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DROID 4 Owners – Your Ice Cream Sandwich Update Is Ready to be Pulled

Motorola continues to impress their fans going into the weekend with this latest news. The DROID 4 had its build of Ice Cream Sandwich approved earlier this week and we have been waiting to see when it would officially roll out for all owners. The build is the same as the previous leak, .217, and brings the device up to Android 4.0.4.

If you have been waiting for the update head over to System > About Phone > System Updates to see if the update has rolled out to your area yet.

Cheers T!

  • droid4no?

    I am on the verge of purchasing a droid 4 (a huge upgrade from my lg ally), but after reading these comments regarding the ice cream sandwich update… I am not so sure. I thought ICS was supposed to be a big improvement over ginger bread? I guess not. Anyone had any luck resolving the issues? I mean wow. I am a qwerty fan, and I am a pc guy as well. I had no intention of getting an iphone 4 or 4S, much less a 5, but now I am starting to wonder. Little help here please.
    Also, I hear there may be a jelly bean update available for the droid 4 sometime in early 2013. wonder if that will help or just be another disaster.

  • sp1

    This update is terrible. Kills my battery- even the extended battery, apps dont work, dont hVe the option to switch b/w 4 & 3G … why change something that wasnt broken? This sux! Hate the new look too. Gradeschool. Yuck

  • Robert Black

    Thanks for sending the automatic update during huricanne Sandy…kudos with the timing. Now where’d my haptic feedback controls?

  • To change your font size go into system settings click on display and then click on font size….. to change the size of your font…….

    Now I need help with call settings…… to restrict calls……. “where the hell is it”?

  • How do I get Facebook contacts out of my phone book on this new update? Hate it!!!;!

  • rob

    This update is terrible, before it my battery would last all day and i had a really strong 4g signal. But now my phone dies after 5 hours, even when i don’t use it at all ,and i haven’t been able to connect to 4g at all i can only use 3g or wi fi. My phone went from a 9 to a 3 after this update.

  • jen7681

    I hate the update! Have been dealing with it for a couple months & it’s ruined my phone! I LOVED my Droid before this! It constantly freezes, there’s a huge delay in anything I do, it disconnects calls & vibrates or makes other noises when nothing is even happening! This phone absolutely sucks now & given that I paid an arm & a leg for it guess I’ll have to deal with a crappy phone til I save up for something else 🙁 (fyi- the whole time I was typing this no words showed up til I was a couple sentences into it! Point proven.)

  • Nicah Gutierrez

    My phone stopped working in the middle of the update and now none of my stuff works what do I do?

  • Jayki

    This update is awful. My phone is too hot to keep in pocket and battery dies in 3 hrs. It lasted all day a week ago.

  • Andy Huff

    i dont mind my phone with the new upgrade, but my biggest issue is ive noticed on my Droid Razr my wallpapers keep changing every 10 mins or every other time i put my phone to sleep, any one else having this issue? i agree with everyone though ive noticed my battery is terrible now, these guys better do something or ill be desperate to have to go to an IPhone and i hate IPhones

  • rick

    Im not impressed with the new update ics for the droid 4. Im having an extremely difficult time using and accessing many features on my phone. Before the update i had no problem what so ever. Im really hating everything about ics 4.0. Where to even start…the fonts too small and having a dark background with grey font, idiotic! I cant view any of my videos in MY GALLERY, i always get “MY GALLERY HAS UNFORTUNATELY STOPPED” message, everything runs alot slower, apps start running on their own, battery life has been very weak….too many more issues to keep going. I really love my droid4 and havent had any issues til the new update but if things really dont start to shape up i might as well just quit my contract and go else where.

  • jarustchest

    I do not like this upgrade. How can I revert back to the old system? I can barely read the letters. The colors are so boring as well. It looks more like an iphone.

  • scott

    Update is horrible. Agree with font lack of color issue. Very boring and hard to use, read, see. Screwed up my contacts and pictures. I needed to reestablish certain accounts or create to pass words. For the most part my Droid went from a 9 to a 5 on my rating.

