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Motorola Launches “Unlock My Device” Site – Bootloader Freedom Has Come At Last (Update)

Double check your calendars – is it April 1st? It’s not? Then there’s been a massive rip in the space time continuum as Motorola has officially published the new “Unlock My Device” page. On the site, Motorola device owners can finally unlock their device’s bootloaders and install 3rd party software. Naturally, there are about one million warnings and hoops to jump through, but it has finally come. 

To unlock your device, you will need the Android SDK and Motorola’s Drivers. Once you have those things set up on your computer, it’s merely a “follow the instrcutions” type of deal. Interestingly enough, when trying to find out which devices are supported by the Unlock Tool, it took us to an “Access Denied” page here.

Fantastic news going into the weekend. We’ll keep checking to see if we can get any more information regarding which devices can now be unlocked using the tool.

Update: Motorola has updated their list of supported devices. There is two phones and two tablets that are currently able to have their bootloaders unlocked.

  • Photon Q
  • RAZR developer edition
  • XOOM – Verizon
  • XOOM WiFi

We will continue to wait for Motorola to expand on this list.

Via: Motorola

Cheers Kixofmyg0t!

  • Droidlynn

    I wish the DROIDX could have its bootloader unlocked. It seems that people forget how well the X influenced DROID OS. The X still deserves some Dev love. The X is my all tiime favorite. Even if I upgrade next year I’m still keeping my DROIDX twins. If I got rid of them it would be like getting rid of my 2 feathered chidren (exotic birds). The X is special to me and probably many other people

  • xoom poo

    Never buying motardrola again xoom 2 is poo screw moto.

  • Mike Wyatt

    Bionic Pleaseeeee

  • Guestapo

    I NEVER thought this day would come. Somebody pinch me.

  • saha

    Why don’t you, like, give a link to the site?

  • wingedmantis93

    Come on Droid X!

  • sporty

    Developer edition, well DUH of course that one’s unlockable! What about my RAZR? Or actually my soon to be RAZR MAXX???

    • Martin Naskovski

      don’t. Wait for the HD.

  • i wonder if this will make the bootloader hackable now???? i mean if you ahve the before and after key and the device?? could we possibly see some sort of repitition. Lets face it they are not going to unlock any older devices or verizon devices.

  • Kevin

    If they can’t go back a year to unlock their stuff on all networks,then I think the program has no point. They would save more time just keeping all of their phones unlocked from now on.

  • CapnShiner

    For a lot of people, this is too little too late. It’s a step in the right direction but if they don’t expand that list of supported devices very fast and include pre-RAZR devices, they are going to piss off a lot of existing customers.

    That being said, it’s been less than 24 hours since they announced this. Let’s give them a chance to work on it before we start whining.

  • Bionic

    When the bootloader is…….. Ashes. Then you have my permission to root.

    • Ethan

      I’m not sure other people get the reference here.

  • Have that Fear for us Motorola… From now I may buy your devices again… But before that UnLock my International/GSM_only RazrMAXX first (I know u won’t do that for Verizon ones)…

  • KongRooo

    lol, everybody wants to be an iphone lol.

    Total-Privacy dot US

  • NorCalGuy

    The two tablets have been unlockable since day one so I don’t think those should really count. So they are unlocking two phones one that no one except devs will buy, so its really one device that they r unlocking. Might as well not have even wasted their time if these are the devices that they are “unlocking”.

    • Justin

      This is a giant step for Motorola though. This is just the beginning – any new phones will most likely appear on this list as well, and I wont’ be surprised when the RAZR devices and Atrix devices show up on the list in a few months.

  • Steve

    I just started laughing hard in a dead silent room. Hilarious!

  • Stewie

    Suckers … I’m sure that 50% of the Photon Q population of 6 users will be thrilled at this news, as for the rest of you, they might just place the newest Razr rehash into the tool, but you have to buy it first before they will tell you (that it won’t happen) ….

  • cheezer88

    Is this Google’s doing?

  • steve e

    Isn’t it illegal for carriers to block the use of unlocked bootloaders on their networks??

    from the moto site:
    “4. Your wireless carrier may prohibit unlocked devices from operating on their network.”

    • moelsen8

      it’s only questionable in reference to verizon’s 4g network and the Block C terms & conditions that went with it when they bought it. they just cry foul about network security and then it doesn’t matter to the people who should be enforcing it though.. completely disregarding the fact that computers with unlocked bootloaders can easily access their network through a hotspot etc. it’s bullsh*t.

  • So glad they included devices that already have an unlockable bootloader

  • moelsen8

    that updated list is a joke. three of them come with unlockable bootloaders. nice rickroll moto

    • They all come with unlockable bootloaders… that’s the point. This is what enables you to unlock them.

      • moelsen8

        user-unlockable, dude (well at least xooms). not through this site.

