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Wednesday Poll: Are You Buying Any of Motorola’s New RAZR Devices?

Now that the DROID RAZR HD, RAZR MAXX HD, and RAZR M are official, we have to as, “Are you buying one of them?” We know that many of you have been patiently waiting for Motorola to drop these phones, in hopes that they were game changes. Whether they are or not is still to be debated, but after looking at the mixed reactions to them in the comments of a variety of posts, we’d love to get a feel for the numbers, when it comes to you considering one. Are any of these your next smartphone?

Are You Buying Any of Motorola's New RAZR Devices?

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  • I and a family member would have *definitely* each picked up the Razr HD Maxx if it had come out MONTHS ago.

  • Amit

    Will never any more since it doesnt provide good support !!!!
    I’ve been a freak of MOTO since last five years but is done for me now….
    Why my Atrix is not getting JB !!!

  • fard

    Nah, I already purchased the RAZR less than a year ago. Even if I did have the money, I’d still hold off and wait for the next version that – hopefully – will have better hardware (a CPU with freq.>1.5gHz, and more RAM).

  • razr guy

    droid razr maxx was cray, so the maxx hd will blow people away (especially the fools with an ifail 5)

  • I . Want. MOTO-NEXUS. No! Bad Motorola bad! Go back in your doggy house until you can bring the bacon to the family dinner table. Enough of these multirelease/we’re all the same phone/but kind of different/ but also the same bulls***. Android users have been very vocal this last year or so and the consensus out: We want a Nexus device ON VERIZON too by motorola. We don’t care if you have to send a bunch of ex-cons with tazers to make big red an offer it can’t refuse, or whatever. We’re sick of blur! Give us OG Droid like tastiness again! Heck I don’t even care if you call it a nexus or not. Call it a google experience device, a vanilla phone by moto… whatever.

    Ever since I switch to android I see the same thing happen when I buy a new phone. I settle. WHy? Because I originally switched because I want a vanilla device. Lol I’m still waiting for moto to give me one thats not 4 years old and only on that other carrier.

    From tbolt, to bionic, to razr I’ve been wanting that vanilla experience in a quality build. No samsung , sorry to say that was not them. It’s gotta be moto or bust!

  • amar

    Would definitely buy if they were on at&t.

  • RussyJo

    So besides (probably) being about $50 cheaper than the MAXX, can someone please tell me what the point of Motorola even bothering to develope the regular RAZR HD? If the RAZR M is the price-efficient model then who is Moto aiming the RAZR HD at???

    • chris125

      those who want good battery in a thinner package. Same reason for razr and maxx

  • bogy25

    Really … not buying? I’m getting the MAXX HD – phone is awesome!

  • bibliorun

    If this was T-Mobile ready, I would really consider the RAZR Maxx HD

  • DanWazz

    If I was in the market fr a new phone, the MAXX HD would be a contender, but not a very strong one.

  • jak_341

    You can’t go wrong with Samsung! Waiting for the GNex 2!

    • LiterofCola

      I lol’d

  • Knlegend1

    Only if the Nexus fails in appearance lol.

  • ChrisTraeger1

    lol no

  • jaydub

    lol… no I won’t be buying any of them haha

  • g_what

    I have the GNex. Not buying a new phone until the next Nexus.

  • Where are the keyboards?

  • Usually Motorola releases different models of the same phone in 4 month intervals. This time, it’s all at once. I see Google has really changed the way they do business. Let’s watch as they fail to support these devices as well.

    • nhizzat

      Like the Galaxy Nexus? Still no mention of an official OTA.

  • ohshaith55

    There should be a “Yeah right” option

  • Tyler Casilio

    Not my style. Sorry :

  • Simon

    I won’t even consider it until after the JB update is out. Given the lies, delays and general mess with the Bionic, I would assume that the update schedule will be changed often and for the worse. Even with JB, I’d rather have a Nexus.

  • The speakers of the gs3 are not as good as Motorola devices.

    • nhizzat

      The Galaxy Nexus speaker is terrible, at least the SGS3 is better though.

      • That’s what I have heard. Motorola and Sony are the best when it comes to speakers.

    • AnGeLFaCe777

      Motorola are the best period.

  • tomn1ce

    The only reason I said no was because I got my G-Nexus at the end of Dec. and it still working fine for me….but if I would be in the market for a new phone I would pick up the Droid Razr Maxx HD….I’m pretty sure that the developers would crack these open in a mater of days and provide all the support necessary to get rid of vzw bloatware and get a nice rom on it…Mind you I’m not into rooting or anything of that sort….

    • nhizzat

      I still don’t understand why people complain about bloatware…

    • chris125

      no moto device yet on verizon has been “cracked open” good luck thinking they will get this cracked open.

  • wm snyder

    I have not wanted another phone since the samsung galaxy nexus the only phone that will tempt me is another Google nexus phone provided it has enough hardware upgrades. As for tablets waiting on Google next 10.1inch flagship tablet to replace xoom. You could say I’m scared of carriers who think and act like they know best for there customers such as updates certain apps prohibited and what kind of rom I would like or what device is getting the latest updates and how long it takes them but you can buy a new phone with the new update. So I am banking heavily on Google. Htc did it Moto done it twice actually a now Samsung galaxy nexus accessories and I’m very happy.