  • snbdrenzo

    I can definitely feel what others on this forum are feeling. Upgraded from Droid X to Droid 4 about 4 months ago. I was already not too impressed, but after the ICS upgrade last month I absolutely hate this phone. I feel like I am using the internet in the 1990’s. The home screen freezes all the time, the apps stop working (I get notifications like “Youtube has stopped working..” when I don’t even have the app opened), it sometimes takes over a minute for the text message app to open so I can read a message, I constantly get an error message that background data is restricted, when I don’t even have this selected in my settings, ugh!!!… I went to the verizon store but they reps there had no clue. They just told me to download Automatic Task Killer which did not solve anything. I haven’t looked into my warranty yet, but I’m about to and hopefully get some sort of replacement because this is not gong to work for me. I’m ready to go back to a flip phone, seriously…

  • i have the D4 and no issues on ics

  • p022020

    Hate the update, color changed, fonts changed. Who thought up this black background with gray print??? Can’t change it – does anyone know ? Contact list all screwed around and Motorola had me re-boot – and then I lost all contacts. Verizon people are confused and don’t know how to change anything. I just got this a month ago because the fonts were large and the print was easy to read. Now it sucks.

  • mjp

    This update SUCKS, why is there no rollback. Bastards

  • Sunny

    If you haven’t updated…I wouldn’t. It’s a disaster. I think Motorola even knows this because from what I was told the other day when I called the warranty center (the earpiece is rattling so I just got a certified replacement..this is my 3rd Droid4 in like 7 months. Both, previous ones had the earpiece issue.. manufacturer defect/failure. ) that if I have any, more issues with this model they may look into getting me a completely, different phone all together. Hearing that.. now reading up on the ICS disaster.. it seems that ICS is bricking tons of Droid4 phones and I’m wondering if they’re going to try to phase the model out all together because of manufacturer/mechanical defects and incompatibility with this update or something. (If any of that made sense at all.. I’m highly irritated and pretty much ranting and raving at this point so if I sound like a total idiot..I’m not always.. just when I have to deal with stupidity like this lol.) Who knows.. I just know I’m beyond annoyed because I figured..”Well it’ll be ok.. my replacement phone will still have gingerbread on it.”…NOPE… They’ve already installed this garbage. I’m tempted to try to root it but I’m afraid of doing something wrong and voiding my warranty and stuff. I may just be forced to deal and wait for the next update..whenever that may be 🙁 WHY is there no way to manually go to the internal storage via pc when the phone is plugged into your computer, and remove/replace files? You’d think you could do something like that..just delete the system files and copy the old ones from somewhere else? UGH! I LOVE this phone.. I don’t want another model.. I just want ICS GONE and Gingerbread or some, other version BACK.

  • Cassie

    Anyone having issues with the notification bar. Since the update my boss has been having issue with the notification bar deleting the notification as soon as he open the bar. He doesn’t even have time to read them.

    He also is having issues reading the phone and the battery life continues to go downhill.

    I’m thinking about taking it to a verizon store tomorrow.

    Oh and a factory reset is not an option at this time, because I do not know how to do one and I’m terrified that I will make the phone worse.

    My opinion is that IceCream sandwich was not a user friendly update for older/ non computer savvy business people. but that just because they keep handing me their phones and telling me to fix them.

  • sue

    my daughter has owned the droid 4 for 4 1/2 months. she went to sleep one night after speaking to me and in the morning the phone was completely dead. the verizon store suggested it was due to some upgrade. we got a cert. preowned phone from verizon and that phone overheated within the first half hour. waiting to see what happens with
    replacement #2. Anyone else having problems with the droid 4 and or replacements. please let us know.

  • JLo

    I just got my Droid 4 and cant seem to use my bluetooth for skype or yahoo video calls. Seems as if I only have speaker option. Is there a headset or other device or setting?

  • Dena

    I’ve had the update for a couple weeks and it’s the worst update i’ve ever had. I’ve never had so many issues with a android phone. My phone FREEZES ALL THE TIME, the audio goes out and the only way to fix either of those issues is to restart the phone. If it isn’t doing those two things then it’s super slow. I’ve tried all the tricks i’ve found on other websites and nothing has helped! Customer service doesn’t help fix these issues either. Anyone else having these issues and know how to fix them?!

