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ITC to Investigate Apple for Patent Infringment, Motorola Looks to Ban iPhones, iPads, and Mac Computers

Yesterday, the International Trade Commission voted to open up an investigation against Apple for patent infringement that was filed by Motorola. According to Moto, there are seven patents that most of Apple’s hardware product lineup are infringing. Devices that could end up on the butcher’s block are the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch, and all models of the iPad. The iPhone 5 would have also made the dispute had it been announced earlier when the filing took place. 

Google’s Motorola isn’t looking to ban just Apple’s mobile division though, as they claim iMessage is too, an offender, allowing Moto to also go after the Mac Pro, iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. Moto’s end goal is to eventually ban the import of all of these devices. If a case like this was won, it would mean a huge loss for Apple and we’re guessing there would be some serious payout and software revisions needing to be made that would make Samsung’s loss to Apple peanuts in comparison.

If this one goes to court and the ITC finds that Motorola/Google has a case, we’ll be following this one very closely.

Via: Arstechnica

Cheers Raven!

  • Kheir Francis

    LMAO, payback is a bitch apple, LMAO. but i agree with you Jon Gee, this is getting out of hand.

  • Jon Gee

    All of this is getting ridiculous. The only group that truly loses in all of this bull%#&^ is the consumer as it only serves to drive up prices for consumer electronics. If all of these companies adopted FRAND standards as a matter of policy rather than engaging in this great big patent pissing content they would ALL make money and consumers would get better products. (And yes, I said the same thing when Apple was the one suing.)

  • balthuszar

    i’ll ask this again…isnt it kind of hypocritical to cheer on motorola for this, all the while jeering on apple for the same thing?

    • joejoe5709

      Good point. I very much agree. I know Apple picked a fight, but let’s be the bigger man here and step away. We know we’re better. Google doesn’t need the money like Apple does.

  • Barbacoa

    Honestly I just don’t care anymore. All these patent wars do is hurt us. Companies focus so much on suing each other the wind up renovating not innovating. that being said I would love to see Apple get the same treatment they keep dishing out.

  • Devilsephiroth

    Google should have closed android and opened only to those in AOSP . And then charged those in Aosp like 5 cents. Thus leaving apple screwed for ripping Android off of so many features like notification bar , OTA updates , I message and multitasking.

  • Jimmyrustler

    Doubt Apple will lose this case.

  • Jillxz

    Unfortunately , Apple will not be found to infringe on these patents. Apple , almost always gets away with their evil. I would just love to see their products banned. Nothing could please me more. But , I am only dreaming.

  • steve

    this is why im a googler

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      This is why I eat boogers.

  • JoshGroff

    Heh, that’s what you get for poking the bear. Good fight.

  • boogity

    It about time. Some one stick up. To them

  • bogy25

    I have that picture of jobs above – I have many copies of it – I love it!

    I use it for target practice with my rifle. DROID FTW F apple

  • Robert Jakiel

    I would love to see Apple burn and crumble. What’s worse is that not a single governing entity has stepped in to see if in fact Apple is abusing the system and violating the anti-trust laws. Yet Microsoft, which I also hate, has had the FTC on their backs TWICE for things as trivial as IE integration.

    • InsanelySmall

      Microsoft who have just successfully won an injunction against Motorola’s phones in Germany btw.

  • Jas Tran

    if you think about it, apple indirectly invites others to sue itself because of their win against samsung. makes sense to me especially when we’re talking about a magnitude of billions or dollars.

  • Dave

    While not surprising, I don’t think the end goal here is to get all Apple products banned from the U.S. That would certainly be devastating but Googorola will more than likely want to force Apple into cross licensing agreements (like you know, how it should have happened in the first place). Google itself would not benefit from an iOS product ban given that a lot of their mobile ad profit comes from those devices. But when the going gets tough…

    • joejoe5709

      Yes. Cross licensing. Playing nice. That’s the way Apple and Android should operate. In a perfect world…

  • Ethan

    This is what Apple deserves. If they want to try to “compete” in the market by throwing lawsuits and patent claims at Samsung, why shouldn’t other OEMs do it back? I’m sure Apple’s stance would change once its entire line (aside from iPhone 5) is banned in the US. Samsung needs to hop on this bandwagon too!

  • Javis Sullivan

    Can they just set the example and drop this?

