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Eric Schmidt Giving Talk at Cornell, Watch it Here

Right now, Eric Schmidt is giving a talk over at Cornell. You can watch in on the video right below. Don’t know if there will be much Android talk, but Eric always has some funny things to say about the business.

  • Manny

    Is he going to talk about all he learned when on the apple Board??

  • Carlton Madden

    Anyone know where this is going to be archived?

  • Greg

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing this.

  • MotoRulz

    Think its possible to get a transcript of Erics speech?

  • Good quality stream for me. Thus far it’s been a fantastic speech.

  • Lemme know if he says anything important…the video wouldn’t even load for me :/

  • But the quality of the video… it’s like watching a VCR home-made speech

  • Worth a watch, Eric is a great man

    • New_Guy