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Samsung’s Galaxy Stellar 4G LTE to Launch Sept 6 According to Leaked VZW Document

According to a newly leaked image from Engadget, Samsung’s Galaxy Stellar is expected to launch September 6 for the price of $99. As you may have gathered from earlier posts, the Stellar is Sammy’s budget offering for folks looking to take advantage of VZW’s 4G LTE, but still have money left over in their wallet. The Stellar is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, runs Ice Cream Sandwich, and has a 3.2MP back-facing camera for your snapshot needs. 

Don’t forget the Stellar is coming equipped with the mystery that is “Starter Mode” and pre-loaded with Amazon Apps. Sound fun?

Via: Engadget

  • Why can’t Verizon get a good phone. All I have seen so far this year was the Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Nexus, all the rest besides the razrs are crappy mid range phone.

  • Whats the plastic body like on a budget Samsung phone?

  • Diablo81588

    Galaxy galaxy galaxy galaxy galaxy galaxy… Meh!!

  • CORYK333

    Not too shabby for a budget device. Just waiting for the morons saying “yawn”, “why bother”, “next”, etc……but then comment on other articles saying how great Android is bc of choices.

    • sgtguthrie


    • sgtguthrie


    • sgtguthrie

      Android is great because of choice… I choose not to buy a cheap ass device like this, and in the future I choose to avoid vzw like the plague now that they’ve nixed unlimited 😉 T-Mobile unlimited here I come!

    • michael arazan


    • This is a terrible phone. Period. You can buy the Nexus, Droid Razr etc. for that much right now, with much better specs. “Yawn” is right.

  • moelsen8

    not sure what to even say about the whole amazon app store nonsense. the “starter mode” doesn’t bother me, could actually end up being a good shtick for verizon.

  • Craig Pardue

    Im baffled by the sub-par specs with a name like “stellar”

    • Lucky Armpit

      Kinda counter-intuitive, isn’t it? I always wonder if there’s really a group of people in a room that does nothing but cook up silly names for things.

    • Adam Cox

      stellar on your wallet maybe?

    • michael arazan

      Maybe they got rid of touchwiz, that would be stellar