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Asus Sends Out Invitations for Padfone 2 Unveiling on October 16

This morning, ASUS has sent out invitations to the press and industry affiliates for them to book their flights over to Taipei, Taiwan and Milan, Italy for the unveiling of the Padfone 2. Unlike some companies, ASUS isn’t trying make this a secret and even has a corner of the device on display in the invitation.

Except for that image above, there are no confirmed specs or even really that many rumored specs to speak of. The only small piece of info out there was a benchmark that showed a Snapdragon S4 processor and 2GB of RAM. But, that’s just a benchmark and isn’t much to go on. 

Much like the original Padfone, we can most likely plan on this not making its way to the States due to carriers showing little interest in this hybrid phone/tablet device. Even more unsettling is that I won’t be able to attend since it’s all the way in Taiwan and Italy. Come on, ASUS. Sad face.

  • if only this would come out in the US and be compatible with verizon….if only.

  • JDub

    “Insert cry baby comment of it having capacitive buttons and not software buttons”

    • Physical buttons will hold Android back.. on screen buttons are the future

      • I disagree.. I like having the buttons off the screen on the S3. Give more screen space. Also helps with accidental presses of the home button.

  • This would be the shot in the arm that android tablets need. Especially if just plain tablets were made where any phone can be plugged into it. The ipad isn’t losing any ground to android tablets so not sure why carriers aren’t biting on this.

  • picaso86

    I am praying for this to get to Verizon – That will be the only phone that will replace my Maxx…

    • Jose Casas

      Been waiting got this for 2YRS now! C’mon, ASUS and US carriers, strike up a deal. I know it is all about $$$. I am ready to buy even at a reasonably high price. Love the 3 in 1 concept. Hoping still….

  • Needs on-screen buttons.

    • That was my initial thought as well…I thought the Android community was trying to phase out physical dedicated buttons.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Those ARE onscreen nav buttons. The last one had them.

      • they dont look like on screen ones in the picture, but im gonna go ahead and assume they are

  • Charles Rogers

    I can only wish. That Asus and I were on better terms.

  • It seems that I’m the only one who is in favor of this kinda tech. I like the idea of having only one device to manage, it gets rid of the syncing issues and saves money in the end. If they would just add something like what Motorola has with the Web Dock and Lap Dock this could be a total package (seeing as if it has enough performance and power to compete in all 3 sectors; phones, tablets and ultra books / net books.

    • michael arazan

      This is way better than putting your phone to a keyboard like the bionic or razr. You kill two birds with one stone with a padphone because you get the best of both worlds.
      Asus needs to make this as a universal for all phones to fit in the tablet. all you’d need is the plug for your phone connection and it would work.

  • S.Ober

    If this one make it to Verizon, I’m going to be pist! I still love my S3, especially after Samsung commercials. ha ha

  • Edward

    at lest we know it’ll have jelly bean …. but who really would use/buy this.. dont get me wrong it’s cool and all but i wouldn’t like to pay a whole lot for something i’d rarely use… just my thought’s

    • Futbolrunner

      I would definitely buy it. I have a GS3 and am contemplating on buying a nexus 7. For me this would be perfect.

  • GeorgeB

    My next phone! Hopefully this iteration makes it states side.

  • ok

    Is this an S4 Pro?

  • Droid-Life corporate jet lol