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HTC’s Newest Tablet Appears in Series of Pictures, It’s an Interesting Take on a Slate

So HTC, to date, has struggled mightily in the tablet game. In fact, they basically took the last year or so off to re-think their strategy after producing some of the more disappointing big-screened Android devices ever (Flyer and Jetstream). That time away has apparently given them enough ideas and has led to the device in the 7 pictures that just leaked on Twitter and that we have featured in this post. 

It’s a nameless tablet that appears to have a massive screen, giant chin bezel, front and back cameras (fixated on the bottom of the device), is incredibly thin, and runs a version of HTC’s Sense. It also looks like it will have a dock that turns the device into an iMac knock-off.

After cruising over these pictures a number of times, we can’t actually decide what OS this is running. The only OS-type of picture we have is that of an email client, which looks like iOS, not Android. We all know that it can’t be running iOS, so that either leaves Windows or Android, however, we’d be jumping ahead of ourselves if we claimed it to be either one definitively. Then again, Microsoft apparently denied HTC the chance to produce a Windows 8 tablet, so maybe it is Android after all?

Update:  Tablet UI picture has been added, it’s definitely running Android.

What do you guys think? Cool, odd, or don’t care?

Via:  Twitter

  • Terry Been

    what exactly is a nightlies?

  • piterdufflerpiterduffler

    Congrats! Wait until you turn 35 🙂

  • danofiveo

    Still DOA

  • sundar2012

    Why do OEMs hate AOSP so much that they would risk lawsuits and penalties to copy someone else? Does anyone actually buy a device BECAUSE it has sense, not despite sense or regardless of sense?

  • John Simonelli

    Probably going to get bashed for this… but It kind of looks like a mini iMac lol.

  • LionStone

    Nice concept, innovative…can’t wait to hear if apple will even try with this one, it’d be quite a stretch but we know apple! Obviously its more for the home use, with the dock, so it’ll be great for those that won’t travel with it.

  • master94

    This not Samsung deserves too be sued.

  • kixofmyg0t

    Holy bezels batman!!

  • George264

    I think this is a fake or a really early prototype. Probably was designed in the same time as the One X seeing the similarities. Actually this looks AMAZING. As long as the cut the bottom bezel it will be an awesome looking tablet. And adding a S4 Pro, and 2GB RAM, this could be the tablet runner up to the Nexus 7. Oh man, Imagine if this is the Google Nexus 10 :O

    • PuzzleShot

      I can see wanting the bezel shortened, but as evidenced by one of those pictures, it seems to actually offer a convenient service in that it gives you a good place to hold it with one hand without having to hover your thumb over the screen.

  • e_droid

    Could be the Vertex HD?

  • e_droid

    This has my attention, hope it’s not fake. As much as I want a Nexus 7, there’s just not enough space, no SD is a killer for me.

  • nightscout13

    Big fat bezel

  • Ramon Toscano

    yea sure it kind of looks like a imac but there is no way apple could take htc to court for it. the entire tab looks like its less then 1/3 the width of an imac, and the camera being on the bottom is innovative, the imac has a logo, not a camera. so tab=imac copy is a rediculous argument. that camera placement looks like it would be easier to actually look at the display and not have to look up at the bezel, the camera at that angle would then make the image look like you are lookind directly at the screen/person and not look like you are looking up.
    +1 HTC i would love to try this tab if it is indeed real.

    the images on the screen kind of look shopped, but the actual body looks legit.

  • Butters619

    Looks like an iMac.

  • Jack Coleman

    Guys, calm down, its fake.

  • Garrett Shields

    An interesting take on the tablet for sure, good looking as well, but for God’s sake HTC, don’t make it…I don’t think we can take another guilty verdict…

  • That’s kinda ugly.

  • Bedrock

    I like it, to bad it’s not real. If it were I’d get one.

  • Rob

    Cue the Apple camp, “It looks like our iMac, a completely different type of product from a tablet, but clearly it stole our design. Please give us $5 billion.”

    That aside, not a fan of the design. HTC, what are you doing?

