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Is the Jelly Bean Update for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus Popping Up on Devices as JRO03O?

Oooh, now this is the stuff we like to see on a Tuesday night. According to an XDA member (same guy that received the IMM76Q update first), a notification for the Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) update on his Verizon Galaxy Nexus appeared this evening. The build number is JRO03O, which would be the newest version of Android to date, and is 146.6MB in size. 

As you all know, Verizon has yet to announce the availability of this update, even though this is a Nexus device. We were certainly hoping that it wouldn’t be far off after they took their sweet time with the 4.0.4 update, but this is even sooner than I think most expected.

Big Red has yet to post official documents for the update, so there is a chance that this is simply the latest test build that one lucky G-Nex owner was able to receive. We’ll be following this story closely.

Update:  As I mentioned earlier, this is the same guy that first received the IMM76Q update, which means he likely has some sort of a test device. So by no means does this mean that you should be hammering your “System updates” button, but should instead be holding on as the fabulous developer community works with him to get a .zip together or at least a URL so that we can all join in on the fun.

Update 2:  The file has been found. You can grab it from here.

Via:  XDA

Cheers Jarrod!

  • BinaryBeatdown

    I’ve received my OTA today…but for some reason when it was done DL’ing…it went into CWR…rebooted…still on 4.0.4!! WTF…anyone know why? I unrooted, and went back to stock….im kinda pissed

  • thezfunk

    I got it this morning too. Completely unexpected. Woke up to find the update waiting to install!

  • CrazyWildFan

    I just got this notification today! GO JELLY BEAN

  • Is anybody using the jro030 update. Is it stable and is it similar to the AOKP build?

  • So is this 4.1 or 4.1.1?

  • For anyone with radio issues I suggest getting a replacement from verizon. I suffered through weak signal for six months tried all kinds of roms and what not. In the end the best solution was getting a replacement now I can leave 4g on all day and never lose connection

  • Tim

    Has anyone looked at the bootloader on this ROM to see if it’s different than the PRIMELC03.zip one for Jelly Bean?

  • Spider210

    still getting -93db with my jb flashed to this and a stock nexus and looking at the tower right in front of me. while a droid razr sits here and gets a -67db,

  • Sam Ponjican

    We’ve got radios!
    FF02 CDMA/FG02 LTE

    Whether or not they’ll fix the data drop remains to be seen.

    • r0lct

      You’re still getting drops? I haven’t had unusual drops in calls or data since 4.0.3.

      • Sam Ponjican

        Definitely. Recieved two replacement phones (IMM76Q) and both have awful 4G data drops. It’ll even drop a phone call every few minutes if I have LTE enabled.

      • PC_Tool

        Still getting the mute after 2 minutes bug on mine FC04/FC05…here’s hoping this finally takes care of that.

        • r0lct

          Yeah, I prefer BB too, I’m holding off on AOKP until they are a couple builds in.

    • Sam Ponjican
  • htowngtr

    Lets hope it has a more stable bootloader and radio.

  • Sam Ponjican
  • markgbe

    Give me this nowwwwwwwwww

  • Mike Butler

    Is there a ROM i can flash that will allow me to use Google Wallet?

    • jim

      havent tried wallet since i rooted,but i updated it and am getting the ‘not suported ‘ banner across the top when i turn it on

      • Ollie Townsend III

        The banner is due to you being rooted. But wallet still works just fine.

        • jim

          but it wasnt working before i rooted

    • jim

      I saw that,have not put that file in yet,will if it doesnt work

    • Mike

      buddy of mine got it running on AOKP JB Build1.

      • jim

        was about to try that,but heard somethings arent working on AOKP

        • cobjones

          Mine works on aokp,but my wwife’s doesn’t… But to be fair hers hasn’t ever worked.

    • Shaunwin

      GWallet is working on my GNex (VZW) with AOKP JB Build1.

      • jim

        but was it working before? mine wasnt

        • Shaunwin

          I have never had a problem with it.

    • There is a work around for wallet even if your not rooted you can still download it look in the search bar on galaxy nexus wallet workaround.Droid life posted it.

      • gpzbc

        No matter what I do, I can’t install it to my rooted GNex. And I have tried all of the workarounds. Except, I don’t want to install the apk from another source.

        • PuzzleShot

          i just caved and installed the apk from xda and it works fine. i already paid for some food at mcdonald’s without a hitch

          • gpzbc

            I considered the apk, but it just doesn’t feel right to me.

