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DROID RAZR HD Tutorial Videos Leak

A YouTuber by the name prevowii posted up four videos this morning for the DROID RAZR HD that we are assuming came from a setup app in a ROM. Each video walks you through subjects like making calls, setting up email, etc. That’s not really what we care about though, is it? The big picture here is that this is one of the first times we have seen this device in such a clear manner. With a September 5 event on the horizon from MotorolaΒ and Verizon, are we starting to assume that this device will undoubtedly be announced there?Β 

What you’ll see in these videos is an Ice Cream Sandwich and Blur build that closely resembles that on the Atrix HD.

Make Calls/Texts:


Email Setup:


Using You Device:


Setup WiFi:


Battery Saving:


Thoughts on the RAZR HD? Is it all that you had dreamed of?

Cheers to everyone who sent these in!

  • Sweet_Teacher

    > Using You Device:


    *PLEASE* hire a proofreader. I beg you. My 3rd grade students beg you.

  • As much as I love my G-nex and lords know I do, I miss having the freedom of knowing that I have solid hardware with a Motorola device…and this HD Razr looks pretty polished

  • R. Ryan

    anyone know the name of that clock/temp widget on the Razr HD screen? I want to see if I can get it for my Razr

    • MattH818

      It’s a custom Motorola widget. You can get a similar one through One More Clock from the play store but it doesn’t have all the functionality of the Moto one.

  • frankandsimple

    Motorola blur is by far the best android skin in terms of simplicity and functionality. Not as ornate as sense.. and not stupid and cartoonish as touchwiz… I still don’t understand why only nexus devices have pure android.. it is so damn easy for HTC or Motorola to get their sales thru the roof by simply getting a device out with pure android. Dumbos.

    • moto d1 was the last device from said OEM to have stock android. I have a feeling that we may finally see a moto nexus device late this year with the way things are turning out for samsung and its near constant quality control issues. Maybe Google will see Samsung for what it really is: the cheapest Google OEM that mass produces junk for the technologically uneducated masses. Go ahead! Hold a gnex up to a maxx… Tell me what you feel there? Compare DB in signal strength, call quality, build quality, battery life and other factors. With the exception of one being pure google and the other not, the maxx is two times the device the gnex is – and the same goes for the SGSIII. Yet another cheapo, poorly constructed, specced out phone from samsung which doesn’t even attempt to hide its ever-growing desire to emulate the iPhone in all ways possible. And whats more is the fact that Samsung by their OWN ADMISSION builds these devices with the sole intention of copying the iPhone. At least OEM’s like moto, se, asus, and others have their own style and design originality – Samsung does not. Samsung is the Kia of android phones, always touting features, specs, and size, and always trying to copy the competition, rather than beat them with ingenuity and intelligence by design.

      I truly hope after this year the Nexus crown is taken from Samsung, and they lose market share to moto and apple – they deserve it! Google needs to pick up the slack here and put it’s attention on Motorola: if not for the sake of the end user, then for the sake of devs, and other oems…

      rant over

      • frankandsimple

        I can’t disagree with anything you’ve said.. You call Samsung the kia of smartphones.. I call it the kardashian of smartphones.. ubiquitous and popular.. but no quality or class.

  • give me a moto nexus or ill keep my razr forever

  • I like how Motorola always cheats a little to make their Razr phones thin. On the Razr 1 is was the “chin” which housed the antenna. For the Razr 2 they made the whole phone wider and taller. On the Droid Razr it was the camera “hump”. Now they’ve stretched the phone vertically. They’re getting better, but still cheatin!

  • I still love my Maxx to death, especially with ICS on it. Talk about doing it right. Unlockable bootloader or not, well done Moto. Stay on this path, and give us a Nexus, and 2013 will be their year, in my opinion.

  • Akashshr

    Best looking phone out there, Dont care for carrier logos, and Definitely dont care for locked bootloaders! Hopefully my next!

  • I love the design of this Motorola device. I hope Verizon will carry more candy bar Motorola devices in the near future.

  • awesome……….. i hope juice pack will not disappointing the MOTO fans

  • master94

    The current phone lineup is perfectly fine. Unless the Razr HD is an insanely amazing phone, there’s no need to make a new phone every month and release it if it’s only a minor improvement over the old one.
    Goddammit, Moto, stop copying apple’s strategy before they sue you πŸ˜›

  • C-Law

    Huge bezel! If the phone HAS to have a huge bezel at the bottom like this due to internal constraints, use capacitive buttons on the bezel. Here it just looks like they wasted screen real estate by putting the nav buttons on it instead of below on the bezel. I have a gnex and love being able to customize everything about my nav bar but this just doesn’t look right on this phone. It looks like on screen nav buttons were an afterthought

  • Bionic

    There is no good reason this shouldn’t have had jelly bean out the box

  • thecharrr

    Wifi setup video shows a “DROID invasion” ringtone set, no doubt about it being the RAZR HD/S/2
    Other things of note: NFC enable/disable toggle in quick settings, a default email signature that states it’s a 4G LTE Droid, and a reference to a dock in Smart Actions.

