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Facebook Update – Create Events, Upload Flow, and Emoji Support in Messages

Oh my, a Facebook update. This morning, FB pushed out an update to their Android app that brings a few extra features that some users might find useful and fun. Starting now, users can create and manage an event right from their mobile, uploading photos is made easier with the new Upload Flow interface (shown above), and emoji support has come to messages. Thank goodness.

Better go get it while it’s hot. 🙂

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Cheers Tim!

  • Nice Update. It force closes every couple of minutes now. Never used to do that before. WTF Facebook??

  • donna

    notifications are no longer working for me..is anyone else having this problem?

  • Vermillion

    OMG!!! This new Flow thingy for uploading picture just freakin SUCKS!! it takes all the pictures on my cell phone and bunches them into one huge list!! I can no longer pick what folder I want to select my pictures from ( Camera, Dowloaded, etc.). I have over 2000 pics on my cell phone!! Do you know how long it takes me now to find a picture now to upload??? Ughhh! go back, go back to how it was before!!

  • jim

    its really awful on a tablet, you only see half a picture till you click on it

  • boardjnky4

    it initially seems much snappier especially when looking at picture comments/likes.

  • balthuszar

    am i the only one that whenever i see Emoji…i think of mochi?

  • JohnPietrzak

    Can someone help me…?

    When I open the app, in the top right, I have the “find people” option. Everyone I know has the ability to change from “top stories” to “most recent”. I used to have this option, but no longer do. I have looked everywhere a d at all the settings, but I can’t figure it out. On the most current version of the app, and have the VZW S3.


  • Droid4LifeDawg

    Facebook app is a Joke, they just sit and wait for Google+ app intro a feature then they just mimic it (Events) and don’t even try to hide their Shame with a name change…

  • HotRodJohnson

    What? Finally multiple picture upload? Welcome to the future Facebook App.

    • Raven

      Hmm, if this is true I may finally update. I am still using the old and in my own opinion much more phone friendly interface version. Posting photos for my friends and family is the main things that I do with it and lacking the ability to post a few shots at the same time has always been my biggest gripe.

  • bealtaine

    What they should do next is cut down on the “Sponsored” posts (read: ads) that appear inline now. I can understand maybe an occasional one, but it has been getting excessive lately, especially on the Android app.

  • SH

    People still use Facebook? Why?

    • For some of us, it is, unfortunately, the only way to keep in touch with friends that we would otherwise not associate with. Many of my friends on facebook are not close enough to me for me to want to go see them or give them a call, but I still like to comment on pictures of their kids or congratuate them on a new house or new job or whatever.

      Remember when people used to say things like “Remember Bill from high school? I wonder what he’s up to now.” With services like the atrociously awful Facebook, we can still associate with those people we once knew without having to devote the energy to a full friendship. Unfortunately, Facebook is the only option for doing this, and it’s terrible.

    • balthuszar

      facebook is the easiest way for me to keep in touch with family in far away lands…that i havent seen in years

  • Stak34

    I wish this update fixed the feature on the Nexus 7 where there is no Photo tab at the bottom of the page 🙁

  • Mack

    Deleting my facebook account was one of the smartest things I’ve done in a while.

    No more stress.

    • ChrisTraeger1

      True that.

    • why were you stressing out on FB to begin with? addict.

  • An overhaul of the photo uploading and I still can’t upload directly to an album? That feature has been available since day one on multiple 3rd party Facebook apps. WTH Facebook?

    • Raven

      That is a shame. Still hasn’t caught up to Friendcaster then.

  • shecalledmejay

    lmaoo What are you’ll really hiding from the Feds ?

  • Danny Rodriguez

    People are always complaining on how about the FB app sucks and is slow… but it has always worked perfectly fine for me…

    • Radgatt

      Me too

    • The most recent implementations are fairly decent, but I think people already have a bad taste in their mouth from when it really was completely broken a year ago or so. Plus, even if it does run fairly ok these days, it’s still overly complex and slow and doesn’t use any of the modern ICS UX design principles. Just because it’s “fine” doesn’t mean it’s good.

    • balthuszar

      since my og days…i’ve never had a problem wtih the facebook app…

  • gpzbc

    How about the permissions? Every time they update, it asks for more and more permissions. Why does FB need to be able to read my phone status and identity? Are they keeping a database of every number that everyone calls?

    • Raven

      Unfortunately Phone Status and Phone Identity are not 2 separate options and most apps need the Phone Status so that they can properly suspend and resume when you get a phone call. For example, if you were typing a post, and you got a call, that post could be lost, but instead they suspend it so you can resume typing after the call.

      • gpzbc

        I see what you are saying, but do you trust FB not to keep the phone numbers?

  • Booyah

    The FB app is so slow because it’s busy downloading your address book and locations to their servers.

  • vincet3

    Until FB removes the GPS check upon loading, I refuse to install this Trojan..

    • you know you can turn it off right?

      • John

        I’ve turned off location messaging services in options, and I still see it called when opening the app. Sure you can use LBE to disable (or disable GPS entirely), but it shouldn’t be necessary.

        • Yup, same here. I’ve turned off every GPS/location setting I can find in the facebook app, and it still “pings” my GPS chip when it opens. I suspect it’s getting a rough idea of your location so that if you want to include your location in a status, it’ll have it for you.

          EDIT: I see it doesn’t do that anymore after this update. Thank God.

          • John

            shi t. ya you’re right! just tried it & finally works like it should (gps wise). good call man

          • The credit goes to Michael (his comment is below).

    • Michael

      They did with this update. A permission was added for approximate location, so it no longer needs to use GPS on startup.

  • Does it actually add functionality to the app? No? Oh it still takes 12 minutes to load the messages tab… yeah that’s what i thought. When they fix the problems with the actual app I’ll consider using it again.

  • JetBlue

    I quit using the Facebook app months ago due to it being slower than me going to the actual website in my browser which that takes just as long.

  • John

    I love how it’s the most downloaded 3rd party app, and it’s still one of the worst. Good job FB.

  • So facebook or friendcaster? I’m still on friendcaster because it just seems faster and nicer looking.

    • gpzbc

      I like Friendcaster, but it won’t show the updates for any friends with higher than average security settings. Which is a good portion of my friends.

      • Raven

        That is interesting if true. I have never noticed that. I will have to keep an eye out for it.

        • gpzbc

          Definitely true for me. It is basically a setting in FB that prohibits any third parties (apps) from accessing your FB account. That is great when you want to keep the stupid games out, but it messes up apps like Friendcaster, Tweetdeck, etc.

  • Jason Harris

    The facebook app is as close to unusable as it gets. Slow, slow slow. Like real slow.