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CyanogenMod Adds Quick Message Features, SMS Pop-ups and More

If you’re a user of CyanogenMod’s newest builds, then you may have noticed the addition of some new features for text message addicts. For starters, there is a new option for a pop-up box to appear when an SMS message is received for quick replies and viewing on top of apps, something that will surely increase productivity. On top of that, you can also “quick reply” from the notification pulldown, an extension to the official feature that was introduced with Jelly Bean.


  • Display pop-up Quick Message dialog when message received
  • Multi-message support with swipe between messages
  • Reply to individual messages
  • Mark individual messages as ‘Read’ or dismiss them all
  • ‘Wake and unlock’ device on message received

For access to the new features, download the CM nightly builds here.

Via: Google+

Cheers Jbartcaps!

  • Prime7

    I’m also reading Kill Decision right now. Great book! I never knew there was an abridged version, either.

  • Shawn Williams

    Pulled SMS apk. and installed on AOKP 😉

    • can you share?

    • cjlee89

      Yes, please share

  • Fshnrob

    I installed the latest Nightly. Does anyone know how to enable the Notification Reply. Is it automatic? I found in the messaging app under settings where to enable the popup but I prefer it in the Notification bar. Thanks.

    • gpzbc

      It think it is automatic if you don’t enable the popup.

      “Adding ‘Quick reply’ to the notification shade. This leverages the new QuickMessage functionality to allow for fast replies from the notification itself. It will only show up if (1) The Quick message pop-up is disabled (no need showing two pop-ups), (2) It is an SMS message and (3) it is a single message or a thread from the same sender.”

  • Andrew Remmers

    Is this for the Galaxy Nexus at all? I am running a stock JB ROM right now, But I can’t seem to find the G-Nex on the Supported devices on Cyanogen’s Website

    • tyguy829

      Go to get.cm and find toro on the left

      • gpzbc

        Toro is for the Galaxy Nexus Verizon

        • fshnrob

          Oh cool, thanks for the quick response.

  • Can someone please tell me if this works with Google Voice…? I NEED THIS!!!

    • Guest

      Do you mean Google Now? Of course it works! If you have any more questions ask me. I will respond.

      • No. Can I text people with the popup notifialcation using Google voice?

        • I would assume so, because the minute you press that input field it should bring up your keyboard, in which has the microphone button to dictate what you would like written. So basically yes to your question, unless your asking if theres a specific button on the popup than no i dont think there is.

  • I really want someone to do this for Talk. I don’t use SMS much anymore.

  • p_droid

    iOS kang, haha. I like the fact that we now have the option though.

  • Inquizitor

    Wasn’t this how iOS used to handle notifications? And everyone hated it? I guess having it just for texting makes it more desirable, but I personally won’t use it (and not just because I’m a diehard GVoice addict).

    • ArmanUV

      There is big difference between a notification and a pop-up where you can actually type and avoid opening the messaging application alltogether.

      • Inquizitor

        Except that’s exactly how iOS’ messaging app used to work (and I’m pretty sure there’s still an option for it). No difference.

  • Sam

    I’m seriously thinking about making the switch from AOKP to CM10 now. Anyone know how to get the CircleMod Battery on CM10? I love the look of that w/ Black Exodus theme on AOKP.

  • sc0rch3d

    would be great if this worked for GVoice. tried CM9 once on my toro, but not any CM10 build. hell…it’d be great if i could just have 1 app for texting on both phone numbers with MMS capability.

  • inzandity

    I have been using Glowfly (formerly known as Popup Notifications) for a while now and I love it. And it does allow for texting over the lock screen.


    • wickets

      looks like a nice app, but would be super cool if you could go straight to text from the locked screen

  • Amenemhat1

    And just when I fall in love with AOKP….

  • JMonkeYJ

    i’m glad that CM is adding popup SMS for those that want it, but i’ve got to say that i think one of the huge pluses for android SMS vs iOS is that they DON’T pop up.

    • Reggie

      Yes, and especially in JellyBean when you can reply from the notification pull down.

  • eidylon

    Looking nice! I may go back to CM when they have a stable JB release for the Galaxy S III.

  • Stewie

    Anything that removes a installed app is welcome, though I like SMS Popup. But since I’m on vicious, won’t see this right now …

    • John

      I think the apk was put up somewhere. Either way, it’s pretty similar to SMS popup in most ways. I just wish that app would update to unlock lockscreen on incoming msg

      • rk

        the apk will be useless on a different ROM due to actual framework code, so I highly doubt an apk was “put up somewhere”.

        • rk

          That’s not to say that a developer can’t cherry pick the code from CM and add it into their ROM. In fact, CM on their google page linked to the appropriate page where developers can look at the code and adopt it.

        • John

          oh i figured it was jus the messaging.apk ? others said they installed it on their JB rom w/o issues.

          • You are correct john, its just a modified messaging.apk there is no modified framework for this app to function if your on an AOSP Rom, you can get here
            http://www.multiupload.nl/6V34JGUY5D, and place it in system/app then chmod 644 it.

          • cjlee89

            I did this with Bugless beast and it did not work. I am pretty sure this is an AOSP Rom.

      • Handcent sms can already do that.

  • MikeCiggy

    I actually just made the switch from AOKP to CM10. AOKP nightlies have actually made my buttery smooth phone skip and stutter. CM10 has definitely been way more stable. Just missing lots of cool features of AOKP.

    Perfection takes time i suppose

  • I love my AOKP, but I would love to be able to reply straight from the notification bar. Definitely will not be turning on pop-ups though. I understand the appeal for some people but I absolutely prefer unobtrusive notifications. Glad the pop-up is off by default 🙂

    • Greg Morgan

      It’ll only be a matter of time before AOKP gets this. Remember, it’s Kang Project. lol

      • Been running Build 1 instead of the nightlies so I didn’t know that. Thanks for this!

    • raphael gray

      It’s already in the latest build http://android.encounterpc.com/stevespear426/tests/

      • Didn’t realize that since I was running Build 1 instead of the nightlies. Thanks for the tip!

  • Greg Morgan

    Cyanogen Mod continues to add features and impress the community while OEMs fail…

    • wickets

      whats so great about this? pop sms has been around for ages

      • Greg Morgan

        Sure it has, but it’s not this that specifically makes CM great. It’s the Stability and additional features that they have put together over the past few years. they have millions of users that prefer them over OEMs.

        • wickets

          Didnt know that many people used CM….awesome and congrats to them

          • cobjones

            Maybe not CM directly, but most roms are based on CMs work.

      • brando56894

        Agreed, it’s a cool feature and I love CM’s work but I use Handcent’s pop-up message so it’s kind of pointless to me, I’m sure other people will love it though.

  • Rockferd

    Glad they finally baked it in. Hopefully google will wise up and follow suite.

  • Sean Zubrickas

    First! And this is pretty cool, I like SMS popup but having this built in is perfect.

  • John

    Actually just installed CM10 nightly on my GN (9/3) & it’s running great. Good customization & loving the SMS features they just implemented. Very pleased.