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Mini DROID RAZR XT907 Cruises Through FCC With Verizon 4G LTE

The Motorola XT907, which we have decided to call the “Mini RAZR,” cruised through the FCC today, sporting Verizon’s 4G LTE bands and NFC. We first saw this device pictured through a Chinese part site just over a month ago. Once you go look at that picture, you’ll know why we are calling it the “Mini” and expect it to be a mid-range phone. 

Not much else is known about the device, but thanks to a UAProf for a another Moto phone by the model number XT905, we have a pretty good idea. The display is qHD, and has on-screen navigation keys. It likely runs on a Snapdragon S4 processor and may come in white, similarly to the Atrix HD.

If these specs end up being legit, I’m trying to figure out what on Earth Motorola is thinking. It’s just a DROID RAZR, but with NFC and on-screen keys. Do we really need another RAZR variant?

Via:  FCC | Engadget

  • Ughhh, what should i wait for now if the razrs will be bionic 2.0. Dying to get a new phone.

  • Bedtim3

    This is the Droid Micro, it will be released near the same time as the Droid HD and HD MAXX, it will be a smaller screen with almost no bezel, and it will be the lowest-end of all of the new Moto devices.

    • You sound confidant, basing your statements on something other than the info that “leaked” last week?

      • Bedtim3

        Yeah. One of my immediate family members works as high level Motorola sales representative, that comes directly from him.

        • Nice, and thanks for the info, really means a lot! — How recently have you gotten an update on it?

          Side note, I would love to heard about the perks/benefits of having someone who works for the company in the family.

          • Bedtim3

            He is married into the family, so we reap no immediate benefits. Fefore Motorola began manufacturing exclusively smart phones, he would just give us dumb phones for free is we needed them. Sadly Moto cannot afford that because now all of their phones cost $500-600 to manufacture.

            I had the discussion about the Droid HD, HD MAXX and Micro with him about a month ago. He also said that all 3 may be delayed so that they can ship with Jelly Bean.

          • Ah, makes sense. Sucks that you guys don’t get significant hookups — but thanks again for helping firm up some of the info we’ve gotten!

            Any chance of you hitting him up for an update? I’m personally mostly concerned with the Maxx and it’s specifics, like how far after the HD launch will it take for the Maxx to drop, battery capacity, etc.

          • Bedtim3

            The plan currently is and has been that the Droid HD and HD MAXX will drop at the same time with the Droid Micro dropping a little later.

            Currently they are leaning more towards delaying both of the phones until the end of October to make sure they ship with Jelly Bean however. Both phones will be the same externally, save for the larger battery in the MAXX.

            I have no idea about the battery capacity, but it will be a similar situation to the RAZR and RAZR MAXX in which the MAXX is a few mm thicker with a stronger battery.

            The processor in both will be the 1.5 Ghz S4, and it will have 1 GB of RAM (the last thing I heard about that). It will also have such typical staples as an 8 megapixel camera and NFC. That is the last (and most specific) I’ve heard.

          • You sir are a gentleman and a scholar! Are you on twitter? I’m @br4nd0n — I’d love to give ya a follow if you are.

  • hotice

    The S4 processor and chipset is much more advanced than the OMAP that’s in the Razr. Even if the clock speed isn’t higher each core will be much faster and use much less power since it’s 28nm instead of 45nm. Plus, the integrated 28nm lte chipset will also use much less power than that of the Razr. Also, the GPU in the S4 is much faster than the one in the OMAP.

  • I hope that Motorola can change the design of the razr hd. i like the candy bar form factor better.

  • antony3322

    May be it is DROID RAZR V

  • angermeans

    So much for innovation, right? Let’s just release 10 variants of an ugly and underwhelming device. Looks like they continue their trend of underwhelming and overrated devices since the OG Droid. Google just needs to sell this company off.

  • the more I see NFC, the more I wonder why the poop it isn’t in my razr maxx

    • Diablo81588

      It wasn’t supported when the RAZR came out?

