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Last Fish for Android, Artsy Black and White Animations That Look Smooth

Over on Google Play, I came across an artsy black and white game that I’ve taken quite a liking too. What helped me was that it was also rated quite well which never hurts. The game is called Last Fish and it takes place in the darkest of waters. You’re fish that must fight to find food, avoid shadows, and be on the look out for nasty goo. It uses some pretty good tilt controls which actual adds character to the game without the need of on-screen controls that would most likely get in the way.ย 

For a dollar, it’s a solid purchase.

Play Link ($0.99)

  • AZ

    I had a lot of fun with this game when using Sphero as the controller- gosphero.com

  • someone asdf

    I personally think that if the devs are too lazy to make promo material for Android – especially pictures – what are the chances of it being regularly updated, having an android look and feel (I hate when devs don’t manage the back button properly!)?

    I’m sorry, I won’t buy it without a demo.

  • Wyveryx

    Is it just me or is there an “a” missing from this?

    “Youโ€™re fish that must fight to find food, avoid shadows, and be on the look out for nasty goo.”

  • Ryan

    Looks like a clone of Flow from the PS3

  • wojtas25

    Limbo-style graphic, “simple” gameplay and only $0.99 so its worth to give it a try ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Osmosis meets multi-cellular organisms? Looks pretty close, even the “eating animation” i mentally heard the Osmosis noise.

  • Why is it that mobile games trailers usually have an iPhone playing the game, when its multiplatform?

    • Stevedub40

      It is pretty annoying. Everyone is on apple’s tip these days unfortunately.

    • Dan-O

      Because Android phone owners understand what the word multiplatform means. i#one owners think it means it works on i#hone and i#ad.

      • mikeym0p

        Hahaha yea, if an iOS user saw the video and it had a Nexus they’d be like “WTF Y U NO MAKE IPHONE VERSION”
        I can’t wait for apps to come to Android first

        • angermeans

          Ive been wishing for the same thing for years, but it wont happen.

    • The trailer was made before the Android port. It needs to be updated.

      • michael arazan

        Most games ported from ios just reuse the same trailer and post it on youtube, not that big of a deal imo, I think its nice that the games/apps become cross platform to begin with, if you only keep your app on one platform only, you are the one losing out on sales.

  • Jeremy Gentry

    looks pretty cool, not sure if its worth 99cents nothing innovative about it. graphics look great though! i could just not buy my daily soda pop and snatch this up instead ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michael

    I think they need to change their video.

    • Meh, it’s the only trailer they got.