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Avast! Mobile Security Updated to Version 2.0 – Includes New Widget and SiteCorrect

Avast! Mobile Security received a major update today which contains a gang of new features for those of you who love keeping your devices extra safe. Some of the additions include a new Network Meter for measuring incoming and outgoing data, a brand new widget for quick device scanning, and a brand new web interface for GPS tracking, remote device wiping. 

What’s in this version:

• Web-based control for Anti-Theft
• Network Meter
• SiteCorrect – autocorrect of mistyped URLs
• Scanning of incoming messages
• Real-time protection (on-exec scanning) of apps
• Improved user interface for tablets
• avast! Widget
• The shield control UI to fine-tune on-access security setup
• Grayscale notification icon configurable from settings

If you’re looking for mobile security, it doesn’t get much more extensive than this.

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Cheers Li-Lun Wang!

  • Abe Lincoln

    Best new feature: Grayscale notification icon configurable from settings
    I honestly didn’t understand what was up with the previous icon, it was just slightly too big and too orange for my tastes…

    But seriously, the best feature of avast is that you can uninstall the anti-virus-privacy-management-control-meter component after you install the anti-theft and just keep the important part (hidden of course)

    • Mei

      Thanks. I was annoyed with the orange icon that always show up on top left corner on notification bar. =.=

  • jdrch

    The web antitheft interface is completely useless, because it still requires a friend’s phone number. Why can’t Avast simply allow the phone to be located on a map without a 3rd party phone?

    I don’t really like running AV software, but I think it’s better to be safe than sorry given the vast variety of insidious attacks out there. I sideload apps (Volume+, Firefox Nightly, etc.) and it’s not inconceivable that 1 of them could be hijacked as an attack vector.

    I hope they fixed the background crashes in this version.

    • Abe Lincoln

      Google voice? Then you could control the phone over the new web ui and check for messages through your google account at the same time without another phone.

  • I used Avast for awhile and it caused a lot of lag on my phone. I also noticed a sizable uptick in battery drain and Avast was definitely the cause according to my phone’s internal battery diagnostics app. So I dumped Avast after about a week.

    I installed Lookout Mobile Security and Anti-Virus and tried that instead.

    Lookout doesn’t lag my phone even one bit. Nor has it ever consumed an inordinate amount of battery. It has just the right features and they all work great without hogging any phone resources at all. Lookout even found my phone — almost to the literal exact spot — when I set it down it and then lost it on a day outing once.

    I [idiotically] had left it on the grass at a large regional park here in San Diego while we were playing some Frisbee and forgot about it when we left. I didn’t notice until about 2 hours later when we were at the coast having an early dinner. I locked up my phone via my son’s cell phone and then did a locate via my son’s cell phone right from the restaurant table. Within moments Lookout directed me to within just a few feet of where my phone was sitting in the grass at the park. My phone was completely locked with a security code, located, and retrieved in less than 30 minutes. I was greatly relieved.

    So, I’ve stayed with Lookout Mobile Security and I haven’t looked back since. Lookout is an excellent Android phone security app.

    • Hu

      My experience is completely the opposite. Avast = no log, Lookout = Lot of lag. Go figure!

      • jdrch

        I’m with Hu. Lookout drained the heck out of my Galaxy Nexus’ battery.

        • Nimbus

          seems FlatFoot wanted to do a little bit of advertising for Lookout. maybe one of their guys being afraid of Avast (i would understand that LOL).

      • Scott Bowen

        I’ve had lag and battery drain with Lookout.. I’m looking for an alternative (no pun)…

    • Yup. I love Lookout Mobile. Saved my bacon two times. Once in a theft of my phone. The sumbeotch went to jail too. Ha! Lookout is the best there is for Android phones and tablets, hands down.

  • kr8os71

    Do we really need this on our mobile phones? Only reason I’m asking is because my phone(razr 4.0.4) seems to lag when this is installed. I uninstalled it and now seems to run better. Thoughts?

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Watch what apps you install, make sure the permissions aren’t excessive. Personally I do not run any security yet, that may change, but for the time being I do not run anything.

    • Mike Cox

      no there is no reason to run any of these unless you make a habit of installing non market apps from people you don’t know. never use any of these apps or a task killer

    • llwang

      I don’t experience any lag with avast! on my Droid Incredible 4G LTE. Carat shows only a 14-minute expected battery difference for killing it. It’s just a guess, but could it be that it’s scanning your installed app when you first install it?

    • Ben Baird

      This app is a lot more than anti virus protection. The anti virus part is really the feature least important of everything avast! offers.

    • Abhisshek Das

      Avast is nice but Kaspersky Mobile security is much more better and it does not creat any lag on my Galaxy SII .

    • geedee82

      Personally, I don’t see any reason at all to run any kind of mobile security on my phone. All they do is hog resources. I’ll take my chances. And if your smart, or even just “not stupid”, the chances of anything actually happening are very low.