  • Ny Reynolds

    For some reason I don’t like their design. Nice to see them offer a boot loader solution. Change the design and I’d probably buy another Motorola later on.

  • WikkdWarrior

    I started w/ an og droid (awesome phone…heard its getting jelly bean). Upgraded to droid x (still have it…its my 3yr old sons “play” phone…lol) then the bionic for the dual core…lapdock and all…spent 1100.00 @ the Verizon store…my wife has that now…I hate the fact that moto won’t release phones w/ unlocked bootloaders…I vowed to never purchase moto brand devices…so here I am typing this from my galaxy nexus and I will only purchase nexus devices in the future. Good day! 🙂

  • Larry

    Too little too late for me and Moto. Their firm standing against unlocked bootloaders and turned me off completely to them forever. Not even Google buying them out can make me give Moto another shot. Basically Moto has shot themselves in the foot for many original Moto owners. I can’t say they’ll be find without the many of us that have negative feelings towards them because the competition is very fierce nowadays.

    • Larry

      If this poll is any indication of how they will do, 2/3 of the votes are against buying any of Moto’s three devices as of right now and the HTC’s superphone nor has the iPhone 5 been introduced. If those were all Android owners or future owners saying no, that’s 2/3 of them saying no I’d prefer a Samsung Galaxy S3 or some other Android device.

  • I love Moto but I got the S3 on launch and so far I am extremely satisfied with it especially since I cam from the Droid Razr so I have a great unlocked and rooted device!

  • Anon

    Missing option: “Only if it has Jelly Bean stock, as I don’t trust Motorola/Verizon’s timetable on updates”.

    • nhizzat

      So did you pass on the SGS3 too?

      • Anon

        SGS3 doesn’t have a native car dock, which is a requirement for me too. Motorola, for all its detractors, has excellent accessories.

  • TheRobotCow

    Here’s what I have to say. With smartphones and technology overall there is always something better around the corner. Don’t blame the manufactures for pushing things out quickly, sometimes we shouldn’t rush our purchases, but then again we don’t always know what’s around the corner. Its a gamble when we go out and buy a smartphone.

  • Nah man Droid phones are weak the design is so uninspired.I’ll be able waiting for the real Google ✆

  • fanboy1974

    Minus the S4 processor this should have been last years Razr. Totally disappointed with Motorola but I expected it before the announcement. These phones still cannot topple the Samsung S3.
    Praying that HTC hit’s it out the park with the first 1080p display or maybe a Verizon Note 2.

  • Zach

    Everone is voting no because of two phones that will probably never ever see Verizon’s network, the next Nexus and the Note 2. Crazy.

    • HeartStrong07

      Would switch Networks for Nexus and Note 2, if Verizon doesn’t carry them

      • chris125


  • jnmigr

    If it wasn’t because of the note 2 I might had consider the HD maxx.

  • nhizzat

    I’m not disappointed by them at all. The HD and Maxx HD are on par with the SGS3. It’s funny how people complain about spec bumps when that’s all manufacturers have been offering for the longest time.

    • chris125

      they are on par for *now* but aren’t coming out for who knows how long. Bionic round 2? I mean by the time they are available, the iphone, new htc and lg with quad core will be out and once again moto will be behind the ball. If these had the s4 pro then waiting would be acceptable, but that is not the case.

      • Zero_Point_Energy

        Did you seriously just mention the iPhone? gtfo.

  • Sporttster

    I’ve already got a Razr converted to a MAXX, so why would I go to one of these? Makes no sense. I’m not going to keep going up the Razr ladder. I did the Maxx conversion to help with batt life. Not going to the HD now. I’m sure the screen ain’t a lot better to bother….I like the screen on what I have.

    • nhizzat

      Better screen, better battery, better processor?

      • Sporttster

        I seriously doubt at all that it’s going to have a better batt than the Maxx already has. And mine isn’t slow so why do I care again for a minutely faster processor??? If mine were lagging like my OG Droid used to, then yea I see the need. A half a sec faster response time? Forget it. My Maxx is perfectly fine, thanks.

        • nhizzat

          Minutely isn’t accurate when describing how much faster the S4 is when compared to the OMAP 4460 let alone the 4430.

        • chris125

          the s4 is much more efficient so that will help with battery not to mention the maxx lagged worse on ics when I had it then with gb. The s4 is much more than minutely faster.

    • fierywater

      The CPU is the biggest reason. My friend’s One X runs circles around my RAZR Maxx. It’s almost painful to witness.


    Hell no!

  • michael centeno

    I think Motorola is already on a point of no return. lost way too many customers when they decided to lock the android for far too long when people literally begged them to unlock, and when they said they were going to unlock, they didn’t. Props on unlocking finally, but its a bit too late now. should have listened to the customers. Isn’t that 101? dont get me started with the moto blur.

    • nhizzat

      They didn’t lose customers because of that…If you think our little community of “hackers” affects their bottom line, you’re nuts.

    • chris125

      actually I think the old blur is what killed them. It was so awful it turned a ton of users off of android and especially moto. They have made good strides but still need a lot of work