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Spirits for Android, Brings Back the Spirit of Those Cute Lemmings

With Google’s End of Summer sale going down, it’s been a way for me to find some new games and apps to waste my time on and to share with all of you. One of the games on sale is Spirits. I have seen it around, but with a $3 price tag, I was hesitant to give it a try. With the sale price set to a single dollar, I jumped on it. Fantastic decision. 

Spirits is a smart and beautiful game with the main objective being to get all of the spirits to a certain point on the map. You use spirits to add features to the map to help you get there. For example, you can use a spirit as a branch to avoid spikes or use one as a blower to shoot you up and over to the whirlwind. It’s a great title and for only a single dollar, it’s a great choice if you’re stuck at the bus stop.

Play Link ($0.99)

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  • Im playing this game in my rooted Galaxy Ace with CyanogenMod 7.2…the games is very additive and looks great…

  • EvanTheGamer

    Just purchased this, and it’s a very spirited and fun game! I also drink spirits while playing Spirits. Not all the time, but sometimes…

  • I finally got it after this review. Good so far (just tried it out for a few mins). Thanks!

  • looks great have to give this a shot

  • justincase_2008

    I got his as a part of Humble bundle for android 3. Its a great game!!

    • Asuriyan

      Same. I still appreciate recommendations like this article, though. Getting that many good games at once, it’s rare that I play them all enough to appreciate them fully.

  • Robby McElhaney

    No Nexus 7 support?

    • Brent Stewart

      Works fine on mine.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Yes, there is support, was playing Spirits yesterday on my Nexus 7 while drinking spirits. Mmmm…spirits!

  • DanWazz

    Nice trailer.