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Droid Life Q&A Session: Volume 5

The last few weeks have been jam-packed with announcements from almost every major mobile tech player you can think of. We were introduced to new RAZRs from Motorola, the first Windows 8 phones from Nokia, a new iPhone, and new Kindles. This week, the fun isn’t stopping as Motorola and Intel will take the stage in London tomorrow to unveil their first product. Then LG and Qualcomm will get on stage together in NYC followed by HTC a day later. The back-to-school Fall blast is officially underway, and we couldn’t be more excited.

So what better way to keep things rolling than with the 5th edition of our DL Q&A sessions? For those new to this feature, think of it as your opportunity to ask the DL staff anything that comes to mind. It could be about all of the smartphone madness that we have covered over the last couple of weeks, what we are expecting from this week, or what we had for dinner last night. It’s an open atmosphere.

At the end of the week, we’ll grab a handful of questions and let the team take to answering them. Ready? Drop in the comments and let us know what’s on your mind.

  • Any chance of a Google Nexus 10 on the way? And will it be any different from the the Nexus 7?

  • matt d

    With all the phones that are coming out now, which phone on Verizon is the most appealing? Which device is most worthy of being someone’s daily driver (right combination of performance, hardware, and battery life)?

  • ohshaith55

    So glad to see this today, I just thought of a question yesterday and was hoping to ask it soon. So, if you could/had to, what carrier would you switch to from Verizon?

  • Jason Brown

    i know there are rumors of different oems making their own version of the next nexus phone to be released this fall. this had me thinking, do you think we’ll ever see google team up with multiple oems to make one badass nexus phone? for example, have samsung be involved with the design/form factor, have motorola deal with the hardware, another company focus on the camera, while google can focus on the OS. that would seem like the ideal scenario to build a high quality nexus phone. don’t get me wrong, i love my gnex, but with all the problems people have been having, one has to think how they (google and the oem) can make a higher quality phone even if it is a developer phone.

  • How come none of us care about LG… even with the Optimus G with the best specs of any phone ever!! …I don’t want it, why?

  • DCX

    How does Windows 8 Phone look to you lately? Is it great for innovation, and do you see it as a viable competitor in the smartphone wars? The Nokia Lumia 920 is shaping to be one of the best phones of the year, and has impressed me far more than the i5 and the GS3 (but I’m not sure it will allow me to part with the Razr Maxx HD that I may grab – I am biased to Motorola Android phones, if not the GN)…

  • bpow

    Do you think the RAZR Maxx will receive 4.1?

  • Maimonea77

    Whill the HTC one x get jelllybean state side???

  • Should i upgrade in October and get the GS3 or wait for the next Nexus device? And has there been any word of a new Nexus device coming out by the end of this year

  • IntlGrizzly

    What do you think will be the best phone on Verizon at the end of the year?

  • What “psp style” android tablet do you recommend for portable gaming (i.e. Jxd s5110)?

  • Nick F’n Gage

    Kellex why do you always have such long fingernails?

  • George G

    Personally what OEM would you prefer for the next nexus phone? Also what do you think will happen in the tablet world when Microsoft releases the Surface tablet?

  • Hey It’s Franklin

    How can black people rise up, and over come?

  • geedee82

    Should I start Roddy White or Julio Jones tonight?

    • EricRees

      I’m down 10 points and banking on Julio to win me my game tonight.

    • Right now I am 23 points down. Roddy is my only player left to play.
      I am hoping he has a great game.

  • carlisimo

    What should those of us who like smaller phones expect from Android manufacturers in the future?

  • Stew

    What do you guys look like?

    What’s your favorite device from the September craze? Nokia Lumia 920, RAZR HD, RAZR MAXX HD, HTC dlx/One X 5 as rumored, Galaxy Note 2, or even iPhone 5?

    How long do you think it will be before we see something from Motorola that will really make us say, “That’s very Google” or “Google Inspired and Designed”?

    Based on the most recent rumors (or lack thereof), what’s you guys’ take on the multiple Nexus situation and the future of Android?