        • The three devices that you’re talking about are listed separately from the Photon Q, you can’t unlock them with this method. This ONLY works with the Photon Q.

          • moelsen8

            whatever man, then it’s a joke that there’s only one device unlockable for this tool. this is droid-life, most people care about verizon devices.

          • They gotta start somewhere. I agree it’s underwhelming, but we need to see where this goes. Granted it’s probably not to VZW but it’s anyone’s guess right now.

          • moelsen8

            Yeah definitely. Progress at least.

  • kauthor47

    Joke’s on us, they’ll start with the Photon Q and move forward but never do anything for existing devices older than the Photon Q.

  • RoadsterHD1

    REALLY??? one devise

  • Can you update the article? The Photon Q is the only device supported by “Unlock My Device,” and the others use the old system.

  • jnt

    here’s what the approved devices page says right now… not like this is a shocking letdown, and obviously it could change, but I doubt any time soon:

  • zepfloyd
  • Nate
  • J Nano

    Ill believe it when i see it. Fingers crossed hoping for razr to be unlocked.

  • Supported Devices page loads now — only supports PhotonQ at present….

  • Andrew

    The Photon, RAZR developer edition and the Xoom are the only supported devices?? This better be a work in progress motorola.

  • Joe

    Not sure why everyone is getting excited about this. The only phone that is unlocked is the Photon Q, we already knew that. RAZR/D4/Bionic will not be unlocked.

  • Supported Devices
    The following devices are part of our initial roll out of the bootloader unlock program; additional devices will be added progressively.Photon Q 4G LTE Sprint

    Other Supported Devices
    Previous devices released with an unlockable bootloader, and supported through Motodev at the following URL:https://developer.motorola.com/products/bootloader/Motorola RAZR developer edition Europe Motorola XOOM VerizonMotorola XOOM Wifi Worldwide

  • Senate9690

    Photon Q 4G LTE (sprint), Motorola RAZR (developer edition), Motorola XOOM (Verizon), and Motorola XOOM WiFi are the only phones supported so far… weak

  • smwandrie93

    looks like the motorola haters need to figure out a new way to hate on moto… lol

    • KleenDroid

      ? Why… do you really think they will really unlock the bootloader on any new phones? By the time they unlock the RAZR I bet most will be ready to upgrade. Developers won’t begin work on 2 or 3 generation old phones.

      • BlueLetter


        • KleenDroid

          Is that a Motorola phone? Is that a Verizon phone?

          • smwandrie93

            now your motohating because they didnt unlock all their phones overnight…

  • aplh8r

    Waiting for Apple to file suit since they will probably claim to be the ones that own the copyright to unlocking bootloaders… lol

  • gimmethelight


  • zizzybaloobah

    They finally figured out why folks held on to their the OG Droid’s for so long.

  • JustSayin’

    fastboot oem get_unlock_data; Verizon phone replies back with “LOLwut?” =|

  • J. Gilbertson

    I want to resurrect my droid 2 global!!! Shame that from what I hear this is only for the Photon Q

  • gimmethelight


    • Alexis

      God hear you, but is Not yet supported, but I hope that soon!

  • ed

    good thing I just unlocked my GS3 on VZW. Too late MOTO!

    • KleenDroid

      I agree… I will be happy if they truly follow through but it will drag out forever. There are plenty of options available without the aggravation and contempt for its users.

  • tyguy829

    Are they allowed to block it from their cdma network though? It would be essentially ueseless without voice or texting

  • guseppe16

    Yep, only supported device right now is Photon Q. Kick me squa in the nuts.

  • RedPoopCharly

    Anyone unlock their Bionic yet? Once its unlocked, we will have one one of the best 4G Droids on VZW! Cant wait!

    • Buy This

      dont get ahead of yourself. I already checked . scroll down. But yes I agree, it would become a fantastic phone (already a solid one I love mine)

  • Droidzilla

    Mind = blown.

  • moelsen8

    Wait say what

  • Congratulations to the guys that love to have their device unlock. Motorola is going on the right direction. They just need to put better lens and sensors in their flashy devices and also tweak the form factor design as well.

  • Buy This


    • Buy This

      Brenda: While we do not yet have specifics on future devices that will also have an un lockable boot loader, we do plan to offer this feature on many if not most of our smart phones moving forward, as long as our carrier partners allow and we can do so while satisfying regulatory requirements.

      Latest response.

      • KleenDroid

        So in other words you can forget about it… or at the very least don’t hold your breath. Your phone will be unlocked at a point when it no longer matters to you. The developers work with new phones not older phones that have been locked forever.

        • Justin

          I think this more focuses towards Verizon… They absolutely hate having unlocked phones because we can use any app we want (which, according to their LTE block 700 purchase, is what we are supposed to be able to do anyway).

  • This is excellent news. Would have been great when I had my Droid 2. Of course, Koush freaking rocks and did it ahead of time.