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Throwback Thursday: Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from DL and NVIDIA (Update: Winner Picked)

We have partnered up with NVIDIA once again to bring you a Throwback Thursday giveaway! Today, we’re offering a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. The tablet was recently updated to Ice Cream Sandwich so it will surely be able to handle any of the tasks you might throw its way. But enough with the talk, let’s get down to it. 


Prize:  Up for grabs is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 16GB WiFi tablet. It’s powered by a Tegra 2 processor, perfect for on the go gaming and all of your other tablet needs such as watching movies and editing documents.

Update: We have our winner! The tablet goes to “PlzSirIWantSomeMore” who says his cat ate his last one. Yikes. Thanks to everyone who entered and for making this another successful Throwback Thursday!

How to Enter:

1. Follow Droid Life and NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
2. Tweet out the following message:


Oh boy, @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra are giving away a Galaxy Tab – Enter here for your chance to win: http://goo.gl/iSEHz

3. Comment down below with why you need to win this tablet. It doesn’t need to be epic, just a simple reason why you want it.


Winner:  We will choose our winner randomly from the comments section below today at 3PM PST. We will notify winner by email so make sure to comment with a valid email address. Good luck!

Thanks to NVIDIA for fronting the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

  • Chris

    I want this tablet so I won’t be as jealous of my wife’s new Nexus 7 🙁

  • I would like to win because android is the only way to go with anything mobile, and having a Galaxy Tab would be sick!!

  • Shelby46

    Would love a 10 inch to go along with my Nexus 7!

  • I must win! I must win!. Well I’d really like to tryout an Android tablet after living with my obsolete iPAD1. Please. I must win! I must win!

  • leroybrown

    I want it so I can read these posts better.

  • Gregorious

    I want it because It deserves better than to be called a throwback

  • because I need a tab to test my android apps and do tutorials for friends

  • Because Android is better than iOS

  • Don Evans

    I want it so I can see DroidLife on a bigger screen than my phone

  • HenryWM

    I need it for research and writing. My e-reader died, and I cannot afford to replace it. this tablet would also provide a portable way to take notes and write ideas.

  • wes

    I could use one pretty bad at work…

  • richardsonadm

    I thought this was an iPad, but i definitely would take this one instead. I’m confused. Are you sure its not an ipad?

  • Matthew Whitaker

    I would love a tablet to play games on! My screen is too small:/

  • Adam

    I want it because it’s free.

  • AndrewScardino

    I would like one because my prime has decided to not work with wi-fi and I bought it at gamestop so they wont replace it 🙁

  • I would love to win this because I’m an Apple fanboy, but wanna give Android a fair shake.

  • I would like to win it to test it out at our school. As the principal, I’m interested in using android tablets instead of laptops and textbooks. Would be nice to see if this would work with our infrastructure.

  • fyrhtu

    I need this tablet because it’d be great to match my wife’s 10.1

  • Because carrying a 10.1 is lighter than my books.

  • thesailingboss

    Me wants! Thanks Droid Life!

  • Because I would give it to my wife!

  • I need one for college.

  • RelentlessPace

    I need this tablet so that I’m not left empty-handed when my mom wants to play Angry Birds!

  • …Because this could be my first tablet 😀

  • tishabarr

    I want to win because everyone and their mom has a tablet except for me.

  • Mixwell

    My asus transformer prime broke. I’m helpless without a portable 10″ portal to the interwebs. Also, I’m studying for a massive exam and developing serious back pains from lugging around my 17″ behemoth laptop. Please help. You’re my last hope!

  • I need to win this so I can give it to my mother for ease of use ,so I don’t have to keep explaining to her how to turn on a computer!

  • Rob

    i want this instead of the 8.9 i have now!

  • Graham Wilson

    Because I don’t have a tablet!

  • ThePirate

    I want it because i love Samsung’s products and I’m tired of lugging around my 17′ laptop also like drewbie_al said i want it because CrApple hates it 😉
    I REALLY hope i win this!!

  • My children have taken my tablet over and I need one for myself. Hook me up!

  • I want it to be more versatile with my work presentations.

  • Ricky Schleining

    I need a tablet to complete my tech collection.

  • Mrpicolas

    I want to win Cause I sold my tablet to pay for my sons braces…

  • Will be traveling more in the coming months, would make a nice travel buddy. Thanks guys!!

  • john.b.henderson2

    Because I don’t have one. Thanks

  • felipeghale

    My dad could use a tablet.

  • EGilk

    I need it to finally get rid of this damn iPad!

  • I need to win because I don’t own a tablet. I like games too so the tegra zone will be nice.

  • I want it to view a single still photo

  • Doug Stanley

    I need to use more bandwidth

  • I want to win this for my son. It would be a great way for him to communicate with the world around him.

  • Mark Bowman

    I have always wanted a tablet! Droid life best android site EVER!

  • ace

    Want to play some sweet games with the tegra

  • HouseofCrew

    I want a good large tablet for recording notes in class!

  • Rick

    I’d like the Galaxy Tab so I can save my money for other important things like beer.

  • I want it because I’ve wanted a tablet for a long time

  • I want it cos its a nice looking tablet

  • I need it because the wife won’t let me buy it!

  • I want this tablet so my wife will stop putting this like bakery story on mine!