  • anywherehome

    Apple has very very probably corrupted al the judges so Apple will win everything….it is very very sad that this company:
    goo [dot] gl/AWKfX
    has co many clients…….world is st*pid 🙁

    • florious80

      Please don’t post after getting wasted…….you are making everyone in the world look smart and yourself st*pid…..

      • anywherehome

        youre welcome to provide you the facts 🙂

  • Raven

    Woot! 1st accepted story submission!

    Begun the patent war has.

  • nightscout13

    Man, i’ve been spending some time at All Things D, and the iFans are ruthless over there……

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Give them facts and logic, there heads will catch fire and their brain’s will ooze out of their ear’s.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Moto won’t win. Seems like only Apple wins these things. 🙁

  • BigJoe

    Idk why everyone thinks this is such big news…. Just add this to the hundreds of other lawsuits that are still being fought

  • yellowcanary73

    Don’t like Apple for doing so I don’t like Samsung,Google,HTC or Moto doing it either the consumer is always the loser.

    • JoshGroff

      Unless it ends in a cross-licensing deal of some sort, then we and Apple fans both benefit.

  • SeanBello

    fastest return on investment ever.

  • *Like*

  • lee min ho

    Payback time apple started all this suing budiness. I hope they lose. Karma

  • ADraws

    If they succeed there will be mass suicides from people who drank the Apple juice.

  • vikings football

    how is it that the iphone5 is not included just because the iphone5 wasnt announced earlier when the dispute was filed? i mean, cant it be amended? just as what apple will do with adding the galaxy s3 to the possible ban list in its next court date?

    • flosserelli

      If Motorola wins the lawsuit, rest assured they will add iphone 5 to the list.

      • I think they’ll let Samsung have the iPhone5.

  • Jeff

    Count me as one of those that wishes all the companies would just put all this patent crap to rest and just use the technology to make the best devices possible. Let the consumer decide what suits them best. If your product is as good as you claim it to be then people will buy it.

  • CrackerJack

    What’s that I hear Apple? Is it Karma calling…? When a company is so low that they would sue a Polish Deli because their web site a.pl was too close to apple then you know they are racking up negative karma points. I hope this goes all the way and MotoGoog bans everything Apple. That would put Apple in the position of either halting all their bullying or going out of the mobile business. Ironic how Apple used to complain about Microsoft and then behave in exactly the same manner.

  • JazzoRenee

    Hahahahaha talk about Motorola is you want too…

    • Diablo81588


      • JazzoRenee

        What don’t you understand? There is always a loose hole in the bunch..


  • Tyler

    Karma is a bitch ain’t it.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Except “Karma” is highly illogical, and doesn’t exist.

  • nightscout13

    Moto-Goog finally stepped up to the plate.

  • As much as I love Android and would root for an Android victory, I feel like it’s going to cause Android’s demise.
    The iPhone, as much as we hate it, is the most popular device, and has features that inspire Android to implement into the newest version of Android. If we kill off Apple, I’m afraid that Android innovation will slow down.

  • Wow, it is shocking Moto is part of Google. But it will be very hard for Apple to fight Google. Moto show them your stuff. Microsoft, Nokia, Gateway, Toshiba, Fujitsu have been doing all of this decades ago and then Apple can stick their name on it? NO WAY.

  • violator702

    I wonder if this investigation resulted in Rubin and Cook having their meeting a while back.

  • I honestly think they should squeexe every dime out of Apple but theres a point where they cross the line and I think this is on that line. I love my MacBook Pro 2011 and I love my Droid Razr and Android in general. I would never touch anything iDevice but their computers are top notch (a little overpriced). They are performance machines specializing in all the areas I need (Video editing, Photo Editing, iOS and Android development, and just general use for school) it wouldn’t matter to me if they took away iMessage on the Mac (no one even uses it anyways) but if they ban the device all together thats just hurting the consumer in the end. Yes I believe Apple deserves what is coming to them (Karma is a b!tch) but as my dad used to say, “don’t sink down to the bully’s level, it just makes you an even bigger bully.”

  • Apple kind of “Invaded Poland” I think. They crossed one too many lines and war broke out.
    The comparison of Apple to the WWII equivalent in the analogy isn’t quite what I was shooting for but I’ll roll with it. More talking about being too big for their boots and trying to claim what isn’t theirs as their own through heavy handed tactics.