    • New_Guy

      “This device has our panties…um…I mean trade dress in a bunch!!!”

  • fauxshizzl

    No thanks.

  • nobody72

    Well I wouldn’t mind a tablet with a 13inch screen if it weighs around 1.5-2lbs…

  • Jroid

    Fake as hell. Come on, look at the Men in Black one, and then the last one. Photoshop, and a bad one at that.

  • First photo is cool!

  • cgalyon

    I think it looks a lot like the One X.

  • JoshHenry

    Not a fan of the big bezel, but smart to put the cam on the bottom for a tablet of that size.

  • antwonw

    It looks like an upside down iMac with white finishing instead of aluminium. Next in the news: Apple is now suing HTC for copying their design.

  • Lawsuit in 3…2…1…apple lawyers commence

    • UrDoGG

      Watch out HTC, the turtle-necks will be coming for you.

  • ok

    This can’t be real. That’s Android’s camera app, iOS’s gmail app, it has no software or hardware buttons, the coloring/reflectability of the bezel is inconsistent… And they posted a newer picture with an Android home screen that still has no buttons.

  • Alan Paone

    Feeling a twinge of gadget lust.

  • Michael Johnson

    Looks thin as all gittup! 😮

  • Yikes. That’s horrid.

  • NexusMan

    Why did they make the Apple logo so small this time around? It almost looks like a camera hole.

    • Calvin Williams


  • William Peterson

    If I buy one more tablet, my wife is going to kill me… :-

    • Andyba2000

      Lol, the same here! 🙂 But I really want the Note 10

      • fauxshizzl

        That has to be the most piss poor attempt at Apple hate I have ever seen. That website is a joke and the designs all really suck. I hate Apple with every inch of my being, and even I wouldnt own let alone purchase any of that garbage.

  • EC8CH

    Do not want

    • What, no love for the portable iMac? 😛

      • Nope. When I have a tablet in my hand, I want the bezel to be equal all around the screen. Don’t wanna feel like carry around a 10″ monitor.

  • NemaCystX

    I like the concept, and the fact that the dock makes it turn into a TV almost is very appealing for media playback, holding it sideways its like an e-reader, you have room for your hand and you don’t touch the screen while your holding it. the small bezel around the screen is very nice as well.

    • I hadn’t even thought of the extra space allowing you to not touch the screen like that. It seems more appealing the more I hear people talking about it.

  • Nicholassss

    i dig it.

  • donthateme13

    That email is the mobile gmail client

  • Michael_NM

    HT… Who?

  • Buckoman

    First gallery picture=iMac. Lawsuit imminent.

  • Nothing innovative about that.

  • Is it just me or does that look like an Apple iMac/Cinema Display

  • GazaIan

    The front and back cameras on the bottom are bugging me, though..

  • GazaIan

    Looks like an iMac. Kinda cool concept for a tablet if you ask me.

  • Sold

  • That would be pretty sweet if it wasn’t for the outrageous chin and the camera on the bottom. 😐

  • iMac mini

  • Larizard

    lawsuit incoming.

    • Michael

      Definitely a lawsuit incoming… Looks exactly like an iMac http://i.imgur.com/rNcce.png
      P.S. there’s definitely something on the screen on the tablet look at the reflection

      • Sean Livingston

        They actually took a photo next to the iMAC? I am convinced these people do not know how to think. lol.

  • Jigga_Z

    Odd looking, but kinda cool. The mail client looks like Gmail from the web browser, not an app.

    • Yes, I am with you. It is the web client, or the off-line clint.

      • Alan Paone

        There’s no buttons, so its a photoshop. It could be a picture of webOS for all it tells us

  • masterxchief

    Looks like a Mac

    • Christian

      Thought the same thing – when I saw the picture I thought it was going to be another story about Apple patents.

    • clock

      for sure. iMac to be exact.

    • theoiulkj

      why, because it has the same shade of the bottom edge of an imac? wow, okay then droid life also looks like an imac.

      • theoiulkj

        same shade of white as*

      • UrDoGG

        Dude, seriously… When docked, It looks like an imac. There is no need to argue with anyone.