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Motorola Will Stream the RAZR HD and RAZR M Event for All to See

Motorola knows how excited that many of you are to hear about their next lineup of phones and has provided us with a link to a live stream of tomorrow’s event in NYC. We’ll have our man Kover on the ground to get us the goodies up close, but to watch it all unfold together, we’ll have a live blog up with the video included. We are all expecting Moto to announce the RAZR HD and RAZR M, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be surprises.

This link will go live tomorrow, but again, we’ll have a live blog up a few minutes before so that we can all watch it together. The event starts at 2PM ET.

Our live blog will be up here (not live yet).

  • Samsung is where I’m going now from a bionic

  • Nick Carter

    I’d love to see a surprise Jelly Bean announcement for the Atrix HD – it’s a fantastic phone in almost every respect.

  • I also would like a moto nexus to appear, but I don’t think thats going to happen until jan or feb if at all. Realistically we prob won’t see anything vanilla from motorola until sep-feb of 2013/14. Samesung probably still has one last junko-nexus in the pipeline, before others get their shot at google’s flagship. It still ceases to amaze me while the nerds in mountain view continue to pick the one OEM with never ending qc, reception, and build quality issues…. Why google, Why? Moto is YOUR baby now, stop giving the prize to south korea!

  • forget the razr, where’s the droid 5?

  • Akashshr

    Can no longer wait! RaZr HD is gonna be my next! Give it already!!!!

  • Faith

    Well, the Ice Cream Sandwich is certainly good. We’ll just wait until the Jellybean will be officially released. Then again, I’m not really rooting for a Motorola Android right now.

    ICI 4 DMA a web developer

  • Will it be in HD? lol Seriously tho, this is perfect timing with all of the phones about to be released if they can get this into stores before the 12th then they might have a top seller on their hands! Now we just need to find a way to delay shipment of the Gayphone 5 so Motorola, HTC, and Samsung can all release great new phones that triumph anything Apple could make!

    • Tim242

      Hmmm, all the gay people I know have Android phones, including myself : )

      • Tyler Chappell

        I love my ThunderGay! Errm..my Gaybolt, I don’t know which one is better 😀

        • Tim242

          I loved mine too. It was hard to let go of when I got my Gay Nex. BTW, you’re my new online husband lol

          • Tyler Chappell

            Haha, yay!!! You seem exactly like my type ;D
            I am enjoying the ICS leak on my Gaybolt right now, but the performance is certainly a bit sluggish. I still need to try the Desensed version since its about 100MB lighter.

          • I’m loling! I was referring to the Phone itself, not the people but still the gaybolt…that really made me lol!

      • lol it changed all of the sudden, i have seem a lot of women and gay people with iphone.

        • I wasn’t really referring to the users as I was the phone in general.

  • azndan4

    Motorola = fail. Latest to market with an hd screen, latest to market with the s4 processor, and (probably) latest to market with jelly bean. Also first to deface android with a custom overlay and a locked bootloader.

    • You never know. With the acquisition from Google I am starting to think all of these things might start changing!

    • bamkapow

      After using one, I have to say the hd has the best screen on the market. Feels sturdier than the nexus ever will and I actually prefer blur over my nexus which is running aokp. Also hear it’s launching with Jelly Bean. To top it off, the battery lasts 2x longer than my nexus. But what phone doesn’t?

      • Diablo81588

        Anything HTC..

      • I keep saying that the ICS on the newest Motoblur it is better than the stock nexus. It is almost identically, but Motoblur has better shortcuts and nicer colors on the menu.

    • The first with upates out of the other manufactures. The first with colorboost, the first with the slim design. The GS2 was slim, but it was plastic. Motorola needs to improve on their camera and their designs and they will be back on the game.

  • Cory

    I probably won’t be able to watch it because the battery on my RAZR will be nearly dead from the battery bug in ICS.