  • AnGeLFaCe777

    This is why Motorola is the best, they have the power to do what they want 🙂

    • Inous

      But not enough power to get verizon to unlock their bootloaders!

      • AnGeLFaCe777

        Who cares about that anymore lol. Motorola has the best skin, battery, processor and now the display is very good. Why will you need to mess with your device? Moto gave you the option to buy the developer edition if you are so serious about the boot loader.

        • Robert Jakiel

          Best Skin is an oxymoron. Android doesn’t need a UI overlay like Sense, Touchwiz, Blur, etc… Vanilla Android with a few good widgets is solid. Hell you can even go so far as to replace the launcher if you need a little more tweakability.

          • AnGeLFaCe777

            You are a tool. Not everyone likes android stock, Motorola and the others manufactures have useful things on their skin.

  • This could be interesting, I hope this some how puts an end to all of this patent stupidity. I just kinda think apple deserves one hell of a sting before its over!

  • Ken Bosse

    why the hell didnt they wait til after the iphone5 release and then file

  • Asuriyan

    I’m going to be unpopular for this comment, but I get the feeling this is the reason Google bought Motorola and their patent portfolio, and I’m disappointed that they’re playing Apple’s game. The only clear loser in this drawn out, stalemated attempt to bloody each other’s noses is the consumer.

    • Adam

      Yes and Apple.

      • Asuriyan

        Fallacious. The back and forth momentum of all this nonsense means the only people making money are the lawyers. Guess who gets to pay those court costs? They get passed directly on to you, the consumer!

    • I agree, I mean I am the biggest Android nerd I know and yet I love Apple’s computers. I wouldn’t dare buy any iDevice because they are simply old, outdated and overrated but they have kept their computer lineup just as solid as any other manufacturer and kept up to date with whats new, actually innovating! lol Overall if Motorola gets 100% their way its just a lose lose situation for the consumer. Yes, I think Apple deserves whats coming for them but at least stop at the iDevices, just ban the iCrap and keep the Mac.

  • Cesar Hernandez

    Payback for being stupid and trying to patent a rectangle with rounded edges!!! I hope Motorola destroys that rotten piece of fruit!!

  • Jason Pillow

    Good. Though it probably won’t happen since no one wants to anger the Apple God’s. I hope it does, it’d be nice to see Apple have a taste of their own medicine.

  • frankandsimple

    Motorola’s first complaint against apple was entirely dismissed. wonder why motorola is trolling again..

  • Weren’t we at this once with Microsoft? They all “steal” from each other, these trials & lawsuits only cost consumers money with higher priced products sold to cover the lawyer fees.

    • AnGeLFaCe777

      I am agreeing with you. I do feel that even though the manufactures have stolen from each other, Apple was the first one to sue without having the right to do so.

    • Philuptagus

      Are you kidding.
      The recent lawsuit iCrApple won against Samsung will allow crApple to put any price tag on their products. Without competition, crimes like this can be accomplished. If Google/Moto does have a case, I hope they win… Apple deserves it. This is THE epitome of karma. Go Google, sic’em!

  • nightscout13


  • Despyse

    ….bbbbBBBUAUAHAHAHA!! xD Didn’t even read it but that’s funny as sh!t lol

  • joejoe5709

    I dunno. I’m a militant Android fan like most, but I’m kinda done with the whole patent thing. I feel like it’s a stalemate at best and from here on out no one is going to “win”. And perhaps deep down I don’t want Samsung/Android to get any more bad press from any further losses in court. It’s getting to be a little too Jerry Springer for my tastes. I’ll go back to my iPhone5 bashing duties now thanks. 😉

    • Then tell Apple to stop. I’m sure Google/Moto wouldn’t care if Apple didn’t start it.

      • manny

        To stop protecting their property?

        • skudd

          seriously? dont open up that can of worms right now. You know better

        • Ken

          Ahh yes…that whole rectangle with rounded corners idea they came up with. Brilliant I tell ya, Brilliant!

        • Please tell me, what was actually “their property”?

          • Maddened


      • joejoe5709

        It’s like a fight between two huge muscle-bound assassins. They’ll probably just end up killing each other. It isn’t fun anymore and I’d like Google/Android to just keeping putting out great product that speak for themselves. Apple is finally showing signs of major slippage and we are in a unique position to overtake them with grace and respect. If Apple continues the way they are, people are going to be quickly jumping ship over the next couple years. For me, that should be good enough.The billion dollars or whatever Apple got is little more than a speeding ticket for Google and a small installment for Apple to survive a few more years riding their fanatical hype wave. In the meanwhile, Google needs to be busy protect itself better and patent everything under the sun to prevent future issues. But in the end I think we all just need to let it go… This whole Apple thing will be over soon enough.