  • kwil

    Does anyone know how to Move photos from a SD card to the internal storage, a easy way to move stuff from one SD to another SD card? I got a larger card for the phone and I don’t want to loose anything, I don’t trust the droid 4 anymore, ever time I turn around its freezing up. I get solid black screen. kinda looks like the blue screen of death! I was also wondering if anyone knows how to change all the colors on the phone? the black background and the light font makes it so I can’t read my phone from the Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • kwil

    Do you think they will get rid of the ICS?

  • kwil

    Does anyone know how to Move photos from a SD card to the internal storage, a easy way to move stuff from one SD to another SD card? I got a larger card for the phone and I don’t want to loose anything, I don’t trust the droid 4 anymore, ever time I turn around its freezing up. I get solid black screen. kinda looks like the blue screen of death! I was also wondering if anyone knows how to change all the colors on the phone? the black background and the light font makes it so I can’t read my phone from the Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Its’ the end of summer, they call it the Ice Cream Sandwich; That’s because Ice Cream Sandwiches melt and destroy everything that it touches, Just like the Ice Cream Sandwich up date, it destroyed a lot of phones.

  • Droids-no-more

    DO NOT INSTALL THE Ice Cream Sandwich UPDATE IF YOU USE YOUR PHONE AND THE CONTACTS IN THE PHONE FOR BUSINESS PHONE CALLS!!!! It is HORRIBLE!!! I’m on the phone right now with Verizon and the rep is admitting that it’s really bad. The phone and contact apps have been COMPLETELY changed. You can no longer have you dialer, contacts, and recent calls in one app. Screens now appear in reverse type (black background with white type). This has been a publishing no-no because reverse type is harder to read. Also, when I plug my phone in to recharge, I can’t use my phone until it’s charged up a certain percent. I used to be able to use my phone immediately upon plug in. There are many other problems caused by the new upgrade but I won’t detail them all. My Droid X received a software upgrade that killed it dead with no fix. I was forced to upgrade to a Droid 4. Now this software upgrade has made my phone much less functional as a phone and almost unreadable. Verizon will not take the phone back. This seems to be a class action lawsuit in the making. My next email is to Consumer Reports. Then I’m getting an iPhone. No more Motorola phones with updates that kill the phone or make it unusable!

    • kwil

      Have you called the verizon wireless executive management? I had all the same problems that your having,

  • allaboutstyle

    I was having a lot of problems once I installed ICS. Many of them were solved by taking the following actions: go into settings, under Wireless & Networks click on “More…”, click Mobile Networks, click Network Mode, switch from Global to LTE/CDMA.

    This has improved my battery life, the temperature of the phone, and also allowed my FoxFi tethering app to work again. Hope this helps.

  • mssoap

    Has anyone had trouble with the printer feature? I was able to print stuff from my phone to my wifi printer before the update now it doesnt want to connect at all even though i have the wifi on

  • TheMudge

    Well, I am really on the fence with this one. Performance didn’t go down … maybe even went up a tad … but the design is way harder on the eyes. Not to repeat what so many others have said, but as a web designer, I always steer clients away from reversed type: it’s just too hard to read consistently. On the other hand, I guess the Pro is that it DOESN’T look like iPhone …

  • This update toasted my Droid4, Runs very very slow, heats up big time and only get about an hour of life on the battery. Any steps to fix this??

    • kwil

      I also have a droid4 that had been destroyed with this software. it freezes all the time and gets very hot if I try to use it. The droid 4 is making a good paper weight.

  • Whitney

    This update is the WORST. My battery lasts 4 hours if im lucky (it used to last all day with my playing on it) and now i hardly touch it and it goes dead. The colors suck and are very hard to read. PLUS there are all these new apps that got installed that keep running even when i shut them down. If i refresh they are right back up there and i dont know what they are doing! This update is the worst ever. I have not met 1 person who likes it. The biggest issue is not there is haptic feedback that CAN NOT be turned off. When i called and asked motorolla about the change that said it was for “customer protection” so if a button gets pressed in out pocket we would feel it. Thats crap! Let us decide. I just got my Droid 4 a little more then 2 months ago and this one of the biggest regrets i have ever had! If i knew it wouldnt be the phone i purchased i would have chose a different phone.

