too…after enjoying the OG Droid and Droid2…but then I saw it was not going to be 4G and have only a Pentile display…RED FLAGS. So I held out for the Droid Razr Maxx. One of the best decisions I ever made.

  • Nice to finally get a little Bionic love.

  • ceejw

    I almost bought a Bionic last year but instead decided to wait and see what the “Nexus Prime” would be like. I’m very glad waited for the Nexus.

    • TheCheapGamer

      I almost bought it as well, almost bought the Nexus, considered the Rezound…
      And then bought an iPhone 4S! D:
      It’s okay though, I jumped back with the S3 and haven’t considered iOS again.

    • joejoe5709

      I started looking at the smartphone world for the first time about 18 months ago. Back then, it was all about the Bionic. Then I heard about the Galaxy SII. Then I got tired of waiting for the damn thing. Then we realized we got pleasantly punked and Verizon would be getting the Nexus. Then I got tired of waiting for the Nexus. So I got a Rezound. I liked it lot, but it’s no Nexus. Finally got the Nexus and I couldn’t be happier. The SGIII is the only phone that could sway me in nearly an entire year. As far as the Bionic, that will resonate as one of Android’s saddest moments.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Bionic Owners? . . . . They do exist . . . . :-0

    • RoadsterHD1

      YES, more than you may think. Some of us installed the ICS leaks and the BIONIC is killing it. It runs like the phone should have at launch. No data drops and buttery smooth. The specs on the phone are right up there and run great with ICS.
      Motorola DROID BIONIC

      ICS 4.0.4

      1.2GHz OMAP-4430 Dual Core

      Stock Kernel 1gig-DDR2 RAM

      OEM Launcher

      Quadrant Standard Score 3100

      AnTuTu Benchmark 6322

      Vellamo 1053 first run

      • azndan4

        No one cares about your benchmarks man.

        • RoadsterHD1

          Come on we got a raw deal remember, cut me some slack…… 🙂 BIONIC is coming back with a vengeance..

          • joejoe5709

            I bet it’s a great phone. Unrealized potential right there…

          • RoadsterHD1

            Yes SIR….thanks

    • corymcnutt

      I LOVE my Bionic…had it replaced after 4 days (random reboots & BSOD) and haven’t looked back. No problems here…but as for ICS, I may have the Note 2 with JB before my Bionic gets ICS! Oh, well, my wife can enjoy it.

  • My best guess? ICS was scrapped for Jelly Bean. I really doubt after all the ICS leaks over the summer that it’ll never come to our Bionics (especially with how stable the leaks have been, I’ve been on one since June).

    Either that or we’re going to be compensated more than the $100 credit for 2011 phones that don’t get ICS. That’s a long shot but I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Also, I don’t feel like I got that much of a raw deal. Bought the Bionic new on launch (first smartphone purchase for me) and it’s been pretty solid, all things considered. .905 was rough with data drops but after installing an ICS leak (I think I’m still on .2233) it’s been completely solid.

    • Lambo_21

      ics wasnt scrapped…

  • Lambo_21

    oh yeah! no prob, kellex… just glad it was said and is repeated on a huge android site as many may not see it otherwise

    • smwandrie93

      yeah, who really uses google + anyway lol

      • Lambo_21

        hahaha, um… *ducks out of camera* nah kidding i use it once and a while it has good features to it. and obviously execs answer on there

      • Jaroid

        Give it time. They’re up to 400,000,000 members total…100,000,000 active…which is about 10-20% of Facebook levels already in less than a year. I can’t stand Facebook…and I look forward to G+ taking over down the line.

    • Good find lambo

      • Lambo_21

        read my newest post

  • Motoogle will fix things. Look what they did with the Nexus Q delay.

  • Tony Allen

    How about they just push out a buggy update, like they’re going to do. Make the bootloader unlock tool work in our favor, and give us a chance to make the Bionic a great phone again.

    • I think that’s the idea. The “new Moto” realizes that buggy and missed updates are what has been completely tanking their business.
      The unlock tool likely won’t work because of the security features they enabled on the OMAP SoC, so being a hardware limitation, they will just have to start fresh.

  • I hope this “new” Motorola can try to get Jellybean on my Razr Maxx. I don’t want 100$ off a phone when I just spent so much on this one.

    • I just want a follow up ICS update on my Razr to fix some major stability issues ICS caused in the first place! Then i’ll worry about Jelly Bean.

    • LiterofCola

      I’ll take the hundred off, that Maxx HD looks interesting

  • A company actually listening to customers, acknowledging their mistakes and promising to make it right?