    • Is it just me or do their commercials now seem very Google like.

  • Inquizitor

    Why do so many OEMs insist on pentile screens, and insist on larger screens at the cost of pixel density? Wouldn’t a company like HTC or Samsung do better by having a beautiful Super AMOLED HD that’s around 4 inches with a ppi that destroys “Retina display” from a marketing angle?

    HTC had the Rezound with a higher density than the 4/4S which also wasn’t pentile, yet didn’t advertise at all. I assumed it was because Verizon favored the Droid RAZR, but I haven’t seen any Android phones since with a similar screen.

  • How do you think Android will evolve in 2013?
    How can Android be improved for Key Lime Pie/the next release?

  • Buckoman

    You’ve probably answered this before, and it might sound noobish, but why is the primary color for this site pink? I’ve been wondering for a while.

  • I’d like to hear each of you answer a quick one-two liner of why Android is better than iOS for you. …yeah, we all know TONS of answers, but it’d be good to hear the DL staff personal answers on this!

  • ranger

    what happened to visual voicemail that was supposed to be integrated with ics?

    • Well, it is with Google Voice. 😛

  • 1. How well do you guys know your readers? Do you read the comments so much that you’ve come to know/recognize the frequent posters? Have you ever thought of hosting Droid Life meet-ups in convenient locations to get the DL fans together?

    2. Do we still need data enabled Tablets? My OG Droid was not the greatest for tether, but with faster phones and FoxFi do we really need that LTE radio in our tablets?

    3. How about that “One Comparison Table to Rule Them All”? I’d like to be able to know at a glance what the specs on smart phones are. Toss in some sample pictures from the cameras too 🙂

    4. Have you seen the Martian watch on kickstarter? http://goo.gl/SjXTq

    5. I am thinking about giving Gin a try, any favorites?

    • [[[…babysmoker…]]]

      5. Hendrick’s. I also love my Bombay Sapphire (to each their own), but yeah – Hendrick’s.

    • 3. Hey just saying they used to be working on a devices section so maybe that is still under works.

      • We basically created that in our Specs column up above.

    • Answer to number 5 – Hendricks Gin. 😉

      We’ll get to the others in the official answers post.

  • Richard

    Kellex, if I may sir,
    My question is as follows: I am curious to know if the picture in picture feature on the S3 will work on any other device, or could it provided a few tweaks depending that phone… I am wondering if anyone has tried to port it onto another device… Besides the S voice, this would be the only other feature I care more about than the rest…


  • MichaelFranz

    Few Questions

    – I went into a VZW store today to get my hands on a few new devices and play around. I’ve seen and played with a SGS3 and i like it, that’s probably because i like my GNEX, so maybe a little biased. But I also played with a Razr M and a LG intuition. First off, the Razr M was nice but i feel after having a thunderbolt and now Gnex, I don’t see myself going to a smaller formed device, even if it is still 4.3 inches. But now the LG intuition – WOW, That thing looks like a square glass coaster. I really do not like the look of that thing. It really does look square and reminds me of that failed MOTO social networking phone which was square….just this is 5X its size practically.

    So my question is when will this screen growth thing stop and why do you think there is such a need for BIGGER and BETTER. What would be the ideal screen size? GS3 with a Razr M bezel size? Or other?

    Second question –

    We all talk about how apple didnt impress on the new tech aspect of the iphone, but when i sit and think the only real device that has atleast from software is the SGS3 as of now. I wasn’t impressed by the razr’s except the display looks promising, but at what cost to battery life, etc etc. NFC is nice to have but needs a big push before it is used widely and with mobile payments. Hoping LG and HCT do so this week (we’ll see). My question is what would you liek to see happen, something that you may already know of that has been spoken of and shown just not implemented or something that was an idea that never made it to a phone yet?

  • What happened to the Nexus 7 dock?

  • In the new era of Shared Data plans, consumers are seriously considering paying full price and pay as you go. Dollar for Dollar, is it better to shell out the full price and stay with big carriers month by month, or go with PrePaid unlocked phones from the likes of TMobile, StraighTalk, Net10? Considering one has an unlimited data plan to begin with.

