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µTorrent Beta Hits Google Play, Not That We Endorse This Kind of Thing

Torrent lovers rejoice, the official µTorrent beta has hit Google Play for Android devices. The app is “currently free,” so it seems that when the app leaves beta we could see a price tag along with it. With µTorrent, you can search for any torrent on the web and then download it straight to your device’s storage. Music, movies, pictures, or anything you can imagine. Just don’t go being evil about it.

Let us know what you think of the beta down below.

Play Link

  • Tried to download it from the Play Store and nothing happened.

  • you people need to get the stick out of your asses and just understand that there is good and bad that come with this app. I personally think its great. Dont think for one second im gonna believe that you have never in your life downloaded something illegally. As if you guys are all saints or something pshhhhhhhhh

  • Brian S.

    I am on an ambein right now and I thought this article wasn’t real lol hahahahaabaa

  • Daniel Chang

    is there no ‘download over: wifi only’ option in this?

  • tech247

    Only a dummy would use this. Unlimited data or not, Verizon and AT&T will come at you hard if you start using this heavily for torrents be they legal or not. Even Sprint will frown at you. Of course if you plan on using WiFi only, then the above does not apply.

  • SD_Scott

    Sounds like an awesome way to get busted… You think any of the big networks are going to put up any grief in answering subpoenas when you’re d’loading 10 gigs of music/movies/shows a month and UPLOADING at the same time?

    • smojoe

      Lol 10 ain’t nothing I average 20

  • philnolan3d

    tTorrent has worked just fine. Not sure this is worth a download.

  • Palmer Nyako

    looks like garbage. google needs to start enforcing holo ui theme.

  • Paul

    Do you not endorse the internet either? It can be used for illegal purposes as well.

  • Esteban_Colberto

    Adownloader has been easily carrying the load in the absence of any of the big torrent sites providing an app. It’s in the Play Store. Check it out.

  • brando56894

    I’ve been using Swarm for years, but this may replace it since it looks a hell of a lot better and I’ve always loved utorrent.

  • ArmanUV

    The interface looks like crap. I don’t understand why devs design their own crappy UI elements when they could just use the holo ones. All those icons in the action bar are downloadable from google (plus, pause and power off icons)

  • Titties

    The BitTorrent app has been out for a while and looks the same.

  • So, wait, what is the difference between this and the Bittorrent Beta that I have been using for weeks?

    • After exactly 3 minutes of testing, I can say that both apps are identical aside from the name and icon. What the hell?

      edit: oh and it is 100KB larger than BitTorrent.

    • Just noticed both of those have the exact same description lol, not sure what to make of that. Same dev too, really odd

      • It looks like they are just trying to capitalize on the name. I expect it’ll be a paid version or have ads eventually.

  • Trevor

    had the other torrent app on my galaxy tab 10.1 wifi and got a call and an email from my internet provider saying to delete what i downloaded and they warned me to stop. I wonder if you use a wifi tether on a phone that your carrier will do the same thing or cut you off.

  • M C

    This app needs a mirror functionality almost like a raid 1 to be truly awesome, so you can download from both phone and pc, both comiting information to the same file download.

  • Meh, I have the utorrent remote set up, If I see something I like i just set it download and enjoy it when I get home.

  • hack pyre

    yeahhh lamb of god m/

  • “Not that we endorse this kind of thing”

    Why not? uTorrent can be used for legal stuff too.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Unlimited data plan would be a useful thing to have for this particular app…..
    WiFi would be the way to go for some.

  • Diablo81588

    Very cool, although I don’t see a reason I would download torrents on my phone. Talk about battery draining..

    • JB

      It’s perhaps a good idea for people looking to use a rasberry pi or one of those plug droid devices as a HTPC replacement.

  • Vyrlokar

    What’s wrong with torrents? They aren’t any worse than any other kind of download service. They can be used for both good and evil. IIRC, Blizzard uses the bittorrent protocol to deliver updates to WoW! (Well, that’s evil, al right)

  • pedrodepacas

    I’ve been using bit Torrent for the last couple days, and it’s working great. Been waiting for this for a while.

  • First

  • EvanTheGamer

    Pirating is bad for the economy.

    *Waits for the incoming vote downs…*

  • RedPandaAlex

    It will be interesting to see if Google takes this down or not. It’s not helping you search for torrents, right? Just download them when you find them. It should be fine then.

    • When searching, it actually pulls up Google’s web browser to search the libraries of files. Google’s finger would be pointing at themselves.

    • Asuriyan

      There have been torrent clients on Android for years. I can’t imagine that they would take umbrage with this one.

  • WalterWhite

    I do 😀

  • Inquizitor

    No reason to not endorse torrents. Torrenting is a way to download files, it’s not synonymous with piracy. You can download LibreOffice through an official torrent. Many ROM devs (jakeday’s Jelly Belly comes to mind) put out torrents, because they’re quicker than direct downloads.

    • TheDrizzle

      How is torrenting quicker? Whenever I torrent the speed is much slower than my actual connection. I guess if you have a lot of seeders it could be fast. Sorry, I’m new to torrents and legitimately want to know how its faster.

