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Pandora Radio for Android Updated, UI Overhaul and Much More

Lovers of music can go pick up the newest version of Pandora that recently hit Google Play. Inside the update, you will see a lovely UI overhaul, which should allow for much easier navigation throughout the app. Along with the overall new look, finding information on the artists and songs you love should be better than ever. With the ability to see artist bios, song lyrics (so you can sing along in the shower), and find similar artists, this is easily the best Pandora update yet.

Although, I have found one issue. I myself am not a premium subscriber and those pesky banner ads pop up literally every 30 seconds during song play. That’s a pain. Either way, go check it out and let us know what you think.

Do you use Pandora or another music streamer such as Spotify or Slacker?

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Cheers Chris and Tim!

  • fordcom

    Pandora new UI…

  • john

    I just upgraded it and to be honest: I LOVE IT. I use pandora a lot and this upgrade made it simpler and easier to use. I tried spotify but i hate how i have to be a facebook user to be able to use that app. Pandora is my fave app so far

  • Tavon Mitchell

    About time they updated this app.

  • Prime7

    Looks like a bad iOS port now.

  • RW-1

    Tune in Radio pro, got that free thru Amazon early on, and I’m set if I’m not using G Music.
    After their lame excuse that they needed the income from ads on teh mobile app to pay bills (there’s more than enough “income” from their main site PC/MAC ads people….) I left it.
    Besides, my experience with them was no matter what, if I went with or recreated my station I still got the same $hit just about 90% of the time, not really what I’d call getting exposed to new stuff based upon my choice. I think only once did I hear someone new that amde me want to check them out on spotify to get more!
    not even missing this …

  • kylebrodeur

    About time!

  • PC_Tool

    Still cannot mix and match stations in quick-mix through the Android app..

    WTH, Pandora….at least *try* to support both iDevices and Android with the same feature-set…please?


    At least they got the swipe to previous in there, only took ho many years?

  • I would have rather dealt with the ugly interface than NOT receive lockscreen and notification controls… How can you overlook those two things?!

  • Guest

    Skrillex and Protest the Hero? You have awesome taste in music sir!

  • You guys, how many times do I have to say this?

    Stop listening to Foo Fighters.

  • ozo012

    Haven’t used Pandora in a while, is there the ability to swipe left to see recently played songs like on iOS?

    • Yup, there is now in this new update. You can upvote and downvote them too.

      • ozo012

        Interesting, I can’t believe it took this long to implement that. I wish everyone would stop using the same UX for all recent apps. I think having that functionality is a good trade-off. I don’t really look at the app that much anyway on my phone since having the screen on just drains the battery at a ridiculous pace (HTC Rezound).

  • I just bought my subscription to Pandora One. $30 for the whole year isn’t a bad price since I use it all the time.

  • I liked the old look and feel. They added NO value for me at all, and I am a subscriber. Pandora has several issues that need fixed before they go and “fix” a UI that was just fine. Won’t start on my Nexus 7 via BT Teather is one of my major complaints! I loved that they have Bluetooth integration with my stereo, but still show the album art and stuff on the tablet screen! Why is that so hard? I am looking for another good music service that I don’t have to think about.

    • LionStone

      Yea what’s up with the automotive Bluetooth feature? I have Bluetooth in both car and truck but have yet to figure out how to pair it? I still have to plug it in to run through my speakers!?

  • Kidd_Funkadelic

    Wow, not a single positive comment! I absolutely LOVE Pandora. Happy paying customer for Pandora One, and it’s my primary source for music. I am however a little disappointed they still haven’t added support to create multi-band stations from your phone. I think this feature is something greatly overlooked. That and the ability to customize the Quick Mix station. Damn, did I just leave a negative comment too?

    • Don’t get me wrong, I love the service, but hate the app. Pandora is the best at picking songs that you like based on stuff you’ve up and down voted, but their app (even with this upgrade) is pretty terrible.

    • Joshua Peters

      I still enjoy pandora!!!

    • me too. they finally added “i’m tired of this song” as function. next up is to look at your +/- lists….

    • PC_Tool

      ” I am however a little disappointed they still haven’t added support to create multi-band stations from your phone.”

      Oh, they have….just not for Android. It’s been on their iOS devices (iPhone, iPod) for years.

  • I find that sometimes I want both more control over my music, and easier “stations” to listen to. I don’t always want to figure out an artist I want to hear similar music to and their other selections are limiting. I have been using Slacker for years and love it. Nice that they have a Roku app as well. I also use the Cache station feature for when I am traveling with no reception or in airplane mode.

    • JolleyMan

      I, too, have been using Slacker for years. Cached stations saved the day on those long motorcycle rides that otherwise killed my OGD battery.

  • lDEMON

    I personally love Last.FM myself!!! I subscribe to it!!

  • why would they change the UI to look like facebook? so lame. keeping 1.6 with unlimited skips and no ads. no point in updating my work.