  • One simple question… Will it come with UnLockable bootloader like Photon Q????

    The bezel is much thinner than OG Razr, so I hope it comes with size of my RazrMAXX only…

  • Laki S.

    While I’m not as excited about this phone as I once was, I’m still very interested to see it once it’s released. I was willing to buy this on opening day, but now since it’s coming out later than I thought it would, I’ll be waiting to see this year’s Nexi and what else comes out closer to the holidays.

  • angermeans

    Looks like moto wasn’t shy about skinning ICS back up again (I’m going to go ahead and assume that it won’t launch with Jelly Bean since every Moto phone ever is usually at least one software version behind always).

  • jaybar

    If this matches or surpasses the GS3, I’m tempted to sell mine and go for this cause my one problem with the GS3 is the home button and so-so build quality

  • Knlegend1

    Screw it getting a nexus.

  • MattSweeden

    My favorite part is when he Tap.

  • AhsanS

    Holy hell, would ya look at that bezel…

    • Knlegend1

      It actually doesn’t look that bad really. Compared to the original Droid Razr.

  • udispyn

    why doesn’t this have Jelly Bean???

    • r0lct

      Not much before end of year

    • You won’t see non-vanilla jelly bean devices for a bit.

  • needzmoarHD

    Design looks pretty good. But what I don’t understand is how in their right mind will they release their new flagship phone with old software. That is the equivilant of the new iphone coming out this fall with an old version of IOS. It just isn’t happening.

    Other than that, this phone should have it all. 1GB of ram is understandable at this point, but it should not have the same crappy camera as the Atrix HD. Luckily this housing looks different so not too worried.

    • KleenDroid

      Maybe Moto doesn’t have access to the newest Google software…You know… being that Google owns them and all…..

      • Tim242

        I guess you missed the memo from Google that Moto is still operated as a separate company. This is to avoid favoritism.

        • KleenDroid

          Didn’t miss anything. Makes perfect sense… buy a company that you can’t help with the latest software that your company designs. And that also has a policy of locking down phones which was once opposite of the companies personal stance. Makes perfect sense.

          Don’t let that nonsense fool you. If Google continues to own the phone manufacturing end of the Motorola business they will want it to succeed. I don’t think continuing to make locked down phones with old software will continue forever.

          Being in business is all about your own bottom line and favoritism in your own business is expected.

          • Tim242

            Google bought Motorola for patents…that is all. Look at the lawsuit just filed by Moto against Apple. All Moto phones in the future will be unlockable, starting today with the Photon Q. This has nothing to do with Google. It has to do with Moto’s late delivery on a promise.

          • KleenDroid

            Thank you Tim242, I understand this. But how long do you think it will actually take to unlock the Razr or newer phones? Do you think anyone will really care by the time they do? Do you think developers will get as involved as they would if the phone was unlocked at the beginning? Do you think all Moto phones will be unlockable upon initial release?

          • Tim242

            Devas will jump all over them, just as they did when HTC started to unlock. According to my Moto rep for our Sprint store, all new Moto phones will be unlockable via their site. He also all but confirmed a Moto Nexus this year, by answering,”Wouldn’t you say that the stars are aligning?”

          • KleenDroid

            Now that would be a wonderful thing for sure… a Moto Nexus.

            I would be first in line for that phone just as I was for the Gnex.

            I would love to come back to Moto if they offered what I wanted.

            I hope the stars do align.

          • Uh, FWIW they never said “All phones in the future,” they said “No phones prior to August 2012”. So..

  • watchthesky

    This phone gets less impressive with every new post.

    • Jason Lee

      I’m glad i got the Galaxy S3 instead of waiting for this. I got to keep my unlimited data. And ever since the bootloader got unlocked, development on the phone has been insane.

      • Ethan

        Exactly my scenario. Would’ve loved if this came out a couple months ago, as I prefer the Moto build/quality. But I needed a phone and Samsung beat Motorola to the punch- when the Razr HD flops, it’s 100% Motorola’s fault for timing it like they are.

  • jeesung

    i want the circle widget!

  • google should be embarrassed. they own the damn company and still we get blur and ics?

    • Actually, most of the RAZR developers I work with actually like ICS blur. It’s far less intrusive than in the past and actually serves to enhance standard android features rather than just be a pain in the ass. I tend to agree with them. “Most” of the alterations Moto has added to ICS are actually useful. Not all, but most.