      • It really depends on how many people are seeding the file you are wanting to download. If you come across some obscure file you want, or possibly old, chances are there will be little-to-no one that is still seeding it, aka slow speeds or you can’t download it at all. But if by chance, you wanted to download The Avengers (not saying to go do that :P), you could see that there are thousands of people that are seeding it, so your speeds would be a lot faster than something few people are seeding. It also has to do with that person’s uploading speed

        • philnolan3d

          Also depends if those seeders have their connections set up properly. I’ve seen it download slow as well, but I remember when Diggnation was released via Bittorrent and it was always crazy fast because the seeders were all techies. heh

      • Inquizitor

        The others are right. It really all depends. If you have a good, high-quality tracker, i.e. torrent site, then your torrents likely have a lot of seeds and therefore fast speeds.

  • riktking

    Many Linux distros are distributed thru torrent. Works very well in release day

  • Jason Purp

    When the app becomes paid for, they should have no problem with us pirating it.

    • New_Guy

      Ha! That is about the most clever comment I’ve seen on this blog.

    • my thoughts exactly…

    • kevinc

      dumbest comment on the internet today. you do know that there are completely legal uses of bit torrent, right?

      • You can download LibreOffice through an official torrent. Many ROM devs (jakeday’s Jelly Belly comes to mind) put out torrents, because they’re quicker than direct downloads. http://iphone5Amazing.blogspot.com

        • Inquizitor

          WTF?! Stole my post and then added spam to it?! F*CK you spambot!

      • Jason Purp

        I’m well-aware. But the company obviously supports piracy to some degree if they let so much of it go on with their programs and they barely do anything at all about it.

        • Sqube

          Gun makers support murder and suicide.
          Alcohol companies support drunk drivers.

          The logic is the same. A tool is just a tool.

          • Jason Purp

            Those situations are different. The company behind uTorrent can actually do something to stop pirates even after they obtain the program. Gun makers and alcohol companies cannot stop people from killing/drunk driving once they obtain the alcohol. This company has more control over their product than your two examples.

          • Sqube

            Well, your original argument is that there is implicit support of illegal activities because they do not put forth more efforts to stop those activities. Bit Torrent has substantial legal and positive uses. Guns are only for killing people. Alcohol only damages your body. But you changed your argument, so we’ll table this point.

            That said, what exactly can a BT company do? Stop making their software? Allow third parties to exercise deep packet inspection of your machine at will to decide if you’re downloading illegally? How do you know that my downloading an mp3 is even illegal?

            In a world where YouTube videos can get pulled down because of bird song — actual bird song — in the background, I’m not sure what you think can be done on a technical level that will magically end all piracy, or even put a meaningful dent in it.

  • Aaron

    Why don’t you endorse torrents? Not all torrents are illegal..

    • EvanTheGamer

      But the majority are, which is about 99.999999999% of ’em. lol

      • New_Guy

        Yeah, but 99.9999999% of the people using it claim to be a part of that 0.00000001% =)…

        • EvanTheGamer


      • Inquizitor

        If you wanna be technical. No .torrent files are illegal. The content that can sometimes be accessed through them are. So, 100% of torrents are legal :P.


    • We really don’t have an issue with torrents. We’re an Android blog. The only type of illegal distribution we have an issue with is Android app piracy. 🙂

      • Aaron

        Fair enough.

      • I also recall you one time got a lot of grief for not saying that you did not endorse it in a similar post a while back.

        • Yea, for some reason torrents get people really hot and bothered. 😛

          • Because you’re bashing a protocol based on your opinion of it’s users.
            BitTorrent, while it is heavily used for piracy, is an amazing tool. Many companies (Blizzard, one huge company you may know of) use it for all sorts of big updates or patches, and many other are using other, similar, p2p protocols.
            Soon we’re going to be seeing BT or other p2p protocols used for everything, as it greatly reduces server load, which allows people / companies to spend their money on things other than expensive hardware.
            And yes, I know you said nothing bad about it, but you may as well have with that title. =/

          • Oh well. If you don’t like my JOKE, then don’t read it. You need to not take everything so seriously. Especially when it’s about torrents

  • paladaxar

    So let me get this straight: Any software in the world for FREE!*

    *except for our app…we feel that we should be compensated for the time and effort that went into building this app.

    • Sakina Solomon


    • Booyah

      That’s a true statement.

    • TheDrizzle

      ROMs for old game systems that you actually own? Or if you are out and haven’t loaded your old CDs onto your phone? These seems like legitimate uses.

  • Torrents are used for completely legitimate things, too, ya know! :p

    • EvanTheGamer

      That’s a very small percentage though…lol

      • Also what is legal for me to download and for you to download are two completely different things.

    • StephenRice

      like Gapps! and AOKP!

    • He said as he downloaded Game of Thrones and the Beatles 2009 Mono Discography (in FLAC!)

      • Inquizitor

        Not anymore, because HBO Go is on Jelly Bean!