  • jim

    I gave up waiting a few days ago and did it myself,running paradigm 2.2

  • ChuckG73

    Hammer away!!!!!!!! How long after he received the Ice Cream OS did it trickle out to the rest of us?

  • TheCheapGamer

    Crap, I just read Galaxy and assumed it was S3 :

  • JulianZHuang

    im already on JB MIUI.

  • I can see the serial number at the top near the speaker so it is a test device. I have the IMM76Q on my Nexus that was shipped to me as a replacement from Verizon less than a week ago. From what I heard from a colleague that I used to work with who they have heard from a colleague etc., they should be pushing this update officially mid next month early October (Which is when I’m due for an upgrade). This update should have baseband updates included.

    • Ah. So you just got the dreaded IMM76Q also. Received my replacement last Saturday and it had IMM76Q too. Any issues with the LTE antenna dropping out? I was. And then I rooted and installed a Jelly Bean ROM yesterday to see if I still received antenna drop and dropped calls.

  • to bad I have GS3 now 😉

  • Leo

    When is the VZN GS3 JellyBean coming out?

  • Philip Pongvarin

    grrrr i been waiting for this…

  • carl

    I just want radios

    • Worm

      We all do!

    • drewsipher

      I have been getting really good 4g service at work, but at home which is literally 4 minutes down the road I get maybe 1 bar or bumped into 3g… hopefully these radios will give me just that little extra.

      • AnotherAndroidKid

        strike that, reverse it.

        home is perfect 4g that i gladly abuse streaming mlbtv etc.

        Work is 1 mile down the road and i get nothing at my desk. Of course that is 3g or lte.

  • DroidGuy

    Took them long enough too bad I am already running Bugless Beast which is way better than Verizon’s Jellybean update will ever be.

    • UrDoGG

      I don’t understand why your comment received so many down ranks… You’re only speaking the truth.

      • AnotherAndroidKid

        Only have one issue with BB. No pics in sms coming in. i can live with that.

  • Cowboydroid

    Sorry, Verizon already soured my opinion of them. I gave them a chance, after ditching ATT. They can’t get their act together to manage a Nexus device, I’m not going to bother renewing my contract. I don’t care that their 4G is widespread. It has poor latency anyway.

    Going to have to stick with community builds for Jellybean. Wouldn’t trust a thing Verizon pushed.

  • Jarrod

    someone in the thread noted that same user who posted the screenshot received IMM76Q early as well and that he is credible. and yes it is a test device

    • Indeed it is. And I wish I had his phone heh.

      • evltwn

        anyone know how long after he received IMM76Q was it pushed out officially? Might give us an idea as to when JRO030 will be pushed out.

        • Sean

          seriously this should have been in the article it’s all I want to know.

        • I don’t remember, but I feel like it was a loooong time.

          edit; I was thinking IMM76K… has Q even been officially out yet?

        • Mike

          The original post was 7/6/12. Does anybody remember when the mass roll-out occured?

  • Was starting to think the Unlocked Galaxy S3 would get it first.

  • Don’t care. I’ve had Jelly Bean for a while now, and I am not planning on going back to stock for anything official.

    • Rick Kane

      ^^ this.

    • Agreed, I can’t be bothered while Verizon drags their feet for months pushing an update. Keep the ROMs coming.

    • UrDoGG

      Absolutely. Plus, anything official will probably be littered with a few Verizon apps. No thanks.

      • Hehe “littered” with but a “few” apps. But I agree!

  • sc0rch3d

    unless my eyes are deceiving me…that doesn’t even look like the shape of a GNEX phone.

    • Spoken Word™

      The phone is in a silicone case. It’s definitely a GNex though.

      • sc0rch3d

        i have a silicone case on mine and literally held it up to the screen and re zoomed the window…..doesn’t look right to me, but then again…it’s late 🙂

    • Jigga_Z

      Definitely a Nexus, it looks like it has an Otterbox Commuter case on it.

      • you are correct – my GNex looks just like that in the Commuter Case.

    • it looks like it to me. it just has a case on.

    • you are correct sir thats a iphone

  • Spoken Word™

    And let me guess….he accepted the update without consulting the community so that the URL could be pulled?! #doubtingthomas

  • Adam Wells

    Isn’t that a test device? I see numbers above the ear piece.

  • Oh please let this be official, Verizon already tarnished the Nexus.

  • duke69111

    Awesome. Can’t Wait!

  • DO WANT!!!