    • Zero5295

      Two words: factory reset. You can’t honestly expect this update to adapt older data files from your apps, which were made for gingerbread, to ics perfectly.

  • droidboy21

    i’ve been trying to pull the update since the day it said we could and every time it says “Check for update is not available at this time. Try again later” ive tried for days and days. help 🙁 is there a manual download available

    • droidboy21

      i’ve tried the wifi trick and still nothing.

  • kwil

    Whats this?? Droid 4 owners- your ice cream sandwich update is ready to be pulled??

  • kwil

    I got this update a week ago tomorrow, I’m still in unable to read the font on the black background. I have my email set up but I’m always getting error messages. the droid turns on and off by its self. this phone is so bad I have not called or text anyone for a week . Verizon told me to download a 3rd party app called Handcent SMS for texting. I haven’t used it for myself yet. every time I turn my droid on and attempt to start reading it, I end up with a pounding headache just from the font color on black.
    Why couldn’t they test all this out before we all get stuck with them? is that really to hard?
    How many other people are having a hard time reading text messages, phone book, and anything else that could you could read before with this Ice Cream Melt, (ice Cream Sandwich)?
    Has anyone figured out how to change any of the fonts or colors?

  • Jay

    Can’t read text or e-mail with the black background. Will give them another week to fix then it’s back to iphone ….

  • Dam

    Has anyone discovered a way to change the color and font yet?

  • angelprincess88

    I have the droid 4 and Iabsolutely hate this update! Text messages are hard to read and the format looks old school! Options for wifi connect are limited and its draining my batter ever 3-4 hours. Bedore the update my battery lasted all day; 8-10 hours! I am sure there is more things I hate that Ihave yet to discover! If this isn’t improved soon Imay be a blackberry user again!

  • sseidel

    The “upgrade” nearly bricked my phone. Apps wouldnt work, battery drained in 2 hours, etc. Was told to do full reset. Battery life improved but apps not so much. Verizon replaced the phone, back to GB. The os looked really nice, too bad they used us for testing instead of doing it in development prior to the push.

    • RToft

      I did the update as well. Nothing but problems with the phone since, did a full reset with motorola and verizon on the phone, worked ok for a day or 2, but then the ear piece died which they tried to fix over the phone, helped a little, but the phone completely stopped working with the Ford Sync system. Verizon replaced my phone, and I am back to GB, and I found out that you can lock out automatic software updates. I would suggest that if you haven’t updated to ICS, don’t.

  • laura

    Has anyone figured out how to add apps back to the homescreen without having to group them?

  • gg171

    Got the new update last night. I can no longer read some of the information on my phone due to the black background. Seriously, I truly hope we are not stuck with this. Us older folks do not have very good eyesight and black is NOT user friendly!!

  • stuie

    I don’t like it! It only allows for 4 G which kills the battery! Any help in that department?! It also messed with the settings for some of the games I liked to play and now they do not fit on the screen!! UGH!

  • Bob

    After update GPS only works if it held out in your hand. Battery life suck, phone heating up! Phone signal is half as what it was before. Apps not working right? Can I go back????

  • kwil

    Got mine today and so far I hate it. Does anyone know how to change the background colors it its not black , the font color and icon size? I can no longer read my phone.

    • Cassie

      I would love an answer to this to. because my boss has been complaining about that since it installed on Saturday. He’s also having trouble reading the font size, and does not need the large pictures on his contacts. He’s also have trouble with the contact dialer split and I can’t find any good tutorials or help.

      • kwil

        I got a hold of my carrier and explained the problem I was having, they have been working with it all day. if I find out how to fix the colors I will pass it on.

      • kwil

        I should have some answers tomorrow..

    • gg171

      I totally agree!!

  • mhepp

    The new white text on a black background makes the standar dcorporate email client almost impossible to read. Can this be changed?? If not, can anyone recommend a decent email client that works with MS Exchange?

    • kwil

      Have you found a way to change the font colors?

  • TA

    my droid 4 is constantly heating up after the update. it already had a crummy battery life prior to the update but now it’s even worse. my google play music app doesn’t work…. songs stored on my SD card show but do not play. so far, i’m not loving ice cream sandwich

  • jon

    Just downloaded for my D4 and is anyone having troubles with double tapping the spacebar for a period? i checked the button for it in settings and restarted my phone and it still won’t work. any suggestions?

