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Instagram Updated to Version 3.0, New Photo Map and Infinite Scrolling

Instagram users, today is your day. Version 3.0 has been released for Android, bringing with it plenty of new features that users have been waiting for and one that is completely new. The biggest addition in the update is called Photo Map. If you geo-tag your photos, you can browse through your photos on a map, showing where the pictures were taken. It’s a neat new way of browsing the past especially since you can also see other’s maps too.

The other new feature that we’ve been dying for is infinite scrolling. No more “Load More” buttons at the bottom of the screen. Simply keep on scrolling.

You can go pick up the newest update in Google Play now. And while you’re at it, you should go ahead and follow @droidlife. We’ll be posting plenty of Android fun stuff!

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  • JWellington

    Great. When are we going to get Widescreen support now?

  • shooter50

    Great update (not). Now AlI I see is Becky Sue just added 350 photos to their photo map. So there u go. Facebook owns it and its starting to blow just like facebook.

  • Not a Fan


  • Not a Fan


  • Ahh, Instagram. If I wanted to be in an unjustifiably smug, self-important community of faux-hipsters, I’d just buy an iPhone.

    • This type of comment is the same exact “smug” type of thing that you speak of. If you don’t like Instagram, why would you even bother to read an article that is solely on Instagram?

      • The difference is, when I’m smug, I’m not also pretending to be a photographer.

    • potacho

      Soon you’ll realize that you’re starting to act like the people you hate.

  • mgamerz

    Have they removed the ability to post on facebook? I’d like not having to see terrible post processed photos on my rarely-visited feed.

    • michael arazan

      Facebook today also announced the will be putting adds inside your timeline and ads they pick that you have no control over. Just an fyi.

  • Cool I always hated the load more button and the geo photo map thing is cool dunno how much I would use it.

  • pizzaparties

    The geotag never works for me. I have my location services set to use Google. Anyone else having this problem?

    edit: seems to be working now in this new version.

  • ArrTooDeeToo

    Hope they’ve enabled landscape mode for tablets. It’s pretty lame on a 10.1 in. tablet.

  • KleenDroid