    Is this real life?

    • Heh apparently it is.

      • Justin W

        Unfortunately, it’s not Verizon that’s listening to their customers. They are the main problem that most manufacturers have to overcome. Look at the GNex – just now getting JB from three months ago?

        • Blake Robinson

          And they have NOT unlocked the bootloaders yet either…

          • Justin W

            On the plus side, they are at least giving us the option to purchase a device with an unlockable boot loader.

          • Not ideal, unfortunately. I’d love to have an unlocked bootloader, but I’m not going to pay $600 for a phone just to be able to do that, especially knowing that the dev community will most likely be small behind it.

          • David

            I’m on unlimited data, so you can presume that my next phone is going to cost me a pretty penny–unlockable or not. sigh…

          • that’s not a plus side. that’s a joke. charging full retail is saying, ok you little pissants, you want it you will have to pay. at least that’s what it says to me lol. just seems degrading.

    • pappy53

      Yeah, they’re called Apple.

      • Hah, that was hilarious. Made my day

      • Big_EZ

        Yep, their customers say “we want what android has” and apple slowly (very slowly) gives them what they want. If you didn’t get some standard android features this year don’t be sad, theres always next year.

        • EC8CH

          Apple customers were all like…

          “I don’t like these cluttered maps. They don’t match the minimalist design of my phone”

          Then Apple was like….

          “Ok, Here ya go!”

      • super_ninja_1


    • polioman

      It’s because it’s Google.

    • Josh Flowers

      Domino’s Pizza did this–acknowledging their crust tasting like cardboard–and now they’re doing a full campaign on customer feedback & making things right. It’s actually a great marketing ploy & tactic.

      • KleenDroid

        Except that I liked their pizza better before. I’ve eaten one of their new pizzas and won’t eat another.

        • La2da

          The old crust is back!

          • omgitzjose

            that old crust was duscusting! you guys certainly arnt from NY. the new crust was way better as far as fast food pizza goes.

          • KleenDroid

            I am a fan of Romeos pizza here in Ohio. But I did not care for the new Dominoes pizza at all.

          • Keith Sumner

            If you live in NY you could be eating real pizza and not dominoes

          • goo.gl/2QFkt

          • like Carmen implied I didn’t know that you can get paid $5975 in a few weeks on the network. did you look at this(Click on menu Home)

          • KleenDroid

            It is? … lol

      • David

        Dominos?? OMG, that is GROSS.

    • TheRobotCow

      They can start with giving us a bootloader unlocking tool 😉

    • Manny

      hahahah Only apple does that.but most android fanboys don’t or cant realize that. Ios works. Those who bought the bionic or any moto phone are screwed in the sense that 4 or 5 months later they release 6 phones with the same crappy software and still get people to buy.

      • better than a phone every year with the same crappy software. XD

      • Jwhap

        Enjoy making mobile payments with your iphone5! Oh, yeah…..you will have to wait until 5s or 6! Have fun with your maps as well……:-)

    • Gunga Din

      Don’t believe it until you see it actually happen. They will make this big noise for publicity but that does not mean it will actually happen. Indians are notorious liars and believe it’s ok to screw the customer as long as the company profits.

    • Lfc

      Don’t get your hopes up. Mr Suni did pull the rug out from under the flag ship dual core phone atrix4g on att and also the photon4g on sprint. we were slated to get the ics update in Q3 but 2 days before the end of q3 they cancelled it. I guess the raw deal doesn’t apply to us atrix customers who have been waiting longer for our update. In a snake in the grass move they announced it late Friday night on the android update list and didn’t even change the date of the announcement(making it seem as if it was announced on the 22nd) Motorola is still the same old Motorola.

  • It is very easy to fix things. Beautiful design (so not like you’ve been doing Motorola), unlocked bootloaders, and stock Android.

    • Yes to #1&2. #3, eh, not so much. Let your software engineers be innovative, let them try new things. With the current state of the Motorola software, I see them as the commercial version of CyanogenMod with slightly less customization. Light theming, cool and useful extras, but mostly stock.

    • Big_EZ

      I like their design, its tge most masculine of all the current phones. I love the design of the Droid X, and the RAZR, and the Bionic wasn’t bad. Unencrypt the bootloaders and allow us to unlock them is the only thing you had right.The ski s that manufactures use aren’t all bad (especially if we can easily change roms) because they bring new features (yes, mostly useless but some good) that may be integrated into stock android.

    • LiterofCola

      Nothing wrong with their designs so far.