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Omega StatusBar Allows for Custom Looks With No Root Required

If anyone recalls, back in the day the only way to customize our top notification bars was to root and apply a ROM with a custom theme. That made the process fun, but for those who didn’t know how to root and flash zips, they were left out in the cold and lonely world of stock Android. And frankly, Froyo was kind of ugly. Anyone looking for a custom look without needing root should check out Omega StatusBar

With Omega, your stock bar is replaced by a solid black strip with a more minimal look. Just a clock, battery, and data icon. What you do next is up to you. You can add more goodies or even use the theme manager to make it look however you see fit. There’s a ton of themes that can been downloaded from Google Play  to allow for colors, different icons, and more.

For someone who doesn’t want to go through any trouble with rooting, but still wants a custom look, check it out in Google Play.

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(H/T Android and Me)

  • Tried it out for a full day and it took 12% of my battery…

  • Very cool how you can add what you want and don’t want but for some odd reason I am not getting my facebook notifications like I used to get telling me if someone posted something or responded to my post

  • It’s too bad Google doesn’t add in native theming capabilities. The base is already there with the style system.

  • derek connolly

    It cuts off part of the notification tray on mine in JellyBean

  • Ok I thought this app was what I was wanting but its not. What I want / need is for my Droid Razr to have the notification bar like the HTC devices. I loved how the recent apps were displayed in the notification bar and how the ongoing notifications and email / text messages were separated so I could just glance and see what was there. Plus with there actually being some action in the notification bar it looked a lot better!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “top notification bars was to root and apply a ROM with a custom theme”

    simply not true.

    you could have used something like Ninjamorph to make custom 1 by 1 edits.. I know, I have done it 100 times. A ROM is NOT required to mess with the notification bar.

  • MrEnglish

    Installed. Uninstalled. Just didn’t play right with the phone or the themes available. Nice concept though. Root still king.

  • John Burke

    StatusBar+ is so much better than this IMO

    • envoy510

      Yikes that is ugly!

    • shehippie

      I agree!

  • Stewie

    I wouldn’t want to take my status bar back to icons from 2.1 from the look of those screenies ….

  • igloobunny

    This is a pretty neat concept and I love the ICS and JB themes available, but I find my stock status bar sometimes flashes up and it doesn’t always update when you change things like volume to vibrate or to silent. Also, some of my notifications didn’t show up. I’d really love to use this but it’s a bit too buggy, but definitely want to keep it around to see if they update and improve it.

    • Mine flashes every time i open/close apps. Also, the themes aren’t working for me.

  • This is awesome for someone such as myself stuck on a non-rootable HTC One X!

    • Shawheim

      i dont know where you are looking for a root method but im 100% sure your phone is rootable.

      • mustbepbs


        Just saw his reply. Nevermind.

      • 100% it isn’t – AT&T locked One X on newer 2.20 baseband. Got it like that from factory so no saved files to save downgrade path.


    Kellex, you and this iPhone thing is getting out of hand…