  • kixofmyg0t

    Hey that looks awfully familiar……

  • moto-stalkerz

    this one comes with JB. (assumption based on moto test log)

  • Dear Verizon:

    STOP CALLING EVERY FREAKIN’ SMARTPHONE A DROID! You’ve cheapened the brand name, making a Droid phone mean absolutely nothing. Have ONE PHONE, call it the DROID, and make that your best phone.

    Idiot marketing people.

    • Verizon

      Dear DougZ,

      Since we don’t actually label every smartphone or even every Android phone we carry as a “Droid” we will continue under our previous assumption that you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. We also paid George Lucas an ass load of money to license the word Droid and we like it. So we will use it as much as we want.

      Please take this opportunity to learn when to keep your opinions to yourself.

      • LOL- What’s the point of using Droid on a phone name anyway? Is it going to make a difference anymore? “Hmmm…should I get the Droid Incredible IX or the Droid Amazing XII or the Droid Bionic IV or the Droid Droid XVIII….?”

        The reason the original Droid sold so well is it was one kick-ass phone with a special name. When one starts naming everything the same thing it’s no longer special.

        So speaks the Internet.

        • Verizon

          Well, I guess Apple didn’t get that memo. They stick a lower case “i” in front of anything and it is suddenly “superior” and sells more than all the products that came before it. We did consider the iDroid (iPhone running Android), but Apple had a hissy fit and we had to stop.

          Think of the whole Droid thing as our stamp of approval. Kind of like Google’s Nexus phones, but without the whole stock Android, unlocked bootloader, timely updates, etc etc.

          Did I mention the ass load of money we had to pay George Lucas?

          • Verizon’s Google Nexus doesn’t get timely updates either, so they should have called it the Droid Google Nexus.

          • Verizon

            We tried that and for some reason Apple still had a hissy fit.

      • I could not agree more. The droid brand is actually very cool and it stands out as well. We need to remember that the device that started everything was a Droid.

  • George264

    I *facedesk*ed

  • BlueLetter

    Oh Lordy lordy it’s another RAZR! I this makes 4! The 2nd in one of a massive 4 phone lineup of RAZR smartphones on Verizon! I however shall my brain keep up!

    4 whole phones? Even though this and the HD will be very easy to tell apart not only from one another but also the Razr and Razr Maxx, that is madness! How could anyone not be confused by two whole HD RAZRs?!

    Motorola when will you learn, that people can’t deal with more than one choice out of their mobile phone makers! Thats why makers of PCs, electric shavers, lawn mowers etc. all offer only a single choice at any price point! We savvy and intelligent consumers, the mighty boot loader-concerned rom-flashing majority of the population that we are, can only handle the choice of one device from each manufacturer per carrier.

    Woe betide you for this flagrant and distasteful business of flooding a carrier with two whole phones!

    • Laki S.

      I thought they already said there wouldn’t be an HD Maxx.

      • BlueLetter

        there won’t be, just this and the HD I figure

        • Laki S.

          As long as it comes out soon. I’m kinda itching to drop my Bionic, and I’d like to stick with Moto.

          • gah

            well the rumors say mid october which since I need to come up with a fair amount of money for it (since my contract isnt up) so that is actually a good time for me

          • MicroNix

            I jumped ship from Moto. I now get to see what I’ve been missing. The GS3 is awesome all the way around from anything that Moto puts out and its rumored to be getting JB in the next month or two. When is the Razr Maxx getting JB? Q4 of 2013? Has Moto even announced an upgrade plan yet? Until Google gets the Moto staff up to parr, there’s no sense buying any of their phones as far as I’m concerned. There’s a reason why Samsung is eating their lunch!

          • George

            Yeah because announced timelines mean so much, especially on Verizon.

            And Samsung better get to pushing those updates out quick, they got alotta crap to make up for from yesteryear

            – Former Galaxy S Fascinate Owner

          • Justin

            I second this – Verizon is the main reason the updates take so long. They have to go through so many tests prior to even thinking about a soak test, and then, god forbid, one of the tests Fail, Moto has to revise half the OS before they will run their tests again. It’s not the manufacturer, it’s the carrier.