    • FAL_Fan

      It’s definitely going to be cheaper to switch over to t-mobile or the others, but you sacrifice reliability of network and coverage if you do. I live in an area that has all the carriers and frog and constantly compare service with friends and others just for the sake of knowing, I also travel often. Verizon is by far the most reliable and most well covered service I have seen, but also the most expensive. In the end, you have to consider if you want to be able to call a friend/tow truck when you break down on the side of the road or simply accept the fact that you started hearing banjos play and you have nowhere to run.

      • Diablo81588

        Wrong turn 😛

  • Royal2000H

    What ROMs are you guys all running (and on which phones)?

  • Answer2K1

    1. Hands down, best/worst reviewed phones and tablets ever? (not compared to anything just based on its own form factor/specs/battery/camera/display/performance).

    2. Opinion on Verizon + Android, today, is this really a successful relationship (in your view)? Feels forced/neglected at times…

    3. Great quarterback + inconsistent defense or Great defense + inconsistent quarterback?

    4. Newton/RG3/Luck ranking after 3 years each in the league?

    5. Over first two weeks, do replacement have significant impact on the game? Getting better/worse?
    OAN: Any chance of that list of “new” features in the i5 that already existed on Android phones?

  • Cody

    Are there any stable Jelly Bean roms out there for the GS3. If so can someone guide me on how to root my device and add the custom rom?

  • Rob

    What do you think about sacrificing the features of OEM skins like Touchwiz for the fluidity of AOSP ROMs? Also, which one is your personal favorite as they stand right now? (CM10, AOKP, BB, etc.)

  • When is the next Nexus phone-sized device expected?

  • Is the Droid RAZR MAXX HD compatible with 64gb SD Cards? Will there also be a Dev. Edition of the MAXX HD?

  • Jason M

    I’m not a fan of the stock text messaging app that came with my GS3. Is there a third-party texting app that you guys would recommend?

    • WAldenIV


  • I know I must sound like a broken record by now… Will Motorola be pushed away from the Nexus program again? Maybe because Mountain View is trying not to ‘step’ all the other OEM’s toes? Just a thought. What is the opinions of DL staff on this one?

    I would also like to hear what your opinion is on Samsung’s multiple losses to Apple in the legal space, and how that may affect their ticket into the Nexus zone again.

    As always DL rocks!

    • michael arazan

      we’ve heard sony, lg,and samsung for new motorola phones this year. Is it definite motorola will make one or not? Will these new Nexus devices have “great specs” or will they be down graded for these manufacturers to sell their top teir phones? For example if samsung makes the new nexus, with the sg4 coming out a couple months later, will it have the same specs?

      • At this point everybody and their dog WANTS a motonexus, but its really all rumors and hearsay. I would love for one to come this year, but with moto having released 3 new phones on big red alone, I doubt it. There is always january/february, but still that is a might bit soon after the RAZR’s replacemtents which only just released.

        I’m guessing next fall.

  • Knlegend1

    Peyton vs Eli? My money is always on Peyton

    • WAldenIV

      I can’t stand either, but Eli has surpassed Manning where it counts most.

  • What are your predictions for the next major improvements to Android? User profiles looks to be coming down the pipeline. What else should we be looking forward to in Android 4.2 Kiwi Souffle?

  • Lucky Armpit

    Can you guys clarify AOKP, or “kanging”? I’ve always understood that kanging is a bad thing. Looking for some clarification. Thank you!

  • Sorry, obvious one. On Verizon, what phone should I upgrade to if I plan on upgrading by the end of the year.

    And #2: It shocked me the Razr HD only had 1gb of ram after the SIII had 2 — is there a real performance difference? I’m coming from a Droid X that always had memory issues, so it makes the SIII more appealing to me at the moment.

    • WAldenIV

      I doubt it will. The 2GB might make the SIII a little more future-proof, at least in as much as possible with any Android-based phone. What type of memory issues did you have? I never had any with my DX. I just got the Razr M and it freakin’ flies. It should bode well for the Razr HD.