  • Mark

    BOOYAH! FINALLY! This is the only way to get this stupid patent trolling stopped. Go thermonuclear on Apple!

    • antinorm

      This case shows why the USA and Russia didn’t bomb the bejesus out of each other during the Cold War. “If you bomb us, we’re going to bomb you right back.” If only *pple had that kind of sense.

      • TheShadow

        MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction.

        • Alex Goodwin

          Nice story! Tell it to Reader’s Digest!
          Any Megadeth fans out there?

          • PC_Tool

            That song just went by on my playlist, actually.

            Yeah…I’m stuck in the 90’s….so sue me. (of course, the song right before that was Ingrid Michealson “Giving up”, and the one after that was an Irish Folk song, so maybe it’s not so much as “stuck in the 90’s” as it is bi-polar/manic.) 😉

          • Ugh Dave Mastaine need to go away just as much as Apple needs to go away.

          • Devilsephiroth

            Since 1985.

  • lvlorpheus

    I would like to see Motorola/Google win this and then turn around and make a statement that they always have and still do stand behind their mission statement, “Do no harm.” Followed by something to the effect of banning almost all of crapple’s products would harmful to crapple’s American isheep. With that we are more than happy to compete with crapple in the free market if crapple will drop all of their legal cases against Android and the manufactures of Android devices. If crapple is willing to do this and meet us on the free market battle field we are willing to forgo pursuing crapples stealing our intellectual property and forgive their lack of innovation.

    Or something to that effect. No I don’t have any crapple products.

    • frankandsimple

      It is not a case that someone can win or lose. It’s just ITC following up on Motorola’s complaint and deciding to conduct an investigation..

    • They probably wouldn’t openly say iSheep or Crapple….thats kinda a no no in the business world! lol

      • itznfb

        Is it? Samsung just put out a commercial visually calling Apple users sheep. Very blatantly and openly.

    • Mchl496

      Do no harm to the general public, but harm the FUC* out of these dicks who keep trying to harm us and our friends.

  • +1 for Motorola! It would be +10 if you got Jelly Bean out to my Droid Razr but as long as everything beginning with the letter i and M from Apple get banned I will be happy!

    • AnGeLFaCe777

      Why are you so anxious about Jelly Bean on the Razr. I have my Razr and ICS works like butter. Stop suffering already !

      • I personally never had any experience on GB with the Razr because I got it as a CLN for a Rezound but ever since I got it, it has severe stability issues. At least once a day it locks up or freezes and even worse sometimes it just decides it doesn’t want to connect to ANY cell tower causing me to reboot. Not a big issues but its definitely annoying after a while. I think I have narrowed the stability issues down to 2 apps. One of them is the built in Motocast and another is Lookout, both of which seem to make the phone start lagging. However I’m keeping lookout for now but I just set it to do all the scans at night instead of during the day (it only lags while scanning) but for everything good on this earth I cannot find where to change Motocast’s syncing settings. I would like to turn automatic syncing off and just have it update when I go into the My Files app.

        I’m so anxious for Jelly Bean because hopefully between Project Butter and just general Bug Fixes these issues will be resolved and I can stop hating the Verizon rep who talked me into a replacement Razr over the Rezound (I was getting tired of the Rezound, 3 replacement devices and none of them could connect to data and random reboots drove me crazy but still at least the thing was fast when it decided to work lol)

        • Asuriyan

          You have some terrible luck with those refurbs, man. I would call and start asking them to get you a new phone.

          • My original Rezound was a new device because after 3 refurbs from Asurion they send a new device so I went through 3 refurbished Thunderbolts before they finally gave me a new Rezound (with iBeats headphones) all was good until Verizon pushed the OTA ICS update that screwed everything up. I called Asurion this time and they said it was no longer their problem because it was a new device. They sent me to Verizon where I then proceeded to go through 4 Rezound’s before finally this Razr which is by no means perfect (the SCREEN IRRITATES ME TO DEATH, yes I’m OCD lol but still Motorola could have done something to get rid of the black ink looking gook behind the glass.) At least this device works as a phone (it is a phone after all) and it can hold a solid signal most of the time (when it decides not to drop everything).