    • Cowboydroid

      Shoulda waited for the Razr Maxx…

      Oh, to get burned by Moto…

      • Cory

        The Maxx has the battery bug too, just has way more battery capacity to not get so destroyed. Motorola did burn the RAZR folks. They should’ve had an upgrade program to switch.

  • meh

    No Jelly Bean = fail.

    • John

      Ya I wouldn’t count on it right off the bat

    • I do agree with you, but GS3 did not come with jelly bean out of the box. Do you feel it is a failure too? There is not a lot of different between ICS and Jelly Bean just a few enhancements.

      • jdrch

        The GS3 dropped over a month before Jelly Bean, so no one in their right mind would expect it the former to ship with the latter. Motorola, OTOH, seems to have made a habit of shipping flagship devices with previous generation OS versions.

  • tomen8r

    Look how old the build is …

  • C-Law

    I guarantee Motorola disappoints all of us

  • nightscout13

    The Kevlar placement on the HD is much better than on RAZR. At least on the HD the corners will be semi-protected.

    • i noticed on my Razr that the edges where the kevlar stops (specifically around the bottom corners) have gotten scratched so deep that its showing shiny metal! I haven’t even sat this thing down on any rough surfaces, just the normal! But I did order a case which came in today and I must say this case is quite nice. I believe it is the TPU one but it is perfect! It even fits in the HD Station!

      • nightscout13

        Like I’ve mentioned here before (to the disagreement of trolls) When phones get dropped or dinged, 9 of out 10 times it will be the corner. Not the direct center surface of the rear of the phone. This is where Motorola did not think it through, by putting kevlar on the center, but not the corners.

        • I agree with you! Every time I dropped my phones and they broke (I’ve been through 3 shattered screens) it always seems to land on an odd corner which causes the crack to go diagonal from one corner to the other! However, on the Droid Razr scratches I was referring to more of the back. If you look at the back of the Razr, just under where the Kevlar stops is where the phone rests when laid flat on a surface and because sand, dirt, etc gets in between there and the surface it is causing scratches that go all the way through to shiny metal!
          Personally, It would be nice to see the kevlar wrap all the way around to the screen just like where the metal is now but all Kevlar 🙂

        • You are correct.

  • s23

    Expect to see Razr HD commercials all over the Giants vs. Cowboys game. Smart move by Big Red/Moto to advertise. On a side note, the NFL microphones look odd without the Motorola logo on them.

  • captainbc52

    I want that clock widget…anyone know how to get it?

    • It is on the newest Motorola blur atrix hd, and the new photon.

  • I’ll see you there. I’m going as part of the Motorola Feedback Network. I’ll be talking to the engineers also. any questions you want asked?

    • gokusimpson

      How well does it hold up to the dropsies? (please phrase it like that) =)

      • I’ll try to.. but I may not be able to do it with out laughing.

    • Cory

      Ask them when 215 will be out for the current RAZR line to fix the huge battery issues after the ICS update.

    • Anon

      Ask them for a firm date for the Jelly Bean upgrade. Tell them at least one burned
      Droid Bionic owner won’t buy their phone until it can be purchased with JB stock.

    • T4rd

      Ask them why they insist that Verizon requires them to keep their bootloaders locked when they sell other phones on their network that have unencrypted/unlockable bootloaders. I’m genuinely interested in how that works.

    • Ask them if Moto will ever be picked to manufacture a Nexus/vanilla device on Big Red’s network. Please with sugar on top!


  • Don’t care about any RAZRs but I’m interested in this Moto/Intel phone.

  • s23

    I believe there are 3 details, along with software surprises, the Moto will bring tommorow. First is that the Razr HD is going to have an on-par camera with gs3, iphone 4s because of an updated sensor. Another is that the Droid M is going to either have 2500 or 3300 mah battery simply because the tipster blurred that info, and with the large top to bottom bezel it kind of lends itself to that. The last info is that Razr hd will come 2 GB ram just to stay releveant. If the razr hd includes what i mentioned above, it should be superior to the gs3 and the best android handset out (for now)

    • C-Law

      From what u just said, I’d still pick the gs3. Bigger screen and probably cheaper. Plus u can’t unlock moto’s Verizon line and even though they r starting to allow unlocks, I doubt Verizon will participate

      • Cory

        And a removable battery without voiding the warranty.