      • Buckoman

        I think he was trying to say that because Google owns Moto Mobility now, that they should have Jelly Bean and not a similar build of what’s on the current RAZR now. Either that, or it better get JB within the month, because releasing ANY new phone out into the market with ICS on it is just ridiculous.

        • I understand. I was more responding to his blur comment than the ICS one. JB just released to phones less than a month ago. It’s going to take a little time for the vendors to modify it to use their custom skins if they’re not running vanilla software which very few of them do.

          • Buckoman

            Ah, I had misunderstood.

            However, I’d rather wait for the newest software than have them keep churning out new phones every five minutes.

          • We’ll see if their promise for fewer phones overall and all high grade devices holds. I think what we’re going to see is them release 2 phones per category per year per carrier. 1 Nexus device and one non-Nexus business device. Each carrier will probably get variations of the same phone much the same way that all vendors receive different variants of the same galaxy phones from Samsung. Much easier to manufacture and maintain.

          • I was one of the ones that called Motorola to stop releasing so many devices. I feel 3 to 4 for each carriers is good.

    • Tim242

      Motorola is still operated as a separate company…

    • jroc74

      Please try Blur on the RAZR, Bionic and any other recent Motorola Android phone before condemning it…that is all.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Haha I suppose this device produces a love it or hate it impression with the beholders. I, for one, love the design. =)

    • jeesung

      +1. well, except for ICS instead of JB

  • Charlie

    I’ve been looking forward to this phone most of the year, but these videos just aren’t doing it for me.
    This looks nearly identical to the ICS that I have now on the Razr, more so than the Atrix HD except for the widget.
    Besides the screen, I really see no point to upgrading at this point. If it has 2gb of RAM, then maybe, but the rest of the specs aren’t doing it, especially compared to what was rumored or what we’ve seen from Moto in other countries. I doubt this phone will have the 2gb of RAM.

  • Nick

    I really like the design of that phone! The only thing I can’t stand is that Verizon logo. That’s what turned me away from the original DROID Razr. Ever since my DX2 I have sworn that I would never get a phone with that dumb logo on it again. That’s why I love the clean form factor on the GS3 and Nexus…. I don’t know why, just a pet peeve of mine…….

  • MooleyBooleyTroll


  • I hate when carriers add their logos on front of a device…. logos should go at the rear part of the device……. just like Nexus Devices.

    • EC8CH


      Still don’t like the VZW on the back of my G-Nex, but it’s way better than in the front.

      Complete black screen when turned off is a pretty nice feature on the G-Nex.

    • You would think they’d get more advertising if it was on the back of the phone.. When you talk on a phone people see the BACK of it..when you text, people will likely see the BACK of the phone. I surely don’t need a reminder what carrier I am paying monthly.

      • watchthesky

        But if you put a case on it, it gets covered up…

        • True, but then we are back to the logo being on the front and no one seeing it anyway. So the only solution seems to just not put carrier branding on it at all

          • LionStone


        • LionStone

          But not everyone uses a case, I know I don’t…so when I’m talking on the phone I’m glad I don’t give any free advertising to VZW…I’d rather have it in front like this/HTC has been doing it too.

        • balthuszar

          they could do it like apple and make it so the case has a cut out around the logo on the back…

      • r0lct

        Since a lot use their phone for data and text the front is more valuable for those users.

      • ceritus

        It’s not for the owner. It’s for the people that the owner shows off the phone to.

    • Just remove it yourself. You’d be surprised how easy they are to rub off…

      • You’re dumb.

      • It’s under the glass… Motorola makes higher grade devices… Not so many stickers that’re “rubable” (sp?)

      • Mack

        The only phone I know of that had an easy to remove logo was the Bionic.

        • Samsung_Babe

          My Samsung S3 Verizon logo comes right off the back. Takes about 15 seconds. I just purchased a new back from ebay for $2 and it snaps right on, replacing the existing back. (This is NOT a cover nor a case.)

      • nightscout13

        You’ll rub the meat off your fingers before you reach that logo…..It’s beneath the glass genius.

    • I loathe carrier branding, I was seriously about to comment on how so many manufacturers bend over to stupid demands like this except Samsung with the S III… except they bent over for T-Mobile with the Note -.-

    • Fluffy_Teacher

      Let me get this straight. You picked your carrier… no one else did that for you… you like your carrier enough to give them THOUSANDS of dollars…. you will stick with them for many years. But you hate the idea of a harmless logo that actually MENTIONS your carrier’s name???

      That logo… and if it’s “front” or “back”… is the *LEAST* of my concerns here.

  • danofiveo

    Now, if they get rid if the Verizon spyware, I mean bloatware, it would make a much better device. Having said that, I know you can disable some of the built-in apps.