          • Asuriyan

            I went through a similar chain from the Droid Charge to the Bionic to the Razr. I had a total of 9 phones in a span of as many months- it was driving my fiancee crazy. I can’t blame you for wanting to stick with a known quantity at that point. Best of luck, is all I can say.

          • It drove me crazy and just about all my friends were like, “Dude, really you just got a new phone 2 days ago.” lol This Razr has I think a 90 day warranty (they didn’t say exactly how long but I would assume 90 days) and if ANY major problems happen between now and then Verizon WILL be hearing from me and I will demand to speak to a supervisor and demand a NEW SGS3 or a Droid Razr HD.

        • AnGeLFaCe777

          My friend i was having this issues too, but you have to remember that this devices are like a computer. You need to restart it once and in a while. Remove lookout and install avast, which is the best antivirus. Fast reboot is another nice application along with cache cleaner. I am agreeing with you Jelly Bean runs very nice, i have the nexus 7 but the nexus 7 has another processor and quad core as well.

          • But stil even on ICS with my Rezound it was only a reboot maybe once a week or so, I’m now up to 2 reboots today alone on my Razr (one was FoxFi’s fault, for some reason sometimes it gets stuck turning on and forces the device to reboot). And hopefully Jelly Bean on the Razr will be just as stable as on the N7, I saw a post on Android Central or XDA where someone had their N7 at over 1000 hours since last reboot. Thats a testament to Google and the developers to make a device last that long without restarting, he did say that widgets and the clock seemed to mess up after a few hundred hours but nothing major.

            I’ll definitely look into Avast, anything to get rid of this lag!!!

          • Diablo81588

            Installing an antivirus will only make your phone slower, much less speed it up.. I would advise against installing an antivirus of any kind on your phone. Just stick to the Play Store and Amazon’s app store for apps, and you’ll be fine.

          • The only reason I use antivirus is for 1) incase I loose the dang thing and 2) sometimes me and my friends will swap apk files and its just nice to be double sure that the packages are safe.

          • Diablo81588

            What does having an antivirus have anything to do with losing your phone? There are several apps that do just that.

          • Most antivirus apps have some sort of find my device feature. I have used lookout’s service many times and it seems to work well and fast.

          • AnGeLFaCe777

            As i have mentioned to you reboot your devices everyday for 3 minutes. Also, get the app cache cleaner and fast reboot pro. Our razr will not be as smooth as the N7 we do not have quad core.

          • Ok I will look into it! Even if it isn’t as smooth as the N7, it will still hopefully be a major improvement over ICS on this device.

            Thanks everyone for all your help!

          • AnGeLFaCe777

            You are welcome 🙂

          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            Whoa, AngelFace, you haven’t been around these parts since back when DroidLife used to have live wallpapers all the time for download. Is Motorola still the only word in your vocabulary? I like all Android phone makers, but not a single post used to go by where you weren’t vehemently espousing the superiority of Motorola.

          • AnGeLFaCe777

            There are other manufacturers that I like like Sony and Asus, but at the end of the day Motorola is superior than all of them. You all know it even though you you are still hurt about the bootloader situation.

    • If you want a JB so bad run a custom rom and STFU.

  • Android1997

    We’ll get them some day. And their little iPhone too

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      What a world what a world, I’m melting, melting!

  • Oooooooh snap.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Did your wrist just break? Or are you just a big fan of one the Rice Crispies midgets?

      • I was on the 7th page of my vigorously written fan-letter to one of the Rice Crispies midgets when my wrist could no longer take the intensity and broke.

        Maybe I should type the next one.

  • Buckoman

    With our luck we’ll get Lucy Koh as the judge.

  • Anthony

    I hope they not only go to court, but win this case to the maximum. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

  • Roberto Gavino

    I like the idea but what are the chances they’ll actually win ?

    • frankandsimple

      Next to Zero!

      • Adam

        And how were you able to determine that sir?

        • CHRIS42060

          I would assume he got his insight the saw way as most tech blog patent experts have…… He guessed.

          • frankandsimple

            you are a 100% correct 🙂

    • If the patents are any good I and their lawyers are better than Samsung’s then there is actually a good chance. They may not get a ban on all of the devices but I could see all iDevices. Just imagine if Apple was totally banned from the US…..their profits would go in the trash and the lawyer fees / court fees / fines would BURN through that 100 billion they have in cash.