    • I could not agree more. The best camera for a device i feel HTC one X has it because it is big and it looks so natural and so beautiful. The iphone comes second because it has a smaller display than the HTC one x. The camera on the GS3 is good as well, but the colors are not as natural as the HTC one x and the IPhone. If motorola can put a camera like the HTC one X, it will be a perfect device. They are lacking on the camera department.

  • ayyyy

    Never really gave it much thought, but that is one big camera bezel. I wouldn’t be surprised if the original 13mp rumor was true. That or it better be a legit 8mp…

  • ayyyy

    That’s right, come to papa.


    how about a RAZR Nexus HD, Motorola?

    • omgitzjose

      im with you on that one but im sure its just a pipe dream….for now atleast. google should just make Moto the official android phone (a la nexus) and everyone else can go about tacking on there horrible skins but Moto would be to android what Nokia is to Windows Phone.

      • On a side note, the NFL microphones look odd without the Motorola logo on them...HopsOnToday5.blogspot.com

      • noyfb

        Make it a razr nexus HD Maxx, i want the big ass battery too

      • we can dream 🙂

  • shecalledmejay

    Is this the phone that was supposed to have no “Side bezels”?

    • PyroHoltz

      Yeah…Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

      That might be a small bezel for a moto device but it looks about on par w/ any of the current high end devices. Fail.

      • Keith Sumner

        No, this phone was never intended to be the one without the bezel, so just because you’re misinformed doesn’t mean moto failed. I held this very phone in my hands about 1 month ago. The bezel-less phone right now is just a rumor and MIGHT come near the end of the year.

        • People in here are never satisfy with what Motorola does.

          • We expect much from the company that Google has been grooming, cleaning, and fixing for the last 6 months. They make the best quality hardware, they have superior reception/ability to retain reception in the sh*t, working GPS receivers, and their “skin” is the least intrusive of all the OEMs. Oh and lets not forget the fact that they are the only American company that participates in the Google Open Handset Alliance as an OEM. Yes we expect a lot from them, and yes they continue to disappointing us.

          • KleenDroid

            Yes ever since the Droid 1 which was a home run at the time we expect a lot from Motorola. The D1 was wonderful and unlocked. Ever since then they have been locked down tight and been a disappointment.

            Another Motorola home run is well within their grasp .

          • In what way? Are you referring to the unlock bootloader? They just resolved the problem with the developer edition. They did very good today on the live event. I hope they put better Lenz and sensors on their camera.

      • coming from a RAZR this is not worth 700 bucks off contract to upgrade to – I will def pass… UNLESS its a nexus device. Which it wont be.

    • MOTObaby!!!

      No, that is the Intel event on the 18th. Good Lord people, fact check before you bitc#. It’s all rumors anyway.

      • shecalledmejay

        I just asked if this was the phone, because the back of this phone is the exact same one the was on the “Moto edge to edge” article a few days ago.

      • shecalledmejay

        😀 So this was the Edge to edge phone, now who needs to get their facts straight.

    • It is definetly thinner than the one on the current Droid Razr! I wish they would of made the original edge to edge on the sides because looking at the phone the bezels make it look like a wide load (which it is)!

    • master94

      No. That event will be in London.

      • shecalledmejay

        Thank you for a straight answer, everybody else seems to be so rude to me.

        • master94

          No problem 🙂

    • Jdog

      That phone will have Intel processor!

  • paul_cus

    Hope Motorola really brings it tomorrow, my next phone has to be bought off contract to keep that unlimited data. Fingers crossed.