  • How about we put some photos with those names . Can we see you faces tim and kellex?

    • John

      Google it lazy as s 🙂

    • Many times you can see their faces in the videos and also on their facebook pages.

  • Liderc

    Do you think Verizon will get a Nexus device again this year? Are you disappointed with Motorola’s new line of phones? Did the iPhone flop in terms of impressing even iPhone users? I did not see nearly as much excitement or coverage as even the 4S. We know it will sell well, but do you feel like the tech world has finally realized Apple is a company that’s lagging way behind in terms of smart phones?

  • Is anyone still using their Nexus Q?

  • Tony

    Why does the Site always show up in desktop mode on every phone I use? It’s really annoying to switch every time.

    • Go to the VERY bottom of the site on your phone. There’s a button for switching to mobile view. Once checked, it should stay there for good.

  • Jeremy Gentry

    where is the best place to buy used phones for those of us who want to keep our unlimited data? also i’m hearing that verizon is allowing upgrades to keep unlimited data recently, is this still happening?

    • JoshGroff

      Swappa is one of the best, but eBay and craigslist can be reliable if you don’t mind picking through all the bad ESN or as-is devices.

      • Chey023

        I bought a dinc on swappa after my dx headphone jack crapped out. I will buy from them again and sell my dinc there when I get my new phone from them.

        • JoshGroff

          I started using Swappa about 5-6 months ago, and have not had any problems. It helps that most of the people who use Swappa are fellow tech enthusiasts and take good care of their devices.

          • moelsen8

            how’s your experience using it? you break even (or at least able to sell the device and buy next one for decent price)? i’m kind of starting to have a problem with smartphones. as much as i love my gnex i would love to try the sgs3.. and the note ii, and pretty much every other phone that comes out.

          • JoshGroff

            I typically will wait for a device to stabilize before I buy into it. I usually break even or take a minor loss from seller fees and shipping, which amounts to somewhere around $20.

    • Spongehead

      A friend of mine recently talked to a VZW rep over the phone about her account. She has five lines on an old Alltel account with unlimited data. She asked about the Share Everything plan because she has two upgrades to use and thought she’d save money because she doesn’t use much data. The rep looked at the account and the data usage, then told her that he could not “recommend” that she switch to a shared plan because it would cost her more. He STILL asked her if she wanted to use her upgrades that day, though. Go figure…

      Edit: By “recently”, I mean last week.

    • paul_cus


  • Samvelavich

    What do you think we’ll start to see after Quad-core is the new standard? i mean computers are barely getting 6-core processors, so what do you think is the next step?

  • Raven

    Do you think there is any chance of seeing a new high-end physical keyboard phone out anytime soon? I would love to see something like a Droid 4 updated with the Droid RAZR M’s specs. Where is my Droid 5 that I have been waiting so long for?

  • nessthiss

    Is the dumbing down of the search feature a permanent modification to Android or is there a plan to implement it again in a way that doesn’t violate Apple’s patent? I’m not clear on what the patent protects.

  • Peter Stover

    Why isnt there a simpler way to find contacts in stock messaging for Android? Sometimes i dont know who i want to text.

  • moelsen8


    • Jason M

      Awesome question!

  • What’s something you’ve done with an android device that has blown away someone less technologically savvy?

    • RC

      Android beam on the galaxy nexus to share youtube video was something my friend with an iphone had never seen.

      • Still love the reactions I get to paying with my phone.

  • Los

    What do you guys think would be androids future if there are multiple Nexus launched from different manufacturers?

  • Capt. Crunch

    When do you think Motorola will release the RAZR HD in the U.S.?

    • tyguy829

      answered in an article this morning. October

  • tyguy829

    Gnex vs. GS3? I know the GS3 has better hardware, but I’m a constant flasher of Roms and such. But since the GS3’s bootloader has been unlocked and there is a big dev community, is there any benefit of the nexus over it?

    • IMO, if you’re serious about roms nothing will ever beat a nexus…even if it’s almost a year old the Gnex can hang with the best of em.