      • Baconator

        I wish but I doubt it would happen because Apple is one of the most “valuable” US companies.

        • I think Motorola and Google (they’re the same thing now) would technically be the more “important’ company. How many times do you use an Apple website, device, etc. If you own one then maybe a few times a day but if you don’t then just about never. But how many times do you use a Google website, device, etc. for me and everyone I know that answer would be tens possibly hundreds of times a day. Between the phones, Google Search, Android, GMAIL, GCalendar, etc its an integrated part of EVERYONE’S lives even Apple users admit to using google services (gmail, gcalendar, google Maps, etc)

          • Not to mention the fact Google is more than just phones and web searching now. They’re working on the self-driving cars, the augmented reality glasses, and who knows what else.. They probably using Google technology in the military drones.

  • New_Guy

    And the ‘ish just got real. Bout time MotoGoog reached down and grabbed a pair.

    • btod

      I’m waiting on Samsung and HTC to do the same. They both made statements that they would sue if the iphone 5 had lte. Where are they now?

      • New_Guy

        I’m sure they’re working on it. These things can take up to a year to come full order.

    • Inous

      I’m pretty sure they new exactly what they were doing when google and moto merged the mobility division. They’ve been meticulously going through patent after patent for the last few months just to see how hard they could hit Apple. They weren’t hiding but rather waiting for the perfect moment… the moment when Apple announces their newest product. I’d say Motogoog has the biggest pair in the industry and now their swinging’em around a bit.

      I have a feeling Apple is going to be in the hurt locker very soon, and it’s safe to say they need to stay there a while so they can think about what they’ve done to the industry.

      Open and Free Markets shall prevail!

      • Greg

        love the hurt locker reference! aaron?

      • New_Guy

        I definitely hope you’re right on this one. I hope even more that Koh is not the judge this time around.

  • I guess we won’t have any phones to play with in the future with all these patent wars

  • storm35x

    Let Steve Jobs roll over and over and over in his grave. Apple needs to suffer

    • Mchl496

      Apple has suffered, thats why they are the trendy dicks that they are now. Remember Microsoft vs Apple?

  • frankandsimple

    Late reporting.. isn’t this the one where the ITC is set to conclude it’s investigation sometime in 2014?? LOL.

  • Steven Ortiz
  • Christian

    I’m glad Apple is getting a taste of their own medicine but this is starting to go too far…

    • Justin W

      I disagree… Android manufacturers need to give crApple an over-dose of their own medicine, and then it can stop.

      • Christian

        I’m not talking just Android because believe me I wish Apple never would’ve escalated it to this level in the first place; but we all know as soon as this is over, or perhaps before it even is, Apple will file a different suit against some Android manufacturer with an even bigger claim…basically I just think it sucks that sooner or later companies are going to have to invest more time and money into legal teams than developers 😛 Obviously I support Android 100% and know it has to retaliate but I just think this all is ridiculous.

  • xgshortbus25

    Way to go moto!!! stick it to the Bastards!!!

    • JoYu

      I think it is interesting that they are suing for similar software based patents as apple has been winning with. I assumed they would use some hard hitting hardware based patents from Motto’s heyday. Maybe they are trying to prove something?

      • Motorola should in theory own patents for the basic phone functions (calling out, receiving calls, signal indicators, etc. seeing as they were the first company to make the mobile phone as we know it now. Of course that is if they weren’t like Google and forgot to get it all patented.

        • michael arazan

          Motorola has been around since 1928, I’d think they have more patents than you could shake a stick at. Especially in wireless mobile communication technology since their communication products has helped the United States in times of war since ww2. And in ’73 motorola made the first cellular phone call.

      • SeanBello

        I think they’re proving the point that Apple isn’t the only one to nit pick and if they won suing over patents that probably shouldn’t be granted, they’re going to lose over legitimate ones.

        • Ken

          They’re simply defending themselves. Jobs stated publically that he wanted to spend every single dollar in Apple’s bank to destroy Google and Android.

      • Tony Allen

        At this point, it would only be to prove a point, that Google is no longer afraid to take action through it’s own acquired properties.

        Honestly though, I’d rather see them not sue Apple. No need to stoop to their level.