  • does anyone know how to edit info for photos now ? i no longer have that options..im talking about naming, title, not artistic editing..

  • Dave W.

    Upgraded to ICS today and my battery will not hold a charge long. My battery went from 70% to 0% in less than 40 minutes. Has e
    Anyone else experienced this?

    • its a nightmare now !! i was told to drain battery completely and recharge 1x a month..see what happens

    • Levi B

      Hello… Im experiencing the exact same thing. AND… My bluetooth connections now are inaudible. Plus, my phone is ridiculously hot now. Like “burn-your-ear” hot! Whats that all about? I’m also having problems with receiving texts VERY late…

    • Frank

      I am having the same problem battery just drops WTF! I need these assholes to test crap before pushing it out! as for the the rest of the update … If I could go back to gingerbread I would.

    • shakypete

      I have a co-worker with this problem too. He asked for help. It sounds like your battery statistics are not correct. Like you had a low charge during the update, and the phone registered that low charge as the maximum charge.

      I suggested my friend reset his battery statistics. He found it really helped. If you have CWM or Safestrap installed, you can reset them from their respective menus.

      If you do not have Root control, then look at this forum. It is what worked for my friend:

  • guy

    How do I get the “Charge Only” option when connecting the D4 to a PC’s USB port?

    • Zero5295

      I regret to inform you that the very feature you mentioned has been removed for some.odd reason.

  • Gerry

    Good update to bad the speakers are going out on mine, the backlit keyboard is going out and before the update it couldnt hold a 4g or 3g connection (have to wait and see if this update helps out at all)

  • Leita

    This Ice Cream Sandwich made me so happy. I’m not struggling to be online with a full signal anymore and everything is much easier. Looks nice as well. So happy I have snapshot now with no problem.

    • Mrname

      How do you snapshot?

      • jon

        just hold the power and down volume button

  • lee

    UK calling and still waiting….. Hey goorola cant u buy t mobile so I can get my download soonerplease

  • Knlegend1

    Someone is doing some serious trolling with all these down votes. Probably bionic users.

    • Mr Waldo

      Downvoted on priciple

  • DesiD92

    I was wondering if anyone had figured out how to get the Droid 4 to 3G only by dialing whatever it was we did for the Droid Razr. I tried using it but didn’t seen to work. Thanks in advance :]

    • bakdroid


      If you download the thunderbolt 4g toggle it will take you right there. Works on .232 bionic leak.

  • tenducks

    just upgraded seem to have lost the my library option in the my gallery also the screen keeps sorta flashing? hoping that it resolves itself in a few hours.

  • mnm

    Is there a way to remove the ICS update?

  • mnm

    Is there a way to remove the ICS update?

  • Mark

    They removed Adobe Flash with the update but I still have the Flash Player icon in my app drawer. How do I get rid of it? I’m not rooted.

  • I could not agree More Kellex. Moto seems to be doing a good job as of late. Congratulations to the droid 4 owners on their ice cream sandwich.

  • Shurikenv

    so after update im no longer able to toggle between 4g – 3g is there a new way to do this?

    • blackmagick20



    Pull ‘this’, Moto…..

  • Hopefully they do better than HTC. I updated to ICS last week and now I’m wishing I wouldn’t have, even tho they had 6 months to perfect the update its still broken. I’ve been through 2 different Rezounds this week alone trying to fix the data issues and random reboots and it looks like I will be taking another trip to Verizon tomorrow because my CLN replacement is rebooting now and can’t find any data!

  • Kitzira

    Got mine last night. However… I feel like Android took a step backwards making menus, email, ect. background black, text white. That’s cool and all if you want a 1337 setup… but professional? Lets just through that out the door. I guess white background, black text is too Apple. Also the standard font isn’t very pleasing to the eye. It took awhile figuring out why my icons were bigger too. Seems resolution was altered a bit. Things look sharper, but they also look bigger! I had to set the default txt size to small instead of normal. Top row of alert icons looks dim as well, but that may be an effect of the black background and slightly smaller icons. In short, not as happy I should be getting an icecream sandwich. Why didn’t these things come in cookies ‘n cream?