    • I’ve had the best luck w/ v1.5.11 and I still see no reason to upgrade now!

    • LionStone

      Ug, yea that FB ‘look’ is pretty lame, although I like the service…will not update either.

    • lol yeah i was about to call out on that

  • It is very much like the iOS or Facebook themes. Haven’t used it since Google Music, or Slacker.Had the premium version years ago, not worth it at all.

  • AdFree to the rescue!

  • grocka

    only interested in this if they removed all the unnecessary permissions. there is no reason they should have access to modify my calendar and send emails to people without my knowledge. i typically dont like to troll, but this app is unusable because of this.

    leaving on a positive note, slacker radio and tunein radio are waaaay better.

    • Holy crap, I just noticed this. Why do they have all those permissions? They don’t seem to use any of those things (calendar, messaging, etc.). Spotify is a much more involved app and has social parts to it and it doesn’t even have those permissions.

      • BAoxymoron

        because take advantage of google’s share api which requires both of those permissions…

        • Spotify also have a share function.

          • BAoxymoron

            does allow sharing via text messaging?

          • Yup

          • BAoxymoron

            edit: sorry about all of that I was just trying to prove that there is a too much info on the internet for all of us…
            http://www.spokeo.com/blog/2011/05/spokeo-removal here is this to get your name off of spokeo but there are are 50 more websites like them and they suck at removing everything… no hard feelings?

    • LionStone

      I held off from downloading this app for a long time because of those permissions, however I finally did and even subscribed for the last year and didn’t suffer any ill effects from it and I use it quite a lot.

  • I use Spotify now, but +1 on the music choices. Love the diversity

  • Still wants write access to my calendar – not installing.

  • possomcrast1

    So they made it look like Facebook’s crappy app…

  • I agree about the Facebook feel – which does suck, especially considering how horrible the Facebook app is – so the vague association is a downer.

  • Still no lockscreen or notification controls. I’d pretty much given up on Pandora anyway, I use Spotify Radio now.

    • epps720

      Still don’t understand why they don’t implement this!! I gave up on Pandora and use Spotify b/c of this.

      • The Pandora app has sucked for a very long time. I feel like this overhaul is a rather half a$$ed effort to improve it.

    • thebruce44

      To be fair, Spotify is an absolutely horrible app too.

      • You’re one of the first I’ve heard to say this. I really like it. It’s really fast and looks great. After the overhaul, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Spotify App. Before the ICS overhaul, it was horrible, but now it’s great.

        • thebruce44

          Well its great in that I can listen to a lot of music, but as an app its piss poor and it seems the ratings on Google Play represent that. No landscape mode (it looks terrible on my Transformer Prime when docked), and it constantly times out. I will click on an album and 50% of the time I need to hit the back button and click it again because it will load indefinitely. And, the most awesome quirk of all, it seems to randomly go into offline mode when I’ve got 4G coverage and other programs are working.

          In short, its my most used app because of the functionality it provides. But the app itself is a train wreck.

          • Hmmm, I can understand the frustation about no landscape mode. That’s not acceptable, but I don’t have a tablet so I don’t mind that. But I haven’t noticed those other issues.

          • thebruce44

            What phone do you have? Maybe you aren’t in a city? Regardless, I know I’m not the only one with these issues and I can’t tell you how many times Spotify craps out so I switch to Pandora so I can listen to music right then without having to fix the problem.

          • Galaxy Nexus. I am in a city, but not a huge one. Good 4G access though. I’ll try playing Spotify Radio all day at work tomorrow to see if it craps out at any point.

          • thebruce44

            Sitting at your desk all day listening to the radio function (which is awesome btw) will probably work fine, at least it does for me. But thats not really how to stress test an app. When it struggles is when you are moving around or trying to navigate through its clunky menu system. Again, its just some simple fixes that would make a world of difference. It reminds me of the Facebook app. I use it a lot, it eventually works, its just a sucky app.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        I agree. I hate the fact it signs you up to Facebook when creating an account, without ANY clear indication that it is doing so. I hate Facebook and do not use it, I didn’t want an account on there.

    • John

      This is why I went with TuneIn Radio Pro

  • While I don’t use it any more, I hate the new UI. It looks so much like iOS and Facebook that I can’t stand it.

  • RCCola85

    I pretty much ditched Pandora once I discovered Songza awhile back. The update’s not bad, but I just wish it didn’t remind me of Facebook.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Songza is terrible. Frequent stops in playing music, makes the device run dirt slow, etc. It’s a great concept but crap implementation from what I have seen.

      • RCCola85

        I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I had issues with the past version of Songza, but ever since their update last month I’ve never had any issues with stopped songs, Force Closes, slowdown, etc. And their new UI is extremely well thought out. I use it every day on both my Nexus 7 and my Galaxy Nexus and I can’t even tell you the last time their new version crashed on either of those devices.

      • I’ve never experienced any of these issues. IMHO, Songza is a terrific app, and I, too, prefer it over Pandora.