  • MicroNix

    I see Google’s influence hasn’t stopped the madness yet…

    • hkklife

      These things are in the works for 12-18 months prior to hitting retail shelves. They have to source the components, pass FCC AND carrier testing AND approvals etc.
      I would wager that whatever else Moto has coming out for the remainder of 2012 and maybe early 2013 represents the last of the miserable Jha legacy.

      Around Q2/Q3 of next year we’ll start seeing the first REAL fruits of the Moto/Google partnership hardware-wise…hopefully! Before that, if we’re really lucky, we may see a generous round of JB updates to the existing handsets and a continued “blurring” of the lines between Blur and AOSP.

  • Jim McClain

    the companies just dont get it,what the people want is a bigger battery, not a skinny phone, they make these phones that can do so much,but don’t support it with a big battery,I thought they got it when the released the maxx, but I guess not

    • BlueLetter

      you want a large battery? step up the Razr HD, or whatever the one with the 2530mAh battery will be called

    • gah

      Yes for sure I would prefer a phone that is 1 or 2 more mm thick and weigh like an ounce more if it has a larger battery than one that is thin and slightly more lightweight with a smaller battery

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I think I see where the future of Motorola is going here. MAX and Mini . . . Or HD and Mini… And they may be taking this line into the future. 2 Phones every cycle

    • s23

      damn….you’re right….makes sense now!

    • OfTheDamned

      I still think Moto will launch 3 devices in October.

      • They have not launched anything for a while now.

        • OfTheDamned

          They just launched 3 different phones in the last month or so. Different carriers, but they are still launching phones.

          • SpaceKnight

            although in their defense two of those 3 phones are the same phone with just a name swap for different carriers.

          • SpaceKnight

            oh crap I forgot about the Atrix HD, so yeah that is 3

          • That is true ! i like the look of the atrix HD.

  • bakdroid

    I don’t care about any of this. I just want JB for my Bionic. I will even settle for ICS.

    • Jason Purp

      You may have to

      • hkklife

        You’ll be lucky to see ICS before the end of September for the Bionic IMHO. And I bet it’ll be a one-and-done update. Moto wants the Bionic to be put out to pasture soooo badly. They’re basically a one-trick RAZR pony show nowadays.

  • nightscout13

    Motorola Droid Nexus – is the phone worth waiting for.

    • Michael Schnider

      Hopefully “MOTOROLA” doesn’t get in the way of “NEXUS” aka unlockable bootlaoder….

      • George264

        you obviously do not understand what “nexus” means.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Neither does Verizon

      • kixofmyg0t

        Hopefully VERIZON doesn’t get in the way of “NEXUS” aka unlockable bootloader…..

        • tomn1ce

          The bootloader will be unlocked its the updates that they will get in the way of….

    • michael arazan

      I’d like a moto nexus to, but not with the screen they have. All the new phones coming out have better and better screens and moto won’t make or use a better one. qhd sucks if you have had better.

  • s23

    Still Waiting on RAZR HD……I got a feeling its gonna impress and I know Moto’s got a trick up their sleeve because they aren’t THAT stupid. Or are they? Hmmm

    • I hope that you are right. Moto needs to step up their game already. I always wonder why they do not put nice cameras on their device.

      • Butters619

        The Atrix had the best low light video camera I have ever had on any phone. Beat the pants off iPhone, SGS2, One X, and G-Nex cameras. But since then, all their camera have been pretty craptastic in low light video.

    • Moto_Super_Phone

      Well, the RAZR HD better have NFC, 2 GB of Ram, Jelly Bean and on screen keys. Otherwise it will be another Moto fail. We need a true Moto superphone!

  • Bionic

    I think ive given up on Droid Razr HD as well. With the recent news that Motorola will only build a few top of the line phones a year, im going to wait and see what that means exactly. My update isnt until May 2013, by then, we should have a new beast motorola phone out and a good idea of where the company is headed.

  • AhsanS

    I’m possibly giving up on the RAZR HD now…might as well wait for the early 2013 phones or 2012 Nexi if it’s getting released in October…