  • Nicholassss

    A serious phone question. For those of us with out the pleasure of getting our hands on every new phone, how should one choose a new phone.

    The trouble i see is the bleeding edge problem, theres always something better right around the corner and theres no way to get real life hands on experiences with all the phones coming out. I’m always absolutely in love with my new phone buys for about 6 weeks.

    Nerd to nerd, how can disappointment be avoided.

    • JoshGroff

      That’s a good question, lol. I used to just get whatever was top tier as soon my contract was up for renewal. Unless you want to constantly (every few months) buy/sell used phones, I’d stick to that.

  • moelsen8

    WWJD for a klondike bar?

  • paul_cus

    Impressed with the new RAZR family?

  • strikeir13

    Why didn’t Motorola create a developer version of the Razr HD Maxx (or whatever it’s called)? Seems like that would be more popular than the non-Maxx version. Or will they?

  • moelsen8

    have you heard anything on this year’s nexus situation!?

  • When will motorolas DROID bionic be getting ICS or Jellybean? When will ASUS transformer prime (201) be getting jellybean? And is the samsung galaxy s4 really releasing in february of 2013?

    • Diablo81588

      How would they know that? If they knew, you can be sure it would have been posted.

    • michael arazan

      I’ve read that verizon will not update phones that are eol or didn’t sell enough units, or are unpopular. Verizon has to pay for the updates to your phone and pay for the testing that is done on it before the ota. Even if there are updates ready for a phone if verizon doesn’t feel it is worth the cost and meets their criteria, they will not update it. That’s kind of BS that verizon doe that with phones they sell.

  • For Verizon, how many Nexus devices do you expect this winter?

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Odds of seeing the LG Optimus G rebranded as a Nexus device? Phone looks amazing.
    Odds of seeing the ASUS Padfone 2 for anything resembling an affordable price in the US?
    Thoughts on the viability of using a tablet+keyboard dock for day to day productivity compared to a 10 inch netbook? I have an Acer Aspire One I use for working ont he train and something about getting a Transformer (Prime or Infinity) with keyboard dock to replace it seems awesome.

  • John

    Any more work being done on your forum section?

    I see it was finally taken out of your upper nav bar.

  • Go Hawkeyes

    Do you ever pull out your old devices for nostalgia’s sake? Kind of like putting down the PS3 controller and rocking some Duck Hunt on the NES for a day.

    • Justin

      I did this recently, then realized that I had no CRT’s in my house anymore and duck hunt does not work on a LCD. Super Mario 3 got destroyed for about 6 hours that night though…

  • Chris Brunetto

    So Kellex, just what did you have for dinner last night? All kidding aside, what’s your opinion about the Galaxy SIV being announced/potentially released so soon after the SIII? I, for one, feel a bit jilted (as an early SIII adopter), but only time will tell if my purchase was a regrettable one (and if my SIII can stack up to its big brother or if it gets blown away).

  • So I’ve been wondering…if Jimmy cracked corn, and nobody cares, then why does he keep doing it? o.0

  • John

    What’s up with K’s shoe obsession 😉

    • Mrpicolas

      you should see his watch obsession..

  • Bauce40

    Probably 2 questions that will be asked over and over…iPhone 5 a let down and what does it mean for Android (if anything)? Do you think the Kindle Fire HD is better than Nexus 7?

  • Chey023

    Besides being pure Google, is the Galaxy Nexus still a good buy?

    I am wanting to upgrade to a 4g but will buy used to keep my unlimited data. Prices are falling for the Gnex and I do not want to waste my money.

    • Go Hawkeyes

      That’s a good question. I’m a biased SGS3 owner so I’m going to say you’re better off spending just a few more bucks for a SGS3 rather than a Nexus.

      • Chey023

        It’s about a $150 difference right now. Hoping by christmas the S3 will be lower. Thanks.

  • Alix8821

    Recently, Samsung sent out a similar set up on twitter. Users to tweet out wat we want to see next from Sammy, using #DontWait…. I went after build quality. Less plastics, more premier materials. So did many others…

    My question is, do you think Samsung will actually listen to us??