    • kixofmyg0t

      I downvoted you simply because you actually used the term “1337”. This isnt 1995, youve been watching “Hackers” way too many times. Grow the f-ck up.

      Also you’re b-tching about white text on black backround isnt “professional”? What are you smoking?

      • Kitzira

        Because when it was 1995, I did make black background with white/aqua text websites that I thought were the best things ever. And then somehow I grew up. Professional is this website, amazon, anything of rep. How many websites do you buy something at that still use black background, white text?

        I think you’re the one who needs to grow up.

        • kixofmyg0t

          We’re talking about the menu page on a mobile operating system….remember that. I see how you’re comparing it to Amazon, so lets play this game.

          Ever used a Kindle Fire? Go look at the Amazon app store. I see alot of white text on black(well id say charcoal) backround. So that make Amazon unprofessional right?

          White text on a black backround doesnt make any site or service unprofessional by default. You using the term “1337” voids your opinion on what is professional in the first place anyway.

          You can argue from here but im done listening.

  • Morlok8k

    I miss in-pocket detection.

  • megoen

    How do you disable 4G in ICS?

    • KOBALT

      GO to settings, then where the toggle is for mobile networks, click on the actual Mobile Network words, then Network Select.

    • there is this application called phone info. You can get it from the market and make sure you put cdma auto (PRL)

  • Johnny Wishbonn

    Got the updat this morning love it. I’ve had no problems yet.

  • bhain3s


  • bhain3s

    download apex launcher, its pretty smooth, i think ill try nove launcher next

  • sangelopez

    I got mine last night. Does anyone know how to get the news feed app that was on GB back to ics?

  • KiddSayne

    mines showed up around 1 this morning downloaded it then went to sleep and when i woke up….all new ics goodness up and down my droid 4

    • D4 Guy

      Same here!

  • chris kilps

    Every time I push update, it says that I have to setup an account with Motorola. I push setup and it says connection failed. Is there anyway around this?

  • d4owner

    Updated! The phone is a lot faster and smoother! LOVE IT!

    • If you put nova launcher on it, you will like it even more. Give it a try 🙂

  • Matuas

    Anyone having any issues with Facebook since the update? It’s not starting for me – even when I revert to an earlier version.

    • blackmagick20


    • mnm

      How did you revert to an older version?

    • i am having major issues with FB since the update.cant even use the site unless I toggle to android mode..i use Dolphin – and always use desktop mode.. this really sucks!

  • Tiger

    So yeah, I did get to get the ICS update this morning but honestly, my phone’s bricked 90% of the time. It overheats when it charges causing it to lose battery, it can’t find my SD card, it freezes whenever I start an application and becomes unresponsive. I never even rooted my phone or messed with it like that. Im about to restore it to factory settings.

    • blackmagick20

      You should do a hard reset or at least clear the cache when you update your phone. It runs smoother every time. Also…even if you ‘restore factory settings’ as you say…you’ll still be on ICS

  • Knlegend1

    Exciting day for the D4 users.

  • Lambo_21

    now Moto can move on to the next one (see what i did there, no then i guess you dont listen to Jay Z)

    • Guest


    • Diablo81588

      Weak lol..

      • Lambo_21

        it sounded much better in my head haha

  • droid4user

    Downloaded installed/ need to reroot phone, lost tethering and slow moving from screen to screen on phone. Any suggestions?

    • Morlok8k

      rooting is easy, just grab the d4 utility.

      idk about tethering yet.

      as for the slow moving: in settings/developer options, set Window and Transition animation scale to Off.

      also, phone in initially slow after update. wait a few hours afterwards to let ICS index your system, and reboot.

      • Story_Ninja

        Its not quite as simple as you make it sound. I have used lots of different one click root methods. This was the first time that I had to install Android SDK tools and Java Dev kits. and I still dont know how to check to see if I have an ADB connection. All I know is I did what It said in order to get an ADB connection, started the eternity root 1click. and it worked…

        Anyways Following the xda directions was a little tougher than downloading something opening a file and connecting to my PC this time.

        For the record. Voodoo OTA was Unsuccessful in saving root through this update. Anyone Else Experience this?