        • Nlsme

          No need for Google to allow their partners to be crushed for ridiculous suits either though. If I was part of the OHA, I would be asking for a meeting, and trying to get everyone in the OHA to file any and all law suits they could. Somewhere they would succeed, and the Apple would have products banned. Maybe then they would grow up, and stop acting like they should be the only kid on the block.

          • If that happened, suddenly the big kid on the playground would be outnumbered and be FORCED to either walk away or get crushed. That would by far be the best thing for the industry as a whole.

        • The only way it will stop is if they do. Apple is like the big stupid, popular bully in the play ground. They aren’t going to stop harassing the other kids until one sticks up to them and punches them in the face.
          I know many of us wish they didn’t have to stoop to their level, but sometimes it’s necessary. Even if it’s just a threat, it’s necessary.

    • This is a sad day. I actually would prefer to see Motorola take the higher path and be above such things and set the example for other tech companies. I don’t want to see one company “win” or “lose”…I want to see innovation and the rapid furthering of the mobile tech that we all enjoy so much. These lawsuits are only putting chains on that innovation and taking us in the other direction.

      Don’t get me wrong…I don’t like Apple products at all (or the bully company that they are for that matter) but the constant law-suits are one of the big reasons that I don’t like them in the first place! Apple’s already on the decline because they’re spending more time suing than creating…let them die because their products suck…not because they were forced out of the market. Who knows, maybe when they drop below 10% market share, they’ll put it into high gear and start churning out some new ideas that we can all benefit from!

      Can’t everyone just get over these lawsuits and get on with innovation and seek ways to share ideas appropriately so that we can all have better technology?

      • Baconator

        I am sure Google/Moto would love to end all these lawsuits but they can’t. They have to prove a point just like Samsung and HTC do. Apple started with all this suing business and they won’t let it go. Google/ Moto, Samsung, HTC, etc.. just can’t let Apple sue them and do nothing about it. If a kid continues to bully another kid constantly that kid has to learn to stick up for himself and show that he’s not going to be a victim anymore, that is exactly what these Android manufacturers are doing, sticking up for themselves. I hope that made sense. 😛

        • tomn1ce

          +10,000,000…i was thinking the same thing. Someone has to put a stop to crapple.

          • Timothy McGovern

            You can’t +10,000,000. You’re only one person >:[

          • +10,000,000

        • JB

          Look at what Apple is doing now. They’re trying to sue the bankrupt Kodak in order to capture it’s patents so that they can use those patents to sue others.

          • They worked with Kodak in the 90s and just want the patents that were generated from that work. Stop spreading FUD.

      • Capt. Crunch

        I don’t think Moto would actually ban Apple’s products, they would just make Apple pay for the damage they caused to Samsung and the rest of the mobile industry and make sure Apple didn’t sue any of Google’s partners again.

        • tomn1ce

          They should ban them all just like crapple is trying to ban samsung’s, htc’s and moto’s devices on every chance they get.

          • Capt. Crunch

            While I agree crApple has hit a new low, I still think Google should take the high road.

          • Again, there is no “high road” to take. The bullying example above is probably the best way it can be said. The “turn the other cheek” thing has been done and the industry is out of cheeks. It’s now time to hit back, and hit hard, so everyone can move on and we can get back to innovation in products rather than innovative ways to sue each other in the courtroom.

          • Ken

            Yah thats a great idea. Take the high road in business. So when their company is in shambles because they arent allowed to sell phones anymore due to lawsuits from Apple, they can at least be content in the fact that they “took the high road”.
            You’re a genius. You should work at an Apple store.

      • Unfortunately, taking the ‘higher path’ paves the way for other companies who don’t have such ethical values to go on the offensive and win. The whole patent debacle is “do unto others, before they do unto you.” That is just how it is.

      • Apple stifles innovation. There can’t be any progress if companies like Apple try to stop it. The only way there will ever be “innovation” is if Apple knocks off the school yard bully act and giving them a taste of their own medicine is the only way to end it.

      • HTC1

        Didn’t you read Princess’s post. Apple won’t stop. So are we supposed tol sit there and keep getting punched in the face. How about you tell apple to take the high road rather than us. We don’t need them for innovation. their product is stale and will always be stale. As long as there are idiot alive they will sell but we need nothing from them, NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Snyder

    That’s it! I am going to patent patent trolling. Thus when you sue, I sue, we all sue! Kinda like ice cream… Trollololololol!