  • Phoenix

    I want these features on my RAZR… This is just not fair…

    • AJA0

      What features? On-screen keys? I much prefer physical (capacitive) ones. All they did was get rid of part of the screen for the on-screen keys, and add a verizon logo where the physical ones used to be.

      • Cory

        I agree. I just got a Nexus 7 and see no real point in on-screen buttons at all.

        I just wish my RAZR’s battery would last more than a few hours. πŸ™

        • al

          you would if you had a rom on it and release its nice being able to add buttons change their order or add widgets to it

      • KleenDroid

        I do not agree… Physical buttons are no longer needed. And the part of the screen where the on screen buttons are are used by apps and media while it is wasted space with physical buttons.

        But to each their own…

  • Allen Byrd

    Me guuuuusstttaaaaaaa

  • Adam Elghor

    what the razr should have been πŸ˜›

    • i can not agree more. The Razr design was to square. I wanted the Razr to be like the Photon or the Atrix on the design department.

  • There is a lot of wasted space at the bottom of the phone that now has a big, ugly, Verizon advertisement on it – presumably to put the on-screen keyboard in a comfortable position. Makes somewhat of an argument for off-screen controls there, like on the Droid Razr or GSIII.

    • Tenaj

      This. ^^
      But you gotta admit, motors skin is pretty nice.

      • I feel Motorola and the galaxy nexus skin are kind of the same. The GN just have an unlock bootloader. Motorola’s version of ICS has more colors on the menu.

    • droidSLC

      Maybe they had to have that extra bezel to fit the ‘still larger than sgsIII’ 2530mAh battery. Which, if that’s the case, there wasn’t room for more electronics. That and Verizon is an advertising whore who doesn’t care about aesthetics.

    • KleenDroid

      Moto likes to make blocky phones with wasted space. There is no need to for off screen controls but Moto isn’t used to designing phones without the extra space yet.

    • Beautiful_Support_Chick

      Wasting my screen space with buttons that can EASILY fit on the phone instead… why oh why????


  • If it has an unlockable bootloader moto could really turn things around with this

    • EC8CH



      • KleenDroid

        Ya… Motorola phone with an unlocked bootloader… Kinda like dreaming about seeing bigfoot. But yes If they would begin truly unlocking their phones Motorola would be worthwhile again.

        • Tim242

          All Moto phones, starting with the Photon Q will come with an unlockable bootloader.

          • KleenDroid

            OK… how long do you think it will take till they get around to the RAZR? Do you really think it will matter by the time they do unlock it?

            Being unlocked when it releases is what matters not if they unlock it a year or two later.

          • Tim242

            It has to start somewhere. HTC started slow, now look at them.

          • KleenDroid

            HTC started always unlocked then went backwards.

            There is a big difference between being able to unlock a phone by jumping through their hoops verses coming unlocked for those that want it out of the gate. It is not wise to use HTC’s unlocking tool verses unlocking on your own.

            An unlock tool is not nearly as good as shipping unlockable like a nexus.

          • Tim242

            No phone comes unlocked. You have to even unlock a Nexus. HTC did not start with all phones. It took a year to catch up.

          • KleenDroid

            The Nexus is easily unlocked without a manufacturer tool. HTC phones could easily be fully unlocked without a tool at the beginning… no tool needed. Then they began encrypting then requiring a tool….

          • Tim242

            Yeah, I remember the ease of HTC unlocking of days past. They had to go and mess up a good thing.

          • I am with Tim. It will be unlock regardless. At least they are going on the right direction.

          • Tim242

            You do realize that Moto phones will be unlocked the same way as HTC, right?

          • KleenDroid

            Yes… exactly my point…. not as desirable as coming unencrypted and only needing a simple command to unlock on your own without a manufacture website tool.

          • angermeans

            No where has anyone said that every Moto phone since the Photon would have an unlock able boot loader. Moto said that it is up to the carrier so I will go ahead and bet my bank account that we will never see the Razr (and all it’s ridiculous amount of variants) ever unlocked.

        • You will get your wish. My wish is to see more Motorola devices with nicer camera and better design. i do not like the design of the Droid Razr. It is to square unlike the droid Razr HD.

    • jroc74

      I’m sorry…..but the RAZR and Maxx were the better selling Android phones on Verizon when the G Nex and Rezound were still new.

      Turn things around…..advertising is what will sell the phones. Not an unlocked bootloader.

      That and if it has the least issues. I dont need to rehash the issues the G Nex had…many ppl were given a RAZR or Maxx after using a G Nex.

      • and if they really took a razr or maxx over the gnex they got jewed.

        • balthuszar

          and if they took the gnex without even giving the razr/maxx a try they got jewed…maybe not now, but back when the phones first came out

  • robert

    wait for the maxx version

  • Not sure what the exact specs are on this phone but the S3 still looks a lot sleeker and sexier!