    • FoxFi with Wifi Tether without root – tested on my D4 under ICS.

    • droid4user

      found this tool that was legit for root – http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1714596

      just got a new D4 in the mail. what is the best backup tool to move everything you guys have used before? thanks

  • uscmikey

    Go to settings>Apps>AllTap Google Services FrameworkTap on Clear Data and then Force StopGo to About Settings>About Phone>Check for Updates

    do the above. my update is now downloading.

  • Name


    • blackmagick20

      Umm…good for you?

      • KOBALT

        don’t be a douche

  • Gustaf

    Downloading now!

  • Drew Clouse

    If a phone is stock rooted on GB, can I just install this OTA update over it without any issues? It doesn’t matter if I lose root or not, I just don’t want to brick it.

    • Download and install “Voodoo OTA RootKeeper” from Play store (a FREE app) and keep a root backup and “Temporary Unroot” using the same app… Then download OTA update as usual… After OTA installation, just restore root access from the same app… This worked well for my DroidRazr and there is NO reason it may NOT work in Droid4, imho… Just try this method…

      • Raven

        What is with all of the down votes on this comment? This is great advice. I hope those 5 people missed the up arrow by mistake.

  • Mike

    Glad to see my Bionic still hasnt seen ICS. Come upgrade time, goodbye Motorola, HELLO SAMSUNG.

    • smwandrie93

      love seeing people like you complain about everything… me as motorola “lets update all the phones that are older before even thinking about updating phones that came out months afterward” ….just sayin….

    • Knlegend1

      Hello kies. 🙂

    • Jay

      Yeah because if there’s a company that ALWAYS does updates right, we all know it’s Samsung. Just like with the Charge…oh wait. Well there was the Fasc…hmm no. Ah the Continuu…dammit.

      Good luck with that knee jerk reaction of yours buddy

    • KOBALT

      Should have cashed in your Bionic for a Rezound awhile ago. If you complained, they would have gave you one.

  • LionStone


  • For what it’s worth, OTA updates to phones don’t roll-out to specific areas at specific times. For years I’ve been watching morons post comments similar to “Just got the update in Chicago” or “Nothing yet in San Diego” – what the hell, people? I long since would have assumed that you knew this? Their is some sort of method behind how the roll-out, but it has nothing to do with physical location (why would it?).

    • like duh

      so what you’re saying is you’re sure it isn’t the case, but might not be. Thanks Inspector Genius.

  • I wouldn’t say that I’m impressed by moto. I was told I’d have this update for my bionic by Friday and from what I’m seeing I won’t even have it this month.

  • curaga

    Just got it!

  • Dae

    Downloaded and installed within 35-40 mins!

  • Jeff A.

    Downloading now.

  • Joe

    Didn’t work for me. Still says “Check for update is not available at this time. Try again later.”

    • Linus

      That’s what mine says too. I guess we’ll just have to wait as it rolls out.

    • James

      I had the same message but when I turned on WiFi, the phone automatically started downloading the update. Could be a coincidence though.

      • rbs

        Enabling WiFi worked for me as well.

    • Hope this helps

      Do a factory reset happen to me on the razr and once I did that I was able to update

    • Some people get it first, give it a few days. You will enjoy it.

  • Bionic


    • Buy This

      Shut up troll and be patient.

      • Mike Hawk

        It’s crazy how much hate is getting directed to Bionic owners for absolutely no reason at all… Smh..

        • blackmagick20

          ‘No reason at all?!’ Are you serious? It’s not directed at all Bionic owners…it’s directed at all the ones that are CONSTANTLY whining on these comments that they don’t have ICS yet…

  • IF YOU CAN’T update or if your update says “fails” or “failed”, etc., make sure you unfreeze all bloatware, uninstall Safestrap or any Bootstrap, and if all else fails, unroot!
    Worked for me <3

  • Downloading now!

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    I thought by “pulled” you meant the update was delayed/canceled.

    • That would have been a bummer 😛

      • Kellex why we are not allow to post to facebook post from droid life like we used to do before. I just get the option of google plus and twitter not facebook.

        • michael arazan

          His name is Tim not Kellex

  • KeyboardOrDie

    Mine appeared this morning. It’s installing as I type.

  • S9779